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**Everyone in this story is at least 18**


I was still in high school when I met the guy of my dreams. He was absolutely perfect in every way. Medium brown skin, green eyes, raven hair, and athletic build. His name was Javier and he was on the swim team at our school.

Guys like him usually never looked twice at girls like me. I wasn't athletic at all and I was an absolute nerd. Anyone that's ever attended a junior high or high school knows that jocks and nerds don't tend to hang out together.

With me being where I was in the social hierarchy, I wouldn't ever get even a slight chance to be with him. Which is all I actually wanted. One day my luck changed.

We finally met in world history, as we were forced to work together. He was struggling and I offered to assist him whenever his schedule permitted him. I gave him my number so we could talk more about it.

Two days later he texted me and said he was free that day but only for a few hours. He also said I had to come to him since he couldn't drive to me. That wasn't an issue so after getting the address I went over.

He was shirtless and only wearing a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts. I tried not to stare because he wasn't wearing any underwear. I stepped inside and we got to work.

We worked on an assignment about ancient Rome. He didn't seem to care but I pushed on with the chapter. After page three it seemed like he'd list all interest. Twenty minutes after starting, I noticed him squirming around anxiously. I dropped my pen and when I went to pick it up I saw that he was fully erect.

I was both impressed and a bit shocked. He was very well endowed. Around eight inches and now I understood why he was fidgeting. I'm sure it couldn't be comfortable to be that hard and not do anything about it. I guess he did notice my low cut shirt. I was looking to get his attention with it.

I grabbed the pen and then I decided to tease him a bit more. I put my arms close together so my cleavage was more obvious. Then I just watched as he could hardly stand it. Then I let my hand graze his upper thigh. He was breathing hard now. I finally let him have what he wanted and I moved my hand to his remarkable dick.

He groaned a bit as I gripped the base and stroked to the head. I did that a couple of times then he stood up and removed his shorts. His big dick nearly dwarfed his 5'4 frame. I knew he wanted me to blow him but I wasn't too keen on taking orders. I let him have the hand again.

His foreskin rolled back and forth along the ridge of the head. His heavy precum coated the entire head. He was tensing up a bit so I stopped. He looked at me and I could tell he wanted me to continue. I instead I began to take my shirt off, then my shorts. This was when he finally understood what was to take place. We were going to have sex.

He started to cup my triple d boobs, kneading them in his palm. Then he rubbed the nipples that were already quite taut. He was still precumming and his dick would jerk every so often. He looked like he might blow his load at any second.

Then his hands wandered down my torso to my labia. He took a single finger and found my hard clit. He took joy in rubbing it diligently. I was also pleased by his efforts. After a while my orgasm approached. I climaxed and he smiled.

I then got on my hands and knees on the floor and he positioned himself behind me. I got comfortable and shifted my weight to my forearms instead of my hands. Then with one swift motion, he penetrated me. He was the biggest thing that had been in me, ever. I was very happy to be here at this moment. His dick completely filled me.

He began to thrust with vigor only found in guys of that age. It was hard and fast. I felt him occasionally stop to keep himself from cumming. He was already nearly overstimulated before he even began. When he stopped I could feel his dick jump. It felt so good to know I turned him on so much.

The thrust made his large balls hit my clit so it also felt really good to have him keeping a faster pace. Soon, his more animalistic side came out and I noticed he must be finishing soon. I was thrilled about this

He was unaware that I was planning on trying to have his baby. I wanted to tie him down to me so no other girl would have him. I wanted his seed to impregnate me, badly.

He began to speed up as his orgasm approached. His whole body went in to every thrust. I actually even came again simply knowing that he'd be locked down soon. I could feel the moment he came. He pushed into me harder than ever before and his dick jerked multiple times inside me. He didn't know it but he was fertilizing me with every spurt of jizz. I just stayed there and loved every second.

Two months later I went to "tutor" him again, after we had sex I told him we were going to have a baby. He didn't believe me until I showed him a sonogram. Then he understood. By summer break I was in ready to deliver and we had twin boys in June.

Javier is a great dad and now we are trying for our next baby.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/25/18

Nice one

I'm sure knocking up a nerdy girl would be a great experience

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by Anonymous12/27/17

Really hot

The thought of impregnating a girl and a woman locking me down turns me on

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