tagHumor & SatireHigh Noon at Sturgis

High Noon at Sturgis

byRichard Norman©

Billy Bob stepped off the front porch of his house in Sturgis, South Dakota. He was an impressive young man, wearing a ten-gallon hat, a pistol belt, and two six-shooters. Bikers were in town, from all over the world, for the Black Hills Rally.

It was high noon. Not exactly, but close enough. The movie, starring Gary Cooper, was his favorite. His mom made fun of the way he played that video so often, but he paid her no heed. Moms are good at pestering, he figured - that's what they're born to do.

Gary Cooper had been all alone, one man too proud to run, facing a tough gang.

Seemed a lot like himself,Billy Bob figured. He'd been all alone in school, too proud to beg other kids for acceptance or approval. Especially the girls who seemed like a strange species to him. They talked funny and giggled when they saw him approaching.

He'd had his eye on Peggy Sue Thornton since first grade. She was something special: the way she carried herself, and her long dark hair that seemed like a halo to him. As she got older, Peggy Sue developed beautiful breasts and long legs. She wasn't mean or anything bad, but she seemed unaware that Billy Bob was available and in love with her. Even worse, the Thorntons lived next door to Billy and his mom. He had to endure the image of Peggy Sue in a flimsy summer dress, stretching on tip toe while hanging up a wash to dry.

Gary Cooper didn't approve when Billy whacked off at night, "Kid, you can do better than that.," he said, from a corner of the bedroom.

"It's easy for you to say that," responded Billy. "But I have to live in Sturgis next door to a gal who doesn't give a damn about me."

"She will, Billy."


Gary Cooper winked at Billy, and his image faded. It happened that way - he chose when to appear, in accordance with his own set of rules.

"To hell with Peggy Sue," Billy Bob figured, "there's lot of hot biker gals in town this week."

His mom was out of town, visiting her sister Ruth in Rapid City. Billy could do whatever he wanted, which was rare.

He'd waited five years to participate in the Rally, without letting on to mom. He wasn't a biker, but everybody in Sturgis was so wound up with the Rally that it was natural to want to be a part of the biggest biker event in the world.

Unbeknownst to his mom, he'd been practicing with the guns at the town dump, shooting at tin cans. He practiced a quick-draw style, just like Gary Cooper did in his shootout with the gang.

Billie Bob strolled down the main street of Sturgis, oblivious to stares from locals and tourists. He noticed a group of bikers off to one side, wearing "outlaw" colors. Most places in town posted warnings that outlaw colors were banned - they belonged to the most notorious, violent biker gangs.

One gal caught his eye, a redhead who filled out her shirt and jeans real nice. He stopped and stared at her, at which point a burly member of the gang said, "Hey, buster, are them guns for show, or do you know what the hell to do with them?"

Billy Bob almost retreated, as was his customary response to violence. "Go for it," said Gary Cooper, in his ear. "This piece of shit is a coward and needs someone to show him up."

"Draw, pardner," said Billy Bob.

"You must be nuts," replied the gang leader. "Seen many old movies lately?"

"Draw," said Billy Bob again.

After hesitating, the outlaw reached for a concealed weapon.

Billy Bob used his quick-draw, honed to perfection by many practice sessions in the town dump. A gun seemed to appear in his right hand immediately, pointed at the outlaw.

Billy heard a whisper in his ear, "Good work, boy. I couldn't have done better myself."

Billy's opponent stepped away, muttering to his gang, "The kid is crazy, no point to messing with him."

The gang followed their leader down the street, except for the redhead.

"Nice work, kid, what's your name?" she said.

"Billy Bob, ma'm."

"You talk like an old movie, boy, but I admire your guts. You can call me Ginger, if you want."

Billy almost beat a hasty retreat, but he heard Gary Cooper, "She's ready for a real man, not that coward."

"Ah... Ginger, I've never been on a bike," said Billy. "Can I try yours?"

"Never on a bike! Hop on behind me, and I'll let you see how great it feels. Hold me tight, 'cause I go faster than hell."

Billy Bob swung his legs over the bike, got on behind her, and held on tightly as she gunned the bike down the main drag. His hands were on her breasts, and it seemed natural. She didn't seem to mind, he figured, but Hell, she was used to having someone behind her. It didn't mean a thing. What the hell was that snicker in his ear?

The ride was the best thing Billy'd experienced since his first orgasm, maybe better than that.

At the edge of town, Ginger turned into a road that went to a cultivated field, with a pump used to bring up water. Trees around the pump formed an inviting grove. At this time of day, there was nobody else around.

"Get off," she said, "Let's take a break."

As Billy sat on the grass, she unbuttoned her blouse, "It's nice to feel the sun on my skin, Take your clothes off."

"All my clothes?"

"Unless you've something to hide. Here, I'll show you all of me, and you show me all of you."

She slowly removed her bra, and then pulled her jeans off. Although her face was freckled, as is common with redheads, the rest of her was alabaster white.

Ginger smiled at Billy as he sat there stunned, Then she pulled off her panties, showing him the entrance to the Promised Land, framed in copper curls. "Jesus!" said a voice in Billy's ear.

Billy pulled his clothes off and stood there, not sure how to proceed. Seeing his confusion, Ginger pulled him to her and kissed him.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

"I can't believe a beautiful woman like you would make love to me! It feels great."

"I can tell how you feel, " GInger replied, "You've some big tool there, Billy. You must make the gals in town real happy."

"Not exactly."

"What does that mean?"

"I've never..."

"Never fucked! Are you kidding me?"

He got the painful words out, "It's true."

"You poor kid! Let me show you how great it can be. First of all, stand against the bike...just like that. Then I'm going to ..."

As she sucked his cock, he couldn't hear more words, just a slurping sound, as she moved her head up and down on his dick.

Then Ginger lay down on her back and pulled Billy onto her. She spread her legs. "Fuck me!"

He was awkward at first but got the hang of it quickly. Damn! It was even better than he'd dreamed of.

Ginger had a surprise for him; she reversed positions with Billy, while still on the ground. He discovered a set of lips that were spread wide for him to kiss and lick, as she sucked his cock once again. Ever the gentleman, as his moma had trained him, he returned the favor. It tasted funny, but he reckoned he'd get used to it pretty damn quick.

Billy heard heavy breathing in his ears, not sure if it was himself or Gary Cooper. But it didn't matter: someone was having an intense experience, and that was enough,.

Too soon, Ginger brought Billy back to his house, promising to see him at next year's Rally.

"How about tomorrow?" he asked.

"Sorry, I'll be gone tomorrow morning, right after breakfast."

He moped around untill his moma came back two days later.

Billy had to tell her what he wanted after dinner the day she returned, "Ma I want to buy a bike. OK with you?"

"You want a bicycle? Bicycles are for kids."

"No, mom, I want a *motorcycle*. I've been saving for a long time to get one. Please."

"Well, if you're heart is set on it, Billy, get what will make you happy. Since dad died, you've been mooning around here. And it's *you're* money, son. You've worked at lots of jobs to make money for us. "

That night Billy thought real hard about the mean-looking red machine he's seen in the Harley Davidson catalog. He grabbed his cock and whacked off, usual behavior when he was too excited to sleep. God damn, even Gary Cooper never had a bike of his own!!

He picked up his Harly, a red "Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide", from the Harley dealer in town, a week later. Shit, when Ginger came back to Sturgis he'd show her a thing or two!

Still, a year was hell of time to wait for a lover. He dreamt at night of Ginger and the new bike - sometimes things get tangled up like that. And masturbating didn't help all that much.

But things changed one day.

Peggy Sue was in her backyard, sunning herself. She noticed Billy and smiled at him. 'Quick,' he thought, "what would Gary Cooper do?" He answered his own question, "Kid, give her a kiss."

"Just like that, a kiss?"

"They love it, Billy Bob. Take my word for it."

Billy Bob stepped over the hedge to Peggy Sue's backyard. He put his arms around Peggy Sue, pulled her close, and kissed her.

Gary Cooper smiled and turned away. His image dimmed, as he walked down the street.

Once again, all was right with the world.

For their honeymoon, Billy Bob and Peggy Sue rode the Harley to Las Vegas. They played gambling games at the tables, and sex games in their room.

Gary Cooper cleaned up at the crap tables, but nobody figured it odd for a tall man wearing faded jeans, a gold star on his shirt, and riding boots to win so much. Stranger things have happened in Vegas.

(Copyright 2006 by the author, all rights reserved.)

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