tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHigh School Hooters Ch. 2

High School Hooters Ch. 2


Agent Hooters breathed a sigh of relief when her first day as a teacher was finally over. It had been tough going, but she had made it and got the information she needed. The worst part had been near the end of the day when the old janitor had tried to come on to her. Now as the students left the school and made their way home, Anna stepped outside and headed for the carpark where she hoped to find Kelvin's chauffeur.

Sure enough, parked near the front of the school carpark was a long, black limousine. Anna walked over to it and tapped on the drivers window. A moment later the electric window wound down and Anna looked inside to see the well dressed driver. He looked to be a rather distinguished man in his mid forties with a longish moustache and a rimmed black hat that matched his chauffeurs uniform.

"Can I help you ma'am?" he inquired politely. He couldn't help but notice the lovely view down the front of her cardigan that Anna was giving him.

"Yes," said Anna, leaning further towards the window to flash more cleavage and hopefully make him more co-operative, "Are you Dick Walker, Kelvin Doom's driver?"

"Yes, that's right, can I help you?" he replied. Anna noticed the way his uniform was stretched rather tight over his obviously well built body.

"Yes, I'm Kelvin's teacher, Miss Smith, and I need to talk to his father," said Anna.

"Where's Kelvin?" asked Walker.

"He said to tell you he was going to his friend Webster's place tonight and that you might be able to drive me to see his father," said Anna.

"Oh," said Dick in surprise, "You know I really shouldn't…"

Anna leant right down into the car now, from his view point Dick could look straight down the front of her top and see her big breasts, almost to her nipples. Anna put on her most sexy pout and husky tone of voice, "Please Mr Walker?"

"Okay Miss Smith, but if I get seen with you in the car I could lose my job."

"Shall I ride in the back then?" asked Anna, looking back at the tinted windows.

"Oh no," Walker shook his head, "That's really against company policy, you'll have to ride up front with me."

"That's fine," agreed Anna, straightening up and hurrying around the other side of the car. She hopped inside beside Walker, making sure to let her knee length skirt ride up her thighs a bit to show some leg.

Walker started up the engine and rolled the car out of the parking lot, "You'll have to keep your head down so I don't get caught," he told her. With that he reached over and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head down into his lap. Anna was taken surprise and found herself face down in the chauffeurs lap, the bulge of his groin pressed against her nose and mouth. Anna gasped in surprise as he pushed down a little harder than needed, grinding her face into his sweaty crotch. After a few moments Walker released the pressure a bit and Anna was able to turn her head sideways so that she could breath. Dick still kept her held down against his crotch and Anna could discernibly feel his hard cock against her soft cheek.

They drove for a few moments in silence, every now and again Anna would feel his dick twitch a little against the side of her face.

"So what did you need to see Kelvin's father about?" asked Walker, one of his hands reached down between Anna's face and his lap to scratch himself.

"Ahh, I just need to talk a little about Kelvin's schoolwork," replied Anna, her voice slightly muffled.

"He's a bright kid," said Walker, glancing down at Anna's legs. Her bent over position had caused her skirt to ride up even further and most of her luscious thighs were visible to Walkers gaze.

"My pants are feeling tight," muttered Walker. Anna wasn't sure if he was talking to her or not, but she wasn't surprised as his cock felt huge against her cheek, "Lift you head a moment." Anna lifted her head up from his lap, pleased for some fresh air. Walker reached down between his legs and to Anna's shock he unzipped his fly and pulled out one of the biggest cock's she'd seen. The monster organ even rivaled the artificially enhanced Professor Nasty's schlong. Unknown to Anna the driver was in fact a retired porn star who's stagename was 'Big' Dick Walker. Anna guessed his thick manhood was close to a foot long.

"Ahhh, that's much better," sighed Big Dick, he reached over and grabbed Anna's head. Anna was staring at his colossal cock and taken by surprise as Walker shoved her face back down into his lap. She found herself face down with her head between his massive cock and his stomach. Her lips were pressed against the top of his hard shaft. Anna struggled a little and tried to turn her head, only to have the top of his shaft rub across her lips and nose. She turned back and his shaft rested against her cheek. She was between a rock and a hard place.

"Your ummm…penis is kind of in the way here," said Anna awkwardly. She was still shuffling her face around on his lap, his cock rubbing all over her face as she tried to find a comfortable position.

"Put it in your mouth and it'll be better," suggested Dick.

"What? No!" snapped Anna, a little angrily, who did he think he was? Mind you that was quite a cock he had, almost unnaturally big. Anna almost did want to taste it.

"Go on!" urged Walker, "You might as well suck me while you're down there, it's been years since I've had good head."

Walker took hold of his cock and rubbed the head against Anna's lips, she kept them clamped shut as he smeared a trail of precum over her lips. After a moments fighting Walker's hand returned to the steering wheel and Anna pushed his dick away. "I won't do anything like that!" she grimaced.

"Please," urged Walker, "After all I'm risking my job here, the least you can do is blow me. You're right down there after all."

Again Walker took hold of his cock and guided it to Anna's full lips. This time she relented and allowed her lips to be parted by the ex-porn star's thick cock. Walker let out a satisfied sigh as the head of his big cock slipped into Anna's mouth.

"Oh, that's it bitch," he moaned as Anna took hold of his cock and started to suck on him. He groaned as her tongue fluttered inside her mouth, stroking the head of his massive penis as she began to move her head up and down on him. Walker placed a strong hand on the back of her head and urged her to take more of his impressive length. Anna relaxed her mouth and sucked him deeper, his forceful hand guiding her bobbing head with increasing speed. "Oh yeah!" grunted Walker, his hips bucking up off the seat slightly as Anna began to deep throat him, taking more and more of his amazing manhood. She was doing a wonderful job, really going to town and attacking his cock.

"You are one hell of a great cocksucker bitch!" moaned Walker, and keep in mind that he used to be a porno actor so he'd had blowjobs from some of the best in the business. Dick pushed harder on the top of Anna's head making her take more and more as his hips jumped up off the seat, doing his best to fuck her face from his awkward positon. Anna was amazed they hadn't driven the car off the road yet. "Oh my God!" yelled Big Dick as Anna sucked more of his big length into her throat, working her lips all the way to the base of his cock so that her nose was nuzzling his balls, she had deep throated his entire length!

Anna retreated her lips a little, moving them over the head of his hard penis as she took hold of his cock in her hands and started stroking him into her mouth. Big Dick moaned as she worked his cock, jacking him off faster and faster into her mouth, all the while her head bobbing over the sensitive head of his monstrous dick.

"Here it comes!" he roared, his hips jumping as his cock spurted. Anna moaned as ropes of his thick cum burst against her tongue and she sucked it down eagerly. 'Big' Dick Walker had been famous in the business for his massive loads and Anna had given him the cocksucking of a lifetime. Bucket loads of hot cum eruption from his cock, fountaining into Anna's mouth and almost overflowing it. She gulped and swallowed, taking his entire load and emptying his heavy testicles.

"Oh fuck that was good," gasped Walker as Anna downed his seed. She continued to suckle the end of his penis and milk out the last of his cum with her skilled hand. "Damn bitch!" he moaned as she sat up, her lips and chin streaked with excess sperm.

It was then that Anna noticed the car had stopped. For a minute she thought they may have crashed the car off the road, but looking around she saw they were parking in front of a huge mansion. "We're here," said Walker.

Anna wiped her mouth and chin with the sleeve of her jersey and got out of the car. She turned back to Walker but he had already started the car moving off again. Oh well, here goes nothing, time to face Dr Doom. Anna knocked on the large double doors and was surprised as they were opened almost immediately. Standing there with a big smile on his face was a middle aged businessman in a grey suit. He opened his mouth as if to speak and then closed it, seemingly surprised to see Anna there.

"Oh I'm sorry," he stammered, "I was expecting my stepson Kelvin."

"Your stepson?" queried Anna in surprise, "You mean Kelvin isn't your son, you're not Dr Doom?"

The man frowned, "No, Dr Doom is my wife's ex-husband..can I help you?" he said, his tone puzzled.

Anna hesitated, she had just sucked off that driver for nothing, this was the wrong dad! "Ahh no, sorry I think I'm at the wrong place."

Kelvin's stepfather eyed up the buxom blonde, probably one of Doom's bimbo's, "Yes I think you do," he told her coldly.

Anna smiled and left, inwardly cursed at her bad luck. This mission just didn't seem to be going her way.


The next day Anna went through the science class almost in a daze. She was once again popular with all the male students, a couple of the bolder ones pressing close as she leant over to help them so that the side of her breast touched their arm while she spoke. She just wanted to get through the class as quickly as she could so that she could talk to Kelvin again.

The bell went just as Anna was bending to pick up one of the students fallen pencil's while the happy teenager ogled her pert ass. Anna sat at her desk while the class filed out, but to her surprise Kelvin and his friend Webster remained behind. Webster was the class nerd, big thick rimmed glasses, freckles, bracers and a pocket full of pens. He was a stereotypical geek.

"What can I do for you two boys?" asked Anna after the last of the class had left, Anna didn't want to question Kelvin about Dr Doom in front of his friend Webster. It was then that she noticed both boys were practically leering at her, their eyes full of lust and desire.

"Kelvin told me what the two of you did yesterday," said Webster, shutting the door and pressing the lock on the handle.

"I don't know what you mean," complained Anna, her voice quivering as she saw the yearning in the two eighteen years.

"Come on Miss Smith, get undressed," ordered Kelvin, sounding surprisingly forceful. Perhaps he did have some of his real father in him, after all, Anna decided.

"I don't know what it is you two have in mind, but…" Anna began to voice her protestation.

"You better do what we say Miss Smith," warned Kelvin, "Otherwise I'll report you to the principal."

Anna considered calling the boys bluff for a moment, they had no way of proving what had happened, it would be their word against hers. But then she remembered that she was undercover and could not risk drawing that much attention to herself. Besides, she needed Kelvin's help if she was going to track down Dr Doom, and the memory of Walker's large cock from the night before had lingered on her mind all morning, she was definitely hot for some action.

"Take off your clothes!" Kelvin snapped. This time Anna obeyed. Almost in a daze she unbuttoned the front of her blouse and peeling it off, she barely heard the two teenagers moans of approval as her bra covered breasts came into view. Anna then unzipped the back of her skirt and let it drop around her ankles. Moments later her bra and panties joined the rest of her clothes and she was naked before the two horny young teenagers.

"Oh wow," gasped Webster as he stared at the beautiful naked teacher, his gaze took in her massive tits, long legs and neatly trimmed pussy. Anna took a step backwards as the two horny young men closed in on her at once. Their hands were suddenly all over her, squeezing her big breasts, pinched her ass and rubbing between her legs. Moments later they stepped back, leaving Anna feeling violated, their hands having explored her luscious body.

"Get down on the floor," Kelvin told her. Anna, actually trembling with anticipation got down on her hands and knees, her voluptuous body shaking slightly.

"Now what?" she asked.

Kelvin smiled down at her as he rapidly yanked down his pants, his hard cock springing free. Anna shuddered slightly at the sight, remembering yesterday when she had drunk from the teens hard organ. Webster did the same, he was a skinny little fellow with a much smaller dick, but it was equally hard and ready. Anna remained kneeling submissively as the two teenagers positioned themselves around her, their breathing heavy. Webster kneeling in front of her to fuck her mouth and Kelvin behind to fuck her doggy style.

"Open you mouth," said Webster, his voice little more than a whisper as he placed his hands on either side of Anna's mouth. Ever since yesterday when Kelvin had told him what had happened with Miss Smith he had wanted the same, he had wanted to feel his dick in her mouth. Webster shuffled closer, the swollen head of his cock pressing against Anna's lips. Anna immediately complied, her mouth opening wide and accepting Webster's twitching cock between her lips without protest. Webster groaned loudly as his hard cock was encased in her wet mouth and she immediately began to gently suck.

Anna's body tensed as Kelvin leaned in from behind, thrusting his throbbing penis in between her legs as he finally got his wish to fuck the gorgeous teacher. Miss Smith sucked in a deep breath as the eager eighteen year old thrust his rock hard member into her yielding pussy, sliding deep within her till his hips slapped against her softly rounded buttocks. From the front of her, Webster held her face firmly, letting out a lusty grunt as he pushed his cock up between her ovalled lips along the length of her tongue and into the back of her throat.

Anna groaned around Webster's shaft, her mouth full of cock meat as Kelvin grabbed her hips and began to buck against her. Kneeling meekly between the two hungry boys she moaned at the dual penetration, both boys starting to thrust and pump as they used her squirming body to sate their lusts.

"Oh fuck she feels good," groaned Kelvin from behind her as he rammed into her tight cunt, smacking noises filling the classroom with each thrust. Incredibly her clinging pussy felt even better than her hot, sucking mouth had the day before. He got a rush of power from fucking her in this 'dog' position, his teacher willingly submitting to his desire. He looked forward, the sight of Miss Smith's face buried in Webster's loins, her lips tightly encircling his shaft, was almost enough to set him off, but Kelvin did his best to hold back and make the most of the situation.

Anna was sucking almost ravenously on Webster's cock, her tongue swirling beneath his hard length. He reached down underneath her to seize her wonderfully large tits, which he grabbed and squeezed, mauling them eagerly as she slurped on his dick.

"Oh god yes!" moaned Webster, agreeing with his friend, "I think I'm gonna burst!" Even as the words left his lips his cock exploded in Anna's mouth. He grabbed locks of Anna's blonde hair and pulled her face ruthlessly against his thrusting loins, her nose burying in his pubic hair as his cock was thrust to the hilt into her. Anna gargled around his shooting cock, swallowing as best she could to avoid choking.

"Oh fuck," grunted Kelvin in a quavering voice, "Me too!" With that he thrust harder into her pussy, his sperm shooting deep inside her. As Kelvin's seed burst from his dick Webster was humping Anna's face, pulling hard on her hair as he emptied himself into her acquiescent mouth. Anna sucked hard on Webster's relentlessly thrust cock, drinking all of his cum as Kelvin bucked and spurted into her pussy from the rear.

As their orgasms left, Anna felt their two deflated organs slipping from her ravaged body.

"Damn Kelvin, you weren't kidding," said Webster as his penis popped out of Anna's mouth with a smacking noise. He wiped his cock on her hair and got to his feet.

"I told ya she'd do it," replied Kelvin, standing up himself. The two teenagers talking as if Anna wasn't there at all.

Suddenly the door turned and someone tried to enter. Thankfully Webster had locked the door before the young pair had jumped Anna.

"Shit!" swore Kelvin, "Next period."

The three got dressed as quickly as possible, Anna doing the best she could to clean Webster's cum from her hair before she unlocked the door and let the two boys on their way. Inwardly she cursed not having the chance to speak to Kelvin about Dr Doom.

Outside Kelvin and Webster made their way to a quiet corner to talk.

"Well Kelvin, you've earned this," said Webster, handing his friend a tiny vial of liquid. A handwritten label on the vial read 'Love Potion'.

"You sure this will work?" asked Kelvin, eyeing the bottle doubtfully.

"Slip some of this in Jennifer's drink and she'll be over you like Miss Smith was on my cock," replied Webster.

Kelvin chuckled at the reference, his cock stirring a little at the mention of Jennifer's name. Jennifer Love Hewitt was the hottest girl in the school. She was an absolutely gorgeous brunette with a great figure. Her tits weren't as big as Miss Smiths, but Jennifer had a better ass and a mouth that was crying out to have a dick stuffed in it. Every boy in the school wanted to get into Jennifer's panties, but as far as Kelvin and Webster were aware, no one had gone there yet.

"What is this stuff anyway?" asked Kelvin, worried for a moment that he might end up poisoning her or something.

"My Aunt's into all sorts of herbs and stuff, this is some sort of super powerful aphrodisiac she makes. When Jennifer drinks it she'll jump the first cock she sees. Which, if you play your cards right, will be yours."

"Have you tested it?" asked Kelvin.

"It worked like a charm on Michael Dodson's older sister," replied Webster smugly.

"You have not screwed Julie Dodson!" challenged Kelvin. Julie was the beautiful older sister of their friend Michael. She was about twenty five and was a sophisticated professional lawyer.

"I did so!" asserted Webster, she likes it up the backdoor.

"No way," scoffed Kelvin, slugging his friend in the arm.

"Ow!" whined Webster, rubbing his arm, "You see. After you've fed this to Jennifer Love Hewitt you won't be doubting me."

"We'll see," laughed Kelvin, heading off to their next class before they were too late.


That lunchtime Kelvin made his way to the table where Jennifer was eating her lunch alone, waiting for her friends to get out of class. Jennifer wore a short, flared skirt and a tight white t-shirt that seemed to mold to the well rounded orbs of her full breasts.

"Hey what's that!?" exclaimed Kelvin as he got beside her table, pointing behind her.

Jennifer spun around to see what he was pointing to, and while she had her back to her lunch Kelvin tipped the contents of the vial of love potion into her juice.

"What?" she asked in confusion, "I can't see anything."

Kelvin shrugged, "Sorry, I thought I saw Elvis."

"Very funny," she replied sarcastically, picking up her drink and taking a long swallow. Just as she put it back down on the table a hand reached past Kelvin and grabbed the drink. He turned to see Miss Smith of all people.

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