High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 09


I took a sip from my rum and coke and kind of turned my hips to face her directly.

"Tell me about your work Staci?" I asked.

"Not really much to tell Allen. I've been an account rep for Wallmeyer for about three years." Staci said.

"What kind of business is Wallmeyer in?" I asked wanting to see if Staci would be more open about her job.

She smiled and thought for a moment before responding. "We match members with other members who share the same interest in an activity."

"I see." I said but I honestly didn't.

"Members pay annual dues plus a referral fee when they make a request and we successfully match them with another member." Staci offered.

"Interesting." I remarked hoping she'd expand on what kind of activity? Wallmeyer Associates was matching for their members.

"It's fairly simple Allen. Members call me with an interest in an activity and I find a member who shares the same interest." Staci continued.

"I think I understand Staci." I replied then asked. "What's the combined gender symbol on the back of your business card mean?"

Staci grinned, a devilish grin, and said. "If I told you that Allen I'd have to kill you."

I smiled and said. "Either way I'm dead Staci. If you tell me you'll have to kill me and if you don't not knowing will kill me too."

"Can I trust you Allen?" Staci asked.

"Absolutely Staci." I replied.

"The members of Wallmeyer Associates are people with special interests (in certain activities). My job is to find another member who shares the same special interest." Staci explained.

I sat back and asked. "Special interest?"

Staci hesitated for a moment then answered. "Yes, a special sexual interest Allen."

"So you're managing a high priced escort service." I said.

"No." Staci replied and continued. "Both parties enjoy the activity they share the interest in."

"So how do you make any money?" I asked.

"The annual dues for a member is $1,000 and for each request we successfully match there is a $100 referral fee. We currently have over 150 members, so I'm making a decent living just for being what I call a sexual matchmaker." Staci explained.

"I see. So how many employees does Wallmeyer have Staci?" I asked.

She smiled and said. "Just one Allen, Wallmeyer was my mother's maiden name."

"Don't you worry about getting arrested Staci?" I asked.

"For what Allen, I just match up two members with the same interest. Also, no money is exchanged between them." She responded.

Staci slid closer to me and placed her soft hand on my thigh. "Allen I never personally satisfy a member's interest."

"I certainly hope not!" I said.

"Last year was my best so far, I grossed a little over $240,000." Staci admitted.

"That's pretty incredible Staci." I said.

"I make a decent living and the expenses are minimal since most new members are referred by other members." She answered.

"Allen, you know that Gina has taken care of a few of our members." Staci offered.

I chuckled and said. "She does have some very special skills."

Staci just smiled. I figured she already knew of Gina's special talents.

"I'm ready for another Allen." Staci said holding her empty drink glass out to me.

"Sure thing hun." I replied.

I headed off to the kitchen to mix us both a second round. While I was there Staci came in. "I'm not sure if it's the fireplace for the drinks Allen but I getting rather warm." She said.

I could open the sliders Staci.

"Okay." She replied while taking off her blazer.

I finished mixing our rum and cokes and turned as Staci hung her blazer over the back of one kitchen chair.

Her blouse was sleeveless and without her blazer the white lace of her bra was clearly visible.

"Very sexy." I commented causing her to smile widely.

Staci walked toward me and I handed her the drink.

"Let's step out on the balcony Allen." Staci suggested. "That'd be nice." I replied.

I followed her to the balcony checking out how her hips moved when she walked.

The cool evening breeze felt good and as Staci turned with her back against the railing her form was silhouetted by the last of the diminishing daylight.

"This feels much better." Staci commented.

"Yes it is very pleasant tonight." I said.

"So Allen tell me about yourself." Staci asked.

I thought for a moment then said. "Really not much to tell Staci I just ended a really messy divorce. Have no kids and work for a company that isn't really going anywhere quick. I'm actually looking for my life to improve a lot since I moved into this apartment."

"What kind of work do you do Allen." Staci asked.

"I'm a regional sales manager for Harper apparel." I replied.

"I've hear of Harper." Staci said. "They sell sports apparel don't they?" She asked.

"Yes that's right." I said somewhat surprised that she'd hear of our company.

"The only promotion I could hope for would be to national sales manager but that position is held by family of the owners. So I doubt I'll be taking any steps up the corporate ladder anytime soon." I commented.

"Well Allen maybe you could marry into the family." Staci said laughing.

"I don't think so!" I replied. "I don't have any plans to ever tie the knot again." I added.

"I'm not sure I'll ever do that either." Staci said.

"You're kidding Staci. I'd think being as beautiful as you are guys would be falling over themselves trying to get to know you better." I replied.

"Well you've certainly kept your distance tonight Allen." She said.

"I'm just trying to be a gentleman Staci." I replied.

"Good I thought maybe it was because I told you earlier that I don't sleep with first dates." Staci said.

"Come over here Allen." Staci asked.

I walked over to the railing she had been leaning against and stopped close enough that I could see the sparkle in her eyes.

"Okay Staci." I said.

She looked into my eyes and smiled. "Allen I said I never sleep with first dates. That doesn't mean I don't like being a little romantic on a first date."

I grinned at Staci and placed my hands on her arms at the shoulders. I felt her shudder slightly and her hands moved up to my hips.

"I've been dying to do this since the first time I lay eyes on you." I whispered.

I leaned toward her our lips nearly touching. Staci's eyes were open and sending me a message to do exactly what I had been dying to do.

I closed my eyes and kissed her softly on the mouth. She shuddered again and slid her hands behind my back. It was a sensual kiss her soft lips only moving slightly as we kissed.

"Hmmmmmmm." Staci moaned.

I broke the kiss and opened my eyes. Staci pulled with her hands and tilted her head slightly. Our lips touched again this time with more passion and more pressure.

I let my hands slid down her arms feeling the goose bumps rise under my palms. When I reached her elbows I slid my hands behind her and pulled her body against mine at the same time moving forward pushing her against the balcony railing.

She moaned again and parted her lips offering me the tip of her moist tongue.

I responded by darting my tongue toward hers. She moaned deeper as our kiss grew in intensity.

Breaking our kiss I whispered. "Staci we shouldn't."

She interrupted me. "I know Allen but it feels so nice being in your arms."

I took a step back and held her hands in mine. "We'll have other dates Staci. I respect your values to much to let us go any further tonight."

"Thank you Allen I hope we do get a chance to spend more time together." She answered.

I winked at her and said. "Bet the farm on it hun."

"Let's go inside Allen its getting a bit nippy." Staci said.

I grinned and said. "I can see that." An obvious referral to the fact that her erect nipples were piercing at the silk fabric of her sleeveless blouse.

Staci knew I was talking about her taut nipples and she instantly shot back. "Don't be so sure it's the nip in the air that caused that Allen you're a pretty good kisser."

Staci and I went back inside and this time sat right next to each other on the sofa. We talked for a couple hours sipping Bacardi 8 and coke. Staci is wonderful to just sit and hold a conversation with. I quickly discovered that she has a unique talent for listening and then answering in a most intelligent way. I imagine that pillow talk with Staci would be as interesting.

About ten thirty Staci took my hand in hers and said. "Boy Allen I'm certainly glad I don't have to drive home tonight I've had a couple to many rum and cokes. I really have enjoyed our evening together but I have a new client interview tomorrow at nine thirty so I better be getting home."

As much as I would have liked to sit and chat with Staci till dawn I knew our time tonight would lead to bigger and better things.

"I have a seven forty five sales meeting tomorrow morning Staci. Let me get your blazer." I said standing up and offering her my hand.

Staci's hands are tiny delicate slim fingers perfectly manicured nails polished but natural colored. Her hand was warm possibly from the rum or the warmth of my fireplace I hoped they were warm because she felt very comfortable being alone with me.

I held her blazer as she slipped each lovely arm into the garment. I didn't let go of the fabric rather I lifted the lapels around front so I could move closer to her and let her intoxicating perfume waft up into my nostrils one last time tonight.

Staci turned to face me and smiled before saying. "Allen thank you so much for being an absolute gentleman tonight. I can't remember ever feeling more comfortable alone with a man."

She moved closer to me and reached up to cup my face in her tiny palms. "Thank you so much Allen." She said before kissing me softly but with more passion then our earlier kisses.

"I should be the one thanking you for a wonderful evening Staci. I hope we have many more evenings just like this." I remarked.

Staci grinned and as she stepped toward the door she said. "Well not exactly like this one Allen."

I opened the door and after one more little kiss said. "Night Staci I'll be calling you soon."

As she walked toward the elevator and I watched her walking Staci pirouetted and gave me a huge smile. "The sooner the better Allen."

I just returned the smile.

To be continued...

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