'High' Jacking


We both laughed, but I sure quickened the pace again.

Oh, man! It made me so giddy. The sound of him urging me to continue the pleasure I was giving him, coupled with his thrusts up and down in rhythm with my strokes gave me a heady sense of power. I was working his enormous dick and controlling his pleasure with my hand! It was all like some strange drug, taking me right out of my mind.

And I loved the way his fantastic balls moved up and down in time with my jacking. His sack was tight around them, holding them firm, the imprint of them clear and hard. It looked like he had two golf balls in there. Now and then I would change hands and jack his big dick with my right hand so I could bounce those beauties with my left.

I still don't know what there was about this man that made me unable to resist him, but it felt great to know I had the power to thrill him as long as I had this colossal cock in my hands.

"God I love this amazing dick. How am I doing?" I whispered in his ear, fishing for compliments. (I knew I was doing great!)

He just moaned and grinned wider.

I figured this was the time to bring up the subject of Leah. He was getting bigger and harder by the minute and he was gushing virual quarts of precum. I took some of it on my hand and used it to lube the shaft of that enormous rod of his and asked him: "Would you... um, would you mind if I showed off a little?"

"Huh?" he asked.

"You see that lovely flight attendant? Leah? Well we were talking about you before you woke up and she told me she would help cover for us if I would let her see your dick and watch me jack it."

A huge grin covered his face. "Oh yeah!" he said.

"I thought you'd agree," I whispered. I reached up and pressed the stewardess call button on the panel above me. Then, just to play up the mystery, I covered both our laps with the blanket.

Instantly I saw Leah moving eagerly up the aisle toward us. She stood smiling in the aisle looking down at us, a huge nasty smile on her face. "I thought you rang for me," she said, loud enough for some of the passengers to hear. "But it looks as though you have matters well in hand."

"See for yourself," I whispered. And with that, I pulled the blanket off both of us like I was opening a stage curtain, exposing that wondrous cock, and incidentally, my bare wet pussy. (By this time both his sweatpants and my jeans were totally off. We had long since worked our feet out of the pantlegs and were nude from the waist down.

Leah's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Her hand flew to her mouth in amazement. "Oh my God! Look at it!" she said.

"Oh I have been," I said, gloating. "And jacking it and bouncing his balls for good measure."

"Oh man it's 'good measure' all right. And look at all that precum. Looks as though you've been doing a pretty good job on him."

"I haven't heard him complain," I laughed.

It was then that she noticed my pants and underpants were off and that my cunt was bare and sopping wet. "And look at you," she said. "The airline will bill you to get those pussy-juice stains out of the seat. I bet he's been priming you like mad."

"Oh yes," I said. "He definitely knows his way around a woman's pussy."

Her eyes turned back to his cock again and, looking down the aisle to make sure no one was coming, she sat quickly down in the seat beside him. "I have GOT to get a better look at this amazing prick," she said. "Let me see you work him."

And I obeyed, wholeheartedly. I jacked him with renewed vigor, pumping my forearm up and down, sliding my hand from the bottom of the shaft (the heel of my hand touching the top of his balls) all the way up to the head of his penis, gathering precum to smear over him to "grease" the strokes.

"Wow," Leah said, truly impressed. "You are really really good at that. It looks like you've been jacking him all your life."

"I'm inspired," I said. "Wouldn't you be?" Again, I have to say this is simply not me. The woman I was just fifteen minutes before getting on that plane could never have done the things I was doing. I was clearly in some kind of trance. It was as though I were having a wild, erotic dream. All traces of morality and propriety had been left back at the Seattle gate.

Leah clapped her hands with delight as she watched. Then, almost timidly she asked: "Could I -- uh could I have a turn?"

"Well that's up to him," I told her. I let go of his dick and brought my mouth up close to his left ear and nuzzled it, running my tongue quickly around it. "What do you think," I whispered to him. "Do you mind if I share you with her?" He smiled wide, still with his eyes closed. And by way of answering, he shifted slightly to his right "pointing" that prodigious hard-on directly at her, inviting her to touch it.

Her right hand flew to it and she started jacking him like crazy. "Oh my golly," she said, laughing, "It's like iron, isn't it?...Oh man, if I could just get this dick in my pussy for fifteen minutes, I'd never ask God for another thing in all my life."

She kept jacking him. She was pretty good at it I admit. I know he was having a great time. But I was itching to get it back in my own hand.

"Don't be greedy," I demanded. "I want another turn before you make him splatter his jism all over the tray table."

We both laughed and she reluctantly let go of his cock and allowed me to play with it again. She watched with keen interest, clearly entertained by what she was seeing. At one point, I noticed her slide her skirt up and slip her hand inside the waistband of her panties.

"You naughty girl," I teased.

"I am so-oo turned on," she laughed. "You've already had YOUR pussy played with and juiced up. Now it's my turn -- even if I DO have to do it myself."

"Poor baby," said the man (whose name I still had not learned). And, smiling benevolently, as if performing an act of kind charity, he reached his right hand over and "took over" for her, stimulating her cunt, just as he'd done mine. All the while, I continued to jack him.

Leah closed her eyes and sighed deeply I knew just how she felt. "Oh man, he does that so good, doesn't he?" she asked me. "I think your expert jacking is inspiring him. You look like you were born to do that."

"I was going to say you did it pretty good yourself," I said. My mind was still on my earlier comment -- the one about making him shoot and splattering sperm all over the tray table in front of us. All of a sudden the idea just leapt out of my mouth. "Wanna have a contest to see which of us can make him shoot?" I asked her.

"Oh what a hot idea!" she said, moving her pelvis in synch with his rubbing of her pussy. "How shall we work it?"

We came up with the "rules" together. She would give him fifty strokes, while he rubbed my cunt. Then we would trade off. I would jack him fifty strokes while he fingered her cunt. Whoever made him cum would be declared the winner.

She took the first turn. I watched his face as he stroked my hot wet snatch and "fucked" Leah's hand. It was pretty clear he was on Cloud Nine. Here he was turning two gorgeous married women into nymphomaniacs, making us compete to see which of us could give him that ultimate thrill. He was just using us. Did I feel degraded? Of course I did. Did I feel cheap? Of course I did. Did it make me want to stop?

No way.

Leah finished her fifty strokes and I took that monster cock back into my hand. I was just getting into the rhythm again when something made me look up and toward the front of the plane. My blood froze!

Bill was up out of his seat and beginning to move up the aisle toward us. All of a sudden reality hit me in waves. In less than five seconds he would be standing at the end of the aisle. There would be no time to pull our pants back on. And even if we were able to pull the blanket over us in time, Bill would probably want to talk to me. He would want to either sit down beside me, or have me come back to my real seat beside him. And what was I going to say? "Sure hon, just let me slip my panties and jeans back over my freshly fingered wet pussy and I'll be right with you."? I was so totally busted!

For one dizzying, nasty moment, I enjoyed the brief flash of a fantasy. Maybe they would fight over me. I imagined them wrestling in the aisle, their bodies straining against each other (the stranger's strong bare ass tight and firm and on display for me.) The two of them like knights vying for my favors.

But of course, the truth is, I didn't want to see either one of them hurt. I just wished it weren't happening. All of a sudden, at that moment, I wanted to save my marriage more than I wanted anything. But it was too late.

Then, the miracle: Just like the cavalry coming in the nick of time, Leah jumped quickly to her feet and winked at me. "No cheating while I'm gone," she whispered, "You have to wait till I get back to play with him again." And she started moving fast down the aisle. She intercepted Bill about halfway between his row and ours.

"I'm sorry sir," I heard her tell him. "We're expecting turbulence. The captain has told us to keep passengers in their seats for the next few minutes."

"But --" I heard Bill tell her.

"I'm sorry sir," Leah told him, politely but firmly. "It's just for the next ten minutes or so."

Bill looked back at me and shrugged, as if to say, "Sorry." And he reluctantly returned to his seat. Leah sat in the seat beside him, no doubt making sure he stayed put.

Instantly I was red hot again. I knew I had less than ten minutes. I pulled the stranger's face close to mine. "Are you ready to cum like you've never cum before?" I asked him and kissed his mouth hard and passionately.

He nodded and adjusted himself in the seat. I licked his ear and began jerking his massive penis again for all I was worth. My hand was flying up and down. He lifted his ass off the chair and thrust it up for me, giving me even better access. "Come on!" I whispered. "Do it for me! Make that big thing shoot for me! Let me see that cum fly out of you." (Where were those words coming from? I was craaaayzee!)

All of a sudden, I felt that fantastic steel tower of a cock start to twitch and convulse in spasms that actually made my arm jerk involuntarily. I could literally not hold it still.

He put his head back, closed his eyes and began to moan from way deep down in the core of him. I felt an astounding ecstatic rush of power surge through me, knowing I was making this huge cock deliver its payload. It was ME doing it!

And he let go with what seemed like gallons. The first "shot" gushed up more than three feet in the air -- an enormous mass of thick cream that did indeed spray the tray table in front of him. The second one was almost as big as the first and with the same amazing velocity. Part of this spurt also splattered the tray table. There were at least four more in quick succession and by the end, there was thick white-ish liquid all over my hand, all over his dick, all over the seat, and all over the floor in front of us.

And then I felt an orgasm of my own coming. It was only then that I realized that while I'd been jacking him, I had been rubbing my clit against the smooth part of the seatbelt buckle. It was the wildest climax I've ever had -- before or since. We both sat back for a moment or two, exhausted. Not saying anything.

Then I pulled on my pants and underpants, buttoned my jeans and buckled my belt. I leaned down and kissed him sweetly, one last time. "I'll never forget you," I told him. And I never have.

Later, as Bill and I got off the plane, I looked back one last time. The guy was asleep. Leah was using the blanket to mop up the area -- the seat, the floor, the tray table.... Unseen by anyone else, she blew me a kiss and wagged her finger at me, naughty-naughty style, and mouthed the words "You cheated!"

Bill and I made up and had great sex that night. We're still together and I still love him very much. Needless to say, I never told him about that wild flight. But sometimes, while he's fucking me, I think about that mysterious stranger -- jacking him off and driving him crazy, trading off with Leah, and the "sinful" fun we had with him. And as Bill moans and thrusts away, I close my eyes and imagine that anonymous guy's big dick inside me, filling my pussy all the way up.

And on those occasions, Bill can't get over how wild and enthusiastically I cum.

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Very Hard

This story was excellent! Had me hard all the way through!

Ignore all the crazies who still live in their mom’s basement at 50.

Keep writing!

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