Hilda's Home Alone Adventure


Eddie pulled out and Charlie stood over her. She quickly began sucking her third cock of the night. But Charlie took her head and began fucking her mouth much like he had fucked her pussy. Hilda's face was forced into his pubic hair with each thrust. Then just as he was ready to cum he pulled out and blasted her in the face with a thick stream of cum. She saw the camera catching every moment of her humiliation as Charlie coated her face.

Michael then took her and made her lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. She opened her mouth and took him into her mouth, wondering how she was going to open wide enough to take him. Then he thrust forward, going a little further with each thrust. Hilda gagged as his cockhead began entering her throat. She feared for her life, thinking that she would suffocate with his cock buried in her throat. But Michael just continued to fuck her mouth until he had most of his shaft in her throat. Hilda had heard the phrase 'deep throat' but never really understood it until now. The black man's balls slapped her eyes as he fucked her throat, playing with her tits as he did so. She felt his cock swelling even thicker, then felt his sperm shooting down her throat. Finally her ordeal was over.

Hilda lay on the bed, her throat sore from her latest ordeal. Drying cum on her face and her pussy still leaking cum. Charlie walked around the bed with the camera catching every possible angle of her ravaged body.
"Please get out of here." She whispered.

Her only response was laughter.

"Bu-but, you said…"

"We're having too much fun to leave now." Eddie told her as he downed the last of the beers. With a demented look on his face he walked over to the side of the bed. “Make sure to get a close-up of this.” He instructed as he took his limp dick and held it toward their captive. “Get up and suck me again.” He ordered.

Hilda reluctantly rose and took his flaccid cock into her mouth expecting to be forced to suck him off again. But that wasn’t what Eddie had in mind. Instead he grabbed both sides of her head firmly and let loose with a stream of piss into her mouth. Hilda gagged and tried to open her mouth to expel the vile contents but Eddie ordered her to swallow or take all of their piss all night long. She swallowed as much as she could but still had much of it running down her chin. When he finished he pulled out and shot the last couple of squirts directly into her face.

With his cock growing hard once more he forced Hilda to kneel on the bed. “I think I’ll try that tight little stuck-up ass now.” He said.
Hilda cried out and tried to move but Junior and Michael grabbed her and held her in place. Eric took his cock and shoved it into her pussy a few times getting it wet, then pulled out and pressed his cockhead against her tiny puckered opening.

“Oh god, please no!” Hilda begged. “I’ve never done that!”

Her please only excited Eddie further. He began pressing forward against Hilda’s clenched asshole. She tried to resist but his cock gradually broke through. She cried out as he began gaining entrance. The first inch was painful, but her cries turned into gasps of agony as he rammed all the way into her virgin ass. She thrashed wildly as Eddie began humping her ass with delight. Hilda had never in her life imagined anything so vile and degrading happening to her like this. Eddie rode her ass relentlessly, reaching forward to pull and tug at her firm breast while he fucked. Hilda buried her face into the pillow, more out of shame than anything else. The pain was subsiding somewhat but she still felt extreme discomfort. Eddie’s balls slapped against her upturned cunt as he drove every inch into her asshole. Then he unleashed his load deep into her ass. When he pulled out Hilda felt as if her ass was going to explode.

“Let’s sandwich her.” Hilda heard one of the others say. She had lost the ability to resist after being assfucked and presented no resistance as Junior and Charlie grabbed her and moved her into the center of the bed. Charlie forced her to straddle him and sit on his cock. Then she was held in place as Junior began forcing his meat into her butt. With Junior’s added thickness came renewed pain as he began fucking her asshole. His thrust caused her to begin riding Charlie’s cock. She could feel the two prongs rubbing together with only a thin membrane of skin separating them. While she was being fucked Michael came around the side of the bed and thrust his massive tool into her face. Forcing her to take him into her mouth. Now Hilda was being fucked in all three openings. All the while being videotaped. She felt Charlie bucking his hips beneath her and realized that he was blowing his load into her pussy. The she felt Junior emptying himself into her asshole as well just as Michael began spewing into her mouth.

Michael pulled out of her first. Then Junior rose up, still with his cock in her ass he lifted her off his brother then forced her back onto her knees. “Damn, now I got to piss.” He said. Then he pinned her down and began flooding her asshole with his piss. Hilda screamed as the warm fluid filled her insides, remaining corked by Junior’s thick cock. She was held there for close to a minute as he drained his bladder into her bowels. When he pulled out the contents of her ass flushed out all over her legs and the bed.

She lay on the bed shivering in disgust, then saw Michael stroking himself. “Time for me to split that asshole apart.” He said.

Hilda rolled to the side. “Oh god no! Please, not my ass. You can fuck my pussy but please don’t put that horse-cock up my ass.”

“Beg me for it and maybe I will.” He replied.

Hilda didn’t want to be fucked by him. But she knew that she couldn’t take being fucked in the ass by someone as large as Michael. “Please fuck my pussy.” She begged.

“Will you ride my big black cock?” He asked her.

“Yes, I want to ride it.” She continued. Knowing full well that her request was being recorded and would cast doubt on any attempts to claim she was raped.

Michael got on the bed and instructed Hilda to ride him. She got on his lap and began shoving his monster dick into her pussy. She couldn’t believe that she was taking him in so easily. Then she began riding for all she was worth. She wanted to satisfy this man so that he wouldn’t want to fuck her ass.

Eddie came around and dropped his cock into her face and Hilda began sucking him as well. Then she felt her insides stirring again. Michael’s huge cock as rubbing her clit and g-spot with every stroke. She realized that she was going to have another orgasm. She began riding wildly as her body gave in to the desire of cumming atop the cock inside her. She began sucking Eddie’s cock hungrily as she climaxed. When her orgasm subsided she realized that the cock inside her was only getting harder. She had a long way to go and knew that she would come again and again before he did. But she no longer cared. She was being fulfilled in ways that she had never dreamed of. When Eddie came in her mouth she begged for someone else to take his place. Junior handed Eddie the camera and took his turn being sucked by the ravaged housewife. Hilda had another orgasm, then another before Junior spilled out in her mouth. Then she could feel Michael’s cock coming to fruition. She began humping him harder, taking every inch of him into her belly. When he exploded inside her she met him with her most powerful orgasm yet. Then collapsed on the bed.

Hilda awoke the next day to find herself alone. She quickly showered, then cleaned the bedroom. Her asshole and pussy ached but she couldn’t believe that she had enjoyed herself so much. She skipped the mini-vacation, hoping that her visitors would show once more. But none did.

When her husband returned home he found a changed wife. Hilda took him into the bedroom and did things that she had never permitted before. He didn’t know what happened to change his wife. In truth, he didn’t care either. At least not until several months later.

During his wife’s eighth month of her pregnancy someone at the hospital showed him a web site containing graphic pictures of a woman looking much like his wife being taken in every hole by four men whose faces had been blocked out. He tried to deny if, but knew that this had to be Hilda. When confronted she claimed that someone must have dubbed her face onto someone else’s body. The pictures circulated throughout the neighborhood, and many bought Hilda’s story. Especially since few believed that she could have such a nice body. But her husband knew better. Then Hilda gave birth, to a beautiful black baby girl.

Her husband filed for divorce and Hilda was forced to return to work. Her reputation ruined. She no longer looked down on others. In fact, she began finding pleasure with many blue-collar men from then on. But that is another story…

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