tagGay MaleHigh School Romance Ch. 09

High School Romance Ch. 09


Brady came home that afternoon to find Ezra sitting at the dining room table with two envelopes in front of him. One was from Sam Houston State University and the other was from Baylor. Brady could only guess they were the letters Ezra had been waiting for nearly the day after he sent out his applications and from the size of the envelopes it looked like Ezra had been accepted to both.

"Hey, baby," Brady said as he pulled a chair close to Ezra.

In between the two envelopes was a legal pad that Ezra had been writing on. It was split into three sections. In the middle, Ezra had written 'music' and 'smaller school'. On the side closest to the SHSU envelope, Ezra had written 'closer to home' and 'honors program' and 'scholarships'. The Baylor side had only 'small scholarship, better program'. At the bottom in large letters 'Brady?' was written and underlined four times. Ezra tapped it with his pen and looked at Brady.

Brady smiled at the fact that he was a factor in Ezra's decision. "I haven't applied anywhere, babe, I don't know where I'll end up."

Ezra nodded and looked at his list again. He traced the lines under Brady's name and shuffled his feet under the table.

"I was actually thinking..." Brady was having a surprisingly hard time getting the words out. "I was thinking of the military."

Ezra's eyes got wide like a deer in headlights and his mouth dropped open a little. "N-no," he said.

Brady searched for words and finally managed to meekly offer, "It's a good option." He hadn't known what to expect, but certainly Ezra disagreeing hadn't crossed his mind.


Brady jumped at the force behind Ezra's voice. Ezra's hands were trembling and he threw his pen down and wrapped his arms around Brady.

"D-don't go," Ezra muttered. He sniffed and tightened his grip on Brady. "I need you. D-d-don't leave."

Brady ran his hands all over Ezra's back and breathed in the sweet smell of the one he loved. "I won't leave," he said. There was no need to think about it. Ezra needed him to stay, so he would. He would apply to the school Ezra chose and hope that he would figure things out along the way.


Brady stretched as the sunlight fell on his face. Ezra stirred beside him, smiling in his sleep and snuggling closer to Brady's side. Brady caressed Ezra's cheek and kissed the forehead of his angel. He settled back in the bed, thoughts buzzed through his mind.

The first thing of course, was the night before and the look on Ezra's face as they made love. The feeling of Ezra's hands tangled in his hair, their lips meshing together as their tongues danced, and the soft sounds of ecstasy.

The second was the online application to Sam Houston State University that he'd just completed and submitted. He was nervous about his future of course, but more nervous that he would be rejected and let Ezra down.

Ezra interrupted his thoughts with a light kiss and swirl of his tongue on Brady's pec. "Good morning," Ezra whispered.

Brady smiled as Ezra climbed on top of him. "Good morning, beautiful," Brady said. He gave Ezra's firm ass a squeeze as their lips met. Ezra started to squirm and grind against Brady's body. The head of his erection worked its way free of his boxers and the pre-cum rubbed against the warm skin of Brady's abs.

Brady pulled the waistband of Ezra's boxers down enough to free his erection and then he did the same for himself. Their dicks rubbed together, the pre-cum providing lubrication as Ezra frantically thrust his hips. He nibbled at Brady's ear and then licked at his neck. Brady put his index finger in his mouth and got it wet. He teased Ezra's opening and Ezra sped up his motions. Brady fingered Ezra, finding the hot spot and stimulating it each time Ezra thrust his hips. It wasn't long before Ezra was moaning and gasping as hot cum poured onto Brady's stomach. Brady moaned and threw his head back as he felt the rush of his own orgasm.


Brady felt like he might go insane. Every week there were new scholarship applications due and some required interviews. He was always nervous and he hoped that it wouldn't hurt his chances. He was trying to find a job near SHSU, but he hadn't received a letter from the school yet and he was stressing himself out checking every day. It was a month until graduation and he didn't feel like his life had any direction.

The only comfort he found was in the evenings when Ezra would practice piano on a keyboard borrowed from a local church. The sweet sounds of Clair de Lune would often make Brady stop what he was doing and watch, mesmerized by Ezra's hands.

Finally, the letter came. Brady sighed in relief when he saw he'd been accepted.

That evening the Lockheart family had a small celebration, complete with a cookie cake. Mr. and Mrs. Lockheart surprised Brady and Ezra with matching SHSU Bearkat T-shirts in a glaring, bright orange color.

At midnight, the young lovers had their own private celebration. Ezra ran his tongue over Brady's stomach, showing tender affection to every chiseled muscle before he finally touched the tip of his tongue to the salty tasting head of Brady's cock.

Brady groaned and grabbed fistfuls of the blanket beneath him as Ezra took the length into his mouth. "That's so good, baby," Brady said with a smile as Ezra started to work his throat muscles around the mushroom cap.

After five minutes of pure bliss, Brady signaled that it was Ezra's turn. It was Brady's turn to worship with his tongue and he did just that, trailing his tongue over every hauntingly beautiful scar on Ezra's lithe body. He nibbled at Ezra's nipples just to feel his angel writhe with pleasure beneath him before he lowered himself to Ezra's pulsing organ.

He took the length of it into his mouth and bobbed his head for a moment before letting it free with a pop of suction. Brady licked at Ezra's balls and nibbled at the patch of skin between his sack and the pink opening. Brady slid his tongue inside Ezra and his lover gasped and arched his back.

Finally, when Ezra was loose enough, Brady slid his cock inside and they both moaned softly at the amazing. It was so right, the two of them as one.

Brady thrust in and out, working the hot spot inside Ezra. Ezra was holding onto Brady's shoulders so tightly that Brady could feel the raw hunger, the need for release. Brady nibbled and sucked at Ezra's collarbone, getting such a beautiful reaction that he got carried away and left a little triangle shaped love mark on Ezra. But Ezra didn't care. He bit his lip and moaned, caught up in the feeling of being complete, whole, unbroken.

Both boys gasped as they came at the exact same moment.


Brady adjusted his tie and zipped up the graduation gown. He joined the line of his classmates and stood silently. He heard the music start inside the gym and the rumbling of people's voices stopped. The line of graduating seniors shuffled forward.

Once inside the gym, Brady scanned the crowd. He saw his dad in a dress shirt and tie smiling slightly uncomfortably. Mrs. Lockheart was fumbling with her camera and Mr. Lockheart was trying to hide the fact that he was laughing at her. Brady's eyes settled on Ezra, who wore a grey jacket striped with black despite the increasingly warm summer nights.

As the commencement ceremony continued, Brady thought about the experience of his senior year and how lucky he was to have Ezra. As he walked across the stage, he knew he was taking the first steps into a bright future.


This will be the last installment of High School Romance. But don't worry, I'll follow Brady and Ezra into their college days with a sequel series (tentatively entitled 'College Days' because I lack in the title talent department). Thanks so much to everyone who has ever voted, left a comment, or sent feedback.

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