High School Love


Very first story here. I'm not a writer so bear with me. This is the first few chapters of my first story, it's a bit long (about 28 pages in Word (this first section is about 4 pages in Word to give you an idea)). It's also a slow build up so if you want to get to the sex you'll have to wait a bit. I'll try to post at least once a week.

In this first bit Jack meets a new friend and their friendship becomes more.

Chapter 1

Jack sits in his math class of his senior year. He got there early, excited for his last year in this prison. He is an average guy, about 5 feet 8 inches, 150 lbs, dark brown straight hair. He isn't the most handsome guy and he knows it. He makes up for it in being a nice guy, which unfortunately for him doesn't help in high school. Girls his age usually go for the bad boy and he isn't that. All through his school years he only had a few friends, Jason and Tom, and never a girlfriend.

He sits in his math class, about in the middle-ish area of class. The seats on either side of him are empty while he waits for class to start. After checking through his backpack he notices other classmates coming in. A tall professional looking woman enters and he assumes she's the teacher. Glancing up at the clock the teacher sits patiently for the last few kids to enter.

That's when Jack's heart races. In walks one of the cutest girls he's ever seen. She isn't hot per se but she isn't ugly either, she was right in the middle - which is actually what he prefers. He notices that the 'hot' girls tend to be very full of themselves which turn him off so usually gravitates towards cute/pretty girls. This girl is indeed pretty. He can't help but stare at her as she walks in rather absentmindedly. He notices the girl turning towards the back of the classroom and he quickly looks away, being too shy to look girls in the eye. He always has the problem of looking people in the eye, especially pretty girls.

Jack barely even notices when she sits to his right and says, "Hi."

"H-hi..." Jack stutters.

The girl giggles and smiles at him, "hi, I'm new here. My name's Emily."

"I'm Jack."

"Nice to meet you," she giggles.

"Nice to meet you too," Jack replies shyly. He glances up to Emily's eyes but quickly darts away. He hears her giggle, "I was wondering if you could help me out," she says.

"W-what do you need?"

"This school is sssooo fucking confusing! Oh sorry, that just slipped out," she giggles, "do you think you could help me find my classes?"

"No worries, sure let me see your schedule," says Jack. Emily hands him her schedule and he looks over the paper. "Wow, looks like we have four classes together, Math, Science, PE, and English."

"Oh cool, maybe you can help me get to those classes," she smiles.

"Um, okay," he replies rather dumbly. He sees Emily start to say something before the teacher speaks up, "Alright class, settle down, we're about to begin. Today in class..."

Class goes by rather uneventfully and the two new friends spilt up for their second class. Jack runs off to German class while Emily goes to her Home-Ec class. The two meet up again in Science and sit next to each other. Jack can't believe that his pretty girl may become a friend. All through his junior high and high school years he never really had any friends who happened to be girls. For whatever reason he had a hard time talking to them, and Emily was no exception.

After their Science class the two had lunch together. Jack was noble and gave a quick tour of the school before lunch started and the two sat together again. They finally had a chance to talk to one another and did so for the entire period. While Emily talked, Jack couldn't help but notice all of Emily's beauty. She was an average girl, maybe 5 feet 5 inches or 6, shoulder length blonde hair. He guessed about 120 lbs, not slim, not heavy. He didn't really know about breast sizes but he guessed maybe a B-cup, which he liked. Actually his preference was a girl's ass, and Emily had a nice one, it was perfect. Her hips had that perfect heart shape and her tight cut-off jeans certainly helped show her off.

The two learned a lot about each other. She found out that he lived nearby and rode his BMX bike to school. He was in the bands and liked heavy metal. She liked more pop stuff like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas. She took the bus to school and is an only child and lives with her mom.

As lunch comes to a close the two brake off to their respective classes, Emily to Spanish and Jack to Auto class. He can't wait to see her in Gym, which is next. He wonders all through Auto class if she's this excited about him too.

Fourth period came to an end and the two friends met up for Gym. It was a rather slow day, understandably so since it was the first day. They went through the class syllabus, just like in all the other classes, and some free time at the end.

Once class ends the two got changed in their locker rooms and head over to the final class of the day, English. Again as before, the two sit next to each other trying to talk when they have the chance.

Before they know it, the first day of school comes to an end. Jack and Emily stand just outside their last class. "Well I've got to go to band now; I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, well have fun, see yeah tomorrow!" she says with a wink. Jack smiles shyly and leaves, heading towards the locker room.

Emily leaves as well; she smiles to herself as she walks toward the bus stop. I can't believe I already made a friend! She thinks to herself. Giddy with excitement as to what the future may hold Emily waits for her bus with a huge smile. After band Jack gets on his bike and heads home.

Chapter 2

Emily sits on the bus ride to school alone. She thinks to herself about her new friend. She thinks he's quite cute, nice, and considerate. This brings a smile to her face as she steps off the bus and heads to her first class of the day.

"Hey Jack, how was band yesterday?" she asks.

"Hey Em, it was good. We had a pretty good jam session going. How was your first day at school?"

"It was good, not much homework, you know syllabus kind of stuff."

"Yeah, I hear yeah." The teacher walks in and begins class. The rest of the day the two friends hang out together when they can before they split up when Jack goes to practice and Emily leaves for home.

For the next couple months the two become close friends.

Chapter 3

Tomorrow's the day I'm going to ask Emily out, thinks Jack. He's been mustering up the courage to ask out his friend for just about three weeks now. They've gotten to know each other quite well and he's gotten even fonder of her, not realizing that that was possible. He wrestles himself to sleep that night feeling nervous about his proposition.



"Hi Jack," replies Emily with a smile.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure Jack, what is it?"

"Um, well... I was wondering..."

"If you wanted a date?" interrupts Emily.

"Uh... yeah, how'd you know?" he asks a bit shocked.

"Well, I was hoping you would and I just guessed," she smiles back at him.

"Oh, haha, so uh, do you wanna go on a date with me?"

"Yes!!" beams Emily, "Of course I will!"

"Really?!" he asks still in shock.

"Yes, silly. I was wondering when you would seeing as we always hang out and I'm not seeing anyone and you're not seeing anyone."

"Okay, cool... so how does Friday sound? At 7ish?"

"Sounds great, will you pick me up?"

"Yeah sure." That was Wednesday.

The rest of the week couldn't come fast enough for either of them and both were giddy with excitement when Friday finally came around.


Standing on Emily's door step, "well here goes nothing." Jack presses the doorbell. After waiting a little while he sees Emily's mother, Sharon open the door. "Hi Jack, she'll be down in a bit, won't you come in?"

"Thanks, Mrs. Jefferson."

"Oh, come now, you can call me Sharon. I've known you long enough."


"Can I get you anything hun?"

"Uh no Mrs., I mean Sharon."

"See now isn't that better? Well then go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Like I said she'll be down in a bit."

Jack had been in Emily's house quite a bit as their friendship grew and he didn't really mind browsing around the living room once more.

"Hey." Jack hears. He turns around to see his date, Emily, looking gorgeous as ever.

"Wow!" he can't help himself say, "oh sorry..."

Emily giggles, "no it's okay, I was hoping for that response."

Jack smiles meekly, feeling a bit embarrassed. There she is, his date, standing on the steps in a rather short skirt, maybe down to her mid-thigh, a very suggestive blouse and her hair done up in a wavy, flowing manner.

"You look dashing yourself," she compliments.

"Thanks, ready to go?"

"Yep," she smiles. With his arm crooked, Emily snakes her own arm through her date's and the two walk to his car.

Being the chivalrous kind of guy, Jack opens Emily's side of the car and lets her in – without sneaking a peek – and closing the door behind her once she's settled. Jack is unbelievably nervous since he's never been on a date, which she may or may not have known. But he gets in the car and they head for the restaurant.

The two had a good time talking and eating their meals before heading to the movies. Of course Jack did the honorable thing and opened her doors, adjusting her seat, the whole lot to please her. He really didn't mind what they saw and let her choose, predictably she chose a chick flick, and he didn't mind all that much.

During the movie, Jack lets his hand rest on hers and she doesn't back away, so they hold it there, together. He feels his nerves build up because this is the first time he's really even touched a girl, let alone been on a date with one. The two watch the movie peacefully and exit with fond feelings for one another.

At the end of the date, Jack isn't sure if he should kiss her goodnight or not and opts not to; worrying that he might be moving too fast. Emily is a little disappointed but is happy nonetheless with the date. They say their goodnights and leave it at that.

Emily closes the door behind her and sighs with a huge smile while leaning against the front door.

"Had a good time?"

"Yeah mom, he was so sweet. He opened all my doors, did all the right things except he didn't kiss me."

"Well he is a good boy, and I can tell he really likes you. Just please be careful, okay sweetie?"

"Yes mom," pouts Emily, "I really like him too."

"I know you do hun."

"I'm going to bed," sighs Emily.

"Okay, have a good night, love you."

"Night mom, love you too."


Driving home, Jack sweats the thought that maybe he should've kissed her. "Oh well, I guess... maybe if I'm lucky there'll be a next time." He drives home anxiously thinking of the possible future with this girl.

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