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Hijabi Woman And Black Lesbian


My name is Carla Hayden. I'm a young biracial and queer-identified woman living in the town of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I was born in the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland, to Maeve Hayden, an Irish Catholic mother and Djamal Adewale, a Nigerian father who converted from Islam to Atheism. Presently, I study business administration at Carleton University. I hold dual Irish and Canadian citizenships, which aren't all they're cracked up to be. Anyone looking at me sees a six-foot-tall gal with long black hair, hazel eyes and light brown skin. People often say I'm beautiful and exotic. The perks of having African and Caucasian blood mixing to create wonderfully unique me. I'm no slouch in the brains department either, unlike some pretty girls you'll meet every now and then. I have a story to share with you.

Growing up in a happily atheist household, I simply don't get religion. Especially deeply conservative religions like Islam. No, I'm not going to sign up or join them. Why? Hmmm. I have nothing against any religion per se. I like to do my own thing. I like to dress any way I like. I like smoking cigarettes. I like doing a little weed every now and then. I like going to the beach in swimsuits that reveal almost everything they're supposed to conceal. I also like to deal with men and women of diverse racial and religious backgrounds. I prefer women but men are okay to play with sexually sometimes. My roommate Aisha Abdul-Majid is Muslim, and she's originally from the region of Mount Liban in the Republic of Lebanon. She's around five-foot-eight, chubby, with dark bronze skin, long black hair and a huge round ass. I didn't know Arab chicks got booty until I met Aisha. Even though she's a prude like most of the hijab-wearing Muslim chicks on the Carleton University campus, I decided to have my way with her. I want to introduce a conservative Muslim woman to the joys of lesbian sex. Isn't that just wonderfully naughty of me?

Interestingly, Aisha is engaged to this Palestinian guy named Mahmoud and they're going to get married at the end of 2012. Mahmoud is a fat, dark-haired and bronze-skinned guy in his late thirties. Aisha thinks he's made out of gold because he's studying to become an Imam after failing at his real estate career. I think Mahmoud is a creep and I tried to warn Aisha about him but Muslim chicks can be so stubborn in their defense of Muslim men. My father warned me about Muslim guys, especially the Arab ones. You see, when he was a devout Nigerian Muslim, my father studied at a school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There, he experienced first-hand the abject racism of the Arabs. A lot of Arab men have Black women as their mistresses, though they rarely marry Black females. Those same Arab men would get a heart attack if they met a Black man who was married to an Arab woman. My father once married this Saudi woman named Fatuma Al-Dawar, and her family ran the couple out of Riyadh, where they lived at the time. They escaped to the United Kingdom, where a deeply depressed Fatuma took her own life a year later.

My crestfallen father walked away from Islam, having finally discovered that Arab men not only control the religion, but they also view all other Muslims from outside the Arab world as inferior. An Arab man doesn't consider a Nigerian Muslim or a Malaysian Muslim to be his equal. My father became an Atheist, and fell in love with my mother Maeve Hayden at the world-famous Queen's University of metropolitan Belfast in Northern Ireland. They raised me with staunch atheist values. Meaning that religion was looked down upon in our household. No Islam. No Christianity. No Judaism. No Hinduism. No Buddhism. Not even Agnosticism. And I'm very thankful for that. Religion is a destructive force in today's world. Without religion, we might have world peace by now. I see that secular education is under attack in Canada and elsewhere in the Western world. We don't need more religion. We need less of it.

Aisha is fascinated by me. I'm a young woman who does what she wants. Where she comes from, women are utterly submissive to men. Well, in Muslim parts of the Republic of Lebanon anyway. Forty percent of all Lebanese people are Christians, and even Aisha admits that Lebanese Christian women enjoy far more freedom than Lebanese Muslim women. Yet she never questions the fact that her future husband Mahmoud is banging a blonde-haired and green-eyed white chick named Meredith Baxter, a lawyer in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Sometimes, Muslim women truly puzzle me. They're the only women who don't seem to mind watching their men frolic with other women. Or so they would like us to believe. Islam allows for polygamy, but the female heart really doesn't. Even women who call themselves swingers have their limits. They might not mind if their husband or boyfriend sticks his cock into some woman, but let him connect with her emotionally and they start to feel threatened. I constantly tease Aisha, constantly reminding her that the Muslim guy she's saving herself for is out there banging all kinds of women. Modern women. Normal women. The kind of women who are Christian, Jewish or Atheist. Women who weren't raised to be men's slaves. Arab guys are fascinated by strong, independent and tough-minded Western women. They take Arab women for granted because Arab women for the most part are submissive wenches. Content to stay home and knit while the Arab men are out there having all kinds of fun.

One night, Aisha came home crying. That puzzled me because I'm usually the one who makes her cry by tormenting her with my Infidel ways. I wait for her to start her prayers then I tell her about the Arab guys I've fucked with my strap-on dildo. She would get mad and cry when I did this. Hey, I'm just trying to help her out. I want her to stop being so fucking submissive and think for herself. I constantly tell her that in the Western world, Muslim women aren't bound by Sharia Law. Muslim men can date and marry Christian women, Jewish women and Atheist women. Muslim women can only marry Muslim men. They're missing out because a lot of men from other religions and walks of life want to date them and treat them right. Muslim men living in the Western world avoid Muslim women like the plague. They go out, have their fun with Western women and then go home to marry some Muslim chick. They show far more respect to Western women than Muslim women because Muslim women rarely call the cops when a Muslim guy disrespects them or treats them badly. Western women won't hesitate to get a Muslim guy locked up by the cops if and when he gets out of line. Muslim men fear this. I tell Aisha that fear begins with respect. She won't listen to me.

Now, though, seeing her in tears, I was surprised. All I could do was gather her into my arms and hold her. I didn't know what happened but it must have been pretty bad. Aisha is more resilient than she seems. In between tears and sobs, she haltingly told me what happened. She surprised Mahmoud in a restaurant inside Saint Laurent Mall, making out with Meredith, his blonde hussy. Aisha confronted them, and Mahmoud got mad. He insulted her in Arabic and when she slapped him, he grabbed her. Thankfully, a white guy and a Hispanic-looking guy from Saint Laurent mall security were nearby and they restrained him until the cops got there. Mahmoud swore revenge as the Ottawa police hauled him away. Aisha came to me in tears. She was afraid of Mahmoud's vengeance. By confronting him like that, she brought dishonor to her family. Both Mahmoud's family and hers would be gunning for her with everything they had.

Aisha and I sat together on my couch. I held her against me, gently kissing her forehead. It wasn't a sexual thing. My mind wasn't on sex right now. I was thinking about Mahmoud. I know all about angry Arab guys. My father warned me about them when they get mad. They won't think twice about taking a woman's life. And by standing up to Mahmoud, Aisha was upsetting the social order. She would have to be dealt with, that would be the reasoning of the two families. I held Aisha's face in my hands and promised her I would stand by her, no matter what. Yay. Two women against a horde of angry men who felt that their religion and culture gave them power over women, no matter what where they lived in the world. What are our chances? I honestly don't know.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't notice Aisha was holding me tightly. Gently, she kissed me. The Lebanese woman kissed me full and deep, as if she'd been kissing women her entire life. Slowly, Aisha undressed me. Although surprised, I knew just what to do. We undressed each other, and soon we lay naked against one another. I admired Aisha's curvy body. She looked beautiful to me. Gently, we began exploring each other. I felt her lips against mine, and her hand between my thighs. Felt her fingers enter my pussy. I gasped. I moaned. Giggling, Aisha kissed me, silencing me as she fucked me. Even though I've been with many women before, and I was usually the dominant partner, all I could do was let go, completely surrender as my sexy Lebanese Muslim lady friend made love to me. When she spread my thighs and began licking my pussy, I cried out in sheer pleasure. Aisha made love to me, bringing me to a shuddering orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her, and we fell asleep in each other's arms. I don't know what tomorrow will bring for either of us. Tonight, I'm with her. And we're happy together.

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