tagIncest/TabooHigh School Days Ch. 03

High School Days Ch. 03


Karen looked at Mom's extended hand then looked at me for silent guidance. I gave Karen a small smile and a nod of my head. Karen looked at Mom then slowly started to walk toward her. Mom seeing Karen had accepted her offer smiled more broadly now and sashayed toward Karen feeling a sense of control over the young girl. When they met Mom wrapped her arms around Karen and gave her a big hug.

Karen was wearing a tight white t-shirt, a short black stretch skirt and a pair of black high heels. Her well defined tan legs looked great. Mom still had on her short blue silk robe and nothing else. She moved like a dancer. Mom is about 5'6" and Karen is 5'3" with her high heels they were about the same height.

Karen hugged Mom in return. It was all very sweet. I pushed my deflated cock back into my pajama pants and stood silent. I was an observer for now studying the sexy inter-play of my two favorite women. Mom started the sexy play by nibbling on Karen's neck. Karen closed her eyes and moaned softly as Mom nibbled and kissed Karen in a very sexy manner. I saw Mom move her hand onto one of Karen's D cup breasts and gently fondle her. Karen was really starting to get excited.

Mom moved a strong thigh between Karen's legs and pressed it right up against Karen's pussy. Karen let out a loud moan. She was all Moms' and both women knew it. Mom reached down with both hand and grabbed the hem of Karen's skirt and slowly pulled the stretchy skirt up over Karen's hips. Karen was wearing a pink pair of silk panties. The whole fucking scene was hot. My dick started to stiffen.

Mom slid her hand down the front of Karen's silk panties and a moment later Karen let out another sexy moan. Mom slowly worked Karen's pussy.

I heard Mom almost whisper, "That's it sweetie fuck mommy's fingers."

That sounded so fucking nasty to me. I reaching inside my pajama pants and started rubbing my dick.

Then Mom softly said, "Turn around baby let mommy see that sweet little ass." Karen did.

Mom pulled her hand out of Karen's pussy and stepped back. Karen's eyes flew open and she looked at Mom with a confused expression wondering why Mom stopped play with her pussy.

Mom softly said, "Slip your panties off and show mommy your sweet little ass."

Karen moved in a sexy way as she lowered her panties. When she had her panties down to her ankles Mom ordered, "Stop!" Karen did.

"Now." Mom continued, "Straighten your legs and look back at me."

Karen did what she was told she looked so innocent. Mom walked back and forth behind Karen. Then she placed her hand on one of Karen's ass cheeks. She rubbed up and down on it then she pulled her hand back and slapped Karen's ass. Karen jumped but quickly resumed her position.

Mom walked around behind Karen then placed her hand on the other ass cheek, rubbed it then slapped it harder than the last one. Karen let out a soft sigh but stayed put. Mom smiled knowing the girl was under her control. She rubbed the other ass cheek and slapped it even harder than the last time. Karen let out a sexy moan mixed with a slight hint of pain. My dick instantly got hard.

Mom knew she had Karen under her complete control. She slowly walked to the kitchen counter and smeared her fingers all over the stick of soft butter that was sitting there then she walked back to Karen. Karen was still bent over like Mom had directed her. Mom put her butter covered fingers between Karen ass cheeks and rubbed them up and down. I moved around to be able to see better.

Karen's asshole was slowly opening every time Mom's fingers rubbed against it but Mom never push in. It was as if she was just play with the poor girl.

Mom then rubbed Karen ass cheeks again. She suddenly stopped then asked Karen, "Is it alright if I spank you?"

Karen was still bent over and looking back as she softly said, "Yes, Mrs. Anderson."

Mom firmly said, "Yes, what sweetie?"

Karen hesitated then softly said, "Yes, Mrs. Anderson, please spank me. Spank me hard."

Mom smiled and continued to rub Karen's ass then without warning she slapped Karen's ass, then again and again. Mom must have landed 5 or 6 hard slaps to each cheek before she stopped. Karen was breathing hard but never moved, she just took it. Mom rubbed her fingers across Karen's asshole and without saying anything quickly pushed two butter covered fingers into Karen's ass. Karen howled from the suddenness of the assault but Mom pushed them in deeper.

Mom ordered, "Stay just like that sweetheart and let mommy fuck your ass." Karen obeyed.

Mom continued, "That's it baby take it up your ass. Arch your back sweetie. Look sexy for mommy." Karen tried to comply.

Mom worked Karen's asshole with her fingers then she hooked her fingers in Karen's asshole and started to pull upward stretching Karen's cute little pink asshole. Mom did that for a while then just stopped and pulled out her fingers.

Mom looked at Karen still bent over holding her silk pink panties down at her ankles then she said to Karen, "Goodness dear, slip off those panties already and come here."

Karen stepped out of her panties and walked over to Mom by the kitchen counter. Mom grabbed a handful of Karen's blonde hair and pulled Karen's face to her and roughly kissed her deep and long. Mom slipped her other hand between Karen's legs and openly played with Karen's pussy. Mom re-gripped more of Karen's hair pulled Karen head back and kissed her passionately. Mom's hand was moving in and out of Karen's pussy pretty fast by now. Karen's moans were muffled in Mom's kiss.

I could see Karen's legs starting to shake I knew she was about to cum but Mom suddenly stopped. Karen looked like a deer in the headlights not knowing what to do. Mom just looked at her not saying a word. I have never seen my mother like this, almost cruel. I wasn't sure who she had become. It was wild sexy but scary too.

Mom grabbed the top of Karen's tight t-shirt and pulled it down under Karen's bra. She then pulled Karen's bra down and we watched as Karen's D-cup tits feel out. Mom made a sexy yummy sound and started to rub her thumb over Karen's nipples. Karen immediately moaned.

Mom looked at me and said, "Come over here and suck on Karen's pink nipples."

I wasted no time. Mom moved her hand back to Karen's pussy and started to slowly fuck her. With her other hand, Mom reached back to the counter and smeared her fingers back over the soft butter then she moved her buttery fingers to Karen's ass. Karen let out a loud moan. I knew Mom had re-entered Karen's asshole.

While looking at Karen, Mom said, "Tell him how many fingers are in your ass."

Karen barely had enough air to say, "Three."

I immediately kissed Karen deeply then Karen almost screamed into my mouth and I heard Mom say, "Tell him how many fingers are in your ass."

Karen broke our kiss she could barely think but managed to say, "Four."

Mom then said to Karen, "Now, bend over baby and suck Jack big dick. Make it nice and wet so it can go in your tight asshole, sweetie."

By now, Karen was beside herself. She leaned over and took my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Karen had to be tasting my dried cum and Mom's ass but she was almost over the edge and none of that mattered.

Mom said, "Turn around sweetie and offer your tight pink ass to Jack. Tell him what you want."

Mom pulled her fingers out of Karen's ass and Karen slowly turned around. There it was Karen's sweet, young, virgin ass all prepped and ready for fucking. I placed my cockhead at the buttery opening and rubbed it up and down. I could see Karen asshole starting to open more with each up and down stroke.

Mom had squatted down in front of Karen and said, "Don't worry baby I tell you what to do."

I continued to rub my cock over Karen's tight opening. With each stroke my cockhead got oilier and went deeper. By now more than half of the cockhead was in Karen's ass.

Mom looked up from Karen at me and said, "Jack press your cock on her asshole but don't try to push it in." I did what Mom said.

Mom looked at Karen and she told her, "Press back against Jack cock until it feels like that's all you can take."

I watched as Karen asshole swallowed a little bit more of my cockhead. It was almost in.

Mom leaned into Karen's ear and told her something but I couldn't hear it. However, I felt Karen's asshole open a little more and my cockhead started to slip in, I was surprised. It felt like a pop when my mushroom head passed her tight muscle ring. I heard Karen let out a soft moan with a slight quiver in her voice. I pushed in a little more just to make sure I was in. Karen was almost crying. I couldn't tell if they were tears of pain or joy. All her emotions were right there.

Mom told me, "Stop." I did. Mom continued, "Just hold her hips and let her asshole get used to you."

I stayed put. Karen's asshole was tighter then Mom's. I felt like my cock was being strangled by Karen's asshole. It made me even harder. It was lucky that I already came twice tonight and released some pressure, otherwise I would have cum just standing there with the pressure of Karen's virgin asshole. I started to feel Karen's tight ass muscle relax a little and I instinctively started to move my hips in and out. Karen started to swoon. It was a beautiful sound. I continued.

Karen was bent over as she gripped the kitchen counter while I very slowly fucked her ass. Mom stood up with a big smile on her face, knowing she made it happen. Mom walked back to Karen's ass and watched as my cock slow fucked her ass. Mom watched very intently. She then put her hand on my stomach and slowed me down. On the in stroke about three quarters of my cock was in Karen's ass. Mom's hand stopped me from fucking.

Mom looked right in my eyes and said, "Slowly pull out. Pull out all the way."

Karen looked back at Mom wondering what she was doing. I did what Mom said. I slowly pulled out all the way.

Mom said, "Now, look how open she is."

It was amazing I could have pushed a banana up Karen's ass and she might not have felt it. I watched as Karen's asshole slowly closed. Mom looked at me and smiled.

Mom looked at Karen and said, "Stand up and let's go to my bedroom. Walk in front of us, walk a nice sexy walk with your high heels, skirt pulled up to your waist, tits hanging out over your bra and top walk ready to be ass fucked. Be proud sweetie. I'm going turn you into an ass whore in one night." We all laughed.

Karen stood up looked at Mom then she did exactly what Mom told her. Karen never looked sexier then at that moment. When we got to the room Mom turned on a small lamp and she directed Karen to climb on her bed. Mom positioned Karen facing her mirrored headboard. Karen was on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air and Mom had me naked and kneeling behind her.

Mom said to me, "Now, spit in your hand and rub it all over the head of your cock." I did.

Mom leaned over and got her face right next to Karen and said, "Now, you remember what I told you. It's still going to hurt but nowhere near as much. I'm going to let you do this, on your own."

Mom looked at me and said, "Spit in your hand again and get your dick good and wet then get to it."

I did what Mom said. I then positioned my dick right at Karen's asshole. I started to rub my cock on her asshole. Karen's asshole started to open almost immediately. Karen started to very slowly move her ass to match my rhythm. More and more of my cockhead was entering Karen's ass. It was such a beautiful sight. Karen's young, firm, round, lily white ass taking more and more of my bulbous cockhead. Karen's slow pumping was a clear invitation. She wanted to be ass fucked by a long, thick, cock, my cock and I was not going to disappoint.

Like before I felt my cockhead stop. Karen stopped pumping, then somehow she made her asshole relax and my cockhead started to tightly slip in. Oh, what a fucking unbelievable feeling this was. Mom knew exactly what happened and smiled again proud of her work. Karen let out a long passionate moan signaling her approval and I just let my swollen cock pass unabated deeper into Karen's ass. When it was about three quarters in I stopped and just paused like before to let Karen get used to it.

It was Karen who initiated the fucking. She leaned forward and pulled away from me until my cock almost came out then in one move she pushed back onto it, letting out a soft moan and a body shiver. She started to do that movement again while I re-gripped her hips. This time she came back on my dick fast. Her voice quivers as she moaned again. She leaned forward again until my cockhead almost came out then she just dropped her ass back quickly burying my cock to the hilt as she loudly moan.

Karen looked over her shoulder to me with an angelic smile and her pretty blue eyes framed by her blonde hair then softly said, "Fuck me Jack. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard."

Her statement sent my mind in a spin, this cute little angel, looking as pure as new snow demanding that I abuse her ass. I looked over at Mom and she looked so happy. She sat on the bed next to us with her blue silk robe pretty open and her legs open as she doodled with her clit. Before I could process anymore from this hot scene, Karen started to move back and forth on my cock and then my instincts took over.

I started pumping my cock in and out of Karen's super tight asshole to match her rhythm. Karen, feeling my engagement into the fuck session turned forward to watch herself in the headboard mirror. I was in heaven. I know Mom's intent was to get Karen into ass fucking but I was quickly becoming a great fan of the practice.

As we continued Mom began to move around us looking at the act from all angles. She said, "Now Jack, take two handfuls of Karen's hair and start to pull back."

Mom turned to Karen and said, "Karen, tell Jack what you want."

Karen was so far gone, I could tell she was almost ready to cum while being ass fucked, the mechanics of which are a mystery to me.

Karen softly started, "Jack, pull my hair, pull it hard. Fuck my ass deep and hard. Make me cum, Jack."

I could hardly believe this little angel was saying all this. I dug my fingers into her hair and started to pull. At the same time I seriously picked up the pace on her ass. The slap of my hips on her lily white ass was echoing everywhere. Karen's body jolted forward with each thrust. Her ass was arched back deep tell me in that way to keep up the ass pounding.

Karen's head was being held up from my hair pulling. I was riding her like a rodeo pony, faster and faster, harder and harder. I could feel my ball tighten and Karen's body shaking as she just let out a non-stop scream from the ecstasy she was experiencing. Karen was there and so was I.

I shot jet after jet of cum deep into Karen's ass as I let out a deafening roar. Shit, until then I never came so hard in my life. It was a new height for me. At the end I just collapsed to the side of Karen feeling completely spent.

We both just laid there catching our breath while mesmerize in the experience.

I heard Karen say, "Oh my god, that was the most awesome sex I've ever had."

I looked at her and smiled.

A few moments later Karen and I had used the bathroom and were back on Mom's bed sitting in a circle. Karen had straightened out her clothes and I had put my pajama pants and t-shirt back on. Mom was still loosely wearing her short blue silk robe. Mom was asking us each how we liked it and what we liked best.

Suddenly we heard the door bell ring. We all froze. We then heard the door open and someone loudly saying, "Knock. Knock. Is anybody home?"

Karen said in a scared voice, "That's Sasha." Karen continued, "We have to get out of here."

Mom replied in a soothing tone, "Relax. If we go running out she'll think we are trying to hide something. Let's just stay here and call her to join us."

Mom let out a small laugh and continued, "Join us in our, "talk" that is."

We then heard Brad say, "Jack are you here?"

I quickly replied, "We are back here in my Mom's room."

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