tagErotic CouplingsHillary's Hills Ch. 01

Hillary's Hills Ch. 01


Again, I posted this story some time ago at a different site under a slightly different pen name. All characters are over 18 yrs of age.

This stoy follow up on "Clara's Cleavage". Clara's gone until the last chapter, but the theme continues as we follow Richard King's adventures.

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o )

Damn, damn, damn, damn, I thought to my self. Busted. This was trouble that I did not need!

I was waiting outside the office of the Dean of Students. Ms. H. LeFaye, according to the name plate on the door. I'd never met the woman, never even seen her. But today, because of bad luck and a combination of situations that included two very horney young ladies I was about to spend a very uncomfortable morning in her office.

It had started innocently. I was helping a friend move out of her dorm and into her new place in town. She was a friend that I got together with for sex every couple of weeks. In her dorm, a motel, a field...

To understand how I got into this mess you have to know some background.

It began when I had had a one night stand with a young lady who had the most incredibly large breasted body I had ever seen. Clara had been my first sexual experience. It had been an experience that left me unconscious before she was done with me. Not out of malice I don't think, but out of ignorance. When I woke up Clara had vanished and I'd been unable to locate her since then!

Clara had claimed to be descended from witches. It was probably true. Hell, it WAS true. I was living proof!

I found out that she had this quirk in bed. She would sometimes talk directly to my dick as if it was separate from me. When I had finally passed out from exhaustion, we had made love four or five times and at some point in each bout she had murmured "Grow bigger for Carla, honey, grow bigger." And it, I mean, I, had!

While prior to that night I had never exceeded 5 inches, and considered my self somewhat under endowed, I now was the possessor of a schlong that was just under 15 inches in length and almost 8 inches in circumfrence. Before you jump to any conclusions here just let me say that this result had not brought me any great happiness. I would gladly have gone back to my former size if possible.

But a trip to the urologist had been of no help. Surgery was chancy at best. I decided to do my best with what cards I'd been dealt rather than chance "possibly permanent disability", as the doctor so delicately phrased it.

Anyway, to conclude this update, I had met Hillary the morning after my encounter with Clara under extremely embarrassing conditions and she had blackmailed me into having sex with her! I would have done so without the threat that she put to me. And indeed, we had had sex every several weeks since then. It was a comfortable if somewhat odd relationship.

I liked Hillary. She, I think, liked me. But when we got together it was pretty much only for sex. Hillary was the only woman I had met so far who could not just handle the new me but actually seemed to gain real pleasure with me - often having multiple orgasms when we fucked. That was one of the reason's she had decided to move. I lived in a frat. We couldn't get together there. She lived in the dorms. And while we had used her room often enough, she had a new dorm procter who was a real busy body and Hillary thought if she had her own place she and I could get together in privacy easier. At least that was one reason for the move. We'd been having a "so long to the dorm room" fuck when all hell had broken loose!

Hillary was now seated opposite me in the outer office of Ms. LeFaye. She was wrapped up in her own dark thoughts. We were probably about to be expelled. We had been caught fucking in the girls dorm. If there was a faster way out of this college I didn't know what it was!

"Ms. LeFaye is ready for you now." It was the Oriental Administrative Assistant addressing both Hillary and myself. "You may go in now."

If she knew why we were here her face did not betray it. Very pretty, but inscrutable.

I rose and opened the door to the inner sanctum while Hillary preceded me into the presence of Ms. LeFaye.

My first impression was one of leather and dark wood completely unlike the outer office which had been standard Midwest college plastic and beige.

My attention was quickly drawn to the salt-and-pepper haired lady who was seated behind a massive wooden desk in a high backed chair that had to be one of the largest office chairs I had ever seen. Ms. LeFaye I presumed. This furniture did not dwarf Ms. LeFaye. It seemed in proportion. Ms. LeFaye had the shoulders of an outside linebacker.

She was stroking the back of a calico cat that was perched on her desk. Both of them watched Hillary and me enter. When the cat saw me it let out a small yowl and focused it's attention on my face.

"Please be seated Ms. Owles, Mr. King. Just let me review the information that has been presented to me one more time." Ms. LeFaye's voice was a shock. Low and distinct, it sent a small shiver up my spine. Warm brandy. That was the thought that flashed thru my mind. She has a voice like warm brandy. She turned her attention to the report that was on her desk. The cat was watching me with unblinking eyes while it's back was still being absently stroked.

Hillary and I sat next to each other on the couch facing the desk.

"Well, this seems straightforward. You two young people were found in a girls dorm room under conditions that seem clear cut. Skipping the rather unlikely descriptions of an undoubtedly upset dorm proctor there seems that there can be little question as to the appropriate course of action." She looked at us over the top of her old fashioned reading glasses.

"Do either of you have anything you would like to say?" She asked.

Before either of us could answer the cat arched its back under it's mistress' hand and directed a sharp hiss at me.

"This is my cat, Merle. He's my .... constant companion. He seems to have taken an interest in you, Mr. King. now why...? Is it possible...?" Her attention returned briefly to the report still open in front of her. "Um, Mr. King, this report seems to make some quite unlikely descriptive statements about your, ahh, condition upon being discovered by the dorm proctor."

'Unlikely descriptive statements.' That could be one way to describe what that meddling bitch had seen when she had barged in. At the moment she crashed thru the door Hillary was having her third orgasm and I was just joining her. It was my first in over three weeks. The sound of the door smashing open pulled me off and out of Hillary. What had faced the dorm proctor then was a young man ejaculating a massive load that arched at least eight feet thru the air. It sploshed at, and on her feet, She had danced out of the way howling with outrage before getting a really good look at my dick. At which point she fainted.

"Well, I haven't read the report." I responded. "So I don't know what the bi...proctor wrote."

"Um, yes, of course. Without meaning to embarrass you, let me ask if you would consider your self more, um, ample, than most men?" Again the cat hissed in my direction.

"Yeah, I suppose so." What the hell. I was on my way out. Might as well be honest about it. Besides, I had earned something of a reputation among the more adventuresome young ladies on campus. Hillary may have been the only one who really enjoyed sex with me but she was far from the only one who tried me on for size. Some of the women had taken to calling me King Dick. But most of them had viewed me as a once in a lifetime event. Besides Hillary, only a very few had any interest in a second or third go round.

"I would be correct in saying that this was a rather recent event and not entirely a natural occurrence in your life, wouldn't I, Mr. King?" Ms. LeFaye's look was piercing and Merle attention was focused like a laser, waiting for my response.

"No, no it wasn't. Although I doubt if you'd believe me if I told you how it did happen."

"Suppose I tell you how it happened?" She countered. "You met someone, a young lady, who had this unusual effect on you over the course of one night. You found yourself exhausted and became unconscious. Did you ever see the young lady again?"

I just gawked at her. She had just wrapped up what happened in a nut shell. How did she know?

"She may have claimed to be, or be a descendent of, a witch?" Ms LeFaye continued. "Well, speak up! Am I right?"

"Yuh, right on the money. How...?"

"If I tell you that I doubt you'd believe me, any more than you believed the young lady you were with. What was her name?"

"Clara. Clara, ah, ah, I don't remember her last name." I stammered. Hell, my first lover and I'd forgotten her name!

"That's okay. Mr. Rich. Now tell me, how have you found your life since this event?" She seemed to find this a genuinely interested. If she was just going to chuck us out why this interrogation?

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

"Mixed blessings for the most part. I am sure that I've had some experiences that I would not have had had I remained as I was. For one I would not have had the great pleasure of getting to know Hillary."

As I said this I realized how true it was. We may have had an odd relationship but it was a very honest one in many ways and I realized with a sudden pang that if I were to loose contact with Hillary it would not be the sex that I missed the most! Hillary shot me a look of surprise.

"So? So. That had a real ring of truth, didn't it Merle?" she asked the cat who looked somberly at her and purred. "Yes, I agree, this bears looking into." She reached to her neck and produced long gold link chain. At the end of the chain was a clear crystal the size of a robin's egg. Dangling it outstretched from her hand she placed it in a beam of sunlight that was streaming into the room from behind her.

"My dear, do you mind if I try to help you and Mr. King?"

When Hillary nodded, a brilliant beam fractured out of the sunlight infused crystal and struck Hillary in the face. Hillary's eyes blinked once, twice and then closed.

"Don't worry Mr. King. She is just lightly asleep. She doesn't need to hear this.

"You see, Clara was right. She is a descendent of witches. In fact, I am her Aunt and one of the people now responsible for her ongoing training. Clara found me sometime after her night with you. Her mother and I had had a falling out over Clara's future long before she met you. Her mother wanted to shield her from witchcraft, feeling that it was not proper in this day and age. She had left the coven herself years before. I disagreed, saying that the talent that I saw in Clara was bound to come to the the surface sooner or later. Better, I thought, it should be guided and channeled rather than have Clara go thru adolescence as an untrained witch. It can be difficult going thru puberty without the added burden of an emerging witchcraft.

"It seems that I was right. Clara never told me what really precipitated her searching me out. I'm going to have to have a severe talk with her about the responsibilities of witchcraft and not causing permanent changes to people with out their consent!"

"Well, in her defense, I doubt that she knew what she was doing or that it would become permanent." I interjected. "Is there any chance that you could help me to, ah, um... " My voice dribbled away.

"Return to your prior state? It's nice of you to defend her. Still, the responsibility is hers. She will have to learn to accept it. But I'm afraid, Mr. King, that in cases like these, it is much easier if the person who cast the original spell does the reversal. If I were to undertake to do it I would probably succeed but it would be endlessly more complicated. And certainly more, um, dire were I to fail!

I blanched at the thought!

"Now, let us move on to the present matters. You and your young friend are in real trouble. How did you come to this pass?" She asked.

As quickly as possible I summarized the events of the past year starting with the rather cruel treatment I had received at the hands and other body parts of Ms. Miller, the immediate meeting of Hillary thereafter, and our subsequent relationship. Ms. LeFaye's attitude and listening skills had me feeling very comfortable quickly and I was as honest as I could be both about my relationship with Hillary as well as the other women who had come in and out of my life.

"I really like her a lot, Ms. LeFaye." I ended. "She is one woman who enjoys sex with me and makes me feel as if I'm not just an oversized, warm blooded dildo but a human being that she likes.

"She just seems sad somewhere down inside where I can't reach. Emotionally, I mean. "

Ms. LeFaye just continued looking at me. Merle, meanwhile, stopped grooming himself and jumped off the desk to walk over to where Hillary was seated. Crouching at her feet he leaped lightly onto the arm of the couch and carefully placed his forepaws on her shoulder while he nuzzled her neck for a moment. He then leaped back onto the floor, took two bounds and was back at his place beside Ms. LeFaye.

Ms. LeFaye reached over and used her knuckles to rub Merle under his jaw. They seemed to commune for a moment.

"All right. Lets take a little time to look into all of this." She jabbed a button on the intercom. "Ms. Rhee, please hold my calls, cancel my meeting with Dean Prover and make a note that I want to check the files on Ms. Miller in the English Dept. I do not want to be disturbed for the rest of the morning."

"Okay. Now, Mr. King. May I call you Rich?" She went on without waiting for my nod in response. "Do you accept the fact that there is indeed witchcraft in the world today?"

"Well, I guess I have to, given what I've experienced." I said. In fact, it was the interaction between Merle and Ms. LeFaye that had been the most compelling evidence. I had heard of a witch and her familiar that was almost always a cat.

"Good. Then you won't have too much trouble with what might happen in this room this morning.

"I think you are very perceptive in saying that Ms. Owles is unhappy some place deep inside. So far buried that she may not even be aware of the reason. I'm going to try to uncover that reason and see if there is some way she can be helped. And this may help you as well, I hope

" What are you going to do? I asked.

"A very strong variant of hypnosis. I believe that if we can get Ms. Owles to talk to us we may be able to help her. The fact that she has never revealed any of her reasons for being unhappy to you indicates that this may take some time. We shall see.

With that, Ms. LeFaye lifted the crystal from where it had been resting on the desk in front of her and caused the beam of light to again strike Hillary's closed eyelids.

As her eyes opened Ms. LeFaye spoke;"Hillary, you are here with Rich King and myself. You feel very comfortable. You are with friends. I want you to answer all our questions as completely as you can. You want to talk to us about the things that are troubling you. If you do talk to us you will feel much better and at ease. The more you tell us, the more detail you provide, the better you will feel. Okay?"

"Yes. That's fine. I want to talk to you."

"Do you remember why you and Richard are here?"

"Yes. I've gotten us both in trouble", Hillary said softly, "and now you are going to expel both Richard and me. I've really screwed up." She began to weep silently.

"Now, Hillary, that may not be the case at all. I've had a long talk with Rich and I think that there may be extenuating circumstances in this case. But to be sure I need you to be honest with me. Will you answer some questions for me? And answer them as fully as you can?"

Hillary looked up with a trace of hope. "If it will mean that Richard will not be in trouble, I'll try!" Hillary had stopped weeping and was looking at me and Ms. LeFaye.

"I take it that you really like Richard then?"

"Oh, yes. Meeting him was one of the happiest days of my life!" Again, I was startled. Hillary had never said anything like that to me!

Merle purred loudly as Ms. LeFaye continued.

"I see. Rich has told me how you met. Why did you feel you had to try to blackmail him?"

"Well I was afraid he wouldn't do what I wanted if I didn't have some reason to compel him. Most men don't like me, you know." She stated it like it was a commonly known fact.

"Why do you feel that way?" Ms. LeFaye asked.

Why indeed? Hillary was about as beautiful a girl as I had ever met in person. Naturally blonde hair that spilled to just above her butt she had a marvelously wonderful girl next door look in spite of her almost 6 foot height. Her emerald green eyes glittered above a full lipped mouth that always seemed to be on the verge of parting to let her tongue sweep across pouty red lips. High cheekbones and a swans neck sat atop a slim body that was only enhanced by two of longest, sexiest legs on campus. She was the kind of girl that you always assumed had too many men chasing after her to give you any chance at all. In fact, I knew that Hillary's social colander was chocked with dates, dances, dinners and other social activities. If she had much free time I didn't know about it.

"Oh, they like me well enough to look at and talk with. And they all seem to want to get me in bed." She smiled sadly. "But then it all falls apart." She looked ready to cry again.

"Hillary, its okay. Please go on. Why does it all fall apart?"

"Because when I take my clothes off, I have a horrid ugly body. My nickname in the dorm is CC Ride Her. I hate myself sometimes. But when I met Richard it was different. When I saw him with Ms. Miller, when I realized that he might be able to give me what I needed... I just HAD to do something and so I did! And I don't regret it. The last year has been the happiest..." She broke off.

"Okay, Hillary, thank you for being so honest. You're really doing well. Now tell me why you think you have an ugly body? Richard doesn't seem to think so! Is that true Richard?

"Hillary, you have a lovely body. You know you do! " I ejaculated.

"No, Richard. Thank you for saying it. But I know how men are. No one likes the kind of body I have. Even if wasn't for the truth about my nickname I still wouldn't have a nice body."

"That's the second time you've mentioned a nickname, Hillary, tell us about your nickname." instructed Ms. LeFaye. "What does it mean? How did you get it? Who gave it to you?"

"I got it in my first week on campus. A bunch of us were sitting around my room one Friday night. Oh, you don't want to hear this!"

"Go on, don't worry, you do feel comfortable talking about this don't you?"

"Yes, I... I suppose I do? Anyway, we were all drinking and talking about guys and stuff. We started talking about sex. One of the girls got out a, well, dirty magazine. It had pictures of naked men in it?"

"Yes, go on."

Hillary turned pink as she bagan her story.

"I'd never seen a picture of a naked man. These guys all had hard-ons. They looked beautiful. And HUGE. I'd never imagined a guys cock could get as big as the ones in these pictures. Well, one of the girls started talking about her boyfriend. We were all drunk by now and she was saying that she'd measured his cock! She said it was 5 1/2 inches long and she said the ones in the pictures were even bigger than that! Another girl said she'd dated a guy with an eight inch dick but that it was too big and hurt her and she didn't go out with him again.

Well, finally, the girl whose room was next door started to giggle and she said "You all stay here I'll be right back!"

Well she came back with a big paper bag and emptied it out on the bed. All six of us crowded around. There were all these plastic things on the bed. I realized they were plastic cocks! Some looked just like the guys pictures in the magazine!

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