Hillbilly Hospitality


The muscles of her abdomen began to ripple as she convulsed. He fought to keep his mouth fastened to her clit. It had actually begun to pulsate, moving in and out of his sucking lips.

Drawing her heels up, she heaved her hips up, arched her back and slapped her hands down hard on the top of his head and screamed.

"Yeaaaaaa, Doin it! Cumming hard. Cumming, oh God I'm cumming hard baby."

At that instant Brad felt a warm flood of viscose fluid wash over his mouth and run down his chin. She was spent.

He lifted up and turned. She lay panting on the bed and just stared at him. Regaining her breath she lifted up and gasped. "How did you do that? Oh god that was too much. I never dreamed...... Oh god you're so fucking good."

She patted the bed next to her and almost pleaded. "Lay here and let me do you. I want that cock to explode just like I did. Come on let me have it Brad. Let me suck that cock and show you how good I can be to you."

Suddenly there was a soft rustling in the hallway. Lucy pulled her self up and sat on the edge of the bed. Brad turned towards the doorway and stared. Daisy and Ellie were leaning against the hallway wall just outside the door. Ellie had her hand inside her jeans and Daisy was just standing there staring with her mouth open.

"Ma. Oh god Ma, I never seen anything like that before. Ma? Did he cum fer ya? Did you make him cum? Oh Ma I want him too. You promised."

Lucy looked at Brad and smiled. "Know what? I think the three of us are gonna do you darlin. I can't let them suffer like this and hell, you ain't cum yet. This is the perfect time. Look at that big stiff cock there, just waitin for someone to give it some good old country lovin.

Ellie and Daisy didn't wait. Even before they got in the room, clothes were being tossed aside.

Brad, half looped and standing there with his cock swaying back and forth, was quickly pushed back onto the bed. Lucy had Daisy sit on one side while she had Ellie sit on his other side.

She then moved to the bottom of the bed and bowing her head, began to slowly draw her tongue up from his balls to the top of its dusty purple head. Clutching the base of his cock she tilted it up and began bobbing her head up and down forcing it deep down her throat.

Reluctantly she pulled off and let her daughter take her place. Daisy was quick to learn but Lucy was ever the mother, and quick to instruct. "Like this darlin, Take him deep and suck hard. Then pull yer head up and sort of try to swallow. Just try not to gag. Ellie, you next, ok?"

Within the next five minutes each of the young women took turns when finally Lucy became frustrated. "Ain't ya ever gonna shoot? Her let me jerk you off in their mouths. Stand up while I have them get down and wait for it. Just tell us when you're ready."

Each took their position. Ellie and Daisy knelt at his feet, staring at the stiff shaft wavering before them as Lucy crouched next to him and began rapidly slide her fingers up and down the length of his alabaster shaft. Perhaps two minutes later he began to tremble.

"Gonna cum Lucy. Lucy? Lucy here it comes. Take it. Gonna Shoot baby. Take it now!"

Daisy took the first jet. It spew directly into her open mouth. Ellie was quick to yank his cock from Lucy's hand and direct it to her own lips. Pressing her face forward she took him deep, almost nestled her nose against his pelvis.

As he continued to spurt streams of the thick fluid, the girls frantically alternated, sharing the pulsating jets of sperm, as they moved his cock from one to the others mouth.

Lucy watched and waited. As the jets waned, she twisted her head, and thrust it into her own mouth, and running her thumb up from his balls to her lower lip, draining him completely.

Standing now, she motioned him to the bed. Confused, he sat down on the edge. She pushed him down and motioned to Daisy to come over, and chortled, "If you wanna get fucked, keep him hard. Go ahead and keep him hot."

Then looking at Ellie, she directed, "while we get him ready, why don't you straddle his head and let him do you?"

Brad lay on his back. Ellie squatted over his face and lowered her shaven pussy to his lips. He lifted his hands and cupped her small breasts in his palms, while allowing his spread fingers to trap the girl's hard nipples between, and brought his fingers together, clamping them tightly. Ellie took a deep breath and moaned.

Just as with Lucy, he was reminded of an infant's breath. The fragrance of a woman in heat. As the young woman pressed her splayed pussy firmly against his open mouth he stabbed at her tiny clit with the tip of his tongue. Finding it, he pressed its sheath back with his tongue, forcing it out. This girl was different. She wasn't nearly as noisy as Lucy, but she responded quickly.

As she neared her end, she began to hunch forward and backward, as if fucking his mouth. Suddenly she sobbed. "Yeah, unh, unh, unh. I am. YES, OOH YES, I AM"

Perhaps the realization that she was cumming in his mouth did it. He was never really sure, but suddenly he was harder than ever.

With a brief squeal, Ellie finished and rolled off, dislodging her pussy with a sucking smacking sound she lay at his side panting. Looking down he watched Daisy still bobbing her head up and down as her mother continued to gently roll his balls in her palm.

Lucy looked up at Brad, than back at Ellie. "Done baby," she asked. Ellie nodded and looking back at Brad asked the same question. You ready sweetie. Daisy's anxious. You're going to be her first so let's make it good."

With that, the young woman looked at Lucy questionly. Lucy nodded and whispered, "On your back honey. I'll help him. Don't you fret none. It's going to feel real good."

Brad swung his legs to the side and moved to the foot of the bed. Daisy lay next to Ellie and sort of pushed her to one side.

Ever the director, Lucy positioned her daughter and had her lay with her ass at the very edge of the bed. Brad moved to stand between her legs and the girl spread wide and lifted her feet high.

Anxiously Daisy reached down and using the fingers of both hands parted the soft mounds of her vulva... The warm glistening envelope presented the already distended portal to her vagina.

Lucy stood by his side and taking his dick in hand, began to slide its head up and down the exposed gash. She fondled the turgid shaft, as she smeared the clear pre-cum along her glistening membranes. Pausing, she pressed down and directed its head to the flared opening. Now putting her hand on Brad's ass she pushed him forward.

Ellie had moved down to watch and now knelt at her cousin's side. Slowly Brad shifted his hips forward and began to enter the dilated opening. Daisy's hands pulled away and she rested them on her breasts, clutching at her nipples as Brad, ever so slowly moved his thick cock in and it began to vanish.

Almost tauntingly he moved in a fraction, and drew out. Again he moved in a bit further before withdrawing it. By now Daisy had begun to hold her breath. Still further in he moved and now her vulva was clinging to his cock, almost as if trying to clench it hotly and keep it from drawing out.

By now Brad was almost entirely within the tight confines of her pussy and still he continued to slowly move in and out. Now it was became clearly visible. The lining of her tiny sheath was clasping his thick cock and following it in and out. A smear of her viscose wetness coated his bloated dick and seemed to shine in the dim light.

Lucy took the girls legs and placed them on Brad's shoulders and moved up to her daughter's side. Bowing her head she opened her mouth wide and suckled the girl.

"Ma, Oh Ma, it's good. Make him go faster. Make him fuck me more Ma. I want to feel him deep."

Hearing this, Brad needed no further encouragement. His hips swiveled back and forth like a frenzied metronome. Moving in and out, in and out, thrusting then drawing back only to plunge back in deeper than before.

Almost as if surprised, Daisy let out a squeal. "Ohhh my god. Oh Ma, It's starting. Ma oh it's happening. I'm gonna do it. I'm being fucked by him so good. DON'T LET HIM STOP, MA, DON'T LET HIM STOP. IT'S, IT'S,...... MA?..... MA, ....I'M CUMMING!"

She was tight and very, very, wet. She coated his balls and thighs with her slippery secretion. It was quickly being churned into a thick creamy collar that formed at the base of his shaft.

How like her mother, he thought, so wet and tight. Daisy wasn't easy to satisfy. Not nearly so easy as Ellie, and she continued to contract hotly around his plunging shaft.

Seconds later she opened her mouth and gasped to her mother. Ma? Ma, I am, I'm a cummin again ma. I'm bein fucked and I'm really cummin more, ma. Oh god it's so good. Oh yeah I love it this way."

Ellie stared, open mouthed at the plunging piston that was driving in and out of her cousin's cunt and gasped. "Oh my god. Look at that. Look at her pussy Aunt Lucy, her clit is sticking out so far and it's all covered with wet stuff."

The muscles of Daisy's abdomen seemed to ripple as she arched her back, lifting her ass off the bed; she supported herself, spanning her ridged body between Brad's shoulders and the mattress.

Long seconds past as she gurgled deep in her throat and the room echoed with the sounds of his plunging shaft. A soft... slurp, slurp, slurp, seemed to drown out the low moaning sounds Daisy was making.

The instant she collapsed, Brad's shaft was released and sprang up as if spring loaded splattering its wet coating across Daisy's body. Ellie and her Aunt stared at the turgid rod.

Almost as if in a race, both women reached out for it. Ellie looked at her aunt almost pleadingly and whimpered questionly, "Me?"

A look of frustration flashed across Lucy's face before she nodded, yes. And as quickly, Ellie took her place next to Daisy, but this time kneeling on the edge of the bed. She small tight ass wavered invitingly as Brad moved slightly to his left.

Grasping its base, he had to force it down before trying to enter the young woman's pussy. As a male dog might try to mount a bitch in heat, he hunched his shaft back and forth. What he succeeded in doing was only to smear the remainder of Daisy's creamy cum back and forth within the channel between Ellie's puffy labia.

Frantically Ellie supported herself on one hand and reaching between her thighs grabbed his cock and directed it into the hot sheath of her cunt. He thrust deep and hard. She was almost lifted up as the long thick piston drove deep.

She bit her lower lip and rocked back. No longer able to restrain himself, he grasped her hips and drawing her back, as he began to thrust his rigid shaft deep into her flared vaginal sheath. Again the soft pronounced sounds began. Shush- pat, shush- pat, shush-pat began, as again his cock churned in and out. His heavy balls swung back and forth adding a soft slapping noise to the cacophony of sounds they were making.

Now Brad was having difficulty holding off. This young woman was doing something he didn't expect. She was clamping down hard on his shaft, deliberately constricting her vaginal walls and increasing the sensations on the rim of his cock's head.

He held off as long as possible, trying not to concentrate on the sensations, but when she began to orgasm, she began to chant and he couldn't ignore it any longer.

"GIMMEE it Brad! I'm cumming! Give it to me deep. Yeah, oh yeah, just like that. I need to feel you cum in me. Do it Brad, shoot for me. Fill me up. Oh god please cum with me. NOW! GIMMEE IT NOW!"

He was helpless to hold back. Suddenly he thrust one last time, and holding his pulsating cock deep, he began to ejaculate, spewing his sperm deep inside her contracting vaginal cavity. It was almost as if her body were drinking him. Sucking him into her deepest recesses as if devouring him.

As it ended, Ellie let her arms fold and she slumped down. Her knees were locked and her ass was still held high as he continued to pump his cum into her young body. Finally he finished and began to withdraw. Lucy had watched. Fascinated by what had happened, she moved to his side, watching, as he slowly drew his glistening cock out.

Ellie was still contracting, forcing thick milky globules of his semen to slowly ooze out and slump down to the bedding.

Having satisfied the two young women, Lucy suggested a break, and leaving the room for a moment, soon returned with three glasses of elderberry wine. Or what she considered to be elderberry wine. It was obviously moonshine laced with just a bit of the darker colored liquid.

Blake still hadn't fully recovered from the two earlier drinks, and soon the warm liquid again took hold. If he had had any remnants of inhibitions, they soon vanished.

Looking at the two girls sitting on the edge of the bed she smiled and spoke.

"Let's see what my two young ladies have learned. A little test of sorts. Let's see you get him up again. Ya don't wanna have your Lucy left out do you all?"

Hungrily the two girls dropped to their knees. Brad now was leaning against the wall next to the doorway as the girls began.

He looked down and with a bemused smile on his face, thought to himself. "It's so strange. What is it about a female needing to have a cock in her mouth? Is it some sort of pacifier or is it a need to feel it grow and swell, realizing that they have the ability to arouse a man?"

Perhaps he was being too casual or maybe it was the excessive drinking, but he supported himself against the wall and nonchalantly sipped the amber liquid as if uninterested in the attention the two girls were giving him.

It took longer than usual for him to begin to respond, but by taking turns, the girls succeeded in bringing his waning shaft back to life.

Lucy had been sitting on the edge of the bed watching the two girls bobbing their heads up and down while listening to the occasional slurping sounds as one or the other would pull off the thickening shaft.

When the girls finally moved to the side and held his shaft proudly up, Ellie turned and panted, "Aunt Lucy, I think he's ready for you."

She looked at what the two had accomplished then, with a crooked finger, beaconed Brad to come to her.

Rocking off the wall, he handed his glass to Daisy and slowly walked the short distance to where Lucy sat. She laid back and smiled. What she had so long waited for was going to be hers.

Apparently the two younger girls knew exactly what to do. Years of practice by the three women gave testament to their lesbian preferences. Daisy straddled her mother, and slowly lowered her smooth labia to her mouth. Ellie leaned across her breasts and drew the two orbs together so she could suckle first one than the other.

Lucy had lifted her legs high and held them wide, causing the puffy labia to part. Glancing down Brad saw her pussy, poised and waiting. Perhaps two hours earlier he had tasted her sweet wetness but now the sapid fluid slowly seeping out would serve another purpose. Not to quench his thirst, but to give lubrication to the throbbing purse of her body.

He couldn't see her face. Her daughters body was in the way, but he knew of her excitement. The way she trembled and her body shuddered as he began to brush his cock's head up and down the invitingly exposed hot membranes of her pussy gave her away.

Holding his dick down, he teased the flexing opening. It was moving almost as if throwing kisses to some unseen lover. And he moved to fill the pulsating opening.

Though her mouth was pressed firmly against Daisy's cunt, he heard the soft muffled moan as she took him in. Brad felt the hot slippery sheath, close tightly around his cock. Her body seemed to roll up and welcome his thick, long member as it moved deeper and deeper.

To lend support, he moved his forearms around the outsides of her lean thighs and clasped his hands atop them, pulling her onto his cock. Looking down he marveled at how well they knew each other.

Lucy's nipples were responding beautifully to Ellie's torment. Almost harshly Ellie was pinching and squeezing one nipple, pulling and rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. At the same time, her teeth were raking up and down the other erect point of sensation. They had become some sort of channel of erotic sensations connected them with her pulsating pussy.

As Brad moved deeper, he met resistance. The soft head of his rigid shaft was nudging her cervix and seemed to slide across its convex surface. Slowly it pulled back, drawing in, and giving him just enough space to completely fill her tight vagina.

He had hardly begun to methodically move his cock in and out when Daisy began to orgasm into her mothers mouth. Suddenly Lucy's legs shot up and wrapped around Brads neck.

With his hands now free, he leaned forward and reaching around Daisy, caught her small breasts and squeezed hard, trapping her nipples. She bucked up and cried out.

"Ma? Ma? Suck me! Ma suck me hard! I'm cummmmmminnnnn."

At that same instant Lucy gasped. "Baby, me too. I'm cummin to. He's fucking me so deep I can't stop it. I don't wanna stop it. Gimmeee it Brad, fill me up. I need it baby, fuck me full of cum. Yeah, give it! GIVE IT UP! SHOOT IT IN ME!"

By now Lucy was rolling her body like a serpent. First she heaved her breasts up, then her abdomen and lastly she shoved her pelvis high, forcing him in deeper. And yet Brad kept stabbing his shaft in and out creating those salacious wet sounds as he whipped her oozing fluids to a creamy froth.

She collapsed before he could completely finish and pulling free, his cock sprang up and spurt after spurt of creamy cum shot high and splattered over Ellie's face and across Lucy's tummy. Mother and daughter had been satisfied.

The rain stopped that morning, but the road wasn't cleared for another four days. Brad had to admit that although he was anxious to get on with his trip, he certainly did enjoy hillbilly hospitality.

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