tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 16-18

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 16-18



The next night I wore the collar as my Dom had instructed, yet it was uncomfortable to work on the computer or look over paperwork with my head tilted down. I tried to pull it away from my neck, but it wouldn't budge.

And as He had told me, I didn't see Hiliad at all that week. I didn't even know if He was ever there. He was never on His throne, He was never in the basement, and that damned Liza didn't tell me when I asked her, not that I would have expected an answer. As hard as I tried to find something that needed His attention—paperwork wise—nothing was so pressing that I had to see Him immediately.

Friday night rolled around, and by then I desperately needed to get myself off. I was hurting so badly that I could no longer wear my thong, which I loved to wear. My heart ached for Him—truth be told, again. I'm just an honest sub, what can I say—it wasn't my heart that ached. I could no longer watch romantic movies I liked, or read romance novels, or go down the freakin' Hallmark card section without seeing the lovey-dovey 'To My Loving Husband' cards. I wondered why there weren't ever any 'To My Loving Dom' cards.

I watched the time get closer and closer to two a.m., and it was the longest in my entire life. I was writing down things I had to do the following Monday night when there was a knock on the door. Hollering for whoever it was to come in, I was ecstatic to see Hiliad take two steps in. He looked terrible, literally. His hair was all disheveled, and what was worse was that His eyes didn't have the passion, desire and hunger for me that He usually did.

Smiling as big as I could, I had to control myself from jumping up, running to Him and throwing myself at Him, leaving a trail of clothes behind me. But then I saw two shadows directly behind Him, and I knew that wasn't possible. My body deflated.

"Connee," Hiliad said politely, His fangs showing. He stepped aside to allow the two women to step in, "I'd like you to meet Angel and Rachel."

When He said each name, they smiled. I knew right away exactly who, and what, they were. Rachel was my height with a short, bobbed hairstyle. She had small facial features with big, brown eyes, and her complexion was clear of any blemish whatsoever. She appeared to be the angel of the two, really. She wore a short blue jean miniskirt that barely covered her crotch and a halter top, but she looked far from slutty.

Angel was definitely a Mistress. She was tall, a few inches shorter than Hiliad, and commanded the attention of the room. She wore a black, lace corset, laced tightly across her huge breasts, her stomach was taut and firm, and her black leather pants outlined every curve of her body. Neither one of them displayed fangs. From their rosy cheeks and the color of their complexion, I knew they weren't vampires.

I wasn't quite sure how to react. Stand up and bow to the Mistress and flog her sub? Nah, that wasn't right. From the apprehension on my Dom's face, I could see I was supposed to do something.

"Hello," I gurgled.

Hiliad turned to Mistress Angel and said, "Go downstairs and prep her. We'll be down shortly." Angel bowed, took her sub's arm and they left.

Hiliad closed the door behind Him. "Come," He demanded.

I immediately jumped to my feet and with great control and confidence, walked to my Dom. Bowing my head I got on both of my knees at His feet, and waited.

"Sub, how are you?" Aside from His looks, His voice conveyed how hungry He was.

"I'm great, Sir. Thank you."


I did so. He put His hands on my shoulders and smiled warmly, though there was no light in His eyes. There was only pain and desire to feed. I wanted so badly to comfort Him, it hurt me that much.

"I have been hunting for you." I frowned curiously, but didn't ask Him to elaborate. He must have read my mind. "I have found a Domme with a sub willing to allow me to take her blood. You will be a part of it."

What the hell is He talking about?

"I have missed you." His voice was so sultry that it made my pussy twinge. "You may stand."

I did so. He leaned forward and brushed His lips against mine. I yearned for Him to wrap His arms around me, but He had other intentions.

Pushing me away gently He told me, "Liza will be in in a minute. She will prepare you for me."

Oh, honey, I am more than already prepared! I wanted to tell Him. Instead, I replied, "Yes, Sir."

"But first," He said, looking over my outfit with disdain, "you will undress for me."

I smiled, albeit nervously, while he took a few steps away from me. I kicked the sandals off my feet then began to unbutton the top button of the blouse, then the second, until the material draped apart. Trying not to sigh with excitement, I pulled the blouse away from my body and set it over the back of the chair directly beside me. I slowly unsnapped the waist of the pants, teasingly pushed the legs down and stepped out of them, placing them on top of the blouse. My heart was beginning to race. I knew Hiliad could hear it. So much for hiding my excitement.

Okay, so I was standing there in my underwear, exposed to my Dom, as I had the first night we agreed to the D/s relationship.

"Do I need to explain to you the definition of undress? I can even spell it now." He smirked.

I tried not to laugh and was glad I didn't. Before I could move, He was standing behind me. "Sir, I'm sorry to ask, but ..."

"Then don't," He replied curtly.

I stood there frozen, finding it hard to breathe normally. I gasped loudly when I felt His cool, smooth hands take the clasp of the bra and unsnapped it, throwing it carelessly to the carpet. I didn't protest. His long thumbs slid between the cotton briefs and my skin, sending goose bumps down my legs and I shivered. I closed my eyes anticipating His next move. He licked the nape of my neck, making me whine, before His lips nibbled my hot, flushed skin. I breathed slowly, with great effort, to control myself. I wasn't doing a very good job.

Tilting my head forward for more, He snarled, "Pick your head up!"

I did exactly that in two seconds flat and He placed His hands on my hips and painstakingly slowly brought them to my stomach, caressing it before He cupped my breasts in His hands.

"Hmm, what do we have here," He grumbled into my ear. The tone of His voice alone had made my nipples hard, but His touch did even more. My breasts tingled as he pinched my nipples, gradually increasing the intensity. I moaned in pleasure and lost all control of my breathing; I was panting heavily.

The next thing I knew He stood in front of me with His thumbs under my chin and His fingers resting on either side of my face. "Sub, you may speak freely."

"Thank you." I had to think of how to say what I wanted to ask Him. "Sir, how often do you need to ... feed?"

"For a vampire as old as I, I like to eat a few times a week, others more or less." He smirked at me; it must have been the expression on my face when I realized it had been almost a week since He'd eaten. "Are you concerned about me, sub?" I nodded. He smiled. "I am glad to hear it. But I do not expect it."

"No Sir, of course not."

"I must leave you now." My heart thumped with disappointment. "Remain just as you are for Liza. You are to listen to her. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good girl. I will see you downstairs."

He leaned forward again, and with His bottom lip only brushed it against my top lip. My thoughts wandered, and when I opened my eyes He was gone.

I stood in the center of my office, which will never be the same to me again, naked, vulnerable, excited and waiting impatiently for Liza. I had no idea how much time had gone by because I don't wear a watch, my cell phone was locked in my desk drawer.

What was I supposed to do? What if someone walked in on me, other than Liza? I started shuffling my feet, thinking I'd have enough time to stop before Liza came in. Throwing my head back, I stared at the ceiling and counted the tiles; there were ninety-eight, plus the ones behind me that I couldn't see without my head falling off. I noticed every ding in the walls, probably Hiliad's fist marks. I chuckled. Then I started to hum nothing in particular. Then I whistled the Andy Griffith Show's theme song three times.

"Left a good job on theothersideofLondon," I sang slowly, closing my eyes, just for the effect. "Working for the vamp ev'ry night after night. But I'm losing sleep when the sun is burning, thinking about my job when the sun goes down. Vampires keep on biting ... Connee just keeps on working. Rollin.' Rolllin.' Rolllllin' down the dumpster."

I was proud of myself for hitting the low note of the last word. Then I hummed the brass instruments part, bopping my head and running with my hands, back and forth, when I was interrupted by a deep, throaty, feminine, and very amused voice.

"Oh, my god. Someone stake me now."

I jumped twenty feet, or so it seemed, and my heart caught in my throat. I turned to her, my hand over my heart, my face burning and embarrassed as hell.

"Jesus, Liza!" And I'd forgotten myself and my role. I quickly stood in the proper position: Hands behind my back, trying to stop my heart from pounding.

Then I noticed a small suitcase set beside her, her hand on the handle. "Tina Turner, huh?" she said with a grin as she walked towards me. Her eyes roamed up and down my body. "My, my, you are a delicious treat."

By the time she reached me, I had somewhat calmed down. "I'm sorry, Liza, for what I said. You, uh, startled me."

"I should talk to Hiliad about getting a karaoke machine," she snickered. Then she swept her arm over all the items on my desk, sending them to the floor, and placed the suitcase down. "Oops." There was no offer to clean it up.

As she emptied the contents of the suitcase, most items I was afraid to look at, I couldn't help checking out her mind-blowing body. She was still wearing the black corset and leather pants, and I prayed to god she wasn't going to dress me in that, if she was going to dress me at all.

My eyes were locked on her thighs when she turned around, again catching me off guard. I abruptly looked away from her. "You like?" she asked, taking a few steps closer to me.

"Yes ma'am. I think you are very ... beautiful."

"Why, thank you," she replied politely. She stood behind me and whispered in my ear, "Have you really not played with yourself? Massaged a breast while you ran your finger over your wet, firm clitoris?"

I shook my head. "No ma'am. I did not." And I never did.

Liza reached her arm in front of me and placed her hand on my hip, slowly moving it downward. She rested her chin in the crook of my neck. "Never taken a shower a little longer than necessary, just so you could use the shower head massager's water to pound over your hard, swollen clit?"

I was getting weak in the knees. Yes, I'd thought of it. "Never did," I gurgled, my breath becoming fast again.

Her hand moved over my crotch, her middle finger brushed against my clit. I gasped for air as my nub reacted to the touch. "Ever wished someone would take your clit in their mouth and suck on it, lap at it, make you cum?" As she spoke she stroked my clit. My body was crying out for her to make me cum, it craved it. I growled from the back of my throat, wishing she would stop.

"No. Ma'am."

"Do you want to cum now, Connee?"

"No. Ma'am." I did want to cum. I was going insane at the attention she was giving me.

She quickened the pace on her finger, forcing my body forward, but I fought with every fiber of my being not to cum or overreact.

"And why not?" she demanded. Her voice sounded angry.

"Because. Master. Told. Me. No. To."

My resolve was rapidly dwindling as I held my breath, knowing at any moment I'd allow myself release. But I kept hearing Master's voice, and I didn't want to disappoint Him.

"Damn," she huffed then removed her hand, placed her fingers in her mouth and tasted my moisture she'd worked so hard to bring from me. "You are a faithful and loyal sub." She stepped away from me and went to the desk. "Sit in the chair."

I did as I was told. When she turned around she was holding a net in her hand ... no, it wasn't a net. It was a pair of fish net stockings. She came to me and told me to scoot towards the edge of the chair. I did that. She got down on one knee and slid the stockings over my feet. I was grateful I'd gotten a pedicure a few days earlier.

With a sly grin on her face she brought a stocking up slowly to my knee then did the other one. She then put on my feet black shoes, with three straps over the toes and three ankles straps. The heels were about four feet high. Okay, they weren't, but it sure felt that way; I'd never worn four-inch heels.


I did. She stood in front of me, lowered herself down and pulled the stocking up to my thigh, her cool breath washing over my stomach as she rose that sent shivers through me, then she placed the other. Reaching behind her, she grabbed a purple, lace thong. She got down again, instructing me to step into the string panties and garter belt. I did that, and she slipped them up my body, setting them in place, hooking the garter to the top of the stockings. I had never had anyone dress me, much less a woman, but it was a major and total turn on.

She grabbed something else from the desk and turned around, spreading the blouse out. I smiled when I saw her holding a sheer, purple blouse that matched the color and fabric of the thong. There was a built-in, solid-purple bra with sheer, lavender material cascading down the body that would rest just past my hips, and the arms would end past my elbows. It was pretty, something I would definitely wear, if I went shopping for something like that. I made a mental note to get something along those lines for Hiliad, when and if we were ever alone.

"You are pleased?" she asked.

"Oh, yes ma'am. I'm very relieved." I didn't mean to let that slip out.

"How so?"

"I ... I was afraid you'd put me in leather pants and ..." I could tell from her frown that she didn't like my comment. "It's just not me."

Her face lightened. "No, it's not. Put your hands up."

I did so, and she slipped the top over my arms and down over my body. She looked me right in the eyes, mesmerizing me, but not glamouring me. I saw her hand reach down into the cup and pulled my breast into place then she did the other. "You are so soft," she said with an evil grin.

I smiled. I couldn't think of a reply to that.

She walked away, grabbed a hair brush from the desk and sat in the chair. I stood my ground. "Come," she ordered, patting her knee.

I walked to her, turned around and got on my knees, facing away from her. She began to brush my hair, and with every stroke, all my worries disappeared. I closed my eyes and heard her tell me to stand. I had no idea what she did to my hair because I was so lost in how good her fingers felt massaging my scalp and running her long fingers through my hair.

"You, little girl, are a human to envy." I'd never been paid such a wonderful comment. "Well, let's get you in front of the mirror."

I'd been dying to see what she'd done to me, and had forgotten the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door in the room. She led me to the closet, and I stood with my heart beating fast waiting to step in front of it.

"Go on," Liza edged me forward. "The mirror won't break, I promise." Closing my eyes, she grabbed my shoulders and forced me to the door. "Open 'em," she said.

When I did, I was in utter shock at my appearance. It didn't even look like me. In the mirror, staring back at me was a golden-blonde haired woman, with hair pulled up in the back of my head with wisps of hair framing my face. The woman's makeup was fresh and immaculate. Normally, any woman wearing purple eyeliner and blue eye shadow would have sent me screaming away. But Liza had done such an incredible job it looked natural. My mouth hung open when I looked over my body. I'd never been secure with my body, but right then, right at that moment, I felt like the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world. Was that Hiliad's blood influence, too? It didn't matter. I was going to enjoy the moment. Tears built up in my eyes.

Liza smacked my ass cheek. "Don't you even think about messing up all of my hard work on your face."

I shook my head, speechless. She smiled at me. I knew she approved. I heard Liza say, "She's ready ... right," then a click of her cell phone closing. "Your Master instructs you to stand as you were when he left."

I nodded and turned around. "Liza, thank you."

"GO," she ordered.

Gathering up my nerves and taking control of them, I stood in the middle of the room and waited for Hiliad.

While I waited, Liza cleaned up her mess and stood in front of me. "You look beautiful, Connee," she said sincerely.

"You did it all, Liza."

"No," she said, remorse in her voice. "I've never had a natural beauty such as yours. And if you ever tell any living soul, or a dead one, for that matter, that I ever said that, you will die."

I believed her. I smiled, mainly because I was beginning to panic at what Hiliad would think when He saw me for the first time. My body might not have been shaking. I might have stood there confidently, with a bit of unrealism. But my mind was racing and my heart was pounding.

She leaned forward and brushed her lips against mine. For a dead person, her lips were so soft. I closed my eyes as our kiss grew, and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I wanted so much more of her, but she pulled away. We exchanged a smile.

The door burst open suddenly, but I didn't jerk, for some odd reason. Liza walked towards the door while I stood still, staring straight ahead of me. They spoke softly in a language I didn't understand. My heart skipped a beat. I knew I was going to start hyperventilating, but I controlled my breathing.

Hiliad came to me, stood beside me just out of eye shot, and looked me up and down. I wished I could see the expression on His face. He started to circle me, His eyes still checking me out, like a vulture soaring above an animal that's dying on the African plain. That thought made my body shiver. He went around me once. He circled me again. I never met His eyes. My heart beat double time.


"Connee," He said, His voice sounded like He was a million miles away, although He was standing before me.

I was afraid to look into His eyes, and He knew it. He grabbed my face and jerked up on it gently, giving me no other choice but to look at Him. Opening His mouth, His fangs immediately sprang out.

"I'll take that as a compliment, Sir," I croaked.

He laughed and smiled more brightly than I'd ever seen Him smile. Crow's feet appeared on the outside corners of His eyes, dimples carved just under His cheeks, His eyes lit up. "I never want to forget what you look like."

My heart exploded with such emotion I got choked up. I felt a tear build up in my eye and it fell before I could stop it. Hiliad smiled and wiped it away. "None of that. I'd have to punish you, and I'm not in the mood," He said seriously before the smallest crack of a smile appeared on His lips. "May I show you off?"

With no heart left to explode, my kidneys, liver, and every internal organ burst out of my mouth in a grunt. Swallowing them back down, I asked, "Sir, out ... outside?"

"Yes, of course. Where did you think I'd take you?"

I shook my head. "I ... can't do that."

"Why not? No one will dare touch you, except maybe me."

"Sir, I'm practically naked."

"You've got clothes on," He said, becoming irritated.

"Will ... you ... leave me?"

"No, of course not. And why are you arguing with me?" Then He was angry.

I took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes Sir."

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