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Highway Memories


As she drives down the highway, her mind wanders to the last time that she and her lover were together. She could still feel the first embrace of his arms, the first kiss on her lips, and the smell of him after being apart for so long. Oh how she missed him during those weeks that they could not be together. How she longed to be with him, if even for a few brief moments, but she knew the reasons why they could not be together and accepted them no matter how much it hurt her heart. She could recall that meeting on that night from beginning to end and it brought a smile to her face and an ache from below.

She remembered how her heart began pounding the closer she got to the hotel that he had reserved for them a couple of days earlier. The traffic had grown thicker towards the city and began to back-up, she grew very angry and tense because it was slowing her down to get to her lover. She took some shortcuts and still made it to the hotel without any major delays. She sighed a breath of relief and tried to slow the pounding in her chest.

As she came through the parking lot, she looked for her lover and his new car. In the distance, she could see him standing, waiting, and she admired at how handsome he was. Her breath was taken away as she pulled into the parking spot and he smiled at her with a look of happiness. She was so anxious to get out of the car, that she almost forgot to take her seatbelt off and take the keys out of the ignition. As she got out, he came around his car and met her halfway. She can still feel that first kiss. So gentle. So loving. She never wanted it to end. He held her face as he brought her closer, kissing her, and allowing his arms to wrap themselves around her. She felt so safe. So loved. So wanted in his arms.

After a few minutes of kissing and holding each other, they gathered their things from the vehicles and entered the hotel. This hotel held memories already and that night they were going to create more memories. They checked in at the front desk and realized they were assigned the same room they had the last time they were there. They chuckled about this as they entered the elevator. For six floors, they kissed, embraced and felt the anticipation of finally being alone grow stronger inside of them.

She and her lover entered the room making small talk and putting their bags down. They stood there for a few minutes looking at each other and she didn't know what to do, what he would do, the anticipation was killing her. Finally, they moved closer without even realizing it and embraced. Kissing gently at first, allowing each other's scents to mingle, it was as if they had never been separated.

The gentle kisses grew longer, more passionate until finally the anticipation of being with each other took over. Her lover's hands roamed along her body, remembering every curve, every spot that drove her crazy with desire. She held him close allowing him to love her. RING!!! Her lover's phone starting ringing and broke the frenzy. It was his best friend, a man whom she had never met, but wanted to at some point. He tried frantically to get off the phone, telling his friend whom he was with and that he wanted to be with her. She laughed at this since she knew his friend was probably drunk and just wanted to talk.

Her lover ended the conversation and returned to her with his arms open and she could feel the desire in him. It was as strong as the desire she had in herself for him. She loved this man with all her heart and wanted to be with him and give him all of herself. He started by kissing her lips, down her neck and pulled her on top of him onto the bed. It had felt so good being with him like that. They undressed each other and the feeling of their bare skin next to each other drove them mad.

Before she knew it, her lover had pulled her to the end of the bed, he stood between her legs, gave a quirky smile and got on his knees. As he put his face into her pussy, he pulled her legs closer to him in order to enter her with his tongue. She felt his tongue tracing her pussy, playing with her clit, and she opened her legs wider knowing what was to come. Her lover was so attentive, so loving and always brought her to orgasm. He used his teeth, tongue and lips, causing her right leg to shake. "Baby, baby, baby" she cried to him as she felt her body receiving extreme pleasure.

He looked up at her from her pussy and she could see the gleam of happiness in his eyes and he went at her pussy with more aggression bringing her to orgasm. Her lover stood up, his cock hard and ready to enter her, but he didn't enter her right away, he teased her pussy with his cock. He took his cock and smacked her pussy with it, teased her aching lips, and inserted just the head. Just when she thought he would enter her fully, he pulled out and teased her again. "Oh please fuck me", she thought in her head. Finally, he put the head of his cock in and entered her slowly. Oh god, it felt so good feeling him in her again.

His cock fit her pussy perfectly. He slowly fucked her at first, their bodies as one, kissing each other, feeling each other; she had missed this so much. Her lover began fucking her harder, she could feel his cock hit her walls as he went deeper into her. His balls hitting her ass as he fucked her.

She looked up and watched his cock go in and out of her pussy, she noticed him doing the same. Such a beautiful sight, she and her lover fucking. They became more intense in their fucking, louder, more animalistic until her lover was ready to orgasm. She watched as his face grew tight, the vein in his forehead popping out and he groaned as he came in her. She loved feeling his cock throb in her as he came. She could feel his cum enter her as he started to relax and lay on top of her, holding and kissing her.

They laid there for a few minutes loving each other until RING!!!! The damn phone again. And again, it was his best friend. He was drunk and wanting her lover to come and get him from a hunting trip. He laughed it off and told his friend good night and focused his attention to her.

She and her lover grew hungry and decided to order food into the room. She didn't want to get dressed and didn't want to lose a moment with him. After the food arrived, they sat at the desk in the room and shared a meal together. The radio was on and she sang out of tune to many of the songs. He didn't mind. He seemed to enjoy it. He at times had even joined in. They laughed at things they heard on the radio and at one point; she had laughed so hard it brought tears to her eyes. She loved being with him, he always made her laugh and feel so good.

During the meal, the desire to be with each other again grew. She had suggested they pull out the handcuffs and as her lover did, the urge to use them subsided as they began kissing. Tonight was not the night for this, not after being apart for so long. They longed to be with each other. And again, they became one. Before her lover came, he turned her to her knees and pulled her to the end of the bed, licking her pussy to her ass, she quivered. He tried entering her ass and found that more lubrication was needed. He found the lubrication and applied it to his hard cock, as she opened her ass cheeks for him to enter her. The head of his cock penetrated her ass and she gasped.

Slowly he pushed his cock into her ass as he pulled her hips closer to him. A rush of euphoria came over her as he slowly started fucking her ass. It felt so good she had thought. There were only a couple of men in her life that she allowed to fuck her in the ass and her lover was one of them. She begged him to fuck her harder and he obliged.

Harder, harder he slammed his cock into her, a little hesitant at first, he didn't want to hurt her, but the more she begged, the harder he fucked her. Oh no!! He slipped out and was not able to enter again. That was okay though. She loved the fact that they shared that moment. Her lover suggested that she go get cleaned up, so she had gone into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

While washing herself, he came in and asked to join her. "Of course", she replied and opened the curtain for him to enter. She had the soap in her hand and with her other hand grabbed his cock and began stroking it to wash it. He put his hand on the wall to keep his balance and closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure. She loved seeing his face when she was giving him pleasure.

After both of them were cleaned and rinsed, he turned her around to face the wall, pushed her legs apart and entered her pussy from behind. She groaned with pleasure as she felt him enter her and fuck her again. After he had cum, he pulled her close to him and kissed her whispering that he loved her. She knew he loved her and one day hopefully they could be together always.

After drying off they laid in the bed next to each other, skin to skin. He traced her body with his hands, kissed her on her breasts, stomach and legs. He turned her over on her stomach and gave her a massage. His hands so strong, yet soft against her skin. Again, she could feel the desire from him growing between her legs where his cock was rested while he touched her. He turned her onto her back again. Kissing her lips, her neck, down to her breasts where he took her hard nipples into his mouth and sucked and nibbled on them.

The aching in her pussy began to grow, wanting him in her. His mouth moved down her stomach and again rested in her pussy. Her lover licked, kissed and nibbled her clit, sending her body into pleasure once more. He used his fingers this time, inserting them first into her pussy, pressing up to find the spot that made her legs tremble. Her lover then slid a finger down to her ass and inserted it while working her pussy with his mouth. "Oh baby, baby, baby", she cried again. He looked up at her for a brief moment and returned to what he was doing, knowing she was close to cumming.

As her body released itself to him, he moved between her legs and plunged his cock deep into her, causing her to gasp. He fucked her harder this time. Harder than before. Almost animalistic and she clawed at him and begged for more. Again, his face tightened, the vein on his forehead popped up and as he looked down at her said "I love you" and he came. They laid next to each other again and lovingly touched and kissed each other until she drifted off into a restful sleep.

The sound of the alarm clock woke them up and she had rolled over to turn it off. She laid on her stomach until she felt him move up behind her and kiss her back. She knew what was next and was anticipating his cock entering her.

As she laid on her stomach, he spread her legs apart and entered her from behind. "Oh my love", she said as he began a slow morning fuck. "What a way to wake up", she thought and wished this could happen every morning. He fucked her until he came and laid down next to her. She didn't want to leave this man today she cried to herself. Finally, she decided it was time to shower and get ready for the inevitable.

After she got into the shower, he entered the bathroom and asked to join her. She smiled and he joined her under the warm water. She asked him if she could wash him and he joyfully said yes. She grabbed the shampoo, putting just a little in her hands and while facing him, washed his hair. She allowed her hands to move around his head feeling every bump and curve. His eyes were closed and he had a peaceful smile on his face.

After having him rinse his hair, she grabbed the soap and started washing him. She started with his shoulders, down his chest, down each arm to the fingers. Washed his stomach, down each leg, each foot and then his cock and balls. He moaned with pleasure. She had him turn around to face the wall and washed his back, down his ass, gently nibbling it as she passed, and down the back of his legs.

She moved back up and pushed her body up against his, feeling his soapy skin against hers. She ran her arms around him to his chest and laid her head on his back. She never wanted to let go. She wanted to stay with him like this forever. But she knew she must.

It was his turn to wash her. He ran his soapy hands on her body, making sure to get every spot. She could feel the love he had for her in his touch. They both rinsed off and stood in the shower holding each other and kissing each other. At one point she had looked at him and almost lost her breath. She loved this man so much. And in his eyes, she knew he felt the same way.

Knowing their time was almost over, they got dressed. It was quiet, somber. She could feel the disappointment and sadness in the room. Neither of them had wanted their time together to end. After they were dressed, things gathered up, they looked at each other and knew that they would be together as soon as they could again. When that was, neither knew. But they knew they would be together again. They were addicted to each other, craved each other and needed each other in so many ways.

She and her lover walked quietly to their cars. Saying quiet, sad goodbyes and proclaiming their love for each other. Oh god, how she wanted to stay with him. It hurt her heart to see him get into his car as she got into hers and pull away. At the light, she had looked over to her left and saw him there, looking at her with sadness and she knew how he felt. The light turned and they drove off into separate directions. Of course, every song she heard on the radio while driving the highway reminded her of him and she cried most of the way home.

But here she was again, driving that same highway to be with her lover again. Recalling that night made the drive go by quicker. She turned off the highway and into the city, following the same route she had taken many times before. As she drove into the parking lot, her lover was standing there, waiting for her and he smiled at her as she pulled into the parking spot. Another night of memories was to be made for her next drive on the highway.

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