High Valley


Mom came up beside me and said "How deep is this cave?"

I told her I had not been any farther back than where we were now. I had only looked in but had not gone any deeper.

"Can we explore it tomorrow?" Mom asked.

I moved to where I could see light from the lightening flashes that were contained in the dark clouds. Mom came up to my right side, hooked an arm over my shoulder pressed a breast on either side of my arm and laid her head on my shoulder.

I said ""Sure we can look around tomorrow. It will be fun."

It was nearly dark now except when the flashes came. Mom reached over and took my cock in her hand. Milking is slowly almost as an involuntary action.

"What a marvelous and beautiful place. I've never seen anything like it."

She paused milked my cock a few times exposing the head and then covering it back with the foreskin.

"What ever has caused Carrie and I to have such wild desires is also wonderful. I can not get enough of you and your magnificent cock."

I said "What ever it is I'm happy I brought you and Carrie up here. I think you've both turned in to a couple of nymphomaniacs. I love it and I love you Mom. Fucking you was something I've wanted to do for years."

Mom cut me off laughing "I think it was me that fucked you. Remember?"

My cock was fully erect now and she was still milking it slowly. I said "I wonder if any woman that comes up here would be affected the same way you and Carrie are?"

Mom asked "Who are you thinking of bringing next time? I can see you've got someone in mind. Come on out with it. There is someone you know that you want to fuck and as yet have not done so. Is it that young Doctors' wife that moved in across the street? What is her name? Oh yes Patty. Now there is a beautiful girl. Raven haired and those fine tits she likes to show off. Is that who you're thinking about?"

"Well she would surely make a good fuck I do believe. But no; I was thinking of someone older. But now that you mention it I wonder how a married couple would react to this crazy sensation you girls have encountered up here. I doesn't seem to be effected in the same way as you and Carrie. So it might be fun to see a married couple with maybe say you and I along for the trip and guides."

Mom said "You're such a devil. Tell me who you want to fuck that is older. Maybe just one other woman next time for a test and then maybe a couple later on. One I would enjoy also. I may include myself in the mix might I?"

I said "Yes! Of course I would want you to be part of anything I plan for. I love you but it might be fun to watch you fuck or suck someone. Is there anyone you would like to add to the mix as you call it?"

Mom laughed and said "Oh, God I'm so bad. I was just thinking of that uppity bitch from the church Carla Wayner. Christ she thinks her shit don't stink. The way she walks pushing her hips out forward as if to say (I've got a cunt under my dress.) I really would like to see her put in her place."

"Don't know how we would ever talk her into coming up here but the one I'm thinking of may just be willing to join us." I said almost day dreaming with the idea.

Mom turned around in front of me kissed me on the mouth and squatted down eye level with my cock.

She said "Will you please tell me who you have in mind?" then she very carefully opened her mouth sucking my cock head into her wet warm mouth.

Sliding her mouth back and forth a few times she pulled back and asked again "Now tell me who it is?"

I smiled and said "Well if you must know I was thinking of Grandmother Stark. I know that sounds crazy but I think it would make a great weekend you, me and Grandma. I think she would enjoy being asked to come up here."

Mom let go of my cock laughed and said "Is there any one else in the family that you want to fuck? I can understand why you would want to fuck your Grandmother. You've always liked girls with big tits and blonde hair. Wilma has not been out on a date or a while maybe she would enjoy it. You fucking her that is."

I was surprised at how casually Mom took to the idea of me fucking Dad's mother. But she was right Grandma Stark had some big tits and at sixty four was still a good looking woman.

I had the idea also maybe Mom would like to join in on a threesome with Gram. Now that sounded like fun.

I also wondered how we would get away with out Carrie. Carrie has been bitten by this crazy bug and would want to come up too. I seem to be going alright with two. But with three I'm not sure. Then it dawned on me why not invite another guy to join us. But the only question would be who. It would have to be some one that could keep a secret and yet entertain the idea of having sex with several women of different ages over and over again. I laughed. What healthy young man would not want to do such a thing?

Coming back to the moment I let go with a thundering explosive ejaculation for dear Mother to enjoy. Enjoy it she did swallowing and moaning with delight milking my cock of every last drop and licking the tip to finish it off.

"Marvelous darling." I said. "What a magnificent cocksucker you are. I was just dreaming of when we get home. How would you like me to fuck your charming ass? I get so horny thinking of my cock going up your fine firm ass dear Mother."

"Oh Keith; you are so much like your father. He loved to fuck me doggie so he could watch his cock going in my asshole. You're so much alike. He wanted me to tell him about the boys that fucked me in college as he was fucking me. He always said he wanted to watch me suck off some one. But he never pushed it. I think it made him get extra horny just talking about it. But you're different there I believe you really do want to watch me fuck or suck another guy. Do you have anyone in mind?" Mother was talking about wild sex, group sex and lesbian sex as if it was the dinner menu or the weather.

This was truly something I had never planed on.

But I liked this unexpected turn of events.

As I dropped off to sleep I was thinking of who I could get to join us on our next adventure to High Valley. I needed another guy to help out and I was very excited thinking about Grandma Stark.

High Valley; Second adventure

Morning came with a cool breeze and the sun already up. I rolled out walked outside to take a piss. Mom came out watched me and then casually walked near by squatted and relieved herself without the slightest embarrassment. Some how this made me feel good. We were so close now that want was so natural was not to be hidden.

Carrie slept a while longer and Mom started breakfast. I made a small fire. Then sit back to watched Mom moving around still naked and as beautiful as ever.

After breakfast Mom asked again if we could go deeper into the cave. Carrie was up and still sipping coffee but when we talked about going deeper Carrie seemed scared and not willing to join us.

We said fine and with lantern in hand we headed back into the dark depths cautiously.

I went first with Mom holding on to my waist with a short length of rope. It was easy going for over a hundred feet. The ceiling was well above our heads.

The passage was wide and the floor was almost smooth. There was a hint of fresh air coming head on. We made a turn to the right going deeper into the solid rock of the mountain. We came to a larger room. I walked around the sides checking for an outlet. In the centre of the room was a rock table about three feet high. We stopped sat down and talked a little.

"Mom you do know what is going on don't you. I mean there is something up here in the valley that has caused you and Carrie to go nuts with the sex thing. I don't mind, I like the idea of having sex with you both. Gods knows I've wanted to fuck you for years. But this is strange. Don't you agree?" I said.

Mom was sipping from her water bottle and looking at me over the rim. "Keith: You're my son and I know that want we have been doing is not accepted in most circles. Yet I feel perfectly natural touching you and making love to you. I've felt so completely satisfied with you making love to me. I don't want to stop or change anything. I know when we get back and you're back in your apartment and I'm at home I'll still want you as often as we can get together." Mom said letting her voice trail off as something came to mind that took her mind off the subject of us and sex.

I said "You'll still have Carrie at home every day. You two seemed to be getting very well acquainted. Carrie seems to enjoy lesbian love and sex. But as for me I'll want to see you too as often as we can make it."

"Keith will you make love to me here and how?" Mom asked as she lad back on the flat surface.

I did not answer I just sat the lantern on a near by rock and slowly turned to watch Mom remove her jeans. I dropped my jeans and walked to her cock in hand.

It was a slow loving a less violent attack. We hugged, kissed and took time to fondle one another. I was looking down into her eyes as I slipped into her. I had one leg hooked with my arm to keep her ass up close. I was ramming into her hard but not fast. I made each downward push fill her up and sent shivers through both of us. I was close when she moaned and let out a little sound that told me she was going to join me.

We shivered shook and ground to a halt. My cock was still jerking but I was sure it was empty of all it had to give. I move back and kneeled beside her.

Mom looked at me moved over to take my somewhat wilted cock in her mouth. She sucked the juice off my cock, milked it a few times and them sat up.

"I like doing that. I liked to taste your cum and my juices when they are all mixed together." She said.

"You're pretty damn wonderful at it too. I love to see you sucking on my cock. I know most people would not think it so special to watch your mother with your cock in her mouth, but damned if it isn't something to watch. Besides you're so fucking good at sucking cock." I mused.

"Get dressed and we'll take a few more minutes to look around then we have to head back." I said as I took the lantern and held it high.

That is when I noticed the little speckles of blue in the rock.

I'm no gemologist but I knew enough to know this was somewhat different than anything I've ever seen before. Mom came up hooking her arm over my shoulder.

"What do you think the blue things are?" she asked.

"I really don't know. But ever since I found this place there have been something different about it. As I told you it's not on any map, it's not on any aerial survey and what ever they are it may have something to do with this valley being special and it may also be the reason why you and Carrie are so involved in sex. You'll have to admit you two have been fucking nuts about sex ever since you stepped into the valley." I said.

Mom thought about this and said "Maybe it simply takes away ones inhabitations. What Carrie and I feel seems to just be natural and normal. You being my son makes no difference when it comes to how I feel about you and how I want to have sex with you. You're here and so am I. So it just seems right."

"Maybe you're right. If it is something in the rock maybe if I take some small rocks back with me we can test this theory on some one and see if it works out." I said thinking of Grandma Stark.

"Mom laughed and said "Christ now that would be funny. Gram and you getting it on in front of me. She has always been so much of a prude and self-righteous. Seeing her and you would be so funny." Mom said.

We moved to the small crack in the wall and stood there.

I said "I want to chip off a few samples and head back. What do you say?"

Mom nodded her head and after getting a small bag full of chips we headed back the way we came.

We packed up camp and headed back down the mountain. We arrived home and I told Mom I wanted to go into the office and make sure every thing was running okay. I told her I would be home early and we would go out to dinner. She said that would be nice as I headed out the door.

I got back about two hours later than I have planed to fine Mom already dressed and Carrie gone. Carrie went to a friend's house and was going to stay the night. I wondered about that but it was not my concern. I knew that Carrie had awakened her lesbian desires. I hoped she would be happy with it.

Mom and I arrived at the Riverside Mountain restaurant and were seated at a window table so we could see the river below.

The waitress came and took our drink orders and left us to look at the menu. The waitress looked familiar but I could not remember from where. She was a tall red head with big green eyes and a fine outstanding pair of knockers. And I do mean out standing.

Mom looked at me and said "Do you know that young lady Keith?"

"I'm not sure but it's hard to believe I would forget a pair of tits like those." I said smiling.

"God I feel like a third party." Mom said.

I know she was joking so I said "When we get home we'll make a nice night of it with some more wine and soft music."

"Why wait I could suck you off on the way home in the car."

"Now there is an idea I like."

Mom looked at me and said "Keith did you bring some of the rocks with you. Is that why I feel so fucking horny?"

I said "Just a few small ones to test your theory. This may be fun. Or don't you want to know if they work?"

"Sure I wanted to test them but not on a stranger. I was thinking of Gram. But they are effecting me as well. I'm so needful I could go crazy before we get out of here."

I told her to hang on and after we eat we'll go. I wanted to stay and have a few dances but if Mom is that turned on I think its best if we go after dinner.

The wine seemed to let her get some control and cool it a bit. As for the tall red head every time she approached the table she looked nervous. She was looking at me smiling and showing signs of flirting. But she seemed to be able to control it but she was sure as hell affected by the stones.

It seems the food and drink had some softening of the strange effects from the stones. I asked Mom to have one dance with me and then we would go.

As we moved slowly around the dance floor I noticed a few couples acting nervous. One young couple started kissing very passionately. I noticed a lady that was older them Mom feeling up her date. He looked surprised but he did not push her hand away. I guess these rocks do not effect man.

I got Mom out of there as quickly as I could. However the waitress managed to write her phone number on the ticket. I thought that might be a good thing.

I later put the rocks away in the basement in a locked box. I wanted no more of this until I knew more about it.

But then there was always Grandma Stark.


If you want more of this one let me know...

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