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High Card Wins


Joe is one of Kandy's email friends. They often enticed each other with sexy cards and letters. Today, Kandy has just opened her email from him and clicked on a sexy e-card. The card showed a bikini-clad woman-standing knee deep in the ocean. She was holding open the bottoms of her bikini hosing things off and the caption on the message read, "Hey Baby, I'm cooling things down!"

As she read on, Joe stated he had a deck of card there and was wondering if she was willing to make a small wager. If she was he instructed her to get a deck of card and pick a card, and then they would continue this scenario.

Kandy replied to that email with the following message, "To hell with the water, you know darn well I want more hose! However, since you suggested I pick a card, I drew the six of hearts."

She smirked and the typed, "Oooooh baby this might be fun!"

In the next email from Joe she read, "I thought the bathing beauty hosing off her cunt in the bikini would cool your hot cunt off a bit. However, I see it did not! I think we should continue this game face to face. Meet me at the Ranchero Hotel at 7pm Saturday night. I will then draw a card and we will see who has the higher card. If you have the high card; I'm your fuck slave and at your beckon call."

After reading the email, Kandy looked at her six of hearts and was a little bit sad. She knew Joe would probably draw a higher card. However, in the back of her mind, she had definite thoughts about Joe and little Joe if she won. You see she has a high energy level and is assertive in their dance of intimacy.

She met Joe that Saturday night and she watched as Joe drew the Queen of Clubs. Therefore, the scenario continued she was his fuck slave for the night!

The first thing Joe did was to instruct Kandy to lay one her back. Joe slowly began to remove her clothing and placed a cool washcloth over her eyes. He wanted to make sure she did not see what else he was about to do.

Starting with her lips, Joe set her skin ablaze with butterfly kisses. When he went from head to toe, he reached for the massage oil next to the bed. He began massaging her with the oil starting with her toes. When he glanced up at her crotch, her glistening pussy seemed to pucker with anticipation.

Joe swallowed hard and licked his lips; it had been too long since they made love! Tonight he wanted to give Kandy a slow, long, hard fucking.

Joe nibbled at Kandy's ear and stated, "You are my fuck toy, now just relax and enjoy tonight sweetheart."

Kandy however was not use to relaxing; she has always been apart of each sexual encounter. She loved tantalizing her man beyond ecstasy. She arched her back and let out a seductive sigh as Joe spread the oil on her abdomen near her pussy. When he barely touched the slit of her wanting pussy she let out a low purr.

Just when things were beginning to heat up, Joe excused himself. Then he walked over to the bar, returned with, and ice cube. He then tantalized Kandy's mouth with the cube. Then he moved downward to her breasts and let it drip onto her nipples. The cold sensation caused her nipples to harden. He then proceeded further down until the droplets fell on her pussy hairs.

Joe let the cold water entice her pussy for a while. Oh god was she hot, as the cold water dribbled down her slit he swore he could visibly see the steam of anticipation rising.

He rubbed the ice cube into her nipples before it completely melted and they looked like two hard bullets. Then he took them into his mouth and let his warm tongue tease her more.

Joe sensed she was getting restless, because her body was trembling and her moans were becoming deeper and more intense. Joe then went down between Kandy's legs and lapped her pussy with the whole width of his tongue repeatedly.

Kandy spread her legs wider and screamed, "Oooooh fuck keep it up baby! I love what you are doing to me! "

Joe grabbed her hips and continued eating her pulsating pussy. He stopped long enough to say, "Cum for me my cumslut!"

He then zeroed in on her throbbing clit and bit it gently as he began to finger fuck Kandy. He felt her quivering and knew she was about to climax.

Kandy threw back her head, start to shake, and screamed, "Oh fuck I'm cumming!"

Joe held on for dear life and ate her until he had drained every drop of her sweet nectar from her hot pussy.

When the climax subsided, Joe removed the washcloth. When their eyes met he noticed and intense lust in her eyes he sensed he had just awakened something new in Kandy, a deep primal desire.

Kandy began moving toward him and he could hear a guttural moan escaped her lips. Joe knew he was about to be fucked! He could never hold her back or say no to Kandy. She then sucked one of her own nipple into her mouth and bit it. She then watched his reaction. She knew these little acts of self-pleasure turn him on. She walked closer to him then kneels and grabs little Joe. She begins to stroke little Joe as she pulls Joe closer to her with each movement of her hand.

Joe loves the feel of her velvety fingers on his cock and almost blew his load then and there. However, he held back, for he had a surprise in store for her tonight. She was an exhibitionist and had just the right thing in mind for her.

Joe reached down and told her to stop sucking him for a moment then led Kandy over in front of his bedroom window. He then reached over, opened the curtain, and instructed her not to move. Then he walked over to the door and turned on all the lights. He knew that anyone would see their naked bodies if they were within view of the open window.

When he walked back toward her he sensed that she loved what he was doing, as both her nipples were rock hard and her thighs are wet. He drew her close kissed her hard and said, "Now my cumslut, kneel and let everyone see you sucking my hot cock!"

Kandy knelt and began kissing and sucking his cock. She engulfed his whole cock and then nibbled the head of it making Joe moan with desire. She stopped only long enough to move and wrap her big 42 D's around his cock.

She looked outside through the window then at Joe and said, "Fuck my tits Joe! I want the people to watch us! Oh my God, I am so fucking hot and my swollen clit is throbbing.

Joe started fucking her tits wildly. He then gasps as she took the head of his cock into her mouth each time it came near her lips. He could feel the fluid churning in his balls begging for release. He reached down and pinched her nipples holding then together as he continues to fuck her tits. He then looked down and noticed she had her legs spread and was fingering her pussy.

Oh God, Joe loved watching Kandy play with herself and bellowed, "Oh yes that's it baby, play with you hot pussy! Oh yes, do it for me baby!"

Joe fucked her hot mouth for awhile, but the site of her masturbating along with the risk of someone seeing them in the window was more then he could stand.

He screamed, "Oooooh fuck! I'm cumming!"

Joe shoved his cock deep into her mouth and Kandy hurriedly swallows hard not wanting to miss a drop until she had drained his ball.

Joe encouraged Kandy to continue masturbating for everyone outside to see.

He joined in the fun and bent down and sucked one nipple into his mouth and bit it then did the same to the other repeatedly.

Joe then tells Kandy that he knows someone is watching because there are lights on next-door that were not on before. He then instructs her to keep playing with herself.

Kandy stopped and uttered, "I know they are looking at us Joe. I can see his shiny pecker in his window. I love it baby! I wish I could fuck you outside in the open, and would if it was not so damn hot and the mosquitoes were out."

Joe replied, "Oh my God! I know you could too. However, you are my fuck slave tonight remember?"

Kandy moves closer to the window. She then spread her pussy lips wide, rubs her clit, and then pinches it. At the same time, Joe shoved three fingers into her hot hole. She loved the risk of someone watching them! Oh, my God she shivered and thought, "I have never been so turned on before!"

Kandy tensed up and shouted, "Oh baby, I am going to cum!

Joe took his fingers out of her pussy then shoved four of them in finger-fucking her harder. With his free hand, he pinched and rolled her right nipple. Soon Kandy began to shiver from head to toe. He slipped his fingers from her hot hole and licked his lips as he watched the white creamy cum squirted from her hot hole and dribble onto the floor.

Kandy glanced at Joe and shouted, "Oooohh fuck! Joe, did you see that? Oh, my God I just saw that man next-door spatter cum all over his bedroom window! Oooooh this is so damn hot! Eat my cunt Joe! Make me cum again!"

Joe winked at her a replied, "Kandy, you may be my fuck slave tonight, but I cannot resist doing what you beckon me to do."

Kandy just winked and said, "I know baby! I just wish I brought my video camera!"

Since he had the higher card, Joe was going to make Kandy pay and cum like she had never before. She always has the ability to fuck his mind before she seduces his whole body. He tries to hold back and prolong the foreplay and to be in control. However, she knowingly and unknowingly arouses him and makes his sensitive cock hard and vulnerable to any touch or lick that she does.

Joe drew the high card this time and was in control. Tonight, Kandy was his fuck slave for the night.

His cock's precum was already dripping as her hard nipples and wet pussy pushes him over the edge. He is putty in her hands with the lights and the drapes open.

Joe loved it and noticed that Kandy acted as if they are on a stage. She smiles lustily at him then spread her legs and exclaimed, "Well Joe are you going to stand there or are you going to play your card?"

She then looked off to the right and observed the man next door as he masturbating watching them.

Joe looked toward the left and he could his black neighbor. Her name was Trudy and he has always thought she was shy. He knew better now and felt his cock throb as he watched her place her enormous tits against the window while waving at him. He could see her black hairy pussy moving with the rubbing of her hand.

Joe read her lips as she spoke, "Joe, I want you and Kandy!"

Joe nuzzled her ear and whispered, "Look to the left Kandy."

Kandy turned her head and became aware of Trudy. She starts moaning as her tight pussy grippes little Joe and began milking him hard.

Joe began moaning louder and louder then shouted, "Oooooooh fuck! Oh my God, he was in heaven and climaxing!"

Kandy came simultaneously and her juices mixed with his and were running slowly down her legs.

She uttered, "Oh fuck! Yessssssss, she drained his balls and continued fucking him harder.

Joe could barely move as the Queen of clubs slipped from my hand. He picked Kandy up and carried her over to the sofa. He held her close and felt her heart beating in unison with his as things began to calm down.

After awhile, Kandy looked up into Joe's eyes and said, "I want to draw another card Joe!"

Joe replied, "Mmmm Baby! Let me get the deck of cards. I wonder who will win this round."

Joe laid the deck of cards on the coffee table and sat down beside Kandy. He let her draw the first card then he drew one.

He then showed her his card, the Ten of Hearts.

Kandy smiled, winked at Joe and then turned her card around. She had the King of Hearts. She was about to shout, I win, when they heard a knock on the door.

Kandy's eyes started to dance and she said, "Baby, are you ready for the Queen of Spades? "

Kandy opens the door and Trudy enters wearing her robe and a lusty smile. Trudy said, "Hi Joe and Kandy, am I in time to play?"

Kandy replied, "Well, Trudy if you are going to play, you need to take your robe off so that we know you aren't hiding any cards."

Trudy looks at Joe's cock and slowly removes her robe revealing large firm tits and luscious hairy pussy. Trudy walked over and began to entice Kandy once more, and the fireworks started!

Trudy then walked over to Joe and pressed her tits into his chest. She then gave Joe a long tender wet kiss while rubbing her pussy against his hardened cock.

Kandy apparently likes what she sees and sits Trudy down on the coffee table and starts rubbing Trudy's pussy. Trudy leans back and spreads her legs as Kandy starts her magic.

Kandy has fucked Joe so intensely and long that he can barely more. However, when Trudy and Kandy began to seduce him, he is once more aroused past the point of no return.

Kandy always told Joe that she likes women and now he could see that. Trudy was moaning and starting to tremble as Kandy moves her onto the floor in a hot sixty-nine. Kandy's pussy is dripping profusely and Trudy is giving her a wild tonguing. Their moaning and groaning increased and both women simultaneously began to shake with an earth-shattering climax.

Joe has never been close to such passion! Oh god, he loved watching both women and their big beautiful bodies and large tits. He goes into kitchen and brings back three tall glasses of ice water so they can refresh themselves.

Kandy and Trudy are barely moving. They are drained and resting on the sofa. They smile at each other like new lovers. Trudy kisses Kandy as she slides her hand under the table and wraps it around Joe's cock.

Trudy inquired, "Joe, how are you? I have always noticed you and always wanted to know you better. Joe, do you like me?

Trudy squeezed Joe's cock harder while he was looking at her very large hard nipples.

Oh fuck, Joe love's Kandy's large breasts and pink nipples, but Trudy tits are bigger. He drools and wants to wrap his tongue around them and drive her crazy with desire.

Joe replied, "Yes, Trudy I would like to know you better." In his mind, he imagines his cock sliding between those luscious mounds and his cock throbs. He then placed her other hand on Kandy's pussy.

Trudy giggled and exclaimed, "Well friends, I do not know about you, but I am ready to play. It looks like we are all aroused and ready!"

They looked at each other and all agree that they should draw cards again. This time, whoever gets the highest card is control of what happens next. The winner will be one kingpin with two slaves.

Kandy looks at Joe quivers then smiles. Her actions tell him that Trudy is starting to fondle her Kandy's sweet pussy.

Its time the get back to drawing card, he coughs then said, "Come on ladies, let's wait to play and draw card. I cannot wait to see what happens; my cock is dripping with lust!"

Joe draws first, and then looks at his card, nine of spades. Kandy draws with one eye closed and when she looks at her card, she has a Jack of hearts. Now it is Trudy's turn, she closed her eyes and with shaky fingers drew a card.

She then looked at it and sighed deeply then grinned with a mischievous smile because she had in here hand the King of Clubs.

Trudy looked at them both and shouted, "OK, my slaves, let's go to the window!"

Kandy and Joe had put on one wild sexy fuck show. Kandy was hotter then hell as she watched the man next door. Joe in turn, watched Trudy. Her beautiful big breasts edged him on and he drove his hot hard cock into Kandy's pussy.

All Joe could do was fuck Kandy and think about Trudy. He has never been with a black woman or in a threesome. He heart pounded in anticipation of what was about to unfold.

Oh God, when Kandy let Trudy in Joe's cock started getting hard again! He could not help but notice that Kandy and Trudy were two beautiful voluptuous women. Joe looked totally lost, he was unsure of what to do, or who to be with first!

Trudy looked at him and said, "How are you Joe? I am ready to play! I must warn you though, I don't like to lose and I like being on top!"

Joe trembled as he watched Kandy and Trudy. When they started moaning and fondling each other, his cock started dripping with excitement.

Then Kandy and Trudy looked at him and squealed in unison, "Cock time!"

Joe's cock was firm and standing straight out in front of him as the women led him to window.

Kandy and Trudy looked at Joe and squealed in unison, "Cock time!" Joe's cock was firm and standing straight out in front of him as the women led him to window.

Kandy could hardly walk she was shaking so much with excitement. She had visions of this threesome for over a week and now her fantasy was coming to life. Her and Trudy met for lunch one day last week and planned the whole scenario.

Since Kandy met Trudy, she discovered they were both bi-curious. Everyday last week the two women met to see how attractive they were to each other. Oh, God Kandy loved to tantalize Trudy with her hot tongue, slender fingers and ten-inch dildo.

In addition, Trudy was just as exciting. They were both now hooked on pussy eating, but needed a hard available cock to join in on the fun. That is where Joe came in to this little scenario.

Trudy made the first move and began kissing Joe. With soft wet butterfly kisses, she started downward leaving a wet seductive trail with her tongue. When she came to his nipples, she began licking, sucking and nipping at them.

She loved to play with a man's nipples; they turned her on as much as Kandy succulent breasts.

Joe threw his head back and bellowed, "Oh fuck, Trudy you are driving me nuts! I love my nipples played with! Honey, if you keep doing that I just might blow my load the first time someone sucks my rod."

Trudy stopped for a moment turned and winked at Kandy. That was their signal for Kandy to zero in on Joe's hard hot member with her tongue and fingers. As Trudy excited him with her hot tongue, Kandy moved toward Joe, lowered herself to her knees, and began licking his hard member like it was an all day sucker.

Kandy loved sucking cock and had visions of this threesome for over a week now. She started slow and engulfed his that shaft as her finger squeezed his balls. She knew is she went faster he would blow his load, and she wanted to wait for that load to be deep in Trudy's hot cunt, then she could lick the sweet nectar from Trudy's hole.

Kandy looked up at Trudy and felt her clit quiver and get hard. She reached up with her free hand and began fondling Trudy's drenched pussy. When she slid her finger inside Trudy, she moan paused from sucking Joe's nipples and said, "Finger fuck my hot cunt sugar, and make Trudy cum all over your fingers. Then we will let Joe lick them clean."

Kandy slid one the two fingers into Trudy's hole as she sucked on Joe's cock. She felt her own juices run down her legs and could not wait for Joe to lick her clean.

She finger-fucked Trudy hard in unison with he cock sucking and soon Trudy trembled and came all over her hand.

Just as they wanted, Joe asked to suck Kandy's fingers clean. They all changed positions and he licked Kandy's finger clean of the tangy-sweet nectar. Then Trudy told Joe to lie down, she wanted to straddle that hot hard cock!

Joe lay down as Kandy helped Trudy lower her pussy onto Joe's pulsating member. Joe Grabbed Trudy by the hips and drove his cock hard and deep inside her.

Trudy screamed, "Oh Fuck, do it baby! Fuck my cunt hard and deep! Ooooh God I love what you are doing to me, keep it up. Oh Kandy you are right he does have a hot cock!"

Kandy moved and said, "Yes he does honey!" Kandy kissed Trudy on the lips and let their tongue dance seductively.

As Joe watched, he looked over at the window and yelled, "Okay gals, let give the guy next door a hot show to cum by! Wonder if he is watching us?"

Sure enough, when they all paused and looked out the window, the man next door was watching. He was naked and stroking hard and furious with his eyes glued on the seductive vision in the window.

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