tagRomanceHigh Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 04

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 04


I slept in Sunday morning and was still lounging around at noontime, enjoying several cups of coffee and the morning sunshine on the balcony of my apartment. I didn't want to waste the entire day sitting around my apartment so after a shower and shave I headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. As I approached Kay's shop I noticed that she was open on Sundays from noon to three.

The small bell jingled my entry just as it had two days earlier, and just as before Kay appeared from the back room in the same doorway. Her greeting was completely different however. When she saw it was me she smiled widely and walked directly up to me. She was wearing a long sleeved form fitting white sweater that buttoned up the front and a pair of navy blue slacks with sexy blue and white pumps. Her red hair was as before teased seductively framing her face and her pale blue-gray eyes sparked as did her lips from a coat of clear lip gloss. A string of rather expensive looking pearls circled her neck and hung to within an inch or so of the top of her sweater.

"Allen what a wonderful surprise!" Kay exclaimed as she gave me a hug making sure to rub her full tits against my chest and then giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Kay, I was just out for a walk and saw that you're open today so I thought I'd stop in and say hello." I replied as I enjoyed having her soft tits pressed against my body.

Kay grinned at me as she moved away slightly saying, "I get mostly lookers on Sunday, but some come back to buy later. What might you be looking for today Allen?" Kay added as she scratched down over my chest with one sexy fingernail.

"Well Kay I didn't expect you to be open today, but I think I'd like to see what you have in bed room furniture actually." I replied.

Kay smiled widely at me and said, "Oh goodie, I was hoping you'd want to do your bedroom next."

With that Kay hooked her arm in mine and said, "Walk this way Allen."

I was half tempted to use the classic Groucho Marx line, "If I could walk that way I wouldn't need to see the doctor." But instead just let Kay snuggle her sexy mature body closer to mine. After all I was shopping for beds, and certainly wanted her to help me christen that room also.

Kay led me toward a small display of beds toward the rear of the shop. Her perfume, a sensual combination of lavender and vanilla filled my nostrils as we made our way toward the bedroom furniture.

"Kay that's a very intoxicating fragrance you're wearing." I mentioned as we walked together.

"Do you really like it Allen? It's my own mix I call it Vanilander because it's a combination of two perfumes I truly love." Kay explained.

I replied, "It's a lovely fragrance for quite a lovely lady."

Kay smiled and pulled my arm closer to her happy that I'd noticed and complimented her on the perfume and how lovely I thought she is.

"This is what I have in head and foot boards right now Allen." Kay said pointing out two.

The first was a massive piece. The head board having many compartments and a dark oak color the matching footboard was just a plain solid wood affair.

"This one looks like it should be a book case Kay." I remarked adding, "And I don't really like the dark oak color either."

"Okay, perhaps the other one is more what you had in mind Allen." Kay said.

The second one was a classic brass post bed. Two higher posts capped with brass balls and a rail with intermediate posts between. The foot board was a mirror image of the head board only lower. It instantly conjured up images of some light bondage in my mind.

"This one certainly has possibilities." I said grinning from ear to ear at Kay.

Kay knew exactly what those possibilities were and leaned closer to me to whisper, "If you buy this one Allen I'll let you tie me to it and dominate me."

"Oh my Kay, your submissive side is showing." I replied.

I already knew I'd be buying the bed. It was priced right and it leant its self well to matching up with almost any kind of night stands or other bedroom accessories.

"So what do you think Allen, do you wanna tie me down?" Kay asked seductively running a sexy fingernail along the buttons of her white sweater.

The movement of her finger drew my attention to her full breasts and the tiny nubs of her nipples which were becoming harder as we talked.

"Well Kay, I'm not one to buy on an impulse, but the idea of your sexy body tied to the bed and me straddling you with my cock sliding between your tits certainly is an incentive to buy it." I said.

Kay must have liked that idea also because her nipples reacted by becoming even harder and now showed perfectly through her sweater. Her finger somehow undid the top two buttons of her sweater.

"My goodness Kay, are you trying to seduce me?" I asked reacting to her hard nipples and the succulent cleavage she had just exposed to my lustful gaze.

Kay smiled at me and replied, "It has been kind of slow today Allen, if I made one sale I could be convinced to close up early. Then I'd be free to invite a certain gentleman to my place for cocktails."

I giggled and asked, "So you are trying to seduce me Kay? I'm just not sure if you're trying to seduce me into buying this bed, or if you want to get me back to your place?"

Kay leaned close to me and slid a hand behind to grab at my wallet, and another hand to my groin to lightly caress my stiffening cock. "Either way Allen I want to get into you pants this afternoon."

"In that case Kay, I'll take both the bed and the invitation for drinks." I said.

Kay grinned and said, "I was hoping you'd say that Allen. Let me get my purse and we'll lock up."

She turned and walked toward the back room. I watched her intently paying close attention to the way her hips and ass moved as she walked. Judging from the smooth texture of the fabric over her ass I surmised that Kay was wearing either panty hose or a thong because there was no panty line to detect. From behind Kay's body is just as incredible as it is from the front and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her sweet ass. She disappeared into the back room without glancing back toward me.

A moment later the lights in her shop began going out one bank at a time as I heard the sound of circuit breakers being switched to their off position. Kay reappeared from the back room carrying her purse and swinging her keys around one sexy finger.

"This is such a pleasant surprise Allen. I hate spending so much time at home alone." Kay remarked as she approached me.

I was busy watching how seductively her body looked as she came closer to me. I resisted the urge to fondle her right there, offering my arm instead as we turned to leave her shop. Kay flipped the open sign on the door, and locked the door. Turning toward me Kay again slid her arm around mine and said, "I can't wait to get out of these shoes. I just bought them and they are killing my feet."

"I can give you a nice soothing foot massage if you like Kay." I offered.

Kay smiled widely at me and said, "That would be a good place to started Allen."

While we walked the short distance to her apartment building Kay and I talked about when she'd have her delivery men bring my new bed. We decided later in the week which would give me time to buy a new mattress and box spring and arrange deliver the same day.

"I'll still have to go shopping for bedding Kay." But hopefully I won't be sleeping on my sofa for more than a week or so." I said.

Kay offered, "Allen I have some free time in the mornings during the week I could pick up a bedding set or two for you if you'd like."

"Wow Kay that'd be great!" I replied.

Kay and I entered her building and walked to the back of the lobby where the elevator was located. As we waited for the doors to open Kay turned to me and said, "This is so nice Allen, I haven't entertained a gentlemen for such a long time. I'm really going to enjoy having you spend time with me this afternoon. Maybe you could stay for diner?"

"Maybe Kay, are you a good cook?" I asked.

She smiled and said, "I know my way around a kitchen Allen."

The elevator doors slowly opened and I moved my hand to keep them open while the young couple pushing a baby stroller exited the car and Kay stepped inside. Following Kay in I waited for her to turn and press the button for the tenth floor. When the doors had safely closed I reached out with both hands and placing them on her hips pulled her close to me. She stared into my eyes, smiled and then parted her lips signaling me that it was okay to kiss her.

I circled her waist with my hands and tilted my head as our lips touched in a soft sensual kiss. A quiet moan escaped her throat as I took her lower lip between mine and softly kissed its fullness. Kay slid her hands up my back and curled them over the top of my shoulders pulling her full breasts tighter against me.

Just as I was about to intensify our kiss the elevator car came to a stop and the twin door slowly guided open.

I moved my lips from hers placed one hand on the edge of the open doors but held her close to me.

"Hmmmmmm. That's so nice Allen." Kay whispered.

She slowly let her hands slide from my shoulders and again slipped one arm around mine as we stepped from the elevator and walked the short distance to her apartment door. It was decorated with a small wreath and in the middle a brass plate that said, "K. Dunlop"

Kay opened her purse and after I noticed she had the key ready I reach for it and took it from her hand. I inserted it and turned the dead bolt pushing the door open and turning sideways I motioned for Kay to enter as I said, "After you Ms. Dunlop." I smiled at her as she released my arm and stepped inside.

"A perfect gentleman Allen, you're scoring points big time when you treat me that way." Kay said.

We were greeted by Kay's cocker spaniel Dusty a very well behaved pet who demanded only a moment or two of Kay's attention before she turned and returned to her doggie bed by the French doors leading to Kay's balcony. Dusty settled down in the warm stream of late afternoon sunlight shining on her bed and drifted back off to doggie dream land.

I handed Kay her key as I followed her inside and closed the door turning the dead bolt to lock the door.

"Kay you're such a classy woman, you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect." I offered.

She smiled widely and said, "Very smooth Mr. Goodman, very smooth indeed."

Kay tossed her key into the crystal dish on the small table just inside and placed her purse on the chair beside.

"Welcome to my home Allen." She said motioning for me to entry further into this private part of her life.

Kay's apartment is immaculate. I felt as though I had walked into a feature from Better Homes & Garden. Every piece of furniture matched or complimented another. Beautiful pillows and afghans were perfectly placed on the appropriate sofa, love seat, or chair. The walls were painted in a neutral color more too high-light the oil paintings and numerous numbered prints adorning them than to bring out the color of the walls. Across the living room a large mantle above the fireplace held framed photos of those people dearest to Kay, and the firebox below held a brightly shined brass grate which cradled a unique basket and very realistic looking artificial plant arrangement. The wood flooring shined nearly as brightly as her lovely eyes, and served to highlight oriental area rugs under each furniture grouping. Kay's retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city ten floors below emulated her love of the finer things in life but at the same time gave me a feeling of being welcome.

"Kay your home is so beautiful." I remarked.

"Thank you Allen, I've spent several years decorating my apartment to match my personality. I'm glad you like it baby." Kay replied as she moved closer to me.

She smiled as took my hands in hers and said, "You see Allen if you appreciate my home, it tells me you'll appreciate my personality since they are almost one in the same."

"Not only do I appreciate both Kay, but I'm a little envious since my place is still such a bare bones abode." I replied.

"Allen, I've got a little head start on you. But if you like I'd love to help you decorate your place to suit your personality." Kay suggested. "I just have to get to know you a lot better first." She added.

I instantly replied, "I'd like that very much Kay."

She smiled again and said, "Wonderful Allen, lets start with those cocktails I invited you up for."

"Sounds good Kay." I said.

"I'd like a whiskey sour please, and I'm sure you'll find what ever you like in the liquor cabinet over there." Kay said motioning to a cabinet against the wall beside the entrance to her kitchen.

"If you don't mind Allen I'm going to change into something more comfortable while you mix our drinks." Kay said. "Everything else you may need is in the kitchen." She added.

I smiled and said, "Take your time Kay. I'll have your cocktail for you when you're changed.

"Thanks babe, it's been a long time since I had a gentleman mix my drink. It's okay to go light on the whiskey in mine I wouldn't want to get too tipsy on your first visit." Kay said as she turned and began walking toward the short hall that leads to her master bedroom.

I again watched her as she walked away from me appreciating the way she moves and the incredible shape of her ass. My thoughts for a moment advanced to what I hoped would happen over the course of the next few hours and how I'd make this incredibly sensual mature woman come alive with passion and sexuality.

The sex we'd shared the previous morning when she delivered my living room furniture was incredible, but I suspect her need for sexual release controlled her actions more than her true passionate personality.

As I mixed our drinks I thought about how I'd make this second time even more pleasurable for her. I surmised that a slow sensual seduction would heighten her arousal. Taking my time with as much foreplay as we both could handle would not only please Kay, but would give us both time to explore and discover all the things that two new lovers need to discover about each other.

I mixed Kay's whiskey sour with only a half jigger of liquor wanting her to become intoxicated by my sexual advances rather than from the cocktails we'd be sharing.

As I returned to her living room carrying our drinks Kay peeked around the corner of the door jam to her bedroom.

"Find everything you needed Allen?" She asked.

"Sure did Kay." I replied.

She smiled and said, "Great Allen, make yourself comfortable I'll just be a minute or two more."

"Take your time Kay we have lots of time." I said.

I placed our cocktails on the coffee table and walked over to the fireplace to check out the photos Kay has displayed there. My attention was quickly drawn to the photo of Kay with who I assumed was her deceased husband. He was clearly older then she and had thinning gray hair in the photo. His arm was wrapped about Kay and she was snuggled into his side her head tilted slightly toward him. The photo must have been taken while they were on vacation in the tropics since the background was crystal clear blue ocean water and a pure white sandy beach. Kay was wearing a floral print sundress which showed her ample cleavage very clearly. Her hair was longer at the time but still teased to frame her lovely facial features. The remaining photos were of younger people who I assumed were nieces or nephews of Kay's.

As I looked again at the photo of Kay and her husband she returned from her bedroom.

"Are you checking out my family pictures Allen?" Kay asked.

I turned to face her and could only muster an "ahuh" in reply. My mind was frozen on the incredible vision of loveliness that stood across the room from me.

Kay was wearing a black satin pajama set. The shirt was buttoned up the front, but she had left the top two buttons undone exposing some of her soft succulent cleavage. The shirt extended down over the waist line of the pajama bottoms which rested just on top of her shoeless feet. Her hair was as before, perfectly framing her lovely features. As she slowly walked toward me her full ripe breasts swayed seductively and her nipples began hardening, showing seductively through the black fabric. From the sway of her tits and the taut nipples pressing against the satin fabric I knew she was braless.

She stopped a short distance from me and did a pirouette on the balls of her feet. "You like Allen?" She asked.

"Like Kay, I love it" How much more classy could you look." I replied.

"I just love the feel of satin Allen." Kay said as she moved even closer to me.

I reached out and slid my hand down her arm. "I love satin too baby." I remarked.

"I'm glad Allen, I have a lot of satin and silk, not to mention some lace thrown in for good measure." Kay replied.

As my hand slid up and down her satin covered arm Kay moved closer to me her full breasts touching my shirt in front. She looked up into my eyes and said, "Allen let's go sit down and get comfortable."

"Love to Kay." I answered, taking her delicate hand in mine and walking her to the large sofa in the middle of her living room.

I handed Kay her whiskey sour and took a healthy swig from my seven and seven. As I sat down Kay turned sideways to me and curled on leg up under the other. She leaned forward allowing me, no encouraging me to look down the open front of her black satin night shirt. And look I did, staring lustfully at the succulent deep cleavage between her ripe breasts.

"You like that baby?" She asked noticing that I was staring at her cleavage.

"Why Ms. Dunlop, are you trying to seduce me." I said playfully

I reached for her delicate hand and holding it softly in mine I raised my drink in a toast.

"Here's to new friendships and erotic experiences." I said.

Kay clinked my glass with hers and said, "To friends' lovers and the art of seduction baby."

She took a sip from her drink and with a free hand slid a sexy fingernail along the open front of her night shirt.

Hmmmmmmm.... Katherine that looks wonderful." I said as I returned my gaze to her sexy cleavage the tiny freckles just below the tan line clearly visible to my roaming eyes.

"So Allen, tell me are you a tit man, a leg man, or an ass man?" Kay asked.

I grinned a devilish grin and replied, "Yes I am Kay."

She laughed out loud and said, "I like a man who enjoys some diversity Allen."

Her hand slid down to the front of her satin night shirt and began playfully teasing around yet another button in front.

"Want me to undo this one baby?" Kay asked.

With my eyes glued to that third button I said, "Kay I WANT you to undo them all but that one's a good start."

Kay smiled as her fingernail skillfully slipped the button back through the hole and her night shirt fell a little more open. Her full cleavage was now clearly exposed to my staring eyes and I didn't remove them from that most sexy of images.

"Allen, Do you want to fuck my big juicy tits tonight?" Kay asked.

I raised my eyes to look into hers knowing that she already knew exactly what my answer would be.

"Absolutely Kay! I can't wait to fuck your tits!" I exclaimed.

"Hmmmmmmmm...just what I wanted to hear baby." Kay replied.

"Do my big juicy tits make you hard babe?" She asked.

My instant reply was, "Everything about your sensuous body and sensual mind makes me hard Katherine."

"In fact the thought of making love with you makes me hard Kay." I added.

I looked over at Kay whose eyes were wide open and staring lustfully at the growing bulge tenting up from my crotch.

She took another sip of her drink "I can see just how hard." Kay said smiling as she stared at my growing erection.

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