tagBDSMHiliad's Special Gift Ch. 36-38

Hiliad's Special Gift Ch. 36-38


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Again, gotta give props to my editor, Scooter! And thanks, mods, for getting the last three chapters out so quickly.

I'm glad y'all like the story. I get discouraged when my ratings drop .15 with ONE -1- vote. But hey, it's all about the writing, right?

YOUR COMMENTS: I don't always reply to comments on the chapters from people because I never now if y'all go back to find any from me.


Grrlslave: 1-No, Milton wasn't dead. Hiliad only killed the boy and his father; 2-New vampires get out of control. But Hiliad also knows Connee can control herself, so he was disappointed she lost it.

Inspector123: Yep! One last 'chapter.' It's actually 4 chapters but they should be 4-5 pages long! But 4 are pending.

There are ways I can continue Hiliad's story but after a new story is done that I'm working on with my evil male twin.

MasterfulJim: Heather turned into a were-kitty and was transported to the last Ice Age by a witch, married a saber-tooth tiger and had little kitties that turn into were-kitties on a full moon! Are you happy now? hehe



The next night was Saturday, and the weekends were the busiest nights for Hiliad. I would have rather talked to Him about the night before. I knew, felt, He was angry that I hadn't stopped Him sooner when the pain came, and I could tell He felt guilty, too.

The only thing He told me before we slept for the day was that I will wear His collar 24-7, and that I was to ask permission to speak. Other than that, I would remain His slave.

Right after sunset, I'd promised He could wake me up, and I was already awake and ready for Him. I would have loved to lie in bed with Him, but Master making an appearance—or, as He had put it, 'Blessing the humans with His presence'—was mandatory on the weekends. The club always made more money on the weekend when He was there. He left with a warm kiss and a smile on His face.

My evening would be spent going to my apartment to start boxing things up. Driving there from Liza's, I couldn't help but think it was an ending to my human life. Packing up my day-life, as I dubbed it, was going to be rough.

When I arrived, I attacked my closet first for the rest of my clothes since they were the most important. Next were the little knick-knacks I had collected, then my mind started to wander when I found Heather's cat toy behind a bookshelf. She was the first gift Hiliad had given me, and I missed her, though I'd only had her a month.

After a couple of hours, I grew a little tired, so I grabbed a bottle of Sheep's blood and sat on my bed. It still was not as good as human blood, but I needed something while I was alone, which gave me time to think.

I had been vampire only a few weeks, and Hiliad told me before He left that He'd found the perfect place for us. That was why I was packing. We were going to be looking at it on Monday.

I had been emailing Francesca in Virginia every day since we left her, and there was no heavy duty conversation. It was more like getting acquainted or reacquainted with the other.

It was shocking how similar we were in our likes and dislikes and our personality traits, how opinionated we were, and she made me laugh. But I did promise her I would come back to visit her within the next few months.

Then there was Wilma , my new-found friend. I did call her a few days after we arrived home to let her know that we were back, and that I was okay. Immediately she noted a difference in my voice, but I couldn't tell her I had been changed.

I wasn't ready to speak about it, although I accepted my fate. She wanted us to get together, but I told her I was going to be busy for a few weeks. I hated lying to her. It seemed I had been making a lot of promises I couldn't keep lately.

My thoughts were distracted when my cell phone rang. I smiled when I saw Francesca's number, but curious as to why she was calling since I'd emailed her before I left Liza's house.

"Hi, Frannie."

"Hi. Are you okay, honey?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." No, I really wasn't. I was still flabbergasted at the pain in my stomach from last night with Hiliad and surprised how weak I was at the moment.

"What happened with Hiliad?" What? Can she feel my emotion over the phone? "No, honey. I'm telepathic. What did Hiliad do to you?" Her tone was stern and anxious.

Whether she told me when I was there, I simply couldn't remember. "Nothing, really. We, uh, I just had a cramp." I tried my hardest to keep my thoughts blocked from her, as I had been able to with Wilma.

"Nu-uh. It was more than a cramp."

"Really, He just ... used more force than I was used to."

"I don't believe you. Call it mother's intuition."

I then told her about the sharp pain during the scene so she wouldn't worry, but that Hiliad's blood took the pain away. She was quiet for too long. "Mom? You still there?"

"Yes, yes." She didn't elaborate.

"What's going on? What are you thinking?" I became nervous.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm sorry, but I have a patient coming in. Can I call you in a few hours?"

I told her yes, of course, knowing I'd be home by then and hung up my phone perplexed. What the hell was that all about? Looking at my watch, I was surprised to find it was 3:30, and I hadn't done a darn thing in the apartment.

Locking up and sitting in my car, I called Master to let Him know I was on the way back to Liza's. He suggested I get some more meat at the all-night grocery store on the way home; He would bring me dinner.

"Dinner?" I laughed. "Male or female?" He didn't get the joke.

When I did make it to Liza's, I went straight to the small refrigerator to put the meat away. Hiliad called me into the back parlor, where I met Him and a female. When I looked over His face, I knew something was wrong. While He always had a permanent stern expression, there was always lightness in His eyes. Then there was none.

"Feed," He told me, or more like ordered me to. I wanted to question His motives, but I didn't dare. I turned to the female, who was far from a fangbanger. "Hi," I said as I sat down beside her, "Are you okay with this?" I asked her, my voice shaking a little.

Hiliad barked, "Slave, it makes no difference whether she is or not. I brought her for you. That should be enough."

Right. The woman rested against the back cushion, tilted her head, giving me her neck. I exposed my fangs and bent in to her. Knowing it was less painful to delve into the flesh quickly rather than slowly, she moaned softly as I sank my fangs into her, guessing she was letting me know I wasn't hurting her.

Only when her blood went down my throat did I realize how hungry I really was. I put my hand on the cushion and drank more from her. I felt her hand on my shoulder, but Master didn't object. I liked the contact, it reminded me that she was still a human being.

When I was full enough, and I felt her hand slip from me, I removed my fangs and looked over her face. Color had clearly drained from her complexion, and she seemed ready to collapse, her eyes closed. I turned to Master. "Sir, if it pleases you, may I ask if she is alright?" I then retracted my fangs.

He smiled warmly, but I also noticed the thick bulge in His crotch. "Yes. Her name is Marley."

Turning back to her, I put my hand on her cheek, and said, "Marley, talk to me. You still with me?"

"Hmm, yes," she replied drowsily.

"Do you need anything?"

"No," she mumbled.

Hiliad stood up. "Slave, come. Someone will take you home, Marley. Thank you." Master took my hand and led me to the kitchen. "Sit." I obeyed, head bowed and hands in my lap, while He sat in the chair opposite me. "What have you been telling Queen Francesca about our relationship?"

"Sir, she called tonight ..." I told Him exactly what I told her. "I would never betray your trust, ever."

"Look at me," He demanded. I did. "She phoned me after she spoke to you. What. Did. You. Tell. The Queen?"

How could He think I would share our most intimate details with anyone, especially my mother? "Sir, I have saved all of my emails with her. We've spoken on the phone only once, earlier." He squared His eyes at me. My eyes burned with tears that were on the way. I had done nothing wrong.

"Then why does she think I do not feed you enough?"

My head flew back in shock. "Wha'? I have—" Then the tears started.

"I want an answer!" He threw His fist on the table, making me jump. More tears fell. "Do I not take care of you? Provide employment? Give you shelter during the day?" I bowed my head. "DO NOT AVOID ME!"

I looked back at Him, finding it extremely difficult to look Him in His eyes. The tears continued, my hands trembled.

"Answer me!"

"Master, I don't know why ... I never spoke or wrote of my feelings. And yes, Sir, you have given me all I need, and more. You must believe me." My voice trembled.

He was speculative for a minute, His eyes burrowing into my soul. I blinked to clear the moisture from my eyes and waited for Him to blast me for not telling Him the truth. But He only stood, retrieved the meat, put it on a plate and placed it before me. "Eat." "Master, may I speak?"

"No. Eat," He said sternly.

He had given me no knife and fork, and I was no savage. But I had no choice. I picked the block of meat up with my fingers and took a bite. I slowly chewed, surprised at how good it was, and that I was still hungry, even after having Marley's blood.

He stood staring down at me the entire time. Even though I didn't look at Him, I could sense the look in His eyes. He still was not pleased. I kept eating, not able to control my tears.

When I was halfway done, and way too full at that point, He commanded into my ear, "From now on, I will feed you. And you will sleep in the spare bedroom, alone, until you tell me the truth. Do you understand?"

I didn't like the tone in His voice at all. "Yes, Master, I understand."

My cell phone vibrated on the table. I'd forgotten Francesca was going to call me back.

"You will go now. Leave the clothes on your back on our bed." He picked up my phone and walked out.

It looked like I was going to be sleeping in the spare bedroom for the rest of my existence, because I had already told Him the truth.

A little bit later, after I'd settled on the bed for the night, Hiliad came to make sure I followed His instruction of sleeping naked. He thought it would make me more vulnerable to His demand. I wasn't.

He informed me that I was not to leave the room that night. If, during that time, I decided to be truthful, only then would I be allowed to leave, coming directly to Him and confessing my 'deceit.' He was still going to take me to look at the house the next night, but only when He was ready. Again, I would spend Monday night alone, if I still chose to defy Him.


When I woke at dusk on Sunday, the only visitors I had were Sarah, who opened up the window, and Hiliad, who brought me food, staying to make sure I drank from the 'Human Special of the Evening' and ate all of the raw meat. Master never spoke a word, and I never looked at Him directly. Every single time, as soon as the door closed behind Him, I'd break into tears and cried for hours. Monday morning before sunrise, He came in with my last meal. It was a male this time, and I did not hesitate to drink from him. I didn't care if he wanted to be there, didn't care if I hurt him, and didn't care if he needed anything afterwards. By that point nothing mattered. When I'd had my fill—actually, when Master felt I'd had my fill—He dismissed the male.

A huge lump built in the back of my throat when He sat down beside me on the bed, leaned forward and removed my collar. Hell, not again!

"You may speak freely, slave, while the collar is off. It will be replaced." I relaxed only a little, drawing my knees up to my chest.

"I blocked you out once before when Daniel was killed. I will not do that to you again; you do not deserve it. Why did you not come to me last night?"

"Because I told you the truth when you asked me, Sir." "I know. I did check your email, and I spoke to your Mother yesterday when she called you. She wanted to know how you had adjusted since we've been home, and she seemed to think your exhaustion was due to lack of proper nourishment, due to your Haemophilia. It was she that wanted you to eat more, including the meat." He shifted His body uncomfortably. "She has requested you go visit her Wednesday night for an unknown amount of time. She's sending her plane." I was speechless at first. "Did she explain why?" He shook His head. "And you are letting her?"

"I am not in the position to refuse her. You will be safe with her."

"Sir, are you sending me away because you thought—"

Hiliad put his forefinger over my lips. "No. I do not want you to go. I apologize. Connee, it hurt me to hear you crying whenever I left you. You must know by now that I am a very private ... being. She was aware of our relationship when we were at her home, but I am not willing to let her in to every aspect of our lives."

"Nor am I."

"Am I forgiven?"

I nodded. "Yes, Sir."

"Now, tell me," He started, "How many times did Liza make you cum the other night?"

You have got to be kidding me! "Six," I told Him.

"Correct. What will your reward be?"

Okay, no, now you have got to be fucking kidding me. "You're allowing me my reward right now?"


"I am still a little tired." It was an emotional exhaustion rather than a physical exhaustion. "Would you just stay with me and cuddle?"

"Hmm, that's all?" He sounded disappointed, not that I cared.

"Yes, Sir."

After replacing my collar, He swiftly lifted me off the bed and carried me to our room. He laid me on the bed on my side, bending His body into mine, and pulled my head to His chest. When we lie like that, we are the perfect fit.

"You're easy to please." I remained silent. "You may speak freely."

"I'm easy to please, huh?"

"Yes. I actually like cuddling with you. But I wanted a little more."

"Wait a minute, Sir. I thought it was my reward."

"What's wrong with a little quickie?"

"I don't do quickies, Sir."

"What? You don't think I can give you an orgasm with a quickie?"

I couldn't help but grin. "As my reward, take me as we are." I couldn't stop myself from yawning, though.

"Do you think ..." I could feel He pulled down His sweats to His thighs, "...You can stay awake ..." He spread my thighs a little, "... To take this?"

He plunged His cock inside me, and I gasped at His size, and the fact that I wasn't wet enough yet. He didn't force Himself hard on me at first. He simply penetrated me in and out until He felt I was wet enough for more. I leaned my arm back, placing my hand on the back of His neck, giving Him access to my breast. He grabbed on to it, twisting the nipple then moved down to my clit. I sighed when He started massaging it.

"Are you ready for me, yet?"

"Oh, yes, please, now," I moaned.

I pushed my ass into Him, and He fucked me harder, going deeper with each stroke. He bent His head down and kissed my neck, lapped with His tongue and bit with His lips. "Hmm, yes," I moaned.

More urgently then, He pushed in deeper and deeper, over and over, gathering moisture from my pussy and pressing His finger firmly on my clit. "Grip. My. Dick, woman," He grunted. I did so, and my orgasm quickly started to build. He clasped onto my breasts, massaging and pinching and working them roughly. I threw my head back reveling in the sensation.

"Shiiiit," he muttered.

Oh, yeah, shit was right. Just as I was on the verge of cumming, and I could tell Master was, too, he made me beg for Him by lifting my hips to have Him penetrate me. Starting off slowly, I increased my speed, keeping a grip on him. Instantly I felt Him cum inside me, He grunted one last time, which sent my orgasm shooting throughout my entire body. He pushed up with His hips, sending me rolling beside Him. Turning me over to face Him, He cuddled Himself against me again. "I thought you said you were tired?" He grinned, running His fingers over my stomach.

"I am." I smirked.

"Now, wasn't that a better reward?"

I let out a long yawn. "Uh-huh."

His body shuddered with a chuckle. My eyes then closed, He brushed His lips to mine softly, but I felt myself drifting off to sleep. "Sleep well, my love," I heard Him whisper. "I love you more than you know."

"... love you, t'" I managed to say before I slept blissfully. CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN

The next evening I woke up alone. Hiliad always left me some kind of note when He did that, but when I looked around for it, I didn't find one. Then I noticed it was eleven o'clock, way late for me to sleep in.

After taking a shower and dressing, forgoing Master's collar since we were going to look at the house, I headed downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. If Francesca was worried about me not eating enough, I'd make sure to eat more. There's no harm in that.

Sitting and eating the meat left over from the morning before, I was getting excited about looking at the house. But I was apprehensive, as well. Everything was moving so fast, too fast. I had gotten up to get a Sheep's blood when I heard Hiliad's voice in the house.

"Would you two keep it in the bedroom, please," He begged.

"What male doesn't like to watch females making out, Hiliad," Liza replied sourly. "It's not like we'll have any babies."

"You with a baby, that would be something," Hiliad retorted.

"They're tasty, aren't they?"

What the hell?

"Yes, but that's not the point," Hiliad said.

What the double-hell?

I sat back down and watched Hiliad come into the kitchen first, followed by Liza and the woman, who was practically attached to her hip. "Hey," I croaked.

"What's wrong?" Hiliad asked.

"I, uh, nothing," I told Him with a smile.

"What? You knew that I prefer women, didn't you?" Liza inquired.

"I, yeah, but I'm a little slow." How did I not know she was? She was with me, but I thought she did that because Hiliad told her to.

"You're not eating that, are you?" the human woman asked disgusted. Okay, I didn't like her, either. Even though Liza allowed Hiliad and me to stay at her home didn't mean I'd have to like her. "Yes, I am. You want some?" I asked, pushing the plate towards her. I knew it was mean, but I was in a bratty mood. I saw Hiliad grin before He grabbed blood from the refrigerator and nuked it. Liza gave me a dirty look before she said, "Liz, have a seat. Connee, just so you know, I don't appreciate the fact that I have to share my human."

It dawned on me I was to feed from her. "Don't worry, Liza. She's not classy enough to have sex with me, anyway." I heard a sputter come from Hiliad and turned to see Him almost choking on the swallow of blood. I still had the power to shock the crap out of Him. I was pleased as punch with myself.

"Hurry it up," Liza retorted.

Looking at Liz, who had just sat down, I went to her, scooted the chair so that her back was to me, then dove into her neck. No questions, no warning. By that point, I had become numb to the ritual, and it's what they wanted anyway. Give and take. She moaned and squirmed as I fed from her, not caring how messy I was being.

Finally, I pulled back and went to the sink to wash my mouth, but Hiliad grabbed my waist, pulled me to Him hard and kissed me. At first I was grossed out with the exchange of blood, but His tongue swirling around my mouth made me forget quickly. "Oh, hell. Come on, Liz," Liza muttered.

We were still kissing when I heard them leave. Only then did Hiliad break the kiss. "That was awfully naughty of you."

"Couldn't help it. Would you have done the same in my situation?"

"Yes, but I'm just surprised my little angel did." I giggled. "Had enough to eat?"

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