High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 23


"Absolutely." I instantly replied.

"Do you have someone in mind?" She asked.

"Actually I do." I answered.

We were stopped at a red light so Ginger could look at me as she asked. "Is it someone you're seeing now Allen?"

"Yes it is." I answered.

"Damn, I don't want to ruin your relationship with her." She said.

I covered her hand with mine. "Do you remember when we met the other night?"

"Yes, of course I do." Ginger answered.

"And the guy I left the bar with?" I said.

"Yeah, what does he have to do with it?" She questioned me.

I smiled as I explained. "Well, I was there to find a strange cock for Kay. She had a fantasy of me watching her fuck a total stranger."

"You've got to be kidding me." Ginger replied.

"Nope so when you think about it she's the reason we met in the first place." I said.

"I think I like her." Ginger quipped.

"I'm certain she will like you too. Kay has shoulder length red hair and pale blue gray eyes." I answered.

"She sounds beautiful Allen, but what about her body?" Ginger asked.

In response, I continued my description of Kay. "She's a little taller than you, with shapely legs like you and larger breasts."

"So you like big tits?" Ginger asked.

I grinned and answered. "I like any size tits as long as the nipples are as sensitive as yours."

"Kay has sensitive nipples?" Ginger asked.

"Oh yes, and I'm certain you'll both love sucking each other's nipples." I replied.

"When will you see her again?" Ginger asked.

"I suspect tonight." I answered.

She giggled and then said. "Well thank her for me."

I knew I still had to figure a way to explain Ginger to Kay, but I suspected after the initial shock of finding out that I'd fucked another woman Kay would warm up to the idea of meeting Ginger. After all, Kay had watched as I fucked Francine and I was certain Ginger's personality would mesh perfectly with Kay's.

"I'll let you thank her yourself." I replied.

"I can't wait." Ginger said as she pulled over at the curb outside my office.

"Thank you for the wonderful lunch." Ginger said as she slipped the car into neutral. She leaned toward me and whispered. "I really enjoyed it, especially dessert."

I kissed her lightly, squeezed her hand around the shifter and then moved it in a stroking motion on the upright portion while saying. "I'll be calling."

"I can't wait." Ginger replied.

As soon as I closed the door, Ginger hit the gas and sped off in her bright red Beamer.

It was 3:45 PM and I toyed with the idea of bagging the rest of the afternoon, but decided to at least check my email before heading home. I was about to get into the elevator when my cell phone rang. It was Kay calling.

"Hiya Kay." I answered her call.

"Hello Allen. Is this a bad time?" She asked.

"Of course not, I'm always glad to see your name come up on my caller ID." I answered.

"Are you working late again tonight?" She asked her voice sounding a little shaky.

I knew her well enough to understand that something was bothering her and asked. "What's wrong Kay?"

"Oh it's just me being a little insecure I suppose..." Her pause confirmed she was contemplating not explaining what made her feel insecure. She finally admitted. "I am a little worried about us."

I walked away from the elevator, stepped back out onto the sidewalk and asked. "Why would you be worried about us?"

Kay didn't reply immediately. I heard her sigh and then in an even shakier tone she explained. "When you told me you had to work late last night I thought you were upset that I sent you out to find someone to satisfy my silly fantasy about having sex with a total stranger. I thought you might not want me any longer." Her voice crackling like she was about to cry.

"Allen I..." I interrupted her and sternly said. "Kay stop."

"As I recall we were satisfying a mutual fantasy. I wanted to watch you fuck a stranger as much as you wanted it." I reminded her.

"I know, but when I didn't hear from you last night my mind started racing and I worried myself all day about losing you." She admitted.

I headed for the parking lot and asked. "Are you still at the shop?"

"Yes I am." Kay answered.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes." I told her.

"Allen you don't have to..." I interrupted again. "I want to Kay."

"Okay, I really do need a hug." She admitted.

"See you soon hun." I replied before hanging up.

On the way to Kay's shop, I called the office and told the receptionist that I had a family emergency to deal with and that I wouldn't be back. I parked in the lot outside my apartment building and walked the block and a half to Kay's shop.

Kay was standing behind the counter when I walked in. Her eyes appeared a little red confirming that she'd been crying recently. Her smile appeared to be forced as I approached and after I gathered her in my arms she began to cry again. As I slid one hand up to gently hold her head I whispered in her ear. "I'm here for you Kay."

I held her until her sobs began to subside and then held her even longer giving her time to dash her concerns about us. She clung to me for the longest time and I finally slipped my hands up to softly cup her face. Her eyes glistened with tears and her nose had a pinkish hue as I stared deeply into her lovely face.

Do you love me?" I asked.

She sniffled a little before answering. "You know I do."

"Do you believe I love you?" I asked.

She smiled half-heartedly and replied. "I believe you do."

"That will never change, no matter where our sexual fetishes or fantasies take us I will always love you and you will love me." I explained.

I kissed her tenderly on the lips. Kay sighed quietly as she snuggled her head into my shoulder, her hands sliding up my back to slip over my shoulders.

After a minute or two I turned my head and whispered to her. "Now let's lock this place up so I can take you home."

She lifted her head from my shoulders and said. "I was hoping you'd say that."

Locking the place up involves a little more than turning a key and as Kay took care of the end of day business I had time to reflect on the events of the last few days.

I knew at some point I would have to admit that I'd lied to her about working late. Even though when I did so I was expecting a quick after hours fuck with Francine as it turned out I wound up seeking a different woman all together. I had been smitten with Ginger's stunning looks and even though I remarked earlier to her that I was long past it, I had actually let the little head think for the big one.

Kay finally did turn that key and as we walked to her apartment I toyed with the idea of spilling my guts to her right then and there, but changed my mind knowing that later after we'd made love might be better.

"I must look a fright." Kay remarked as we entered her apartment.

I just smiled knowing that even if I told her she looked fine she'd still have to go prove it for herself.

"Let me see if there's something in the frig that I can whip up for dinner." I said as she headed for the bathroom.

"There's not much in there, I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow." Kay remarked as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Kay's refrigerator was nearly as barren as mine but I did find some left overs, which I divided into two portions and covered the plates with plastic wrap before popping them in the microwave.

I set the table and poured us both a glass of diet Coke while the food heated.

"Dinner is ready." I called to her.

As I placed the plates on the table, Kay returned from the bathroom. She looked much better, her hair was brushed out and she apparently had used some drops to clear her blood shot eyes. She had also changed into a sensuous wine colored satin lounging pajama set. As she walked toward me her full breasts swayed seductively under the free flowing satin shirt.

"Feeling better?" I asked before she gave me a quick kiss.

"Much better thanks to you." Kay replied as she sat down across the table from me.

As she picked at her food, Kay's eyes were fixed on mine. It wasn't her normal seductive stare but one that seemed to be searching my mind.

"I'm sure happy you didn't have to work late again tonight." She remarked keeping her eyes glued to mine.

Kay seemed to be reading my mind, she somehow knew that I was hiding something from her and her question confirmed that she didn't believe for a moment that I worked late last night.

I hesitated for a moment, then decided to be honest with her and tentatively said. "Kay I have something I need to tell you."

She put her fork down and sat back in her chair.

"I lied to you about last night." I started.

Kay's expression changed, her lips drawing tight and a tiny frown appeared across her brow as she quietly said. "Go on."

"The other night when I brought that guy home, I had met him at a bar and while I was there I met a woman." I continued.

"You did?" Kay quipped.

"I was questioning him about having sex with a mature woman and she was sitting across the bar from us. I asked him if he'd like to fuck her." I explained.

"Yes, so." Kay remarked.

"Well as we were leaving she stopped me and asked why I was leaving so early." I said.

"Uh ha." Kay answered expecting me to go on.

"She told me she was hoping for some company, but I explained I had some place to be." I continued.

"Then she said that she often stops in that bar for a drink after work if I wanted to get to know her." I explained.

Kay began looking more inquisitive than angry and asked. "So you went back there last night to get to know her better?"

"Well not exactly, Francine was coming on to me Tuesday during the day. She said her husband was out of town and wanted me to go to her place after work." I explained.

Kay said. "So the note you left me Wednesday about working late was because you were gonna fuck Fran?" Kay actually smiled a little then added. "Why didn't you just tell me you were going to be with Fran? I would have loved watching you fuck her."

"As it turned out Francine came in Wednesday as sick as a dog and said she couldn't see me that night." I said.

Kay leaned forward and then rather smugly said. "So you went to plan B?"

"The bar is on the way home and as I drove past I thought I'd just stop and see if the woman I'd met the night before was telling me the truth about stopping there after work." I explained.

"I assume she was." Kay asked.

"No, but the bartender, who turns out to be her daughter, told me her mom was really interested in meeting me and convinced me to hang around until she stopped in." I continued.

"This story just keeps getting better." Kay replied.

"I had a couple drinks and eventually she did come in." I said.

"Did you seduce her?" Kay asked bluntly.

"I didn't go in there with the idea of seducing her and actually she was the seductress. After a couple more drinks she just asked me if I'd like to go to her place and fuck." I admitted.

"You fucked her?" Kay asked.

"Yes." I replied, waiting for the obvious fit of rage I expected.

Kay leaned back in her chair again and pushed the plate away. She stared at me for a long time before she spoke. "I know we have an agreement that we can both see other people. I also know you've fucked Francine and that other girl from your apartment building. I'm okay with that Allen, but what I'm not okay with is that you felt you had to lie to me about it."

I knew she wasn't finished so I held my tongue.

"Hell, I fucked a total stranger Tuesday night with you watching, and to be completely honest there have been other men since I met you." Kay admitted.

I was surprised by her revelation about other men but didn't think this was the best time to question her about them.

"I'm sorry Kay, I know now I should have been completely honest with you and I have no excuse for lying to you." I apologized.

"Apology accepted, but don't ever lie to me again." Kay sternly warned.

"I promise." I replied.

I fully expected Kay to ask me to leave as a penalty for my transgression, but her inquisitive nature kicked in and she asked. "Does this other woman have a name?"

"Her name is Ginger." I answered.

"Cute name, is Ginger married?" Kay asked.

"She's a widow." I replied.

Kay grinned. "You seem to have a thing for widows."

I kind of shrugged my shoulders and turned my hands palms up in reply to her statement.

"Is she a good fuck?" Kay asked.

Talk about a loaded question, I paused a moment trying to come up with a reply that wouldn't cause her any more anxiety than she was already feeling. "I've had better." I replied, hoping Kay would understand that she was the better fuck I was thinking about.

"So tell me more about her." Kay suggested.

"Well I think she is into some really kinky stuff. She has an entire closet of what she calls play attire." I remarked, holding my fingers up like quotation marks while saying play attire.

"Is she beautiful?" Kay asked.

"Yes, which is one reason I stopped in the bar last night. She is petite, a little shorter than you, with shoulder length brunette hair and emerald green eyes." I admitted.

"Do you think she would let me watch as you fuck her?" Kay quipped.

I smiled and answered. "I know she would and she'd also like to watch me fuck you. I'm certain she'd love to have me watch the two of you together."

"Did you tell her about me?" Kay asked.

"Yes and she is anxious to meet you too." I replied.

Kay smiled and slid her chair back. She stood up, unbuttoned her wine colored satin shirt, held it open and asked. "Are her tits as nice as these?"

"Smaller and like you her nipples are very sensitive." I answered not wanting to give an opinion on whose tits were nicer.

I watched as Kay moved around the table, her free flowing satin night shirt slipped off her shoulders and fluttered to the floor behind her.

"Did she suck your cock?" Kay asked.

"Kinda." I answered.

Kay pushed my chair sideways, then slowly knelt between my legs and while smiling up at me asked. "How can a woman kinda suck your cock?"

"Well, she has a little trouble with her gag reflex." I explained and then added. "I was thinking you could help her with that."

Kay grinned as her delicate fingers undid my belt and opened my slacks. "So you want me to teach Ginger to deep throat your cock?"

"Well yeah!" I exclaimed, accentuating the word yeah.

Kay reached up and yanked my slacks and underwear down below my knees as I lifted my hips off the chair a little.

"But if I teach her to deep throat you'll have no need for me anymore." Kay said.

I grinned down at her as she circled my hardening cock with her soft sexy fingers and suggested. "You just need to teach her how to swallow cock, not every talent in your arsenal of oral techniques."

Kay licked at the head of my cock as her hand drew it toward her mouth and asked. "You don't want her to learn to massage your cock head with her throat muscles?"

I smiled at her as she slid her lips over the head of my cock and said. "I suspect she will learn that on her own just by watching you."

I moved both hands to her head and pressed her mouth down. In one fluid motion Kay swallowed my cock, her nose nuzzled into my pubic hair and her tongue slipped over her lower lip to reach out and lick at my scrotum.

"Oh yeah." I exclaimed feeling her hot throat surround my bulbous cock head.

Kay moaned softly, I kept firm pressure on her head and arched my hips up trying to force my cock deeper in her throat as it swelled to fully erect. Her sexy nails slid up to tickle and tease my balls as her throat muscles snaked over my cock head and shaft.

"That's it." I encouraged her. I moved my hands away letting Kay control the tempo of her blowjob. She began bobbing up and down on my throbbing cock breathing when she could. Her long wavy red hair tickled my thighs while her throat massaged the smooth cock head and shaft buried deep inside.

"I wanna fuck you!" I exclaimed.

She lifted her hot wet mouth off my cock, a long strand of thick saliva trailing between her lips and the tip of my rock hard cock.

"Fuck my big titties." Kay implored as she let the saliva drip between her breasts.

I stood up pushing my chair back as I did, my erect cock pointing toward the ceiling. She rose up and grasped my cock with one delicate hand then slapped the head against each nipple before surrounding my cock with her big soft tits. I thrust up between them, my cock head popped out of her deep cleavage and Kay tucked her chin to spit at it adding lubricant to her already wet flesh. Kay tilted her head back, her wavy red hair cascading behind her shoulders, and stared up at me as I began slowly fucking her big tits.

"I love how it feels when you're fucking my chest." Kay whispered.

I moved my hands to cover hers and together we pressed her mounds of pleasure firmer around my throbbing cock. The smooth flesh of her cleavage felt exquisite as my cock head slid through, but the way her skin draws the flesh of my cock taut as the head pops out feels even better.

Kay slipped her hands from beneath mine allowing me to keep the sensual pressure on her tits. One sexy hand slid under the waist band of her lounging pants as the other clawed at my thigh.

"I'm so fucking wet." Kay remarked as her finger dipped into the flesh between her thighs.

I wanted that wet flesh surrounding my cock, so I released her tits and slipped my hands under her arms, lifting her up to stand before me. I pulled her body against mine, her naked tits pressing against my shirt and my naked cock slipping between her thighs to rub against her pussy through the satin fabric.

She stared into my eyes as I moved my mouth toward hers, our lips parted and we both extended our tongues to meet in a momentary dance of passion before our lips crushed together. A soft moan escaped Kay's throat muffled by the sensual soul searching kiss.

Kay broke our kiss and said, almost begged. "Please fuck me."

I stepped out of my pants and underwear, captured her soft delicate hand and led her to the bedroom. A single dim night light on the night table beside her bed cast a warm glow to the room.

Kay moved to the edge of her bed then bent at the waist slipping her satin pants down her long sleek legs, then sat on the bed as I unbuttoned my shirt.

"I see the cougar has claws." Kay remarked seeing the streaks of passion Ginger had left on my chest.

I just smiled and nodded in agreement.

She slid back and turned to recline on the thick down filled comforter, seductively spreading her wavy red locks around her head. I tossed my shirt aside and moved to the edge of her bed pausing to watch as she cupped her tits lifting them and spread her thighs open. Her fingers teased at the heaving flesh they held, and her loins glistened with moisture in the dim light. As I crawled between her legs Kay opened them wider, the moist lips of her pussy parted providing me with a glimpse of the wet pink flesh inside.

Her sexy eyes sparkled as I moved closer, grasping my cock with one hand and guiding it toward her wet slit. I rubbed the tip against her flesh coating it with moisture, and then pressed the head against her hard clit. Kay moaned and closed her eyes briefly to concentrate on the sensation of having my cock massage her sensitive throbbing clit. I slid my cock head down and moved my hips forward slowly. Kay opened her eyes as I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders and began a slow sensuous plunge into her wet pussy. Her eyes widened as my cock filled her, and she released her tits to reach up and draw me down tightly against her sensual body as I penetrated her completely. Her arms circled my body and pulled me firmly against her as she lifted her legs and locked her ankles behind my back. I felt her legs tighten as she pulled my loins even harder, pressing my cock head against her cervix. My chin rested on her shoulder and I moaned deeply as I felt her internal muscles clench and her pussy conformed to the shape of my throbbing cock.

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