I cinched the soft restraint around Jack's right ankle. He was stretched out, spread eagled, in four-point restraints. The soft morning light passed through the shear drapes casting soft shadows across the king sized bed and highlighted my bound lover's body lying on the contrasting dark sheets. My hand was still on Jack's ankle as I looked up and admired my handy work. "Should I blindfold him as well?" I asked myself silently. "Not yet," I silently replied.

I let my hands trace lightly up the skin of his inner calves and stop on thighs. I knelt between his legs, bent over his manhood and noticed how good he smelled. "New cologne Jack?"


I moved closer enjoying the dark spicy fragrance he had applied to his body. "Ummm, I approve. You smell delicious." I exhaled onto his semi-erect penis and scrotum. The caress of my breath induced his cock to twitch and roll off his churning balls onto his thigh.

"I'm going take my bath now. Will you be OK for a few minutes?" I asked with a light chuckle. I blew lightly on his cock and balls again. Jack's hips moved slightly, lifting toward my face in response; his balls churned again; his cock twitched involuntarily.

Jack didn't answer, of course he couldn't since I had not addressed him by his given name. He nodded his assent, obviously not happy about the prospect being left alone, tied to the bed.

His hips lifted toward my lips begging silently for my touch. His cock was almost fully erect, its head swollen. I admired his cut penis. The light brown scar of his circumcision contrasted nicely with the creamy whiteness of the skin covering his shaft. The spongy swollen tube running along the undersurface of his shaft was casting a diffuse shadow over his lower abdomen. His cock head was clearly outlined by a deep velvety rose red band that separated the swollen glans from his stiffening shaft. "Your cock is beautiful," I whispered as I released his thighs and stood up.

His eyes followed as I walked to the window and pulled the shear curtains back. Our floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall corner windows looked north over a small beautiful park and west across the city proper. An identical sister high-rise condo faced ours from across the park. Our unit was on the 25th of 36 floors.

I stood with my legs slightly apart. I knew there was enough light passing through my lingerie that my body would be in silhouette. I wasn't wearing panties. I knew his eyes would be drawn to my crotch; he would see the outline of my plump shaved labia and crave the luscious lips he loved to lick and suck.

I turned as I removed my top slowly, enjoying the friction of the soft fabric as it glided over my dark generous nipples, and exposed my breasts. I reached up and cupped the rounded undersurface of my left breast with my right hand, feeling its fullness and weight in my palm. I lightly pinched the dark soft tissue of my nipple. The stimulation caused my nipple to tighten and become erect.

Jack watched silently and squirmed silently against his restraints. His cock twitched and pivoted up onto his abdomen pressing into his pile of pubic hair. His organ engorged, swelled, elongated and moved of its own volition. Smiling, I turned back toward the window pleased with the effect my simple actions had on him.

I hooked my thumbs in the small elastic band of my shear bottoms, pushed and let them slither down my legs to the floor. Stepping out of them, I stood nude, exposed. Exquisite tension was steadily building between my legs. I sensed that special feeling of moisture accumulating between my labia as my excitement grew. Was it my control over Jack or was the nervous excitement I was experiencing due to my nude condition in front of our opened curtains? Yes and yes. I liked being in control. I liked the feeling of nakedness and exposure I was boldly exhibiting.

Movement caught my eye. Someone was there across the way,;someone was watching. Drinking a cup of coffee? Has he seen me? I imagine his thoughts. 'Is she, could she be, is she really naked?' He bends to put the cup down and I see something dark in his hands heading toward his eyes. I walked to the bathroom and disappeared from his line of sight. Binoculars? Voyeur? My heartbeat quickened. My breathing quickened. Is this what I really wanted. My naked crotch tingled with mounting excitement induced by the reality of actually being observed by a total stranger. My whole body had become sensitized.

Was our neighbor able to see Jack, his situation, his nakedness, his erection? It was very probable. This excited me more. Jack did not know, could not see what I saw. More control, more power. I steeled myself and walked back into to bedroom. My body tingled with anticipation. I felt the stranger's eyes flowing over my body. My crotch burned excitement. My nipples tingled, pointed, hard and erect on breasts that that ached with anticipation.

I looked over at the bed. Poor Jack, his penis was small and flaccid. He had lost his erection with my short absence. It had become a limp piece of flesh nestled in his pubic hair. His balls hung between his widely separated legs.

"Poor baby. Did I leave you alone too long?"

"Uh huh, he grunts."

I crawled up onto the bed presenting my bare bum to the window and my observer. My skin tingle at the thought of strange eyes viewing my form, my privacy and my intimate actions. I straddled Jack's upturned face, presented my plump pussy, held myself close to his face. Jack sniffed then inhaled deeply, smelling the pungent odor of my unwashed private area. His tongue reached out for and touched my labia. He slowly licked the full length of my pussy. The contact surprised me and sent shivers running through my body.

"Hmmmm, Jack, I haven't washed yet." But I don't move. I allow him to bath my burning crotch with his hungry tongue. "How does my dirty pussy taste this morning?"

"God you taste delicious. I want to devour you. I love how your pussy changes flavors from day to day," he growled as he manipulated one of my fat labia into his mouth with lips, sucking greedily at it, his tongue licking the inside surface.

I turned and faced the window still straddling Jack's upturned face, presenting my breasts to the stranger, my new friend. My nipples and breasts aching even more intensely with the knowledge that his eyes are devouring my form even as Jack devours my pussy.

Jack's limp piece of flesh swelled and grew in thickness and length. Jack surprised me again when his strong tongue pierced my cunt hole. A groan emanated from deep inside his chest, vibrating my clit as I felt his tongue delving deeply into my pussy. His thick tongue stretched my hole open as he forced it inside my body. He noisily licked and hungrily sucked my flowing juices.

I reached down and touched his growing flesh, warm, heavy and large. The veins of his dick stood out darkly against the light skin of his engorging penis. I flicked up the dew that leaked from the hole at the tip of his swollen purple head with the tip of my finger, put it to my lips and tasted his salty flavor.

Jack moaned again at the brief contact, the deep sound again vibrating my clit. He pulled his tongue from my dark slit and licked the groove between my labia. "Ummmmm," he moaned again sending more delicious shivers of vibration through my pearl. "Your cunt tastes so goddamned good."

I bent over and caught his swollen glans between my lips, sucked it into my mouth and poked the tip of my tongue into its salty opening. I sucked and milked the clear syrup from the head of his swollen member. Then as punishment for his speaking out of turn, I squeezed his glans with my teeth, lightly biting the delicate flesh. He flinched but did not speak, realizing his error.

His hips bucked against my face and mouth. I allowed his hard prick to slide deeply into my mouth. He groaned again as I allowed the tip of his cock to penetrate my throat. I could feel the ridge of his glans slide down my esophagus as I swallowed him. My breath was cut off by the invasion of the swollen flesh. He pumped his hard cock into my throat. I licked the base of his shaft and his balls as his swollen meat thrust deeply inside me.

I wiggled my ass and pussy against his face, his tongue now applied directly to my buzzing clit, the pressure of a climax building, my pelvis became the focus of my concentration. Jack's nose brushed my pussy lips. I wiggled more and felt the tip of his nose between my labia. I thrust my hips against his face and his nose entered my pussy, fucking my pussy's tight hole. I forced my cunt against his face, enjoying the sensation of his nose enveloped by my pussy, stretching my sex channel open while he sucked at my clit.

My orgasm took me, my scream muffled by the dick obstructing my throat. His hips thrusting, sliding his penis in and out of my throat as I screamed with pleasure. His cock slid out of my mouth as I sat up and firmly smothered his face with my wet crotch as his mouth continued to suck at my throbbing clit. I opened my eyes and saw my friend across the way watching, arms up, binoculars in place, not moving. I again bent over, took my lover's cock in my hand, held it up to its full length, and slowly took it back into my mouth with my eyes up intently staring at my friend with the binoculars. I took the whole length of Jack's swollen dick back into my throat and continued to unblinkingly gaze at my friend across the way. My lips were buried in Jack's bush, my lips pressed tightly against his pelvis. His hips began a slow thrust as he again fucked my throat. I kept my eyes directly on my friend as Jack's long cock slid in and out of my mouth, my lips stretched tightly around his shaft. Before Jack could orgasm, I pulled free, felt his hard flesh and the ridge of his swollen cock head slide out as it exited my throat.

I pulled my crotch from Jack's smeared face, scooted down his body and straddled his waist. I pressed my wet pussy against his penis, the erect shaft poked up between my legs and nestled in the crack of my pussy lips. I looked at my friend across the park, knowing that Jack's dick now looked like my dick. I took Jack's dick in my hand and slowly masturbated the saliva slick rod. Jack's balls rode up and down between his legs with each stroke of my hand. I felt my breasts move and sway on my chest as I slowly masturbated the turgid flesh between my legs.

Jack's breathing quickened. He moaned steadily with each stroke of my hand. I stopped and got on my knees, my dripping pussy poised over the swollen head of his rock hard cock. I lowered myself to his flesh. His swollen glans touched and split my labia, found my cunt entrance and stretched my waiting hole open. I let my cunt down onto his cock and slowly impaled myself on his rigid pole. As I fully enveloped his flesh with my flesh, his hips began an uncontrollable attack at my stretched pussy. He fucked my taught slit and screamed as his orgasm overcame him. I felt his ejaculatory contractions against my stretched pussy walls as they pumped his thick semen into my cunt's depths. Jack's thrusting subsided and stopped. The spasms of his twitching organ continued as his cock softened inside my body.

I reached between my legs, cupped and pinched my labia together to hold Jack's cum inside my pussy as his shrinking penis slid from my vagina's hole. I walked to the window, sat on the floor and leaned back against an ottoman. I let my legs fall open and removed my hand from my pussy. I picked up the binoculars lying beside me and put them to my eyes. My friend did have binoculars. I could feel his eyes on my creamy pussy. I could feel Jack's thick jizz oozing out of my cunt hole, running down across my anus onto the floor.

He put his binoculars down, turned and walked out of the room. I couldn't believe it. He was gone. I sat there stunned. "Shit," I exclaimed, disappointed.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked innocently.

"Shut the fuck up," I ordered. I had not spoken his name. I should punish him, but I didn't, except for the verbal outburst.

"Humpf?" he mumbled back.

Then I saw my friend re-enter the room across the way. I put the binoculars back to my eyes. He was unclothed, naked and very erect. His uncut penis was at stiff attention, standing upright. He pulled a chair around to face the window and me. He sat with his legs lazily apart, his nuts hanging loosely against the seat of the chair. He took his cock and gripped it in his right hand. It was long enough that he could have placed his left hand around the remaining exposed shaft and the tip of his cock would have still been visible. His right hand slid up the shaft, enveloped the sheathed head of his cock, pulled down and his glans appeared from under his foreskin. It was beautiful. He slowly masturbated his thick penis, the foreskin sliding on and off that beautiful cock head. His ball sack tightened, his balls pulled tight against the base of his thick veined shaft. His rhythm quickened. Suddenly he pointed his shaft at the window and rope after stringy rope of thick semen shot out against the window streaking it with opalescent liquid.

"Jesus," I whispered.

As his ejaculation ended, his cock continued to leak thick gobs of sperm that ran down his shaft and covered his balls. I looked at his face. His eyes burned into mine. He stared intently at me as I had at him. He smiled, then stood and walked from the room.

"What the fuck just happened?"

I looked at Jack, then back out the window wanting desperately to see my friend once more. Wanting him to see me.

My new friend was gone.

I didn't answer Jack. I just smiled to myself, went into the bathroom and took my bath.

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