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High-Stakes Poker


The whole idea had really come from one of my good friends, a high-stakes poker game. Well, maybe not high-stakes, but a higher-stakes poker game. We have had a "home game" for years. We're all in our thirties and have good jobs. Some of them are married, some of us are not. Our poker game is one of the last "boys only" bastions of our long-term friendships. One of my poker buddies met a professional player and heard poker pros will play in a local game if it is well funded. We all concluded the thought of hosting a high stakes game would an experience of a lifetime. After a few inquiries, it sounded like if we built it, they would come. Working through the one, three local New York professional poker players agreed to come if we had at least eight players with a ten-thousand dollar buy-in. With the three pros, myself, and several friends, we were able to put the game together. My loft is large and open aired, the perfect location. I have a nice poker table, add some food and drink, and the game was on.

It took over a month to coordinate schedules where we could get the principals all together on the same night. Finally, the date was set and myself and friends were very excited. Playing with pros was way out of our league, but we all had the money to spend on the thrill and who knows, we might actually compete. We spent the day or two before game-night getting my loft ready. We stocked the place with liquor and catered the food. We found out that some of these games can go on well into the next day, so we made sure we were ready with plenty food and drink, just in case.

The night of the game, my friends all showed up more than an hour before the pros. We had to get our excitement under control so we didn't look too much like amateurs. Contrary to our poker night rules, a couple of my friends brought their girlfriends. They said to help greet the pros, but I think it was to show off a bit. One by one, most everyone had shown and we were getting settled in at the table. Finally, the last pro, Duke, knocked on the door. He was dressed completely in black. Black cowboy boots, black boot-cut slacks, black shirt, and a black dress coat. It made me wonder if his name was Duke or maybe he was "The Duke?" Either would have worked for him. He was accompanied by a young lady, a very young lady. Duke was probably fifty, but the girl was a teenager. She was tiny and beautiful. I couldn't place her nationality, kind of Asian but also Polynesian or something, she was certainly not related by blood to Duke. Duke introduced her as Lily as he took up the last available chair directly across from me. The young beauty sat quietly on the couch behind him, right in my line of sight.

If this was some sort of ploy to distract one of the amateurs in order to take advantage, it was probably going to work. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her hair was shiny black and held in a bundle in the back by several colorful chopstick looking pins. Her tube top exposed her slender shoulders and feminine neckline. I would have been surprised if she reached five-foot tall or weighed a hundred pounds. Her perfect small breasts and tiny ass was absolutely captivating.

As the game progressed, I was holding my own but whenever I folded or she got up to move around the room, I found myself staring at and obsessing over Lily. Sadly, she hardly moved unless Duke asked her to get him something to eat or drink but when she did, I was spellbound. Watching her walk across the room gave me a hard on. Every time she came to a stop, all I could picture is fucking her, right where she was. Bent over the food table, up against the bar, looking out the window, even standing next to Duke watching the game. I wanted to fuck her beautiful face. I noticed she didn't do anything for herself except use the restroom but still asked Duke permission to do that. I'm afraid she caught me several times staring, either at her tiny waist where the tube top refused to cover or her nipples pushing against her top. Her skin was a natural shade of Polynesian tan, her almond shaped eyes were bright, clear and exotic. Her small facial features only drew me into my fantasy ever further. All I could think about was fucking this beauty hard, fifty different ways. For some reason, I kept envisioning tying her up and abusing this sweet thing by force, dominating her. She was doing something to me that I didn't fully understand. What I do know is that I may not have the biggest dick in the world but probably the biggest in the room. Certainly, big enough to make little Lily scream, and then beg for more.

Maybe it was this sweet young thing bringing me luck, but I was winning more hands than I deserved. The game went on into the morning hours and I had top stack. By four o'clock in the morning most had busted out and it was down to three of us. Some had said their goodbyes while several others were hanging around to see the final outcome. We'd been playing Texas Hold'em and now Duke, myself, and one of the other pros were the only ones left. The next hand was quirky, the flop was the seven, eight, and ten of spades. I had been dealt the nine and jack of spades. It took me moment to realize that I had a straight flush, the delay was probably a good thing because I would have surely given myself away with gasp, a smiled or some other tell. I bet conservatively, considering the size of my stack, and the pro next to me called, as did Duke sitting across from me. The next card was the ace of diamonds. I continued the bet and the pro to my left went "all in." Both Duke and I did a double take, he obviously had a flush or maybe a pair in his hand and flopped a set. To my surprise, Duke called.

This had turned into a monster pot, maybe the last hand of the game. I, of course, wasn't going anywhere and called. The last card, a seven of hearts, paired the board. I was tired and trying hard to figure out whether anything out there could beat me. There could be a flush, a full house, no problem, then . . . oh crap, four of a kind! No, wait. I beat that. How in the world do I do this? Any bet made would start a side pot between me and Duke. I went with what I thought was an appropriate size bet, but then again, how in the hell would I know. Duke looked across at my stack and did some figuring. I could see he thought, no, that he knew he had the best hand. He couldn't match my chip count, but he wanted it all. He wanted to bring this game to an end and walk away with the whole eighty grand.

He said, "All in and I will throw in Lily to cover the last twelve 'K' and change. She worth at least fifteen."

I couldn't believe that he was offering up sex with Lily, but twelve thousand dollars? I looked over at Lily on the couch where she was curled up, like a small cat, asleep. But then I thought, what's the difference. I can't lose. She might be the most expensive piece of ass ever, but I bet it would be worth it to watch my big dick disappear into her tiny ass. I called. The first pro did have a flush and Duke had a full house, he held pocket aces, so aces over sevens. I flipped over my sad little nine and jack of spades. And just like me, it took Duke a few seconds to recognize the straight flush. All he could say was, "Fuck! Good game."

There I sat with eighty-thousand dollars and a date with Lily. I was so tired; my head was swimming, but not only had I won the day, but beat out three pros doing it. My friends that had stuck around whooped and hollered, giving me high-fives. Pleasantly, they had things pretty much all cleaned up while they watched the final hands of the game. Duke had walked outside and came back with a travel bag, set it on the floor next to Lily's couch who was waking up in the commotion. As she sat up with the most incredible bedroom eyes ever, he bent down and whispered something into her ear. She looked up at me as he spoke and then Duke kissed her on the top of her head, gave me a nod of the head and walked out. Lily continued to sit on the couch.

After taking care of the last few things, I said goodbye to my friends. That left only Lily and myself. I sat down in the matching chair to Lily's couch and studied her petite frame sitting there studying me back. Finally, she looked to the floor and said, "So, I belong to you now."

It was a statement, not a question. "Excuse me? What do you mean?"

"Duke said I belong to you now."

"You belonged to Duke?" My mind was struggling to keep up.

"Yes sir."

Still not tracking fully, thinking I was missing some cultural norm, "What did you do for Duke?"

"Whatever he told me to do." Lily said with a look that suggested that it was a stupid question.

"When will he come back for you?"

"He's not coming back, sir. He said he was sorry, that he thought he had the best hand, but now I have to stay here with you."

"So, does that mean you're suppose do everything I tell you to do?" I asked almost joking, still finding this so incredulous. "What if I'm not happy with what you do?"

Lily was slowly nodding to the first part of my question and then said, "Duke and Mr. Adler would have to punish me sometimes."

"Who's Mr. Adler?"

"Where I belonged before Duke. They would both spank me and stuff."

"How old are you?" Expecting to hear fifteen or maybe sixteen.

"They tell me I'm eighteen."

Processing all this, Lily doing anything I say, especially the 'spanking and stuff' was giving me a hard on. She was so small, so demure, so beautiful sitting there. I wasn't sure if I believed what I was hearing but I did have her here all to myself and a twelve-thousand-dollar investment. I also was near delirious, needing to get some sleep. Maybe, if I had my wits about me, I would have been subtler but I wasn't interested in a maid, "Then give me a blow job," I demanded.

Without hesitation, Lily slid off the couch, getting to her knees on the floor in between my legs. Her apparent submission was stunning. Without any readable expression on her face, she reached up and unbuttoned my pants and made the effort to slide them down. I had to lift my hips to accommodate and while I was at it, I slumped down in my chair making my cock and balls fully accessible. I finally saw a change in Lily's expression, her eyes widened as my semi-rigid dick slipped out of my boxers into the light. She continued on until my pants were completely off and set aside. So not to miss anything, I unbuttoned my shirt to clear any obstruction of the show. Other than not knowing what to do about owning a young girl, this was turning out to be the best day ever!

Lily's hands came up to my dick followed by her small tongue. She had to get up high on her knees to reach the head of my circumcised piece of meat. For a moment I was concerned about her kneeling on the hard floor, that she would quickly become uncomfortable. That thought was promptly replaced with, "I've got a great day going, maybe she will whine about her knees on the floor and I will have to top off my day by turning her over my knee and spanking her sweet little ass! You know, punishment for whining."

Turned out, no whining. Just an exhorted effort to suck my dick. Her hands, mouth, and tongue seemed to know their way around a cock. With her mouth working the head, a hand stroking my shaft, her other hand cupping my balls, I just sat back and enjoyed. Watching her little Asian/Polynesian mouth stretched out over my cock was fabulous. She was doing her best to take me in but couldn't even get half of dick down her throat. She was getting me close to cumming, as her fingernails began digging into my ball sack, and her stroke got tighter and faster. But I wanted all the way in. The little exotic bitch wasn't going to get off so easy, if I was going to empty my balls it would be directly into her stomach.

I grabbed her pretty face with both hands and pulled her down on my cock. I'd give her six inches, a breath, then eight inches. She was choking and gagging but I liked it. When I was ready to unload, I pulled her all the way onto my cock and pressed her little chin into my balls. She had ten inches lodged down her slender, pretty neck, it was awesome. She was gagging, choking, swallowing, and gasping unsuccessfully for air, treating my dick to a great sensation. I held her there with her nose pinned against my pubic hair waiting to cum, enjoying her current crisis massaging my cock. Not knowing what would come first, me cumming down her airpipe or Lily passing out, I had a new sensation, a heightened sexual sense of dominance. Her heaving and panicking took me over the edge and I shot my load deep down her neck. It felt I released the biggest load of my life, I must have cum for thirty seconds straight. I fell back into my chair as I released her head. She slumped back onto her haunches coughing, and sucking down large gasps of air. Lily had lowered her head panting as my dick slowing drooped down resting in her hair on the back of her head. My cock was covered in my cum and long stringy spittle that only comes from deep down inside a pretty girl's throat.

I was expecting her to get up screaming at me, telling me what an asshole I am, and where I could go. But instead, once she gathered herself, she looked up at me with her delicately applied lipstick smeared across her mouth and her mussed up hair with sweaty ringlets framing her pretty abused face and watering, red, almost bloodshot eyes. Instead of yelling, she leaned in and began to lick my dick clean. I sat there watching in disbelief, could this really be happening, owning my own little sex toy? But then again, looking back at my day, I also had just won eighty grand?

"Where is the rest of your stuff?" I asked nodding towards her bag.

"That's everything," she said softly.

"Well get it, I'm going to take a shower and get some sleep," I said getting up and moving towards the only door in my loft that happened to lead to my bedroom. There will be time to deal with the girl after I get some sleep.

Lily quietly followed me with her bag. I was shedding clothes, heading for the master bath. I turned on the shower and considered for a moment to have Lily joined me but decided I just wanted to go to bed. After a quick shower I walked back into the bedroom to find Lily sitting on the edge of my bed with her hands folded in her lap. She seemed to be waiting for me to say something so I told her to take a shower and come to bed.

By the time she came back out with a towel wrapped around her, I was in bed and almost asleep. I told her to lose the towel and come to bed. I know I was tired and my eyes were a bit blurred, but when that towel dropped, a goddess appeared before me. She was perfection. Not an ounce of fat anywhere on her body but not skinny. The curve of Lily's breasts was perfect. Her tummy was wonderfully flat right down to the soft sparse hair of her cunny. Her skin was flawless, she was the most feminine being I had ever set eyes on. I threw back the covers next me and she crawled in. Laying on my back, I pulled her into my side with my arm holding her close. She cuddled right in, so soft and warm.

"Scratch my balls, please."

"Yes, sir" was all that was said as she draped her arm over my hip and softly ran her fingernails across by balls as I fell asleep.

It was well into the afternoon before I woke up. It could have all been a dream, except I awoke with Lily's little hand still cupping my balls and her asleep next to me. Looking at how pretty she was sleeping there added to the boner I usually wake up to. She just does something to me, something erotic. My blood pressure rose, my adrenaline started pumping and I needed to stick my dick in her, anywhere. I slid out from her and she rolled onto her stomach. I moved to straddle the back of her of thighs on my knees, and lifted her butt up by her hips. Her ass looked perfectly small in my large hands with my cock laying on it, it was going to be a tight fit. She was waking up and arching her back up like a cat, raising her little cunny for me. The head of my cock fiddled around, pressing into her lips, sliding up and down, nudging her clit, generating some moisture between my pre-cum and her reaction to my intentions.

After a few minutes of dick on cunt foreplay, I pushed the hood of my cock inside her. That slight motion drew a grunt and a groan from both of us. I just stayed there enjoying the tightness as she wiggled around getting more comfortable. Watching her squirm, seeing the muscles in her back flex and twist was so sexy. I could possess her whole little ass within my two hands. With an inch or two embedded, I pushed Lily's hips back down flat on the bed. I pushed her arms up and held them above her head, and trapped her legs tight in between my knees. Relaxing, I laid down on top of her as my dick began the slow journey into the tightest little hole it had it ever experienced. Trapped against her tummy flat on the bed and her legs pressed tight together, there didn't seem there would be enough room for me.

The only words shared between us was Lily exhaling, "Oh god."

Moving my hips forward, I gained inch after inch. With every forward motion, Lily was becoming wetter and within moments her cunny spasmed. Halfway in, I pulled back out nice and slow before grinding my pelvis back down into her. Back and forth, gaining more length with each stroke, I was determined to sink my dick to its hilt or bump into the back of her twat. Whichever comes first.

It took some pushing to make it past her cervix but finally I met my goal. God, she was so tight, so sensual, so willing to take my cum. It was obvious by her reactions that she was being touched in sensitive areas never touch before. I couldn't help but lengthening my stroke and pushing Lily's cunny down into the bed and forcing her arms and head into the headboard. My dick was enjoying the sensation so much, this wasn't making love. This was masturbation, with a sex toy.

My first full, hard stroke took Lily over the top. Her little body writhed in organism, as my new little doll vibrated and pulsated around my dick. I should have let her ride the wave before taking her to the next but I was into self-pleasuring. She flooded us with her sexual fluids that followed my cock and even lubricated between her thighs that were held tightly together my legs. So, I just fucked her harder, one strong stroke after another. Not real fast, but hard. Slow stroke out and a slam to the hilt back in. I was loving it.

As I started to get my grove, I wanted to enjoy my petite piece of ass to the fullest. I slid one hand under her chest and grabbed her perfect handful of titty. The other hand went to her ass and placed my thumb up against her tiny anal hole. Hearing Lily scream as I twisted her nipple and pressed as far as I could into her asshole gave me the personal fulfillment I was looking for. I pumped and pumped and ejaculated for the first time in Lily's preciously sweet pussy as her little cunny quivered and her anal ring pulsated around my thumb.

I collapsed, completely covering little Lily. I shocked myself on how little concern I had for her well being and only moved when I was ready. Rolling off Lily, I got up to take a shower. We had slept and fucked almost until dinner time, I was hungry. Lily just laid there, face down on the bed. She had regained her composure but not her ability to get up. As I entered the bathroom I said, "make some food."

By the time I was done getting cleaned up, Lily was out in the kitchen area reheating some of the poker night leftovers. Lordy she's hot. Walking around in a man's undershirt, what we use to call a "wife beater," she couldn't have been sexier. It came down to her upper thighs, but was very thin material and loose arm holes that I couldn't keep my eyes off of. I could see the color and shape of her nipples poking through the front and the sides sagged down nearly to her waist that gave me a glimpse of titty every time she walked by. Even cooking, she is the most sensual being I have ever been in the presence of. I don't understand why she is bringing the monster out in me but even sitting here, all I want to do is turn her over my knee and slap her butt . . . hard.

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