tagLoving WivesHiking the Lake Trail

Hiking the Lake Trail


There are several state parks in our region of Illinois. One that is fairly close to our home has a moderately difficult hiking trail that my wife and I walk a few times a year. The spring after our golfing adventure (see our first erotic story), we decided to go for a quiet weekday picnic. There were very few campers and/or visitors. After grilling we decided to hike the lake trail. This trail is about 2 miles in length and has a rest area with a bench at about the halfway point.

Since the day was extremely mild with sunny skies, my wife and I were dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirts. My wife decided to not wear a bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the cotton material of her top. She has great tits (36C) with nipples that look like gum drops. She is about 5'7" with auburn colored hair and brown eyes. She has great legs and her pussy is totally shaved.

As we walked the trail, I let her take the point; because I wanted to watch her nice ass. When we reached the mid-point, we decided to rest on the bench along the side of the path. While resting we began to kiss and I started to play with her nipples through her top. As our kissing and necking proceeded, I removed her top and sucked on her nipples while she played with my erect cock. Before long we were both naked and extremely aroused. My wife laid down on the bench and spread her legs so that one leg was on each side of the bench. Her smooth and shaved pussy looked great and inviting.

As I knelt down at the end of the bench, I began eating her shaved pussy. Her clitoris was getting harder and harder as I licked and sucked and gently bit it. Also, I sucked and gently bit her labia. (One of her labia is larger and just cries to be sucked.) As I was eating her pussy she mentioned, "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this, someone may come along the path."

I tried to reassure her by saying, "Don't worry the park is almost vacant and the likelihood of someone hiking the trail is remote. Besides, we should be able to hear any foot steps in the leaves."

Somewhat reassured, my wife relaxed and reclined on the bench and I returned to eating her bald pussy. The whole time that I was eating her pussy, she was moaning and had her eyes closed with a facial expression of pleasure. I could sense that her clit was itching and her pussy needed a hard cock. So I rose to my feet and inserted my hard cock into her hot and wet pussy. As I slowly pumped my cock into her, I noticed a person off to the side. It was a college age guy wearing a local university t-shirt. He was not only watching, but was stroking his erect cock.

As I winked to our visitor, I asked my wife, "Wouldn't it be nice to have another cock, so that you could be sucking as I am fucking you?"

My wife commented with her eyes still closed, "That would be great, because right now I need all the cock that I could get."

I motioned to our visitor to come next to my wife's head and put his cock to her lips. As he did as told, it surprised my wife and her body from the waist up raised off the bench. As she looked at me, I remarked, "It's okay with me if you want the services of another cock."

With a shy smile my wife said to our new companion, "Well it is a nice cock and you are a nice looking guy. So let's get with it before a crowd develops."

I went back to fucking her pussy as she ate the cock of our new friend. (Later we discovered that our friend's name was Michael and he was a first year medical student at the local university.) Seeing my wife suck another cock is a great turn-on to me and I was more aroused than before. As I slammed her pussy, Michael was kissing and massaging my wife's tits and nipples. My wife was alternating between sucking and stroking Michael's hard cock.

As I continued to fuck my wife, she begged, "Please finger my clit as you fuck me. I want to have an orgasm." I took my cock out of her pussy and rubbed it against her clit to lubricate it. As I reentered her pussy, Michael reached over and began to feverishly finger her clit.

Michael remarked, "I have never seen a totally shaved pussy. It is so smooth and beautiful." As Michael continued to finger my wife, I could feel her have the first of many orgasmic contractions. I knew that my wife was about to have an orgasm. As wave after wave of pleasure went through her body, Michael and I continued to enjoy her married bald pussy.

After recovering from her orgasm, my wife said, "What are you boys waiting for? Don't you want to enjoy an orgasm also?"

My only response was, "Of course we do!" With that I went back to pumping her pussy as Michael resumed having his cock sucked.

I decided that Michael and I should trade places. So I mentioned to him, "Come and take my place between my wife's legs and enjoy not only the view of a shaved pussy, but also it's pleasures."

"Thanks for the invite." Michael said as he slid his cock into my wife's well lubricated pussy. As Michael fucked her pussy, my wife sucked on my cock until I exploded on her tits.

As my wife was spreading my cum over her tits, she requested of Michael, "Don't ejaculate in my pussy; I want your cum over my pussy, clit, and stomach." Before she could finish her sentence, Michael pulled out and ejaculated over her pussy with such intensity that some of his semen made its way to her tits and was intermixed with mine.

After we recovered, Michael used his t-shirt to clean up my wife which meant that he walked back on the trail bare-chested. Which my wife didn't mind, because he was quite muscular.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon with Michael at our picnic site. He gave my wife his telephone number and the disappointing news that he would be moving in a few months to the central part of the state for the final years of his medical school training. Nevertheless, we were able to hook up with Michael a couple of times.

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