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Hijab Girls and Shemales


Call me Sammy, please. I kind of prefer it to my full name, Samirah Taariq. I'm a young woman living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. The daughter of a Lebanese father and Somali mother. I was raised in the City of Baalbek in Southern tier of the Republic of Lebanon, and have lived in Canada for the past ten years. I'm nineteen years old. My mother Fatuma died giving birth to me so I was raised primarily by my father and his family. People say that I'm quite the tomboy. Tomboy in a hijab and a skirt, that's me. As if. Anyhow, these days I study Criminology at Carleton University. Life in university is a lot of fun and also full of challenges. Ottawa is a pretty dull town so I have to make my own fun. Not a problem because I am extremely creative, as you're about to find out.

Growing up in a conservative Muslim household left me with a lot of repressed desires, and I am finally free to explore them. My father Salim Taariq recently moved to the City of Toronto because of his job with the Royal Bank of Canada. Got promoted in the Dominion Securities Division of the most famous bank in Canada. I miss my dad but I was happy to be independent and free for the first time in my life. This leaves our big house in the suburb of Barrhaven all to myself. Ah, the naughty things an innocent-looking Muslim gal like me can do when left to her own devices. I have a thing for bisexual guys and I'm also into shemales or transsexuals, whatever they prefer to be called. I like male to male action, with a female watching or participating. Also, I like chicks with dicks. I don't know why I am turned on by such things.

In hindsight, I think it's because of all the bisexual and transsexual porn I used to see stashed around my cousin Mahmoud's place. He's a pervert of the first caliber. Dude recently married some Chinese chick who has no idea that the supposedly charming, easygoing Lebanese businessman she married is into guys and chicks with dicks. Oh, well. I won't be the one to tell her. Some things a gal has to figure out for herself, you know? Anyhow, I've been seeing this guy named Todd Avignon for the past month or so. Todd is a tall, brawny young Black man I met at the Carleton University library. He's originally from Buffalo, New York, and he's spending a year with us at Carleton before going back to his school, Buffalo State College. I don't normally go for Black guys because the ones in Ottawa are shysters but Todd was different. He's from the United States and has that All-American swagger. Well, Haitian-American swagger, I guess. He told me his father is Haitian, his mom is African-American and he speaks both French and English. Todd was really cool, and he was really good in bed. The good thing is that he's bisexual and doesn't mind putting on a show for me. That's hot.

Todd Avignon is fun to date. He takes me to movie theaters and restaurants, and he also knows how to show a gal a good time. Recently we went to see the movie The Dictator together at the Blair Cineplex in Gloucester, Ontario. The theater was almost empty because it was a Wednesday afternoon. We sat in the back, and guess what he convinced me to do? Dude knelt before me and spread my long skirt. We've gotten busy before but never in such a public setting. There were only four other people in the movie theater and they sat up front. I was kind of worried they might see us and call the theater security people. Nothing of the sort happened. My sexy African-American stud knelt before me and reached for my pussy. Todd was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't wearing any panties. What? Why does it surprise people when I tell them that I, a hijab-wearing biracial Muslim woman, often leave the house without any panties on? It gets hot in Ottawa in the summer!

Todd is really good at licking pussy. Dude was fingering my snatch and teasing my clitoris with his tongue like there was no tomorrow. I had to bite my lips to keep myself from crying out in sheer pleasure as he worked his magic on me. He brought me to a shuddering orgasm in twenty minutes and left me moaning and squealing in pleasure. Luckily the movie was quite loud since they were at that scene with the wedding at the end and the people sitting upfront didn't hear us. They could have spotted us and called security and I wouldn't have cared. Todd's tongue in my cunt, that was my definition of paradise! We went to the back of the movie theater, and fucked in the bushes near a certain restaurant with a cowboy theme.

Once we got there, we made sure we were alone then we did our thing. Todd just bent me over, pulled down my skirt and fucked me. I backed my ass up against him as he smashed my pussy with his thick cock. Todd has a thick, uncircumcised black snake for a penis. I've never seen an uncut dick before and I love playing with it. Todd fucked me real hard until he was about to cum, then he pulled me off him. I whirled around, grabbed his dick and took him into my mouth. I made the sexy Haitian-American stud give up his manly juices, and gobbled up every last drop. Then I smiled at him, wiping a few stray droplets of cum from my hijab. Am I naughty or what?

Todd is amazing. Last night, we had our first threesome. With a sexy biracial transsexual named Lady Ebony. She's half Black and half Mexican, standing around five-foot-eight, slim but curvy where it counts, with big tits, sexy legs and a round, pretty face. Kind of reminds me of Rihanna for some reason. I like slim light-skinned chicks with big round butts. I'm five-foot-ten, chubby but sexy, with light brown skin, long curly Black hair and pale bronze eyes. I'm hot and I know it. My man Todd loves my big round booty, but since he's bisexual he also has other needs and I'm okay with that. Lady Ebony is a transsexual porn star who's appeared in over three hundred movies. I befriended her on Facebook and told her about my fantasy. We'd been talking for weeks before finally meeting. We had a blast together, her and I, along with Todd.

The three of us lay naked on the king-sized bed inside the master bedroom of my father's house. I sat there, watching Lady Ebony as she sucked on Todd's thick cock. The sexy transsexual sucked my boyfriend's dick with gusto. Todd winked at me and asked me to come on over. I smiled, knowing what he wanted. I straddled him, and began riding his face. Todd began licking my pussy while I rode him. I continued watching Lady Ebony sucking his dick. She seemed to be having a good time, well so was I. My boyfriend's tongue work is second to none. After riding his face for a while, we got into more fun stuff. Todd put a condom on and asked Lady Ebony to get on all fours. The sexy transsexual was quite eager to try my man's cock. As the lady of the house and the organizer of this steamy threesome, I decided to control the action. I told Todd to get behind Lady Ebony, and took over from there.

I made sure the condom was placed firmly on Todd's cock, then spread Lady Ebony's big ass cheeks. I applied lubricant all over the transsexual gal's asshole, then grabbed Todd's dick and pressed it against Lady Ebony's ass. Todd put his hands on Lady Ebony's hips and began fucking her. Lady Ebony moaned and urged Todd to fuck her harder. The more dick Todd pumped into Lady Ebony's ass, the harder Lady Ebony's slim but long brown dick got. I reached underneath her and stroked her dick, getting it really hard. I began sucking on Lady Ebony's cock while the sexy transsexual got fucked in the ass by Todd. My sexy bisexual stud fucked that ass like it was nothing. Lady Ebony squealed in delight from getting a blowjob from me while my man sodomized her. I sucked her off until she came, and then drank her seed. It tasted hot and salty, though not as delicious as my man Todd's masculine spunk.

A good time was had by all, ladies and gentlemen. We played kinkily, happily and best of all, safely. I want to make happy memories with my sexy stud Todd. I care about this handsome young Haitian-American a great deal. He's unlike anyone I've ever met. The only person in my entire life who has ever realized that hijab-wearing Muslim gals like are women with needs and desires just like normal women. The men of my faith find me boring because I dress conservatively. Sometimes I switch it up. I'll wear a T-shirt, jeans and step out of the house without my hijab. I've done it the few times I've gone to the club. It's fun, but it's only part of me. Not the whole me.

Todd sees all of me and accepts me for me. He has never asked me to change to please him. He knows the real me. And I accept him for who and what he is. In many ways we are perfect for each other. We're so alike underneath it all. The fact that he was raised Christian and my family is Sunni Muslim would be seen as a problem by most people. I want to be with Todd. If Muslim guys can be with Christian girls, then I can do the same thing. Even if it means going against the grain. I don't give a fuck what anyone, including my father, have to say. I want to be with Todd. He's the only man for me. It's my life, and while it lasts, I'll do what I want. I'm through with taking orders.

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