tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 30-32

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 30-32



For the next several minutes, Francesca kept watching the monitors for her heartbeat as she drained Connee, although it felt like hours to me. The heart monitor would skip and beat here and there, then slow ... slower. My god, I'd never seen a change done this way. If I had known that, I would have known when to stop. I wouldn't have taken every last drop from her like ...

"Hiliad," Francesca interrupted my thoughts again, and I looked up at her. She was licking the wound. She was finished. "It's time to wake her. Would you like to? It can be frightening if not done properly."

I nodded. "Connee? Love, wake up for me."

"No ... wanna ... sleep," she muttered.

I looked up at Francesca and didn't give a damn what she thought. "Sub, you will do as I say!"

"Hmm ... hmm, yes, Mast ..." She didn't open her eyes, and I didn't want her to. I couldn't hide the pain for her in my face at that moment.

I looked up at Francesca, who was biting into her own wrist. "Drink from Francesca now." She moved the rolling stool up a little and placed her wrist to Connee's mouth. She flicked out her tongue hesitantly then latched on like she was an infant suckling her mother's breast. "That's it, that's my girl."

Connee groaned and continued to lap thirstily at the blood filling her mouth. I even heard a moan from Francesca. Looking at her, her eyes were closed, and she had the most peaceful, satisfying smile on her lips. Turning back to Connee, I could tell she was nearly finished. I waited for Francesca to remove her hand.

When she finally did, I took a deep, unnecessary sharp breath out. "Hiliad, would you like to carry her upstairs to the bedroom?" I looked at her baffled. It was day light. "Don't worry. My home is completely light proof."

I nodded, picked up my Connee still wrapped in the blankets and followed Francesca through her home to a bedroom. It was fairly small, smaller than I'd imagined based on the size of the whole house. But this room was sufficient.

I placed her on one of the twin beds, the one by the wall, and stood back looking at her. I was expecting to feel something, anything: remorse, anxiety, fear. Nothing. I was completely emotionless.

"Hiliad, why don't you go take a shower and clean up in the hallway bathroom. There are clean clothes in there already. I'll be with her, and when you return, you may lie with her."

That totally floored me. I was expecting her to lie with her, as is the custom—to strengthen the bond between Maker and child.

"Hiliad, I see no harm in you being with her," she answered my thoughts. "I know you will take good care of her, although I'm certain you will sleep solidly yourself." I nodded. "Would you mind if I lie with her until you come back?"

How could I begrudge her that request? "Yes, certainly."

She smiled warmly. "Thank you."

Getting into the hot, steaming water instantly eased up my tensed nerves. It had been a long three days, or nights, well, yes, days and nights. Although I didn't want to change her it had happened. I honestly didn't expect we'd be able to ever scene again, and I knew how important it was to Connee. But I was hopeful we could at least try.

Quickly drying off and having changed clothing, I went back to the bedroom and looked at Francesca with Connee. Bloody tears were streaming down her face. "Your Majesty, what is it?"

"She ... she's gone." Her body shuddered as she lovingly ran her fingers through Connee's hair. It reminded me of mother and daughter, a sight I had never, ever seen. I was truly touched.

Of course she was gone, but I felt her sadness. I watched her as she slipped off the bed, kissed Connee's forehead and met me at the door, wiping her eyes. "Hiliad Fildri, I entrust in you that you will do the right thing."

What the hell does that mean?

"I will provide you with nourishment, as I'm sure your body will require more. Will you need anything else?"

The only thing I needed was my Connee. "No Ma'am."

"Then I will leave you."

She was about to close the door when I turned and held it open. "My Queen, you are as just and kind as they say about you. Thank you."

Shaking her head, she replied, "No, thank you." The door closed between us.

I rushed to Connee's side, got on the bed and cradled her in my arms, kissing her lips that no longer would be warm to me. I hummed a few songs from centuries past before I slowly became drowsy, and was soon asleep.

Third person ...

Queen Francesca had trouble sleeping the late afternoon of that Sunday. It had been a stressful evening and morning, to say the least. Connee was in the bedroom down the hall with Hiliad, and she knew she was safe. But still, she had to check on something. The hallway was dark, as was her house during the day, for she kept the windows open only at night time. She was racked with nerves, though she didn't understand why.

As she approached the door, she thought of knocking but didn't want to waken Hiliad, who desperately needed rest after his torturous two hours at the hand of Nate and Thomas Milton.

Walking into the bedroom carrying the old oil lamp that was her Great-Grandmother's, she could see the scars on Hiliad's face and arms had begun to heal as he lay fast asleep, though his face was still worn. Connee was nestled on her side, her body facing Hiliad's. His leg was draped over her blanket-covered legs; his one arm was over her waist, her face buried in his neck.

She had to admit they made an attractive couple, but she doubted it would last long, which made her sad. She knew he would protect her, but there was no way of knowing her personality after the change.

Francesca herself had little trouble changing, but she had a lot of guidance from good people. She could only hope Hiliad would show her the same kindness.

Standing by the bed looking over the couple, she felt a connection she hadn't expected to feel. Not having changed a human before, she didn't know what to expect, but what she then heard made her deeply anxious.

Rushing out of the room to her emergency room, returning seconds later, she quietly made it back to the bed, standing there for several minutes to decipher the sound. Yes, she heard what she thought she heard. But it wasn't possible!

Placing the oil lamp on the nightstand she bent over, took Connee's wrist, which still showed the scars of the cuts she had made, and squeezed her forefinger against the scar at her vein.

Sure enough, it was there—faint, but it was there. Suddenly, Hiliad snarled awake, bared his fangs and sat halfway up, pulling Connee closer into him.

"Shh, Hiliad, it's just me."

"What are you doing?" he asked, remaining on alert.

She ran her fingers through her tousled hair and sat on the other twin bed. "I couldn't sleep any longer. I was feeling something ... strange. Is she ... breathing?"

Hiliad frowned in concerned confusion and looked over Connee's face. "Yes, yes, she's gone."

Francesca stood back up and placed the ear tube of the stethoscope around her neck. "Please, turn her on her back." He did so, then watched as the doctor placed the round metal diaphragm over Connee's heart and listened, then listened some more. She gently lifted the soon-to-be new vampire's upper lip and looked at her teeth.

"Majesty, I don't understand what's going on."

"Hiliad, there is a heartbeat," Francesca said as she sat back down. "I don't understand, either. She was dead when I lay down with her. But then ... When I was changed, I never ... This is absurd. We won't know until her fangs appear."

"We won't know if she's a vampire?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," she replied, shaking her head. "I'll have to make a few phone calls, but this worries me greatly."

Oh, it worried Hiliad Fildri as well. "Maybe the Magistrar will know something."

"No, no, we can't do that. If he is aware of Bintaurs and their powers, if he knew of one becoming vampire, he would ... That's not an option."

"Do you know of other Bins becoming vampires, other than yourself?"

"No. If there are, they more than likely are in hiding."

"What are we going to do?" Hiliad asked, alarm in his voice.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know."

He watched as Francesca left the room, and looked over Connee again. He heard nothing, nor felt anything but her cold, dead body in his arms.

Connee's POV:

Coming around slowly, I felt myself strapped down on my side in a soft mattress; something heavy lay over my knees and a thick strap of some sort lay over my waist. My hands were clinched below my chin, and then I felt the cold brick I was lying next to. Wait, not cold brick ... Master! I threw my eyes open and indeed He was holding me. And he looked as hot as He'd ever been.

Then the urge struck me that I had to use the bathroom. I threw the sheet away from my body and gasped when I saw I was naked. I looked back at Hiliad. I didn't feel like I'd just had sex with Him, and I always knew the moment I woke up when I had. I stood up and stretched my arms over my head, yawning hard, trying not to make a peep so as not to wake Hiliad.

I took a step forward where I knew the bathroom was but ran into a mattress—no, a twin bed. I had no idea where I was.

I looked around the room, a room I had never been in. I was relieved when I saw a cute cotton gown lying on the bed. Checking it out, it was my exact size. I put it on, but then my bladder screamed at me, and I looked around for the bathroom. There was none in this room. I headed for the door and peeked my head out, looking up and down the hallway. Yep, never been here before.

I stepped to the left and looked for an open door. It was dark except for an old-fashioned lamp hanging from the wall; it was enough to guide me. I only went down two doors when I saw the bathroom. Walking in, I closed the door behind me and went straight to the toilet, sitting down. But I didn't pee, I couldn't pee. Shit, getting another UTI. That meant no sex with Milton ... wait, what the hell?

I felt weak in the knees when the events of the past few days caught up with my slow brain. Milton and I in an RV ... Hiliad in a cage ... horseback riding ... making out with Milton then ... my wrists! I brought my wrists to my face and saw two thin lines down where the vein was, but they were almost completely healed.

Then something about Heather ... fish ... Frances sucking on my wrist ... swallowing her thick blood ... ohgodohgodohgod! Not Frances, but Francesca. A vampire.

I rushed to the sink and splashed cold water on my face, making my hair wet, but I didn't care. Again and again the water cleared my brain up slowly, but the water never got any colder. I needed it colder. Then I caught my reflection in the mirror. I was pale—so damned pale!

My eyes were a dull blue, not the bright, beautiful blue that changed hue when I wore a particular blue. Blue ... hue ... blue. I laughed hysterically, though I had to cover my mouth so not to wake anyone up. God, it really did happen! Shoving my face closer to the mirror, I scraped a finger over my teeth looking for fangs. They weren't there.

Hell, this is the worst dream I had ever had!

Then I was struck with an intense pang of hunger and went the other direction down the hall, looking for the stairs. Again, there were two oil lamps hanging on the wall. I found the kitchen easily; that, too, was lit in lamp light.

I heard the ticking of a clock and saw a small grandfather clock hanging on the wall. Four thirty-two. But a.m. or p.m.? Figuring Hiliad was still sleeping, it had to be p.m. But why the hell was I up?

I opened the refrigerator and found bottles and bottles of blood, which actually sounded good to me. But then I saw a serving dish covered with aluminum foil, and since I've killed many a cat with my curiosity, I peeled a corner up and saw meat marinating. Hmm, that looked good, too.

So, I took it out, placed it on the counter and searched for plates, which I couldn't find in sufficient time to satisfy my growling stomach. Pinching off a corner piece with both hands, I stuck the meat into my mouth, chewed, and swallowed, which practically melted down my throat. It was the best steak I'd ever had! I finished off two whole pieces before I needed something to wash it down with.

Going back to the refrigerator, I pulled out a bottle of blood, popped the top and was about to put it to my mouth when it was slapped from my hand, thrown in the air, blood splattering to the floor. I was so startled that I couldn't react in time to defend myself.

Strong arms wrapped around my neck and a hand covered my mouth, but with the blood from the meat in the corners of my mouth and chin, it slid away easily. When it came back up, I bit into the flesh between the forefinger and thumb, and the man screamed in pain. It was Milton!

He tightened his grip and pulled me back out into the hallway and into the living room, throwing me roughly on the couch, with him behind me holding me securely down. "Don't say a fucking word. I've come for what is rightfully mine!"

I had to think fast. Milton was going to rape me if I didn't stop him. I didn't know how strong I was yet and doubted I'd be able to take him with his strength. I figured I'd speed up the process by going down on him and biting his dick off.

"Oh, Thomas," I cooed, calming my body and hoping my voice was the same as when I was under his control. "I've missed you." He relaxed his arm from my neck and slid his hand down my collarbone to my breast, squeezing it hard. It didn't hurt, though. "Hmm, Thomas. That feels good."

Pushing me up and around, my legs straddling his thighs, he pulled me to him and ran his hands up and down my back, kissing my neck and moaning. I just knew I was going to vomit.

I put my hands on the back cushion then felt a tug on my upper row of teeth. Gently, I flicked the top of my tongue over my new fangs. Yes! Christmas came early! Give everyone's bonuses to me!

"Oh, Thomas, I'm going to give you want you so desperately want," I said, trying to sound like I meant it because I didn't want him to get alarmed, since he hadn't seen my face.

Widening my mouth, I dove my fangs into his neck, chewing and clawing with my bottom teeth to tear as much flesh away from him as I could. He screamed into my ear, his voice so pain-wrenched, yet chills of excitement tore through my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck tight so he couldn't get free, even though he'd started to push me away with his hands.

I was stronger than I thought I was. I heard myself growl as I sucked as much of his blood as I could. It flowed down my throat like a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade.

"Connee! Stop it!" I heard but kept sucking harder and harder. I felt Milton's arms slip down my bottom, plop to his sides.

A pair of strong hands grabbed my shoulders and tried to pull me away. "No, no!" I yelled when I lost my grip on Milton. "I don't have to listen to you, Hiliad!" I dove back into Milton's neck and began to drain him further, hoping to drain every last drop from his pathetic body.

"BUT YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME!" a female voice scolded. "Leigh Connee Byers, as your Maker, I COMMAND you to release him!"

My mind was still on what I was doing and didn't want to stop, but my body floated back and settled hard on the carpet by the couch, looking around dazed. Someone threw themself at me, sitting beside me and holding me down by my shoulders. I looked up to see who it was, and Hiliad had the most appallingly disgusted expression in his eyes.

"Mas ... Master?" I said, my voice weak.

I turned back to the couch and saw Francesca pressing her finger into the unblemished side of Milton's neck. Leaning back and standing at my feet, she said, "He's dead."

"Wha'?" I stuttered, confused. Then it hit me. "Good." The woman looked at me sourly, and I remembered her from the night before. "Queen Francesca?"

"Yes," she said. "Mr. Fildri, take her back to bed."

"What? No!" I protested, getting to my feet.

"You must get better control over your sub," she retorted as she turned and left.

I pleaded to Master, who was also standing. "No, there's so much I wanna do. I feel ..."

Hiliad grabbed my elbow hard and pulled me upstairs all the way, with me screaming and fighting to break free. He literally threw me on the bed, rolled me over on my stomach, and placed His knee on my shoulder blades.

"Ow, damn! You're hurting me!" I hollered, although he wasn't really hurting me.

"Oh, little one," He said angrily, pulling the gown up to expose my bare ass, "You have no idea what the definition of hurt is!" He then proceeded to spank the shit out of me, leaving my ass bright red and stinging, my body shaking, tears pouring out of my eyes.

"When you've figured out the definition of Master, and what your role as sub entails, meet me downstairs. I've got to help the queen clean up your shit." I jumped when the bedroom door slammed closed.

I cried some more. I was in a lot of pain, regardless of my new thick—supposedly—vampire skin. That was all I could think of. Nothing else. My ass was doing all the brain processing at the moment. But I had been given an order, and an order must be followed. I went to the bathroom, ashamed to look at myself in the mirror.

Knowing I had blood from my tears smeared all over my face, I splashed cold water on it. With closed eyelids, I reached for the hand towel and dried my face, regretful of the blood I'd leave on it. I was relieved when there was no stain on my face.

Keeping the water on, I went to run the hand towel under the running water to rinse the blood out when ... there was no blood. Ok, wait. This is just too weird. Hiliad had cried blood. Why hadn't I?

Then I looked at my mouth, after the blood meal I'd just had, and cringed when I saw blood still on my teeth. I reached for the tooth paste and brush, scrubbing as hard as I could.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling sharply, I headed back downstairs to the living room I'd just been dragged from and stood in the threshold, my arms behind my back, looking at the floor. I could see Francesca's slippers and Hiliad's bare feet moving around the room, but I didn't look up.

"Get in the kitchen and put the meat back," Hiliad barked. "That was for the queen's staff barbecue tonight, at which you've just left two people to starve."

I did as I was told and went to the kitchen. My stomach was full of knots. He was incensed, even more so than when he'd punished me for the first time. And I deserved it. I knew that.

I covered the meat and put it back in the refrigerator. I was no longer hungry smelling the bloody juices of the meat. But the tears returned.

When I went back to the living room, I again stood in the threshold in my submissive pose. I could see Master and Francesca were then sitting on the couch, but I couldn't see if it was completely cleaned of Milton's blood.

"Sub, I want my regular," He snarled. Softening His voice, He asked the queen her preference. When she told Him, I turned to leave. "You have two seconds."

How the hell am I going to do that? It took thirty seconds to make them, longer because there were two bottles. I practically ran back to the kitchen, grabbed the bottles from the fridge, placed them in the microwave and turned it on. Barely having enough time to wrap around my brain what was happening, the microwave dinged.

Master yelled, "Five." God! He is counting down!

I opened the door and grabbed the bottles from the microwave. "Four!"

Running out of the kitchen, there was a "Three!"

I was so rattled at that point I turned left instead of right. "Two!"

I tore down the hallway and just as I stepped on the plush carpet, Master said, "One." I stopped, walked towards the couch and handed Master His bottle, keeping my eyes down.

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