tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHigh Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 21

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 21


I called Kay about one in the afternoon "Hiya Kay." I replied after she answered her phone.

"I'm calling just to make sure you still want to go through with our plan for tonight?" I asked.

Kay giggled "I haven't been able to think about much else today."

"Okay I'm planning on leaving the office about five. You'll find a spare key under the door mat." I explained.

"I'll be waiting in the bedroom until I hear you come in." Kay answered.

"You're sure about this?" I asked again.

"I couldn't be more sure you're gonna love it." She reassured me.

"Do you want me to call you before I get home?" I asked

"No I won't need a warning I'll be more than ready." Kay said.

"Okay I'll see you later." I said.

Kay giggled again "Don't you mean you'll watch me later?" She asked just before hanging up.

As I worked my way through the weekly sales reports from my reps I came to Bill Peterson's. He had a very good week and for a moment I considered inviting him for drinks after work then taking him back for Kay to seduce. Peterson had a thing for Francine and I was certain he'd go for Kay also but the idea of watching him fuck her didn't really appeal to me so I nixed that idea.

Francine stopped by my desk about four thirty looking as sexy as always just as I finished up my stack of work for the day.

She smiled seductively at me "Hubby's on a deep sea fishing trip for a couple days. Would you like to get a few drinks after work and see what happens?"

I knew what would happen and graciously declined "Darn Fran I'd love to but I have a date tonight."

"Are you seeing Kay?" Fran asked.

I just smiled back at her.

She leaned close to me and whispered "I'm as sexy as she." her hand slipped between my thighs and gave my cock a quick squeeze.

Fran was right in her own way she is as sexy and passionate as Kay and I knew that I would love to get her in the sack again.

I smiled again as her hand moved away "How long is he going to be fishing?"

"He'll be home Thursday." Fran replied.

I looked up into her sexy eyes "Well maybe we could work late tomorrow night." I suggested knowing she'd jump at the chance.

I wasn't too sure having office sex was all that great an idea but if he was out of town we could just go to her place.

"I'll wear something very sexy tomorrow." She promised before turning and walking back toward her cubicle with that great ass swinging side to side.

I thought about calling her extension to ask if she wanted some fries with that shake but opted instead to close up shop and head for happy hour.

Talk about an uncomfortable feeling, I normally spend happy hour checking out the babes but tonight I was looking for a stud for Kay to seduce.

I started trying to check for wedding bands then figured that really didn't matter since relationship status and for that matter names had nothing to do with our plan for the night.

I sat down next to a rather burly looking guy with a very thick dark mustache and a tight fitting tee shirt.

"Let me have a draught." I said when the cute little blonde bar tender approached.

Her sparkling blue eyes lit up "Coming up!" She replied with a very bubbly tone in her voice.

As she walked away the guy I was sitting beside chimed in "I'd fuck the living shit outta that."

I glanced toward him and nodded my head acknowledging that the cute little blonde would be a great lay.

"You come here often?" I asked trying not to sound like I was coming on to him.

He turned a little toward me "Every night Mindy is working. I've been trying to get in her pants for six months." he matter of factly replied.

His comment confirmed at least that he wasn't gay but I wasn't quite sure he fit the bill for what Kay had in mind later.

"She's pretty young." I commented trying to see if a more mature piece of ass would interest him.

He laughed and answered "Eighteen to eighty."

"Eighteen to eighty?" I asked

"Yea eighteen to eighty blind crippled or crazy, kick em if they move fuck em." He explained.

I had my confirmation that he would be an unwitting target for Kay's mature seduction.

Mindy returned with my beer "Give my friend another too."

She looked toward him "He's your friend?" a broad smile coming to her lips.

"What you don't think I can make friends?" He shot back at her.

She laughed then replied "I thought you only tried to be friends with big tits."

I just sat there and listened to the two of them battle.

"I like small tits too just like yours Mindy." He answered.

"You've got as much chance as a snow ball in hell at ever seeing let alone touching my tits." she exclaimed.

"I'll be right back with your beer." Mindy continued then scooted away.

I turned toward him and offered "Looks like you may have wasted six months on that one dude."

"She's just playing hard to get." He remarked.

I just kind of shrugged my shoulders then lifted my beer in a kind of toast to his chances of scoring with the cute little blonde.

We sat there making small talk and downed another couple beers. He occasionally would point out what he referred to as sweet tarts when a good looking woman would stroll by.

I decided to test the waters. "Look at that hottie." I said when a more mature very well dressed brunette sat down across the bar from us.

He grinned "Like I said earlier eighteen to eighty. Doing an old babe is fun they fuck like it could be their last one."

I just smiled knowing that the "old babe" that he might be doing later would fuck him absolutely silly.

The hottie across the bar was smiling at me and I wished I didn't already have plans for the night because I wouldn't mind getting to know her.

As we finished our third beer I glanced at my watch it was nearly six thirty and I knew Kay as already at my place preparing for the evenings adventure.

Without thinking about what I was about to say I kind of blurted out "Would you come back to my apartment tonight?"

He turned and with a very confused expression on his face replied "Are you fucking queer?"

"Oh shit no man." I answered "I've got this heavy piece of furniture that I need to move and I need some help with it."

"That's all no fucking gay stuff?" He again questioned.

"No way man I'm as straight as they come." I replied then added "We can order a pizza and watch the game."

He shrugged his shoulders "Well doesn't look like I'm getting laid tonight so I suppose I could."

I smiled not only because he had agreed but also because he had no idea how well he was gonna get fucked tonight.

"My place is in the Kurtz House. Do you know where it is?" I asked.

"Yeah sure it's a couple blocks from here." He replied waving a hand in the direction of my apartment building.

Mindy returned with a cute little smile on her lips. "You two want another?"

"Naw we're outta here." My new found friend remarked.

"Can you let us have a six pack to go?" I asked tossing a twenty on the bar.

Mindy looked at the burly guy next to me and with a comical look on her face said. "Once you go gay you'll never be back."

"We're gonna go watch the game." He instantly shot back trying his best to sound as manly as possible.

If she only knew what he had in store tonight Mindy would have kept her mouth shut.

She returned with a brown paper bag containing our beer and slid my change across the bar.

"Tell you what Mindy give that lovely lady across the bar with the red sweater on a drink on me and you can keep the change." I said hoping the hottie might remember me if we both stopped for a happy hour cocktail again sometime.

As I walked behind Kay's stranger around the bar Mindy had already approached the mysterious lovely I'd bought a drink for. A wide smile came to her lips as Mindy explained I wanted to buy her a drink.

She watched me as I approached then turned on her stool. I quickly looked down on a very shapely leg covered in dark nylon then returned my eyes to hers.

"Where you running off to?" She asked.

I smiled and offered "I promised my buddy that we'd watch the NBA game tonight."

"Too bad I would have loved some company tonight." She remarked reaching out and touching the back of my hand with the longest red fingernails I'd ever seen.

"That is too bad." I replied.

"Well I stop in here every once in a while for a drink so maybe we'll run into each other again." She answered as her long nail slid along my middle finger.

"I'm sure we will." I promised knowing I'd be stopping in regularly until we did.

"Thanks for the drink." She said as she lifted one leg slightly letting me see more of her very sexy leg.

I smiled then headed off to catch up with my buddy. "I'm parked over there." I said as we walked onto the sidewalk pointing to my sedan a few parking spaces down the lot.

"I'll follow you." He replied then headed off in the opposite direction.

As I walked to my car I chuckled to myself. I'd turned down Fran earlier now I meet this incredible brunette and had to turn her down all so I could take this unknown stud back to my place and watch him fuck Kay. "There's something wrong with this picture." I whispered to myself as I started the car.

What's his name was on my back bumper for the short drive to Kurtz House. I pulled into my reserved spot and he parked next to me.

"You might want to park over there in the visitor spaces." I suggested as he jumped out of his car.

He slammed the door closed then explained. "I remembered I had something else I needed to do tonight so I'll just help you move that piece of furniture then I'm gonna have to go."

I couldn't tell him that he wasn't going anywhere soon unless he wasn't actually a member of the eighteen to eighty club he'd described earlier.

"Oh okay." I answered.

While we rode the elevator up to my floor he asked. "How far do we need to move this piece?"

"From one room to another, it shouldn't take more than ten minutes." I replied.

I opened the door and made as much noise as I could signaling Kay that we'd arrived. She had one lamp turned on and the bedroom door was ajar with a slim streak of dim light coming through the opening.

"Let me put this in the frig." I said holding up the paper bag.

As I turned toward the kitchen Kay slowly opened the bedroom door. "High sweetie I'm so glad your home." She said standing in the doorway her sensual form silhouetted by the back light inside the room.

The burley stranger looked at Kay then toward me a somewhat surprised expression on his face.

"Did you bring me a toy tonight sweetie?" Kay asked.

She was wearing a floor length satin night gown which had wide shoulder straps but they hung loosely down her arms. The gown appeared to be held to her shapely form by nothing more than the twin peaks of erect nipples protruding against the flimsy fabric. Her hair cascaded around her face resting on the top of her naked shoulders. She'd applied more eye makeup then usual and sported the brightest red lip stick I'd ever seen her wear.

I tore my eyes from her and glanced over at the stud I'd lured into our trap. His eyes were glued to Kay's body. As she moved forward I noticed that the light behind not only silhouetted her sexy form but also shown through the material of her gown showing off her very sexy legs.

As she slowly walked toward him her hands slipped up to her hips and she raised her elbows a little keeping the gown from slipping off her body as she moved.

Kay stopped toe to toe with, as she put it, her toy. A sexy grin came to her lips as she tilted her head toward me and whispered in a low sexy voice. "He likes to watch."

Judging from the growing bulge in his pants I assumed he liked to fuck. I placed the bag of beer on the end table and sat down in the overstuffed chair preparing to do just that.

He stood perfectly still but his eyes roamed all over her sexy body. Kay lifted her hands to his shoulders then slid her fingertips down over his chest pulling the fabric with her long sexy nails.

Her fingers stopped when she reached his waist than grasped the material and tugged it up and out of his pants.

"Yes!" He exclaimed finally realizing that this wasn't some weird joke and that he was actually going to get laid tonight.

Kay's hands moved up pulling his tee shirt over his head. As he dropped his arms to his sides I noticed a dark tattoo on his upper arm. It read "Ride to live~ live to ride"

Kay noticed the tattoo also and as her fingers teased the colored flesh she said. "I'm gonna give you the ride of a life time."

Her fingers slid down along his strong arms finally reaching his hands. She gathered them in her delicate fingers and moved them to his hips.

Somehow Kay's gown remained in place and I wondered if she used two tiny tabs of double face tape to hold it up over her lush tits.

I was enjoying this seduction immensely and spread my legs apart to give my growing erection room to swell.

Kay moved her hands from his and slid along the waist band of his pants until they met just above the clasp that held them to his hips.

He stood stoically with eyes glued to her hard nipples as Kay slowly opened his pants. Two sexy fingers pulled the tab of his zipper down then moved up to slip the fabric from his hips. His pants fell around his feet and Kay glanced down at the bulge in his boxers as she stepped back.

As he kicked off his sneakers and stepped out of his pants Kay glanced toward me. "Oh sweetie it looks like you pick out the perfect toy for me." Her sexy wink acknowledged that she couldn't wait for me to watch her suck his cock.

Kay returned her lustful gaze to her toy then pinched the flimsy fabric of her satin gown at the hips. With one gentle tug the sexy gown slipped off her tits and fluttered down her body to puddle around her ankles.

Beneath she wore nothing more than a pair of sexy silk thigh high stockings and equally sexy stilettos.

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed as her lush naked body came under his lecherous stare.

The bulge in his boxers surged and stretched the elastic waist band as it tried to escape from beneath the fabric covering it.

Kay smiled as she moved closer. In a nearly inaudible whisper she said. "Let's unleash this beast."

Her hands moved to his waist as she began bending at the knees. She reached a full crouch in front of him then slowly peeled the boxers off his hips and down his legs.

His eyes were glued to hers as the mammoth cock leaped toward her its bulbous head nearly slapping her cheek as she slid her hands back up his legs.

"Oh sweetie look what a nice big cock you've brought me tonight." Kay said glancing toward me and smiling.

He reached in and grasped the shaft at the base drawing the head down to within inches of her mouth. "Suck it!" He exclaimed.

Kay looked up into his eyes as her lips moved forward. He stared intently down at her as she parted her shimmering red lips and took the head between her lips.

From my vantage point I could see perfectly the light from the one lamp she'd turned on lighting her face and his surging cock.

Her lips closed around the shaft just below his corona. Kay used her soft red lips to massage the sensitive flesh bobbing her mouth back and forth only an inch or so at a time.

His soulful moan confirmed he love the sensation.

I wanted to urge her to take him deeper but resisted knowing in her own sweet time she would to just that.

Her lips slipped off his cock only to be replaced by her moist tongue which she used to circle his smooth corona then spiral around the head finally reaching the tiny pink slit at the tip.

Kay was rewarded with a tiny droplet of pre-cum which she quickly licked from his cock head.

Licking her lips and staring up at him she whispered. "You taste nice and salty."

With his pulsing shaft still firmly held in his grasp he reached down with his free hand and groped at one soft tit sliding his palm over the erect nipple.

Kay kept her eyes fixed on his as she again opened her mouth. Just before his cock slipped between she whispered. "Pinch it."

His cock slid deeper inside her moist mouth the head sliding over her flattened tongue. Kay moaned soulfully as he pinched her nipple then pulled it taut away from her breast.

Her lips shimmering with red gloss and saliva slid along his throbbing shaft until they touched his index finger which still circled his cock.

His hand moved away knowing the fingers impeded her progress and fell to the other tit. A sharp pinch and equally hard pull stretched both nipples and tits forward.

Kay's muffled squeal confirming that she loved having him play with her tits roughly.

Her lips inched along his shaft and I knew the tip of his cock head was wedged into the back of her throat.

Feeling the tight ring of flesh surrounding his cock head he tilted his head back and released her nipples. "Swallow that fucking cock!" He implored her.

Kay's delicate hands slid up the back of his thighs finally reaching his ass. As she drew him forward he moaned loudly as his cock head slipped through and into her softest of flesh.

Her lips slithered down his shaft until they reached the thick patch of pubic hair and the bulge in her neck confirmed he would go no deeper in her throat.

His hands moved to the back of her head almost involuntarily and pressed her harder against his cock. I watched intently as her throat convulsed as she swallowed giving his cock head a sensuous deep throat massage.

He pulled her head back an inch or two then thrust his hips forward. The quick thrust caught Kay by surprise and I saw her stomach lurch as she gagged briefly on his surging cock.

Again he withdrew slightly then thrust into her mouth but this time Kay greedily accepted his deep thrust.

I could see her eyes tearing and knew that her lungs were beginning to burn lacking the life sustaining oxygen she needed.

Her hand slipped off his ass and around to his thighs. She pressed against them until he realized she needed to breathe. Mercifully his cock began the slow sensual slide from her searing hot throat until it slipped from between her lips. A long string of thick saliva stretched from her mouth to the tip of his cock and Kay reached up to gather the moisture in her hand smearing it along his cock while she gasped for air.

"That's one big cock!" Kay exclaimed confirming no other cock had reached so far into her throat.

He smiled at her and replied. "That's one hot mouth."

Her hands still rested on his thighs and with one mighty shove she caused him to stumble backwards flopping down on the couch. His balls hung over the edge and his cock rose up above his belly button.

Kay dropped to her knees and began a slow sensual crawl toward her sex toy. He leaned back against the couch making his cock look even bigger as it surged up from his loins.

One sexy hand rose from the carpet to his knee followed shortly by the other as Kay straightened up and slipped between his spread thighs.

Her fingernails clawed their way up his thighs as she moved deeper between his legs.

Her nails skipped over his pulsing cock and moved up to tease the quivering flesh of his hard abdomen as she slowly nestled his cock between her tits the shimmering shaft transferring moisture to her soft cleavage.

She smiled at him as her hands moved to the sides of her tits pressing them together and capturing his hard cock between her soft mounds of pleasure.

As she began slowly humping his dick with her chest he reached down to pinched her nipples and stretched them pulling the pink areola taut.

Kay again squealed in delight as this rough handling of her sensitive nubs of pleasure.

I couldn't see as well as before but when I saw Kay tuck her chin down I knew that as his cock head popped from between her soft tits she was giving it a quick suck or lick until it slipped down again between her soft tits.

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