tagErotic CouplingsHiking With Kim Ch. 05

Hiking With Kim Ch. 05


I woke up at five thirty, stuffed the bird, and had him in the oven by six o'clock. There really wasn't much to do until about an hour or so before we would eat, so I went back to bed hoping for a few hours of shut eye. After about an hour, I figured this wouldn't work. I got up, showered, threw on some Christmas music, and vacuumed. The phone rang around nine, and it was Kim, "We'll be there at ten, if that's okay. We have a few presents for you. I thought you could open them before dinner."

"Ten is fine," I replied. "I have a few gifts for you also."

I lit the fire and brought in a few more logs. I had an envelope for Kim, and placed it on the bough of the tree along with a couple Christmas cards I had for her and her mother. I was opening the cranberry sauce when she drove up in the Jeep. I watched as Kim and her mom climbed the front stairs.

Upon opening the door, I extended my hand to Kim's mom. "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Poulan." She pushed my hand aside and gave me a hug. "Merry Christmas to you, Ken, and please, call me Ellen." She stepped inside and stopped, "Oh my, this is lovely," She exclaimed, looking over the entire room. "Kim was right behind her with an armful of gifts.

"Mom, will you just go in! I have to use the bathroom." I took Ellen's coat, while Kim raced down the hallway.

"How was your ride over?" I asked Ellen with a smile.

"You know, Ken, you didn't have to buy her a car," She said. "But I do want to say thank you. Kim was so excited when she came home last night. Now, don't tell her we had this conversation. She told me not to say anything."

I laughed. "I understand where you're coming from, Ellen, but she's going to need a car- and I wanted to help out."

Ellen nodded her approval. "Thank you. It was a nice thing to do."

Kim made it out of the bathroom and placed the presents under the tree. "Ahhhh! You even got the fire going," She cried. "I told you he knew all that outdoor stuff, mom."

I just shook my head. "The turkey's coming out in about an hour and then I'll start the vegetables, so we have some time to kill. Here's some crackers with cheese or dip. I have eggnog, brandy, wine, or........................"

"I'd love some eggnog with a little brandy in it if I could," injected Ellen.

I poured three eggnogs, and we all settled in. "Can we open the gifts now?" said Kim with puppy-dog eyes.

"Oh, I suppose," I said. "No wait..." I got out one of those Santa hats and put it on Kim's head. "You can't pass out gifts without wearing this." My God, she looked cuter than ever and I remember thinking, is there anything negative about this girl?

I got Kim's mom some warm sweatshirts. Two 1,000 piece puzzles, a box of candy, and a field guide of North American birds. Kim told me a lot of birds come to their feeder, but they have no idea what they are.

I opened Kim's gift and found a pair of binoculars. She knew I cracked the lens on mine, and I must have mentioned that I needed new ones. They were the ones I needed, but I didn't think she should have spent that kind of money. I also got two CDs and a book on hiking. "We can use it next summer. I crossed out all the trails that have rock slides," she laughed.

I got Kim lots of games, puzzles and joke gifts, but was hoping she'd be happy with the envelope I had placed on the tree. I knew I'd have to explain it. "It's an application to work at the veterinary clinic in Brookfield. It's just a formality. You already have the job if you want it, but you have to fill this out and call his office to confirm your interview on January 3rd. It's only six to eight weeks, but if you work out, he'll keep you on."

Kim stared at the application and then laughed, "Nobody's ever given me a job for Christmas."

"Are you interested?"

"You know I am." She replied with a nervous look.

"Then what's the matter?"

"I want to jump on you and kiss you, but my mom's sitting right there."

"Don't let me stop you." Ellen said, throwing her arms in the air.

I leaned over and kissed Kim on the cheek, "Merry Christmas, Kim." Kim looked at her mom and I could see a tear or two building up. "Ah gees. Don't start crying now. We have to fix the vegetables."

We all sat down to a great dinner and even after seconds, I had more food left over that I knew what to do with. Kim's mother was shocked when we told her Kim had made the desserts. "I've seen her boil a hotdog on occasion, but I never knew she could make something like this!" She remarked.

I loaded up the dish washer while Kim packed up plenty of leftovers for her mom to take home. This is when I realized that single men don't own a lot of Tupperware. Thank God for plastic wrap. It was late afternoon when Kim thought her mom was getting tired and decided to take her home.

"Do you need more help cleaning up?" Kim asked. "I can come back."

"No. You've done enough and it's a long ride. I'll talk to you tomorrow and we can make some plans to do something."

Kim's mom couldn't thank me enough as I helped them out to the car with the food and gifts. I was very pleased that all went well and it gave me a good feeling to know that I could, in some small way, make Christmas a little nicer for them both. After lots of hugs and kisses, they headed home and I re-entered the house to call my mom and dad in Arizona.

It was around 8:30 when I saw the reflection of headlights through the front window. I looked out to see Kim get out of the Jeep and come up the front stairs.

"You didn't have to come back," I said. "I've got everything pretty well picked up."

"You have no idea how happy you made my mom today," Kim started, ignoring what I had just said. "She talked about it all the way home and after we got the food put away, she sat me down and we talked for another hour, mostly about her and how my dad left when I was two. I guess you don't think about it when you're a kid, but my mom hasn't had a very happy life and it's been a struggle for her to raise me without child support. She said I was very lucky to find someone like you and though she worried about out age difference, she could see I was happy and, get this, that your feelings toward me were genuine." Kim laughed.

"What's so funny about that?" I said in a sarcastic way.

Kim's laughter turned to a smile. "Mom said that you probably needed help cleaning up and you were just being nice when you said I didn't have to come back. Then she said, "I'm going to watch a Christmas special tonight. Why don't you go back and give Ken a hand cleaning up." I got my coat and asked her if she would be alright and she said, "I'll be fine....... Just call me in the morning." So, have you got somewhere I can sleep?"

"I'm sure I can find a corner somewhere," I smiled.

I turned out all the lights except for the Christmas tree, threw another log on the fire, and grabbed two pillows from the bedroom. With her head on my shoulder and my arm around her, we sat by the fire. Seeing her in this light, I couldn't help being reminded of our first night together and how pretty she looked in the light of the lantern. My mind wandered back to that mountain valley and how, in a driving rain, she pitched right in and helped secure the camp site without the slightest complaint about her sprained ankle. Inside I knew something special had come into my life and now, sitting here by the fire, I was glad I pursued it. I was quickly brought back to the present by the touch of Kim's finger tracing the outline of my cock through my jeans. I reached over and fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. "Geez, I don't know how you girls get these things undone. The buttons are on backwards."

Kim got on her knees and, with her breasts at my eye level, she took the top of her blouse in both hands and ripped it open, sending at least four buttons flying through the air. "That's how you do it," she said. Kim was on a mission and within a minute we were both bare ass naked on the floor. She threw her leg over me and guided my rock hard cock into her, while I pulled her forward and suckled on her erect nipples. We stayed in this position for some time, just enjoying the feel of each other coupled together. Kim broke the silence with a very unusual question.

"Do you ever watch porn on your computer?"

"Of course," I responded, "I'm a guy."

Kim slid off my cock and turned around, sliding my manhood back into her. "There, now you can watch me getting fucked." She fell forward giving a clear view of her cock filled cunt. She rocked back and forth allowing me to see her wet hole being worked on. She looked at me over her shoulder, "Talk to me, babe. Talk to me while you watch my hole getting fucked." The language got pretty bawdy from both of us as our lust for sex took over.

Kim was muttering some pretty raunchy stuff before lifting off my shaft and lowering her pussy onto my waiting tongue. Her mouth took all of me, sucking her sweet juice off my shaft. I kept up my tongue fucking until I felt the tightening of her body. She held my cock in her mouth as my cum rushed through my body seeking it's point of release. Kim's body started shaking and her mouth surrendered its grip. The cum poured out of me at the same time Kim reached her peak. "OH FUCK!" She yelled as she felt my warm jism squirt in and around her open mouth. Her shaking was almost violent as she rolled off me and onto the floor. She rubbed herself as if to ease herself down from her sexual high. Her breathing was heavy, but she soon got hold of herself and crawled over to my side. We laid quietly for several minutes until I felt something on the floor. It was one of her buttons. I held it up and showed it to her, then started chuckling, "What did you think you were going to wear home tomorrow?"

Kim thought for a moment. "Maybe you can loan me a shirt," she said with a pouting look.

"You know," I said, "This relationship is costing me a lot of shirts."

Kim laughed. "I'll get this one back to you."

"That's okay. You can have that one too. Is it still Christmas?"

She looked across to the kitchen and squinted. "I think so. I can't see the clock very well."

I got up and got a box of tissues from the kitchen counter. "I have one more gift for you." I said, handing her the box.

She took a handful of tissues and wiped the remaining drops of cum from her cheek and chin.

"That's not what they're for," I smiled.

Kim gave me that puzzled look.

"Kim, I want to tell you........ I love you...... and I want us to share our lives together."

She bit down on her lower lip and her eyes got as big as saucers. I grabbed a tissue and handed it to her as the tears started their journey down her cheek.

"That's why I got the tissues." I smiled.

She burst into tears. "Oh Ken, I love you so much. I don't ever want to leave you."

She held me tight as she laid her head on my chest. I smiled and stared into the fire and again, my thoughts went back to that valley campsite, but this time we were hiking down a different trail. One that I hoped would last a lifetime.


Kim went to work for Dr. Greenberg and after eight weeks he agreed not only to keep her, on but also to pay her way to become a veterinary assistant with the understanding that she would work for him when she finished. Today Kim is a licensed veterinary technician, still working for Bob Greenberg, and loving the work she does with animals.

Me? Well, I'm getting my second book published. I'm still teaching at the college and have given several lectures as a result of my first book release. I was offered a teaching position at a university in New York, but turned it down after talking it over with Kim.

"I don't want to leave here because we belong here," she told me. She was right, of course.

Kim and I were married three years to the day I found her on that rock pile. Jim was my best man and, at our wedding reception, he presented us with a football sized boulder mounted on a chestnut pedestal. He had made the trek in to the rock slide and then carried it out. I told him he was nuts, but Kim got quite emotional upon seeing it. Today it holds a prominent place in our log home and she'll tell anyone who asks, "Of all the things I have, this is the most special."

We got Kim's mom out of that drafty trailer and into a small condo not far from where Kim works. She took on a job as a waitress at a restaurant and is now dating the owner. He seems like a pretty nice guy and I say, "Good for her."

I will finish here with a few of my thoughts about Kim. She turned out to be everything I thought she could be and more. She's both caring and thoughtful and several times people have gone out of their way to tell me how lucky I am to have a wife like her. At our wedding reception, she not only knew everyone's name, but also knew exactly what they gave us for a gift and made it a point to thank them. We've hosted a few parties, mostly for my colleagues at the college, and Kim will take the time to mingle and talk to everyone, even though some are total strangers.

I sometimes chuckle and think if they could only see this "very lovely" wife of mine in the bedroom. She can get absolutely wild and the language that comes out of her mouth would make a lumberjack blush. She knows I love it though and tells me that behind that bedroom door she'll be my slut, my whore, or an innocent school girl. I just tell her I love everything about her.

It's funny, I had never believed in love at first sight until I peeked around that boulder on the rock pile and saw her looking back at me.

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