tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 19-20

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 19-20


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We pulled into the parking lot of my apartment building, and I was out of the car before it was even stopped. I had only reached the bottom stair when He grabbed me, twirled me around, grabbed my elbow and led me to the edge of the trees. He dragged me in further until we were safe from wandering eyes and threw me against a tree, securing me with His hands on my shoulders. The impact knocked the breath from my lungs, and the tears started to flow.

"Did you forget yourself?" He said, and He was angrier than I'd ever seen Him.

"Let. Me. Go," I sobbed.

"I have not invested my time ... you will show me respect, as your Dom."

"Maybe I ... don't want ..."

He smirked evilly, brought His face closer to mine. "Is that what you want, Ms. Byers?"

I couldn't answer that. I didn't know what I wanted at that point.

"As you wish. But we have a date with your Master Daniel, and we will honor it."

He let go of me and I fell weakly to the grass. The roots bit into my ass, which hurt. I pulled my knees up and buried my face in my hands. And I cried for what felt like hours. My whole world was shattered. I didn't want to lose Hiliad.

He'd put me through hell, but I found more strength in myself than I ever imagined I could possess.

"Connee," Hiliad said softly above me.

"Leave me," picking up my head, I narrowed my eyes at him, I threw my arm out, full of anger, and shouted, "ALONE!"

Hiliad went flying back at least fifty feet, His arms flailing to grab onto anything He could; there was nothing. My eyes flew open when He crashed onto layers of dead and dry leaves. I was so shocked I couldn't move.

But before I could rush to Him, He'd risen, come back to me and held onto my arms tightly. "How did you do that?"

"I ... are you okay?" I stuttered. I was more in shock of what I did to him than He was.

He shook me roughly, which only made me start to cry again. "Connee, tell me how you did that!"

"I ... I don't know," I told Him, shaking my head disbelieving what had happened.

"But I do," came a voice beside us. We both jumped at the voice. Hiliad immediately stood up, barring His teeth at Daniel, who was holding his hands up defensively. "I would do nothing, if I were you, Mr. Fildri," Daniel threatened. "I can do so much more than Ms. Byers can."

I found myself standing beside, almost behind, Hiliad, who was as stiff as the tree He had just had me against.

"We should get inside. It's beginning to rain," Daniel said calmly. "I have a lot to explain to you, Connee."

Hiliad took a step closer to Daniel. "I don't give a shit if ..."

Daniel waved his arm out towards Hiliad, and He flew up in the air before flying back, landing hard against a tree about ten feet up. The tree cracked from the impact before He slid down in a crumpled heap.

"Hiliad!" I cried out, running to Him. When I reached Him, I knelt beside Him and took His head in my arms. His eyes were closed, and He seemed to be knocked out cold. "Talk to me, you jack ass!"

"Hmm," Daniel said callously. "He allows you to talk to him like that?"

Ignoring Daniel's comment, I kept all of my attention on Hiliad. I smacked Him in the face, knowing it wouldn't hurt Him, but only wanting Him to come around. "Damn it," I said, making my voice soft, although it cracked. My vision became blurry from my tears, and I felt the first raindrop break through the branches.

"I'll let that ... little term of endearment ... pass," He grumbled.

"Oh," I sighed with relief. "I can call you lots more names if you don't look at me!" His eyes fluttered open. "That's much better. Sit up." He groaned and grunted as He did, and slowly seemed to come around. "Hiliad, do you need my blood to get your strength back?"

Shaking His head, He looked up at Daniel, who was just watching us. There was no expression of anger on his face, or hurt at seeing me with Hiliad; no look that he was going to kill us. "I'll meet you at your door, Connee, Hiliad." He turned and walked away.

I fell on my ass beside Hiliad, shaking badly. Hiliad looked at me apprehensively then wrapped His arms around me and squeezed gently. "I knew you loved me." I pulled back and looked at Him alarmed. "Come on, Connee. Let's go see what this crap is all about."

"No, I'm okay," I told Hiliad while we walked back to my apartment. He'd been trying to put His arm around me, or pick me up and carry me, but He never said a word.

Just because it was raining, I certainly wasn't going to melt. Actually, the cold rain helped bring me around from what happened in the woods: I'd been confronted with Hiliad admitting He liked Wilma. I sassed back to my Dom—that Dom was a vampire, by the way. I told Him I didn't want Him as one anymore. And I attacked Him.

But at the moment, I was aware Hiliad was staring at me oddly. Without looking at Him, I said, "Sir, I know I'm going to get my ass whipped, but I'm really, truly sorry for what I did to you."

"Hmm, you'd risk punishment to say the one word I hate?" He commented, completely missing my point.

"Yep, I'm a glutton for punishment."

"So, that whole part about me not being your Dom ..." When He spoke, He circled His forefinger, as if that would finish His sentence.

He was really egging me on! When we were in view of my apartment building, I grabbed His arm and stopped Him. "Hiliad, the evening started off so great, don't ruin it." I was referring to Him making love to me before the date with Wilma and Hugh.

"We'll talk about the punishment later." He winked. That couldn't mean anything too bad, could it?

Daniel, my prior Master, who'd thrown me out of our home months earlier with no explanation, opened the building door for us. My mind was numb as we walked up the staircase, not even caring that we were leaving a wet trail on the carpet. I fumbled around in my purse looking for the door key. Hiliad stood on one side of the door while Daniel stood on the other. I couldn't have been more uncomfortable if I tried.

I unlocked and opened the door. Daniel was the first one in. Hiliad hesitated. I wondered why. I said hello to Heather, who'd jumped off the carpeted window ledge I'd gotten for her and stood at my feet. Putting my purse on the floor and stepping out of my sandals, I turned to see Hiliad still standing in the threshold.

Then I noticed Daniel eyeing Him curiously. Hiliad smiled at him wickedly, showing His fangs. "Connee, may I come in?"

"Yes, of course. Come in."

Hiliad walked in like he owned the place. Technically He had. But it was more like He was making a statement that I invited Him to mark one thing: Hiliad owned me.

I didn't say anything else when I went down the hall, grabbed two towels from the hall closet, gave one to Hiliad then threw one to Daniel, then went to my bedroom to change. I figured Hiliad wouldn't kill Daniel without hearing the truth, and Daniel could protect himself if Hiliad did.

In the master bathroom I undressed, dried off my body and hair, and put on my favorite men's flannel lounge pants and matching flannel shirt. Only then did I finally warm up.

Going to the kitchen, catching the two in the living room, both standing their ground, I fed Heather. "Sir Hiliad," I said, emphasizing the name so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding, "Do you mind if I get drunk?"

He answered a second later when he mysteriously appeared beside me. "Yes, I would."

I was disappointed, but accepted His answer. "Would you like a drink?"

Smiling, He replied, "Yes, I would."

I grabbed a bottle from the refrigerator, heated it in the microwave and handed it to Him.

"You may have one drink."

Oh, just one? That can't get Heather tipsy. But I thought of a plan. I took a juice glass, the bottle of Scotch that I drink from only every New Year's Eve, and filled that sucker up almost to the top.

"Brat," Hiliad chortled.

"Yep, but I'm smart," I said then took a long swallow, coughing and sputtering from the burn.

"Serves you right," Hiliad grinned.

Once I could talk, I hollered out to ask if Daniel wanted anything. He declined. "Well," I said as we headed to the living room, "Let's get this over with."

I took a spot on the couch, my knees bent beside me, the drink in my hand, and Heather having a hard time clawing her way up the cushion because she was still too tiny. Hiliad went to pick her up, but she crouched down in the attack position and hissed at Him. I reached down for her and she jumped up in my lap. I started to pet her absent-mindedly. Hiliad took a commanding and protective stance beside the couch closest to me.

"So, Daniel, what the hell happened in the woods?" I asked point blank.

"I should start with the reason why I kicked you out," Daniel began.

Yeah, that would be a better start.

"I told you that I'd taken you as far as I could in our relationship, and that was the truth. You possess a strength that you never really grasped, or were aware of, I think. That's why I introduced you to Mr. Fildri."

At the mention of His name, I saw Him tense slightly.

"I knew he would be firm with you, and hoped he'd awaken that in you."

"Why? Because He's a vampire?"

He nodded. "He has more power than I would ever have over you, and I had to allow him to push you to a place I never could."

"I don't understand. We were in a relationship—we were living together—we loved each other, or so I thought." I may as well have kicked him in the balls from the expression on his face.

"Yes. And you must know that it killed me to do that to you. For that, I apologize." Too little too late. "But since we've been apart, have you found yourself angry for no particular reason? Jealous, maybe, so much so that you lashed out?" He took a step closer to get my attention. Hiliad hissed. Daniel retreated. "I've never seen you blow your top or lose your control when you were with me.

"I'm a Scorpio. I live with it," I scoffed.

"You have no idea what you are, do you, Connee? What we are?"

I took a swig of the liquor. I didn't choke that time. That was a good sign I was on my way to Oblivion Land.

"You and I are supernatural ... beings."

"Oh, for godsake!" I huffed. "I'm as supernatural as cardboard!" Sleepy kitty was startled awake by my loud tone. I continued to pet her to calm her down, and myself.

"What is she, Daniel?" Hiliad asked angrily. He'd apparently lost His patience, and so had I.

"What we are, Connee, are Bintaurs. There aren't many of us, but we're out there."

"So are UFOs and aliens but no one's ... this is crap." I took another swallow. Hiliad promptly removed the glass from my hand, which was a good thing because my head was starting to swim. Did I mention I only had a sip of the Scotch once a year?

"You were angry, I assume, with Mr. Fildri when you tossed him away in the woods," Daniel said.

I thought a moment. "Not really Him; me, maybe."

"But you struck out at him. The anger you felt at that moment gave you the power. God, don't you get it?"

"Watch your tone with her," Hiliad defended me harshly.

Daniel sighed. "We obtain our power at around twenty-five, but you never did. You were the perfect slave, Connee. You never misbehaved. I never brought that out in you. You didn't bring on your ability. You needed someone stronger. Hiliad did that for you."

"No, He didn't," I corrected. "He helped me realize power I already had."

He smiled triumphantly. "Exactly." My head was beginning to spin. "Your mother must have been the Bintaur, and because of her death, you never received the information you needed to prepare yourself."

"Then why didn't you just tell me, Daniel? Did you think I'd run off screaming?" I probably would have.

"You're right. I should have. Honestly, I admit, that was a poor decision on my part."

"You think?" I snapped, thinking I slurred my words a little. Hiliad put His hand firmly on my shoulder. Apparently I had. "Does it work on humans, too?"

"Yes. We didn't realize just how powerful we were until the vampires came out."

"And do we, Bintaurs—god that sounded so stupid—have an agenda against the vampires?"

He finally sat down heavily in the chair across from us. I was glad; I was getting a crick in my neck. "No, but we're in trouble."

"How so?" Hiliad asked.

"There seems to be a Bintaur working out of the Northern Virginia area who is gathering information on all of us." He looked directly at me when he said that.

"For what purpose?" Hiliad asked, then highly interested.

"Thomas Milton has been working intel for the past six months, and he's very near compiling the list. We found out about Milton's plans through a mole we planted, who was killed last week; he was supposed to return, but didn't."

"What are his intentions?" Hiliad asked.

My head was feeling worse looking between the two in rapid succession, and Daniel was beginning to get a twin.

"He wants to be the sole Bintaur. His plan is to kill us all, one by one."

"What advantage would that give him?" Hiliad asked.

Hello! I am in the room! I am involved here! It didn't matter. I could no longer see straight, anyway, much less comprehend what was being said.

"With his power, he is a threat to no one. Other supernaturals, witches, creatures of all sort, you name it."

"Witcheses?" I mumbled.

Hiliad bent down and looked over my face. It had been burning the past fifteen minutes, and I knew I was wasted off my ass. "Connee, look at me." I did. "You still with us?"

"Yeah, I think so." I wasn't sure if that was in English or not.

He frowned, but after a second He stood back up again. "I'll explain the rest when you're sober." He turned to Daniel. "Why should I believe you?"

"Mr. Fildri, Connee is a beautiful, smart, incredible woman. I do not want her hurt. It didn't take me long to fall in love with her. I assume you have by now?"

"That is none of your concern," Hiliad snapped.

Throwing my head back so fast, I lost control of my head. It smashed into the head rest as I looked up at Hiliad. "You love meeee. You wanna daaate me." I thought Sandra Bullock was in the room. I hadn't realized it was me until Hiliad looked down at me, rolling His eyes.

"Okay, little girl, time to get you to bed."

"No, I wanna know—" I was cut off when He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. I had to lay my head on His chest to stop my head from spinning out of control; nausea was setting in, too.

I thought He was still holding me, but He easily pulled down the covers and placed me gently on the bed. Closing my eyes, I grunted, but got a bad bed spin and forced my eyes open again. "Seriously, Eri,' I nee' to hear wha'—"

"I'll take care of everything. You go to sleep." He covered me lovingly.

"No, don' wanna. Ain't gonna," I muttered. "What'cha gonna do if I stay awake?"

I felt half my body being pulled over, yet I stayed on my side. Then there was a sharp smack on my ass cheek. I cried out something I had no idea what. "That, young lady, was for you not obeying me, not for your earlier discretion. Now, close your eyes," He ordered.

I could barely keep my eyes open at that point, and I must have said something that He didn't like. Another quick fwap on the exact same spot. "Ow, ow," I whined. The bed shook, but I didn't realize until later I'd actually cried.

Hiliad's cool, smooth lips kissed my forehead, and I no longer had the strength to fight Him. I closed my eyes tightly, fighting the urge not to vomit. The last thing I heard Him say was, "You are never drinking again."


I'm lying on my stomach with my arms over a cliff, looking down at the terrified and pleading eyes of Hiliad in one hand and Daniel in the other. I can no longer hold on to both of them. I have to let go of one of them to save the other. I can't decide. I love them both, yet differently.

I look past their dangling bodies to see just how high we are. I am horrified to see not a rocky cliff with water splashing on them, sharp, deadly stakes for miles. I have to let go of one of them to save the other. One of them will die, but I can't decide which.

Hiliad's hand slips from mine. My heart cries out for Him. "Hiliad, I'll be right behind you. I'm sorry."

Ironic that my lasts words to Him includes the one word He hates the most.

I take a deep breath and let go of Hiliad's hand ...

"NO!" I scream out, shaking myself awake.

Tears poured from my eyes as I sat upright and the worst wave of nausea tore through my stomach. I ripped the covers off of me and ran to the bathroom, making it to the commode just in time to lose my dinner. I vomited until I had nothing left, then dry heaved a few times. I held my clammy, sweaty forehead in my hand and prayed it would end. It never seemed to. My stomach tightened up on me. I could barely move.

A cold, wet washcloth wiped across my hand, and I removed my hand so Hiliad could wipe my forehead. "Shit," I groaned, holding my stomach and falling back on my ass, leaning against the tub. "Why'd chu make me drink all tha'?" I grumbled.

"I made you do no such thing," Hiliad replied with a grin. His fangs were hidden.

The dream flooded back into my head and I glared up at Him. "Hiliad, Hiliad, I know ... the dream I told you about ... I let you go, and—"

"I know, you told me. Let me—"

"No, listen to me!" His eyebrow rose. I looked at Him apologetically. "I know what I said just now." I was afraid to tell Him, but I braved on. "Sir, I told you I'd jump right after I saved Daniel." I was excited, strangely enough.

"Hmm," He contemplated.

But I knew what it meant. I couldn't say it, though. "Help me up?"

I was soon swaddled in my bed, the covers up to my chin without the ability to move; my eyes shut tightly but fighting off sleep. Hiliad pushed back my hair, and He comforted me. "Sweetheart, I've got to leave, but Wilma will be here around noon. I think you'll still be passed out by then, though."

My eyes flew open. "Oh, Hiliad," I moaned, "she hates me."

He chuckled. "No, no she doesn't. She's quite fond of you, actually. So am I. Now shut up and go to sleep."

I knew better than to argue with Him. I just nodded, mumbled something and let sleep take me away.

Hiliad's POV:

No, she did not just say that. I couldn't help but smile. God, I hated her. I hated her for her beauty, her strength, her wisdom. And I hated her for telling me she loved me.

Only when her breathing had become steady and I knew she was asleep did I bend over and kiss her sweet, supple lips, running my fingers through her silky hair.

"I will let no harm come to you, my little one."

Connee's POV:

God, did my head hurt when I woke up at one o'clock that Sunday; my body, too, for that matter. I vowed there and then never to drink again. Grunting and groaning, I finally made it out of bed, but noticed Heather wasn't with me, nor did she wake me up like she normally did. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and headed out into the hallway, groaning all the way.

"Heather, ki ... OW!" Oh, my head! I decided then not to talk louder than a whisper.

Forgetting Heather, I headed straight to the kitchen for much-needed coffee, shuffling my feet and wishing I were dead. I opened the cabinet to get the Folger's in the cabinet over the coffee pot and pulled it out. The creaking of the door hinges was like a freight train a foot away from me. I dug out two scoops of the grounds, put them in the filter, and turned to fill the carafe with water. Even the water coming out of the faucet was like I was standing at the bottom of Victoria Falls.

"Hey, Connee," came a voice from the doorway.

I was so startled I threw my hand up holding the carafe, which was glass, and lost my grip on it. It crashed to the floor and shattered to a million pieces. "Shit! OW ..." That sounded like the freight train collided with the rock cliff behind Victoria Falls.

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