tagRomanceHigh Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 06

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 06


I decided to knock off work Tuesday since Kay and I had a shopping date in the afternoon and I was fairly sure we'd be spending the rest of the afternoon together. About eleven o'clock I called Kay's cell.

"Morning Allen." Kay answered confirming my number had been stored in her caller ID.

"Hiya Kay. Are we still going shopping this afternoon?" I asked.

"Sure we are Allen. What time do you want to meet?" Kay asked.

I answered. "How's 12:30 Kay."

"Great Allen I'll be ready. Feel free to come by earlier if you'd like." Kay said.

"I might just do that baby." I replied adding, "See you then."

"Okay Allen bye for now." Kay said

"Bye Kay." I answered before I flipped my cell closed.

A quick shower and one last cup of coffee and I was ready to head out to meet my shopping partner.

Kurtz House has one elevator so I wasn't surprised when it slowed to a stop at the tenth floor. The doors glided open slowly. Gina's room mate Staci was standing there waiting for the elevator.

With a wide smile I greeted her. "Hi Staci how are you?"

Staci returned my smile and replied. "Hi." Her pause made me think she'd forgotten my name. "I'm very well thanks." She added as she stepped into the elevator and the doors closed slowly.

She was dressed in a dark blue business suit and wore a very light pink silk blouse beneath the jacket. The skirt of her suit touched her knees and she complemented the ensemble with a pair of matching pumps. Staci has crystal clear light blue eyes and she had applied only a hint of blue shadow to accent their lovely color. Her thin lips shimmered with the same shade of light pink she wore the first time we met.

"You're looking very lovely today Staci." I commented.

"Thank you" she replied again pausing before she continued, "I'm sorry I forgot your name."

"It's Allen." I replied wondering if Gina had said anything to her about our impromptu sex the night before.

"Of course please forgive me for not remembering." Staci said.

I smiled and said. "No problem Staci. So where are you headed off to looking so beautiful?"

Staci clearly thought that was none of my business when she replied. "Just a normal business meeting Allen."

I didn't figure it was in my best interest to ask her what kind of business she was in so I just let it go.

The elevator slowed to a stop again at the second floor and we were joined by an elderly woman who greeted us both as she entered the car.

"Good day neighbors." She said.

Staci smiled and said. "Hello."

And I followed with. "Afternoon madam."

Again the elevator slowed as we reached the lobby. I allowed the two women to exit the car first and walked slowly behind Staci as we both headed toward the entrance door.

"Good seeing you again Staci." I said as she and I stepped onto the sidewalk outside.

Staci smiled and replied. "Thanks Allen it's good seeing you too."

Staci turned right and walked toward the parking lot. I watched her as she walked enjoying how her hips and legs moved as she walked away. The gentle breeze caused her longer blonde hair to blow behind her shoulders.

Once she was out of sight I turned and walked the other way toward Kay's shop wondering exactly what kind of business Staci was in. I hoped that in the not to distant future I'd have an opportunity to get to know her much better.

The light tinkle of Kay's door bell announced my arrival and as I closed the door behind me Kay moved from behind her sales counter and walked briskly toward me.

"Hiya Kay." I said

"Afternoon Allen." She replied

Kay was wearing a pair of white slacks and a pale blue sweater that buttoned up the front. The crease in her slacks ran perfectly down the front of her legs ending just above a pair of white open toe pumps. Her red toe nail polish showing in the open toe. She'd left the top three buttons of her sweater open exposing just a hint of the succulent cleavage between her freckled breasts. A short strand of pearls fit snuggly around her sexy neck. As always her red locks framed her face showing off expertly applied eye make up and her full lips which carried a sexy shade of red.

"Good to see you baby." Kay said as she gave me a nice hug pressing her breasts against me.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek allowing her sensual perfume to waft into my nostrils.

"Hmmmmm you smell good Kay." I said leaning back to look into her sexy blue grey eyes thinking I'd rather take her in the back room and fuck her then go shopping for bedding.

"Thanks Allen." Kay said quickly adding. "Do you like my sweater?" As she stepped back and arched her back accentuating her soft tits and sexy cleavage.

I opened my eyes wider in a somewhat surprised expression and exclaimed. "I love your sweater Kay!"

She smiled and said. "I thought you might baby."

In the short time that Kay and I have known each other she'd already come to realize that I love soft succulent tits and women who made it a habit to flaunt them for me.

"Let me grab my purse Allen and we'll be off." Kay said as she turned and walked back toward her stock room.

Her slacks fit perfectly over her ass and as she walked away from me I couldn't detect any panty line making me wonder if she was wearing a thong or nothing at all today.

Her butt is firm and shows no signs of sag or the floppiness of most middle aged women.

Somehow I resisted the urge to follow her into the private part of her shop and fondle that sweet ass and her inviting bosom.

Kay leaned around the corner and grabbed her purse. As she turned and walked back toward me she asked. "Do you want to drive Allen?"

I hadn't thought of that but replied. "Sure Kay but we'll have to walk back to Kurtz House to get my car."

"Great baby it's a beautiful day for a short walk." Kay responded. Kay slid the Out to Lunch sign in front of the store hour's sign and locked the door.

"It's been slow today Allen so we can take all afternoon if you like." Kay suggested.

As we started the short walk back to my building I offered her my arm. Kay flipped her purse to the other shoulder and slid her hand between my arm and side.

"It feels good walking arm in arm with a man again." She remarked.

I placed my free hand on her forearm and said. "It's nice having such a beautiful woman on my arm Kay."

She smiled and replied. "Allen you sure know how to make a lady feel appreciated."

"Are you hungry Kay?" I asked.

"Famished baby." She answered.

"Good me too." I said adding. "Let's have lunch first."

Kay squeezed my hand and asked. "Where are you taking me Allen?"

I thought for a moment then suggested. "There's a new place that recently opened downtown on Court St. It's called Cathy's on Court. I think we'll try it out."

"I've heard of it Allen and it's supposed to be very nice." Kay replied. "I understand they make a butternut squash soup that's to die for." She added.

A minute or two later we approached my parked car which had been sitting in the bright sun light all morning.

"It's going to be blazing hot inside my car Kay. Let me jump in and start the air conditioner and let it cool down a little." I said.

"Thanks baby. I wouldn't want to get all sweaty for no good reason." Kay said with a devilish grin on her shimmering red lips.

Kay leaned against the quarter panel while I braved the heat and started the car to let it cool down some. "Whew it's an oven in here babe. I knew I'd regret buying a black car." I remarked.

"But Allen black cars are so sexy." Kay replied.

I stood up and closed the door and stepped toward her. Placing one hand on either side of her hips I smiled and said. "Kay....cars are not sexy. The woman who rides in them is what makes them sexy. And mine is about to become very sexy." "Ouuuuuu Allen you're so smooth." Kay said flashing that devilish grin at me once more.

I leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear. "You bring it out in me Kay."

She turned her face toward me and kissed me softly on the lips. "Let's get going Allen before I rape you right here." She said.

I opened the passenger door and watched as Kay slid into the black leather bucket seat of my coupe. She moves with the grace and elegance only a mature woman can, knowing that men love to observe their every move.

I shifted the transmission into reverse and turned my head right to back out of my space. Kay slid her hand from the top of her thigh to cover mine on the shifter. Her delicate fingers and tantalizing nails softly caressed the back of my hand.

I slipped my hand from under Kay's after shifting into drive and turned right out of the lot. Kay turned too but hers was to the left as she reached across her body with her right hand and placed it on my thigh.

I glanced at her and smiled trying to keep my attention focused on the mid-day traffic.

As she gently squeezed my leg Kay whispered. "I'm hungry for more than lunch baby."

"I can see that Kay." I remarked as I dropped my hand on hers and moved it deeper between my thighs.

"Ouuuu baby!" She exclaimed as her hand made contact with the growing bulge under my slacks.

Kay slowly massaged my swelling cock as we made our way downtown toward Court St.

"You know Allen it's always been a fantasy of mine to give a guy a blow job while he's driving." Kay said.

My smile confirmed that we shared that fantasy.

"I guess I could head out to the interstate Kay, but in downtown traffic we could be putting ourselves in harms way trying to live out that fantasy." I said.

She replied. "I suppose you're right Allen. I could see us as the lead story on the evening news. I'll just add that to my list of experiences I want to share with you baby."

Kay removed her hand from my crotch and left me with an erect cock and a desire to have it between her moist lips.

We crossed Walnut Street and I moved into the left lane and flipped my turn signal to indicate a left turn on Court. Cathy's on Court was a block and a half up Court and I was luck to find a parking space just before we got to the restaurant.

"Here we are Kay." I said as I pulled into the space. "Let me get your door baby." I added as I turned the ignition key and pulled the parking brake on.

Kay was smiling as I opened her door and offered my hand to help her out of the rather low seat in my coupe.

Standing on the sidewalk she smoothed her slacks down the front of her thighs and kind of wiggled her butt. "I love when my thong rides up tight between my ass cheeks." She remarked.

Her statement did little to help ease the swollen bulge in my slacks and in fact the thought of seeing a camels toe between her sexy thighs made my erection surge.

Cathy's on Court is in a remodeled factory building that stood vacant for nearly a decade until the downtown re-development authority struck up a deal with the owner of Cathy's to kick in some funds for the remodeling project.

Its street level entrance leads to a small lobby with rest rooms down a short hall. And old wooden staircase is climbed to the dining room on the second floor.

"Good afternoon. Two for lunch?" The receptionist said greeting us with a smile.

"Yes in non-smoking please." I replied.

"Very good. Your server will greet you at the top of the stairs." The cute receptionist said.

It was a half flight of stairs to a mid-landing where an easel held a sign board announcing the specials of the day. The stair case was decorated with old photographs of the building back in the day when its purpose was a sewing mill.

As Kay and I made our way up to the second floor you could see the old wooden beams and heavy metal truss rods running from side to side. Every part of the old factory's exposed framing had been thoroughly cleaned and re-stained. Modern lighting highlighted the turn of the century construction techniques unlike the newer box type restaurants that use black paint to hide the ugly steel girders of their roof structure.

Cathy's on Court was a classy place and the dining room was filled with business people enjoying the fine cuisine offered during lunch.

"Could we get a booth by the windows please?" Kay requested as our server ushered his through the dining room. "Certainly." The young man said.

As we walked along the row of booths I followed Kay watching her ass move as she walked. I love the way her ass looks either covered by fabric or with the thin straps of a sexy thong riding over her shapely hips.

Just before we arrived at the first empty booth I was distracted from Kay's ass by a voice that nearly made me cringe.

"Allen!" The voice exclaimed.

I looked to my left and spotted my ex-wife Amanda seated at a table with her lawyer.

Kay had already slid into the booth so I accepted the idea that Amanda would be watching our every move.

"Shit." I said. Causing Kay to ask. "What's wrong baby?"

"My ex is sitting right over there." I replied kind of pointing my thumb in Amanda's direction.

"Which one Allen/" Kay asked.

"She's wearing a white blouse and is with her bastard attorney." I replied not looking toward Amanda.

Kay casually glanced toward Amanda and then turning her attention back to me said. "She very pretty Allen."

"Yeah, but that's only skin deep Kay." I replied.

Kay understood the meaning of my answer and grinned at me as she suggested. "Ignore her baby."

"That'll be no problem Kay. We pretty much ignored each other for the last two years of our marriage." I admitted.

Our waiter arrived again and said. "Can I get you a drink?"

"I'll have a manhattan." Kay said.

I thought for a moment and asked. "Can I have a draught beer please?"

"Very good." The waiter said adding. "I'll be back with your drinks to take your order."

Kay was studying the menu when I glanced toward Amanda. She was watching me and I knew her deviant little mind was scheming some way to spoil our lunch.

Our waiter returned and placed our drinks on the table. "Have you decided?" He asked.

Kay smiled at him and asked. "I understand your butternut squash soup is very good?"

"Oh yes the best in town." He replied.

"Great I'll have a cup of soup and a chicken salad platter please." Kay said.

"Very good. And you sir?" The young man asked.

"I'll have the soup also and a tuna melt." I said.

"Great I'll place your order. Are your drinks satisfactory?" He asked.

Kay smiled and said. "Very good."

I just nodded my approval of the beer as the waiter turned and left us alone.

I smiled at Kay as she first removed the cherry from her drink and using the pick ran the ripe red cherry around her mouth sensually. As she sipped from her manhattan her sparkling blue grey eyes staring at me over the rim of her glass.

"I don't usually drink this early in the day Allen." She offered.

Before I could reply we were interrupted by Amanda who had walked over from her table and was now standing at our booth.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend Allen?" She asked.

Reluctantly I replied. "Kay this is Amanda. Amanda meet Kay."

Kay who was already staring at Amanda smiled and offered her hand as she said. "Very nice to meet you Amanda."

Amanda ignored both Kay's offer of a hand shake and her friendly greeting. Instead jumping at the chance to attempt making my life miserable.

In a very cynical tone of voice she said. "My Allen I had no idea you went in for the geratic crowd."

Kay's expression changed instantly and she looked down at the table.

"I see you're still a sarcastic bitch." I replied.

Amanda hated when I referred to her as a bitch and she shot back. "Allen somehow I knew you'd end up with an old bitty after I kicked your sorry ass out."

I leaned toward Amanda and in a quiet tone of voice that only she and Kay could hear I said. "Kay's twice the woman you'll every be Amanda."

Kay looked up from the table with a smile on her face but just as quickly it disappeared when Amanda said. "Well Allen you got that right she looks twice my age."

Amanda turned and walked away before I could reply and Kay had already reached across the table and grabbed my hand almost as if to say, Don't even bother replying Allen.

"I'm so sorry Kay." I said turning my hand up to hold her delicate hand in mine.

Kay took a healthy swig from her manhattan and said. "I see what you mean about her beauty being only skin deep Allen. What a disagreeable bitch she is."

"Lets not let her ruin our lunch baby." I suggested.

Kay's smile told me that even my bitch of an ex-wife couldn't do that.

She sat back against the booths bench seat and arching her back said. "Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?"

"I believe we were flirting incessantly with each other Kay." I answered.

Kay brought her fingers up to the first buttoned button on her sweater and with two delicate fingers popped it open exposing a much better view of her succulent cleavage and a hint of white lace beneath her sweater.

I grinned as I stared at her freckled naked flesh and said. "Kay honey you're going to have me in the same state I was in earlier on the way over here."

"Oh really?" She replied adding, "That's the plan baby."

As I lifted my draught to my lips I felt one of her feet slide between my legs. My wide smile acknowledged that she could explore more if she liked. Her toes slid along the seat until they reached my crotch and she gently massaged my balls and the base of my cock shaft with her nimble digits.

"Ouuuu baby I love how you move your toes." I said as I shifted my weight forward pressing my swelling cock harder against he foot.

Kay glanced to her right in Amanda's direction hoping my ex could see what Kay was doing. Her devilish grin confirmed that Amanda was watching. Just then our soup arrived distracting Kay, Amanda and me from what was quickly becoming a very erotic foot job.

"Enjoy." Our waiter said as he placed the cups of butternut squash soup in front of us.

Kay straightened up withdrew her foot from between my thighs and leaned forward so I could enjoy the view of her tits while enjoying my creamy soup.

Kay tasted her soup and continued her tease verbally saying. "Hmmmm I love hot creamy soup almost as much as hot creamy cum."

She licked her lips clearing a drop of soup from them and I imagined her licking droplets of my thick cum from those sexy lips.

Kay finished her manhattan about the same time she finished her soup. "I think I need another drink Allen." She said.

I motioned for our waiter and moved my finger in a circular pattern to ask for another round.

"Kay will you excuse me for a minute? I have to go to the men's room." I said.

"Sure baby I can keep myself occupied while you're away." Kay answered.

I slid out of the booth and asked an employee if there was a men's room on this level.

Unfortunately I had to go down the stairs again since the rest rooms off the lobby served the whole place.

It took me maybe five minutes in the men's room but when I returned up stairs to my complete surprise Kay was leaning on Amanda's table talking to my ex.

I hesitated for a moment wondering if I'd have to break up a cat fight but as I approached Kay turned and walked back to our booth.

We slid into the seats almost in unison. Kay had a huge shit eating grin on her face.

"What was that all about Kay?" I asked.

"Oh nothing Allen. I just took the opportunity to explain some of the other things I do twice as well for you babe." She explained grinning confidently and again used the cherry from her drink to tease me.

Judging from the crimson glow of Amanda's cheeks I had to assume Kay's explanation of what she had said was somewhat paraphrased.

We finished our lunch talking about the reasons two people fall out of love and how spiteful people can become during a long drawn out divorce. I explained to Kay that the divorce I'd just gone through had put me off any idea of ever marrying again. It was an ugly and painful divorce and I pretty much allowed Amanda to take me to the cleaners giving up our house and half our savings. I paid my half out to an attorney who didn't care if I lost out or not. But the final papers were signed and filed and I was completely free of her.

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