tagIncest/TabooHiking with Uncle Dan

Hiking with Uncle Dan


"No dear," my wife Kay replied when my brother's daughter asked her if she would like to take a hike back in the woods to watch the way that the colors had changed with the coming of fall. "You and Dan go. I did that with you a couple of years ago and you wore me out."

It was all I could do to keep from screaming YES at the top of my lungs, even though it was no surprise that my wife of 24 years would turn our niece down. Not only because she's turned into a lazy and self-centered woman, but because she never warmed up to Amanda like she did to the kids in her sister's family.

"You still want to go, Uncle Dan?" Amanda asked, pushing her glasses back up her nose while looking at me hopefully.

"Absolutely," I proclaimed, and after changing into more sensible shoes I followed my late brother's only child out back, where a short walk across a field led to state owned land and a network of informal trails that Amanda knew by heart.

Amanda is a girl who likes animals and nature more than people, and as I looked at the girl whose 18th birthday was the reason for our visit over the Columbus Day holiday I realized that she was no longer a girl physically or chronologically.

She was always a skinny thing, but even though she tried to conceal it as best she could by wearing drab and baggy clothing, there was no mistaking the fact that although she had skinny arms and legs and not much rear, there was quite a lot going on up top.

Sadly, Amanda seemed embarrassed by what had seemed to be a sudden burst of growth in the last year or two, although when you only see people once or twice a year it's hard to keep up with them.

Facially, Amanda seemed to take more after her mother than my late brother, which isn't in her favor. Amanda's mother Claire is a nice enough woman but as plain as they come. My brother could have done much better physically, but he had loved Claire with all his heart right to the end, and that's all that matters. Trust me, as a contributor to a marriage of convenience, I was always jealous of him even though my wife was more attractive physically.

"You ever get lost back here?" I asked Amanda as we entered the woods and I walked alongside Amanda on the informal trail that had no markings.

"Not since I was little," Amanda said. "Me and Dad, I think we made a lot of these trails ourselves just by walking back here constantly."

I nodded, remembering that my brother had always been a fitness nut, always walking and hiking and exercising, which made it weird that a guy like him who never smoked and rarely drank would be the one to keel over instead of me. While I'm in good shape, I spend less time at the gym than I do at my local watering hole.

I quizzed Amanda about what she had been up to in between her giving me tutorials about the varieties of trees and bushes we were hiking through, finding out that she was doing great at school but when I asked her about the boy she had been going with the last time we were out there, she got quiet.

"Oh. Sorry," I said, putting my arm around her shoulder and giving her a little squeeze.

This Todd kid might have been Amanda's first serious - heck, maybe her only serious boyfriend, and they seemed to be a good match because he was as nerdy as Amanda was. The last time I had been out her I accidentally caught them necking behind the house.

I had watched for a minute before ducking back around before they saw me, and while it was nothing but two kids kissing, it still gave me a hard-on. That tells you something about my sex life, when two teenagers dueling tongues makes me envious. I would have given anything to have taken Todd's place, as sick as that sounds.

Since that incident last fall when it hit me that my niece was growing up, I had become a little obsessed about Amanda. I had even taken to reading stories on this website called Literotica about uncles doing things to their nieces, things that up until recently would have been unthinkable.

"Well, I'm sure that another lucky guy will come along and make you forget about what's-his-name," I kidded, which made Amanda smile.

"Maybe," she said, and as I looked at her I thought that if she put a little more thought into her appearance, like doing something with her hair, she would have her choice of guys. The short cut she wore looked like she either had a bad stylist or did it herself.

Amanda would definitely attract more attention if she wore something that accentuated her assets instead of masking them in baggy sweatshirts and t-shirts, and as the leaves crackled under our feet I looked at Amanda's breasts which were swaying underneath probably three layers of clothing.

That morning I had been disgusting, snooping around while the women were out back discussing Claire's mums. I had looked through Amanda's room a bit, hoping for a glimpse of something to indicate that her life was more exciting that mine, and had even peeked into the laundry.

The Dan Monroe Story. That was what went through my head as I stood there by the bathroom window, looking out at my wife, my sister-in-law and my niece while I held a pair of panties to my face that I had fished out of the hamper. This is your life, a 51 year old man sniffing panties that had a 50% chance of being his niece's, burrowing my nose in the slight discoloration in the crotch.

The bra. I didn't know for sure whether the panties had been Amanda's or her mother's, but telling which of the 2 bras in the hamper belonged to which woman was a piece of cake. I picked up the bra with the modest cups which were slightly padded and glanced at the faded tag. 34B, which had to be Elaine's, and noted that my sister-in-law was a cup size smaller than my wife.

The other bra was Amanda's, and I remember staring at the massive cups of the harness, marveling that such a skinny girl could fill such a garment. I had to hold the tag up next to the bathroom light to made out the tiny print because I didn't think I was reading it right. 32E. 32E? Good grief, I didn't know there was such a thing.

Poor Amanda was out there in the garden unaware that her perverted uncle was inside, playing with her undergarments while glancing back and forth at her and her over-sized bra. Hell, I even hooked and undid the three clasps in the front, imagining it was on Amanda when I did it and picturing those big breasts lurching out when it came free.

"Sorry, honey," I said, so lost in the daydreaming that I didn't realize my niece had been talking to me.

"I said that I miss Dad even more now than ever," Amanda repeated for my benefit. "It's been three years but it still hurts."

"I know it does honey. I miss him too. He was a good man."

"When you're around, it's even worse in a way," Amanda said as we reached a crest of a hill, having gone so deep in the woods that Amanda's house was nowhere in sight, nor was any civilization. "You remind me a lot of him."

"Sorry," I said meekly.

"No, that's good in a way too," Amanda said. "I like to remember him."

We had stopped walking, and all of a sudden Amanda turned and hugged me. I was stunned but hugged her back, and I think Amanda sobbed a little as we held each other tightly for a couple of moments.

"My turn for sorry," Amanda sniffed. "Dad and I used to hug around here, and he used to tell me that someday I would probably bring boys up here and I would forget all about him."

"It's nice that you haven't forgotten him, but I'm not a boy. Wish I was," I added, ashamed that while Amanda was hugging me and wishing I was her father, I was getting hard while feeling her breasts against my stomach through countless layers of clothing.

"You take Todd back here?" I said, trying to lighten the mood, and Amanda didn't answer with words but her blush told me plenty. "Lucky guy."

"Guess we better get going back," Amanda said, but didn't seem eager about it so I chimed in.

"Too bad. This is beautiful back here."

"Yeah but I gotta - you know?"

"No bathrooms back here?" I said with a chuckle. "I was going to ask about that because I was getting the urge myself. Not the sit-down variety but the other."

"Me too but they're all sit-down for me - or squat," Amanda said. "You can go behind a tree if you want. There's a little clearing around the bend."

"Lead the way," I said, and even started to follow Amanda before she stopped.

"Uh - I'll be right back," she said, and I nodded, watching my niece walk down a little side trail.

I followed her. Not closely but I was there when she walked into this little clear patch and was hiding behind a bush when she stepped out of her jeans and pulled her panties down.

Amanda was beautiful, maybe not in the traditional sense, but when those panties came down those skinny legs and I saw that nice triangle of dark hair guarding her sex, my heart was racing.

I watched Amanda squat down, and as the torrent of pee gushed down to the forest floor I found myself walking towards my niece, and she was almost done when she finally noticed me approach her.

"Uncle Dan," Amanda blurted out, frozen in place.

"Sorry honey," I mumbled, holding out a crumpled little packet of tissues I had in my pocket, something I had bought at a rest stop on the thruway which at least gave me an excuse for intruding, albeit a weak one, but Amanda took the packet from me.

"It's okay," Amanda said as she wiped herself. "Todd - he used to..."

"He used to watch you pee?" I asked, and she nodded.

"Snuck up on me once, and after that? Guess it didn't matter after that," Amanda said as she stood and pulled her panties up.

"You've got hair down there," I said, nodding toward the abundant bush that was quickly hidden under the panties.

"Uncle Dan!" Amanda said, her face now even more crimson. "I'm 18. Had it for a while."

"I know honey," I said. "It's just that it seems like a lot of girls don't have hair down there these days."

"Yeah, but it really itches when it grows back."

"Oh, you shaved yours?" I asked. "For Todd?"

"Yeah," Amanda said with a shrug. "Guess that wasn't enough though."

"Certainly grew back nicely," I said, the outline of the thick bush evident through the cotton of her panties, and I noticed that she hadn't put her jeans back on.

"Guess that's from your side of the family," Amanda said as she made a face.

"Did you ever watch?" I asked, and when Amanda looked confused I added, "When Todd peed?"

"I guess that answers that question," I said as Amanda's face got even redder as she brought her hand up to the side of her face. "Well, I gotta go myself so you can stay if you want."

To my dismay Amanda picked her jeans up, but as I unzipped she neither walked away or put her jeans on, simply standing next to me as I unzipped. My erection would have made it tough to take my cock out, but having deflated somewhat as we talked, I was able to pull it out and after giving it a tug or two, let it hang out there in the breeze.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Amanda staring at my cock, her mouth open as a few drops dripped out before the pee started flowing, and she didn't moved a muscle or even blink as my torrent became a trickle before dripping to a conclusion.

"Todd used to shake his when he was done," Amanda said softly, and when I asked her whether she ever did it for him she nodded.

I said nothing but merely shrugged my shoulders. I don't know how long it took for Amanda's hand to travel the distance, but when her hand finally got to my member I groaned.

Timidly at first her hand wiggled my dick, sending droplets to the ground, and by the time he had shaken it a couple more times I was hard as a rock and she was holding my full engorged organ in her sweaty hand.

"Sorry," I said. "It's been so long since anybody but me has touched it," I said in apology.

"Mom said you and Aunt Kay were probably going to get a divorce," Amanda said softly, still gripping my cock, and it was all I could do to keep from thrusting myself back and forth a couple of times to get myself off.

"News to me but not a big surprise," I said to Amanda, reaching over and running my hand through her hair. "Putting me out of our misery I guess."

"Sorry," Amanda whispered, and then I felt her hand slide down a bit, retracting my foreskin as her hand went down to the base, easing me back a couple of steps from the damp area as she did. "Close your eyes, Uncle Dan."

I closed my eyes, but only for a second. When I opened them again Amanda had gone down to her knees and without hesitating took me into her mouth. Amanda averted her eyes when she saw me looking down at her but didn't stop, letting her lips slide nearly all the way down my erection before bringing them slowly back up to the tip again.

After her mouth made three more trips down my cock, I knew that nerdy Amanda might have been a bookworm but certainly knew her way around a cock, and her skilled mouth combined with my near chaste existence of late was bringing me to the very premature end of a magical experience.

"Wait honey," I said, pulling Amanda mouth off of my cock, which was drooling pre-cum as it bobbed free, and I reached down and lifted my confused niece up to her feet.

"I want to make love with you," I said, and a second after Amanda's face lit up we were on the ground, with me yanking down my niece's panties while she pulled my shirt off, and while it wasn't pretty and didn't last long, it was beyond good.

I lasted long enough for Amanda to cum for the second time, and as her pussy savagely contracted around my cock I came, shooting what felt like a ridiculous amount of my seed into her, and only after I had stopped ejaculating did I think about the possible consequences.

"That was so good Da - Uncle Dan," Amanda said, and while I felt guilty enough about what I had done, the near entrance of my late brother's name into the equation made it worse.

"It was indeed," I said as I raised up off of Amanda, and as I watched my cock slide out of her furry grotto I watched a little of my semen ooze out as well.

We got to our feet and looked at our clothes scattered around the forest floor, and it occurred to me that I had never even gotten to see any part of Amanda above the waist. The sweatshirt had come off but the t-shirt had remained on, and I guess when you consider how hung up I was about my niece's breasts, that's a testimony to how sudden and passionate our mating was.

"Never got to see what's under the shirt," I lamented while brushing leaves off of my legs.

"Kind of self-conscious," Amanda said. "If you want to see..."

"Not if it would make you feel bad," I said, but then added, "I don't think I've ever seen a woman that wears a E cup bra though."

"Sorry," I said after seeing the look of shock on Amanda's face. "Saw a bra in the hamper and knew it wasn't your mother's or my wife's."

"Kind happened all at once," Amanda said as she toyed with the bottom of her t-shirt. "One day I was praying for them to grow and then I ended up wishing they would stop growing. I look like a freak."

With that Amanda lifted her t-shirt over her head and off, letting it fall to the ground before unhooking the series of hooks in the front. So skinny - with her prominent collarbone and shoulders, along with deep pockets for armpits - that the sight of the huge cups and the cleavage above them seemed unreal, and then her last hook came free and Amanda let the bra slide off her shoulders.

"You don't look like a freak. You look incredible," I said in a hoarse whisper as Amanda's breasts came free of their restraint and eased down to her waist.

Even on a girl with a more substantial frame, her huge breasts would have been impressive, but on Amanda's tall skinny frame they were surreal. The huge tits looked like torpedoes on the slender girl and so dominated her body that you couldn't look away if you wanted to, and her silver-dollar sized aureoles looked lost on the massive breasts.

"Dad wouldn't recognize me now," Amanda said while cupping her breasts. "When he died they were only about as big as lemons, and now..."

"You're beautiful," I whispered, the sight of my niece holding her tits making this even more erotic, so erotic that even the mention of my brother did nothing to dampen it.

"People think I got implants," Amanda said. "I didn't."

"I know honey."

"Wish they weren't so big though," Amanda lamented as she put her hands on her back and contorted a little. "People stare at me and they hurt my back."

Watching Amanda moving like she was, for a minute I thought she was actually trying to flaunt herself a little for my benefit, having learned that I found her body very appealing. If she was trying to get my attention she was wasting her time because I was already quite interested.

"Tonight, when everybody is asleep," Amanda said. "Maybe you could come into my room and put your dick between them and... oh!"

Amanda's concentration was diverted when she looked down and saw that while my cock might be 51 years old, seeing Amanda's outrageous body was making me feel like a kid again.

"What about now?" I asked, figuring that you can only go to hell once, and I was soon on my back with Amanda's praying mantis-like body crouched over me.

"OOH!" Amanda groaned as she impaled herself with my cock, and when she had taken it all in her she began rocking slowly on me.

My hands went right to her breasts, and I kneaded the firm globes while marveling at their weight. Amanda arched her back and thrust the jugs into my grasp, seeming to revel in having them fondled roughly as she got into a steady rhythm.

This was unlike our first coupling, which was more like two animals mating. This was slow and sensuous, with Amanda doing most of the work while I savored her spectacular breasts while watching my niece contort on me while the daylight began to wane. Her energy was endless and my cock was up to the challenge

Amanda wasn't drab or plain looking anymore to me, that was for sure. As she rode my staff she was running her hands through her hair while her face contorted crazily, seeming to be in another world and dancing to music I couldn't hear but was more than happy to dance along with.

Despite it being a mild fall afternoon we were both sweating as our lewd and immoral dance continued. Rivers of sweat rolled down from Amanda's armpits, hollows that were silky smooth to the touch as I braced her while she started humping faster.

"Gonna cum," Amanda moaned, her eyes rolled back in her head as she neared orgasm.

"Me too babe," I grunted in response seconds before Amanda let out a scream and then we were cumming, and cumming together.

Amanda's body was still convulsing a little even after she collapsed on top of me, and only after my cock had slithered out of my niece and our sweat began to cool on us, did we realize that we had been back there for a long time.

"Better get back," I said, although I sure didn't want to because back there was nothing for me.

"I love you," Amanda said while rising up and putting her hands on my shoulders. "Thank you for making my dreams come true."


"I've fantasized about this afternoon forever," Amanda said. "And it was even better than my wildest dreams."

"Fantasized about me?" I said, confused because if anybody had ever fantasized about me it had to have been a long time ago.

"Yes. I fantasized about you and me and this place. This very place. It's kind of a magical spot for me," Amanda confessed. "It's where I lost my virginity."

"Oh," I said. "Todd?"

"No, Uncle Dan," Amanda explained. "I have been back here with him, and while it was okay, it wasn't the same. Not like it was with him."

"I'm sorry honey," I said. "You lost me."

"Don't you see?" Amanda asked, her eyes so intense that they managed to divert my attention from the enormous breasts that swayed below her as she stayed straddled on top of me. "You're so much like him. It's like you were twins instead of just brothers.

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