tagSci-Fi & FantasyHigh on You

High on You


Joyce sat up with a start.

She wasn't sure what she'd heard...was it a crash? Maybe a thud? A grunt? Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she looked at the alarm clock next to her bed. 3 AM. She listened carefully for a long moment, the darkness in the room seeming to accentuate each noise, as if with no sights to guide her, each noise took on extra significance.

The wind blew outside the house...the creaks and groans of the house settling counterpointed the hot water heater burbling away in the basement...in the middle distance somewhere, a police car sped to an urgent appointment with a drunken teenager...two doors down, the Nelsons' cat yowled its ecstasy to whomever would listen, and even those who didn't want to...Joyce's senses strained for any sign that she hadn't just been rudely awakened from a sound sleep by her own bad dreams, but nothing came. She turned over, kneaded her pillow a few times, and tried to drift back to sleep.

It didn't work. The bed seemed so empty without Jim there. Normally, she'd just snuggle a little closer to his side of the bed, and he'd be there, his soft, gentle snores more relaxing than irritating, like the sound of the ocean at dusk...without him, the house seemed bigger somehow. It took on a sense of indifference, as though she'd stumbled into the lair of a vast, unsympathetic beast that had already swallowed her whole, and no longer concerned itself with the process of digestion. She shivered, and pulled the covers a bit tighter around herself.

Thank God he was only going to be gone a few days more. Thank God his business trips were only twice a year. Thank God she went with him one of those two times. Even so...she squinched her eyes a little more tightly shut, hoping to force them into sleep.

It didn't work. She opened them again. Her alarm clock read 3:15 AM, its red numbers glaring in the darkness of the room. She wanted to sleep. Her whole mind was turned to sleep. Her whole body...

Her body didn't want to sleep. As soon as she thought it, she realized it was true. Her body wanted something else...she could feel it, an itch down between her legs, a throbbing, and just a hint--developing into a suggestion--of wetness. She was horny, she realized with a sudden rush of arousal, in the middle of the night with nobody home.

She sighed. "Well," she muttered to herself, her voice sounding strange with nobody else around to hear it, "we know how to take care of that, don't we?" She slipped her hand down to her pussy and stroked her finger along her outer labia, bringing it up to brush against her clit. The suggestion became a quiet insistence, then a noisy demand as she circled her finger around her pussy, over and over, delaying the gratification just a little longer.

If Jim were here, she thought idly, he'd definitely know how to take care of it. She didn't get these urges often--well, not too often--but when she did, it always seemed like Jim knew it before she knew it herself. He'd reach across to her while she was still half in dreams, and rub his thumb across her nipple (without even thinking about it, she brought her other hand up to tweak her nipple, twisting it ever so slightly), and he'd slip a finger into her pussy (her own fingers trailed along her labia into her cleft like water circling a drain), and she'd gasp (she gasped) and she'd moan (she moaned) and she'd reach out a hand for his cock (the hand rubbing her breast twitched, as though circling an imaginary shaft, but continued its stimulation, unable to move away now)...

Sex before bed was always nice, she thought, her brain tripping along from thought to thought, skipping like a stone on a sea of bliss, but those late-night moments, when the two of them just felt that same need at the same time, like two bodies with a single mind, two gasping (gasping) moaning (moaning) needing...wanting...cumming...cumming... cummmmmming......

Once wasn't always enough for her and Jim, she remembered as she slipped a second finger into her pussy to join the first, even as the heel of her hand rubbed at her clit. Sometimes, sometimes it was like once was just an appetizer, sensitizing her for the rest of their lovemaking, but far, far too quick to really...satisfy...Jim would get so hard, so fast, he'd slip his nice big cock inside her pussy and thrust...and thrust and thrust...

Beside the bed, there was a cracking noise, like a circuit breaker popping...her eyes shot open, but she didn't stop, not even for a second...now the bliss was too pure, the ecstasy too sweet to be denied...she watched the two translucent red humanoids flicker into existence without even caring that the covers had worked their way down around her knees, and that her nightgown had worked its way up somewhere around her shoulders...she just wanted to cum again, and everything seemed to bring it further along--the wind blowing outside the window, the cold air on her breasts, the voices in her head saying, again and again, "Oh, shit...oh, shit...oh, shit..."

She gasped along with them as she came...and came...and came...and then one of them dropped the device it had been pointing at her.

She didn't exactly scream. A scream is a conscious expression of alarm, a cry of warning and a cry for help, and she wasn't thinking about help or warning at that point. Her voice was lower, harsher, an expression of instinctive revulsion and horror as she skittered backwards across the bed, putting it between her and the...the whatever they weres.

After a moment, once the shock and disgust had calmed slightly in her mind, she became aware that she could still hear the voices in her head--they seemed vaguely familiar, like those of old friends that had been borrowed for new words to slip into--and after a moment, she realized they must be coming from the creatures across the room from her.

I told you we needed a new cloaker, Kaja, the one on the left said. I told you that we'd pushed our luck with that one just one too many times, but no, you said it'd be fine, you said it'd last for one more trip to Earth...

Shut up, Nena, the other one said. We've blown our field integrity--let's face it, we're dried. The human can see us, it can hear us, and you said that we'd never need a memory wiper, so why bother with the expense?

Oh, so now this is my fault? Expenses we don't need, I don't want to bother with. Expenses we do need, like a functioning cloaker, I drying well expect you to listen to me when I drying well tell you we need them! What are we going to do? What are we going to do?

I don't know...should we talk to it?

How can that help?

At this point, it can't hurt! The one on the left...Kaja, if she was understanding this...turned towards her. It put its 'hands' up in what she thought was supposed to be a calming gesture. It didn't speak, but she heard the voice in her head far more distinctly now as it 'spoke' directly to her.

We come in peace.

Joyce said the first thing that popped into her head. "Then what the hell are you doing in my house?"

We...were observing you, Nena projected, before the other one could respond. We are scientists, from a distant world, here to study the behavior of your species and--

She's not buying it, Joyce heard in a less distinct tone from Kaja. And I don't blame her. 'Observing?' Oh, yes, we're observing her having multiple orgasms. Very clever. Very honest. Very not stupid! It turned its thoughts back to her. Please understand, first, that we are not here to hurt you in any way. Had things gone as planned, you would never have known we were here.

"So you're some sort of...interplanetary Peeping Toms?" She was astonished at how angry, and hurt, and sickened she was. "You came here because you get off on watching us have sex?"

No, Kaja replied. We have no interest in your form at all. We are...the term in your human mind, I believe, is drug dealers.


Our race comes from a distant star, some 300 million light-years away. We evolved as a race of amoeboids--that is to say, we reproduce through cellular fission, not through the far more complex reproductive process you use. In fact, your planet has evolved the most complicated and...well, frankly bizarre method of propagating itself that we have ever seen. However, it does have its advantages...advantages that no other species in the galaxy possess.


Correct. No other species in the galaxy derives pleasure from its reproductive process...in fact, no other species derives pleasure on the scale of your orgasms, period. When we first discovered your planet, the sheer telepathic force of so many orgasms occurring all over the world at any given time nearly sent our exploration teams into a coma. We actually considered it to be a unique form of defensive weapon, and the planet Earth was ruled off-limits for any sort of contact with our race. However...

"However what?"

Not everyone listened. Many of our race were drawn to the planet--the sensation of bliss we vicariously receive through telepathic contact with humans at the moment of orgasm is a deeply addictive experience. Some members of our race even kidnapped humans, using our advanced mental control technology to make you compliant, running you through a complete gamut of sensory experiences, then returning you unharmed, but with no memory of what was experienced.

"Then all those alien abduction stories are true?"

Yes...the memory removal procedures are not flawless.

Which is why I didn't recommend that we purchase one, Nena 'grumbled'.

Do you mind? I am explaining to the human. Hopefully, she will keep our secret.

"Secret? Why do you care if we know or not?"

Because on our planet, this is highly illegal. Kaja reached down and picked up the device she's seen them point at her earlier. This is the device we used to stimulate your orgasm earlier. It is not a very sophisticated mind-control device...all it can really do is stimulate the sexual drive of your species until sex is their only concern. Merely to possess it is illegal on our world. It then reached into a pouch at its side, and pulled out a small green crystal about the size of a grape. This is a memory crystal--we imprint the experience of your orgasm onto the crystal, and when it is shattered, those experiences are immediately transmitted into the mind of the creature holding the crystal. This one crystal, with the memory of your orgasm, will fetch us...it is difficult to transcribe the sums involved, but you may imagine it to be made of diamond. I believe that analogy will suffice for now.

It returned the crystal to the pouch at its side. Our law enforcement agencies monitor your world's electronic transmissions for signs of our presence, and use them to trace us. Hence, we need your silence to ensure that we can return with our goods without getting caught.

"And if I say no?"

Kaja seemed to lose some of its cohesion. Then there is nothing we can do. We cannot harm you--even if we did not find the concept of inflicting pain on others to be barbaric and cruel, at this range, your pain would incapacitate us. All we may do is appeal to you through reason, logic, and if need be, through bribery.

Joyce looked at them for a long moment. "You've done this to me...to us...before, haven't you?"

Yes. Many times.

She looked at them for a while longer. "Alright," she finally said. "I won't tell anyone. But I get two things in return. One, you never come back to this house. Ever."

Very well.

"And two," she said, pointing to the device that it still held, surprising even herself with her words, "I get to keep that."


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