High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 23


"Your hard cock felt incredible inside me last night and I really needed a good fuck. I told you that it has been over a year since I was last fucked by a real cock. It has been even longer since I've had a good hard ass fucking from a man's cock. Even though I firmly believe in keeping my business and personal life separate, I'm having thoughts of what it would be like to have you bend me over my desk, lift my skirt up and pull my panties aside so you could fuck my tight puckered asshole. After the way you fucked my pussy last night I can hardly wait to feel your big hard cock deep in my ass and fill me with a load of thick hot cum." Ginger said.

I have a suggestion. "I'm sure you've worked late enough that the entire staff has left for the day. I'd love to visit your office late one night and make those thoughts a reality."

Her smile confirmed that she would love to have that happen, even though she'd be taking a huge risk of being caught by an employee or heaven forbid one of the other partners.

Ginger stared at me without saying a word; I assumed she was considering what to say. With a devilish grin on her lips, her next words were. "All this talk is making me horny again. Allen, watch me while I pleasure myself."

Ginger moved one hand to the front of her silk blouse undid the top two buttons and slid her hand inside. She slipped the other hand off the table while lifting herself off the chair a little, drawing her skirt up her legs so she could touch herself.

"I'm so fucking wet, my thong is drenched and my clit is very swollen. You can't see them but my nipples are very hard. I wish that your mouth was on my erect clit, licking, sucking and biting it and that we could fuck right now." She hoarsely admitted.

I just sat there enjoying her verbal description of what her fingers found under the table and the scene she was describing. It was having an affect on me. I wondered if either of us would be returning to work this afternoon. While the hand inside her blouse was covered by her suit jacket, I knew that if Emilio returned he would surely see her skirt hiked up to mid-thigh.

"I want to suck you off in the ladies room before we leave." She said.

Ignoring her comment about sucking my cock in the ladies room as a passing fantasy, I broke my silence. "I can't wait to taste your sweet pussy again."

Her jacket may have covered it but I knew her long sexy nails had teased her nipples to rock hard nubs, and her fingers would be dripping with moisture below her skirt.

"I wish you could touch my pussy right now, it's so wet and warm." Ginger offered.

"I can imagine how sexy it feels." I replied.

Her breathing began to increase as she fingered herself closer and closer to an orgasm. Ginger asked. "Do you want to watch me eat another woman's hot pussy?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

"Would you like to watch me suck a big black cock and gag as I try to deep throat it?" She asked.

A smile came to my face, confirming that I would.

I could tell Ginger was approaching climax and said. "Cum for me, let me hear you flood with juices."

Her head leaned back a little and her eyes closed as she fingered her wet pussy over the edge. "Yes!" She whispered as her body began twitching uncontrollably as her orgasm exploded in her.

"That's it, finger your hot pussy." I implored.

Her gasps of pleasure remained muffled through closed lips but I knew if she could Ginger would be screaming in ecstasy. Her hand slipped from under her blouse exposing the creamy flesh above her tits in the opening. She opened her eyes finally, stared into mine and said. "God, that was so fucking hot."

I smiled and agreed, then responded. "Very hot!"

She moved her hand from under the table and quickly wiped it dry with her napkin.

"I wish you had let me taste your sweet juice." I remarked.

Ginger smiled and picked up another breadstick. As it disappeared under the table I knew that I would be savoring her orgasmic juices momentarily. Her eyes closed as she shoved the bread inside her pussy, letting it linger there long enough to absorb her juices. Her smile widened as she lifted her hand above the table again holding the very end of the breadstick between her fingers. All but the last inch or so was saturated with her moisture.

I took the breadstick from her and lifted it to my mouth. "Now this is one hell of an appetizer." I commented before slipping it between my lips and taking a giant size bite.

"You taste sweeter than the wine. I can't wait to suck the juice right out of your wet pussy." I said.

I sat back in my chair and finished my appetizer. Her silk encased foot slid up the inside of my leg. Ginger smiled and asked. "I wonder if I could make you cum with my foot."

I spread my legs further apart and moved both hands below the table cloth capturing her sexy foot with my fingers. Ginger moaned softly as my deft digits gently massaged across the top of her foot while I slid my other hand onto the arch below and said. "I can't wait to see you wearing your stilettos with the highest heel."

Ginger stretched her leg out moving her foot even closer to the confluence of my legs and asked. "Your cock is rock hard isn't it?"

I slid both hands over the top of her foot and pulled, straightening her leg completely. Pressing the sole of her foot against the hard erection that stretched toward the waist band of my slacks I said. "My cock has been getting harder and harder ever since we sat down."

Ginger wiggled her toes against the hard shaft just below my cock head and remarked. "I love knowing I can arouse you this way."

I knew that I only needed to ask her and we would be rushing to her bedroom or some sleazy motel to suck and fuck the afternoon away.

She began moving her foot slowly teasing my cock head with her toes, while the heel ground against the base of my cock. I slid my hips forward pressing my erection firmer against her sexy foot.

She smiled and said. "I bet I could make you shoot a hot load of cum in your pants with my toes."

I grinned. "I know you could, but I'm planning on shooting a hot load in your mouth after lunch." I said reminding her of the fantasy she had mentioned earlier.

As her sexy toes danced along my cock Ginger said. "We better start eating then, I can't wait for dessert." Her comment confirming it wasn't really a fantasy.

I smiled and asked. "Do you have a wet spot?"

"I squirted so much when I came I'm sure I have a huge wet spot in the back of my skirt." Ginger answered.

I leaned forward a little pressing my cock even harder against her foot and announced. "I want you to squirt your juice in my mouth."

Ginger started another verbal description of her sexual desires while her toes stretched up to tickle my cock head. "After I'm naked, I want you to tie me to the bed, insert a ball gag in my mouth and fasten it tightly in place. Then you eat my pussy while finger fucking me deeply with two fingers getting them nice and wet so you can move one to my ass and finger both holes until I flood your mouth with my squirting juices."

I grinned and waited for her to resume.

She continued her description saying. "After I've squirted in your mouth, you can climb up over me and fuck my little tits, then move up a little more, pull the ball gag from my mouth and fuck me there."

"And after I've fucked your mouth?" I questioned wanting her to explain what else she had in mind.

Ginger continued saying. "You can untie me, turn me over and fuck my dripping wet pussy. After my hot pussy cums for you again, I want you to pull out and fuck my tight little asshole. I want you to punish my ass with your big hard cock and feel your cum filled balls slapping against me as your hand cracks down hard on my creamy white ass cheeks."

"Yes!" I exclaimed listening intently to this sultry cougar describe her sexual wants to me.

"When you're ready to explode, I want you to pull out of my ass and shoot a huge load of your thick cum all over my naked flesh. I want to feel you hot cum burning into the skin on my back and ass." Ginger said in a dreamy tone of voice. It was as if she could feel the splashes of cum landing on her back, being smeared across her creamy white ass and my hard cock being slapped against her flesh.

She looked past me then quickly pulled her leg back looking somewhat embarrassed as she did.

Emilio appeared carrying our pasta e Fagioli. "Is there something wrong with your salads?" He asked when he noticed neither of us had touched them.

Ginger looked up into his eyes and smiled. "We were so engrossed in conversation we haven't had a chance to start eating."

"I hope you enjoy this, it's my own special recipe." Emilio remarked.

"It smells wonderful." I commented as the aroma of his dish wafted into my nostrils.

Ginger and I both devoured the savory soup and salad as quickly as possible, pausing our intense sexual conversation so we could finish lunch and enjoy the dessert we talked about earlier.

I wasn't sure Ginger would actually go through with giving me a blowjob in the ladies room and knew that if she did it would be a quick one so the chances of us getting caught would be at a minimum. There didn't appear to be any other customers in the place, but I was sure Emilio most likely had some female staff members in the kitchen.

Ginger finished her soup first. "Is your cock still hard?" She asked as she folded her napkin beside the empty bowl.

"Hard enough." I replied, knowing that as soon as she knelt before me and wrapped her sexy lips around it my cock would swell to totally erect in an instant.

"Good, I'm going to the ladies room, join me if you still want your cock sucked." She said.

I just smiled confirming I would be right behind her.

She stood up and slipped her jacket off, hung it over the back of her chair and smoothed her stove pipe skirt down her thighs. With a devilish grin on her lips she turned and started walking toward the ladies room. I watched her ass move suggestively as she walked and noticed a small darker spot on her skirt where her flood of pussy juice had soaked into the fabric earlier when she climaxed. Her shapely calves accentuated by the high heels she wore caught my attention as she disappeared around the corner where the ladies room was.

I stood up, removed my jacket and draped it over the back of the chair. Walking toward the restrooms I thought, "How fucking lucky are you Goodman, just three days earlier you met this sultry vixen and now she was about to give you a blowjob in a public place." My smile was still pasted across my face as I pushed the door to the ladies room open.

Ginger was leaning against the wall between the long vanity on the left and a row of privacy stalls on the right. Her blouse unbuttoned to her waist revealed the black lacy bra she wore and the creamy flesh above her tits. As I approached, she moistened her red lips with the tip of her tongue.

"I didn't expect to be able to enjoy the feel of your cock between my lips so soon." Ginger said.

The bulge in my slacks confirmed that I couldn't wait to enjoy having my cock in her mouth. I reached out and placed one hand on her sexy hip while the other slipped under her blouse to squeeze her tit. Her right hand moved up to cover mine and urged me to squeeze harder as her left reached for the handle of the toilet stall to her left.

"Let's see how fast I can make you cum." Ginger said as she stepped sideways into the open stall.

I turned to face her as she backed deeper inside until her legs touched the toilet. Our eyes were fixed on one another's as she reached down and gathered her skirt in her hands then hoisted it up to her waist as she sat on the toilet. Her sparkling green eyes and shimmery red lips invited me to step inside.

I closed the door and lean against it as Ginger reached out with her left hand and turned the lock. I stared down at her lovely face, waiting for her to make the first move.

"Gimme that fat cock." Ginger whispered as her hands moved to the bulge in my slacks.

She unzipped my pants and slipped one delicate hand through the opening. My cock surged as her soft fingers slid along the shaft then over the head of my swelling cock. I moaned as her nails teased the sensitive corona on their way back down and again when she slipped her fingers though the opening of my underwear and circled the hard shaft with her skillful digits.

"It's so fucking hard." Ginger said as her hand pulled my cock out.

I stared down at Ginger as she studied the erect cock sticking out of my pants. She licked her lips again as her hand slid up along the shaft and over the bulbous head. Her hand stroked down on my cock, drawing the flesh taut over the sensitive head. She stroked up again covering my cock head then twisted sliding the soft flesh of her palm and fingers over the corona giving me an incredible sensation. Her grip tightened on my cock as she stroked down a second time pulling the flesh tight over my cock head until her hand pressed into the base and exposing every possible inch of throbbing cock from the opening of my pants. Her glistening lips parted as she leaned forward and extended her tongue until my cock head rested on the soft moist flesh.

I was frozen in place; my eyes fixed on her sexy face as she curled her tongue and caressed the tiny patch of skin where my shaft blends with my cock head from below. Her emerald green eyes were staring up at me as she lifted the cock from her tongue enough to whisper. "I dreamt of sucking your cock last night."

I smiled and replied. "Make your dream come true."

A sinful moan escaped my throat as Ginger closed her glistening red lips around my cock and she sucked hard on the head. Her cheeks drew in tightly around the head as she stroked up along the throbbing shaft until her index finger touched her lips.

"Yes suck it!" I exclaimed as her lips continued touching her finger as she stroked down and more of my cock disappeared inside her warm sexy mouth. My cock surged in her mouth as I moved my hips forward hoping she would remove her hand and take even more hard cock beyond her soft lips. But Ginger kept her delicate hand wrapped around the shaft and began a slow deliberate rhythm of stroking the bottom while she sucked the top and head with her incredible mouth.

I leaned back against the locked door and just stared down at her sexy face as she continued sucking and stroking my pulsing cock. Her rhythm increased and small droplets of saliva began oozing past her red lips as they slid along the shaft. Her tongue cupped inside to give my cock head a warm wet sleeve to slide through. Her pace quickened and her mouth seemed to flood with saliva, more and more of the thick fluid seeped out around her lips and began dripping from the bottom of my cock when her fingers slid up. That all too familiar numbness of an approaching orgasm began in my loins and as Ginger continued sucking I said. "You're gonna make me cum."

She let my cock slip from her lips so she could reply. "Shoot your hot load down my throat."

Her lips again circled my cock and she began an even faster pace of stroking and sucking, wanting her sweet reward. Her hand felt incredible stroking and twisting on the throbbing shaft but her soft wet mouth overflowing with saliva far exceed the ability of her hand to pleasure my cock. As her lips slipped again and again over the sensitive flesh of my corona I felt the surge of cum begin to boil from my balls.

"I'm cumming." I exclaimed, but Ginger already tasted the sweet thin seminal fluid oozing into her mouth.

Her eyes widened noticeably as I growled and my cock exploded inside her mouth. She continued stroking the shaft but stopped her head, holding my cock head between her lips as I pumped thick wad after thick wad of hot cum into her. I arched my hips toward her trying to shove my cock deeper, but she moved back wanting just the head inside as my balls pumped her mouth full of hot sticky cum. I wanted to reach out and grab her head so I could bury my hard cock in her throat but resisted the urge knowing this wasn't the time or place to have her gagging on my cock as it pierced her throat. Instead I just watched as she sucked every last drop of cum my balls offered, her green eyes sparkling even stronger as they stared up at me.

My orgasm began to subside and Ginger moved her head back letting my cock slip from her sensuous oral grasp. Her hand lifted my cock up as she tilted her head back slightly then opened her lips to show me the pool of cum filling her mouth.

"Fucking awesome!" I exclaimed just before she closed her lips and swallowed the entire cum load I'd pumped into her.

Her lips parted again and she extended her tongue showing me that she'd swallowed ever drop of my load. "You taste so good." Ginger softly said just before she leaned forward and used the tip of her tongue to collect the final droplets of cum that had oozed from my cock and dribbled down over the head savoring the last of her oral dessert. Ginger licked my cock clean, then as skillfully as she had exposed it returned my cock inside my pants and zipped me back up. She stood up and I moved my hands to her hips, her lips now glistening with a thin coating of cum.

I leaned forward and kissed her, my tongue slipping between her lips as we shared the taste of my cum. She moaned softly as I continued kissing her and I pulled her tight against me. My lips slipped from her mouth to her ear and I whispered. "I love how you suck cock."

Ginger turned her head, smiled at me and said. "Thank you for that big hot load it's the best dessert I could ask for."

I reached behind and unlocked the door, then took a step back and watched as she adjusted her tight skirt and buttoned her blouse closed again. As she finished I asked. "Do you know how incredibly sexy you are?"

Ginger smiled widely and self-confidently replied. "Yes I do." She stepped forward, reached up to cup my face with her hands and said. "You're pretty sexy yourself."

As we walked toward the door Ginger said. "Now if no one sees us leaving the ladies room together this will be the climax of a perfect lunch date."

Ginger pushed the door open and tentatively stepped through the doorway, her hand holding mine as we left the restroom. No one was in sight as we walked hand in hand toward our table. I retrieved her suit coat from the back of her chair and helped her slip it on. Ginger sat down looking very satisfied, I slipped my jacket on and returned to my seat and poured us both a glass of wine.

From behind I heard Emilio's voice. "Did you enjoy your lunch?"

Ginger smiled weakly at him and replied. "Yes it was wonderful."

She glanced at me and smiled signaling that the most wonderful part was the sweet load of cum she'd just savored as I reached behind and withdrew my wallet from my hip pocket. I handed Emilio my credit card.

"I'll be right back with your card." He said as he headed off again.

Ginger smiled widely at me and said. "If only he knew."

I chuckled and then replied. "It's best he doesn't."

Emilio returned with my card and the receipt. After handing them to me he said. "Thank you for coming."

Ginger and I both smiled. We should have been thanking him for providing the setting for a most memorable lunch.

As we walked toward the door Emilio again thanked us again then headed back to his kitchen.

I stopped at the door and placed my hands on Ginger's hips. She looked up into my eyes waiting for me to speak.

"You are so hot." I commented.

"I know." She replied, obviously confident since she had just given me an incredible blowjob.

Ginger drove remarkably slower on the return trip to my office. I got the impression she was deep in thought. My impression was confirmed when she asked. "Were you serious when you told me you'd like to watch me make love with another woman?"

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