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Hilltop Passion


Life has changed dramatically after moving in with Jamie. I find that I had traded the comfortable but boring life of a mild mannered housewife with a cold and occasionally abusive husband for an exciting life with an indomitable free spirit who pours his fiery passion for beauty into everything he does, whether he's crafting a new beer, building a car, or making love.

We both work hard all week, but the weekends are for fun. Whether we are taste testing his latest brew with friends, out cruising with his latest toy, or curled up on the couch at home with a movie, there is always something fun going on. Sometimes we will jump on his Harley and just go ...somewhere. There is an adventure somewhere down that open road, and we are going to find it.

It's on one of those long, aimless bike rides that we find ourselves sitting on a blanket watching the sunset from the top of a grassy hill overlooking a small lake. It feels so romantic to sit there, snuggling close and sipping wine together with nobody around for miles.

As night falls and the full moon rises over the horizon, Jamie builds a warm campfire and comes back to sit on the blanket with me, watching the reflection of the moon upon the glassy water and the city lights beyond as the warm summer breeze carries the sweet smell of the fire to us. We lie back looking at the stars as the sound of frogs and crickets fills the air.

Jamie snuggles up next to me and whispers, "You know what they're all looking for ...."


"Let me show you."

His gentle caresses make his intentions clear and I melt into his arms as the kisses we share become longer and deeper, touching tongues and sharing breath as we both begin to feel the rising passionate response from our bodies.

Jamie moves over me as his lips move over my face, softly kissing; and nibbling at my ear as the fingers of his free hand teasingly stroke my body, knowing just the right touch to turn me on. My breath grows short as he starts gently kissing and nibbling his way down my throat to my collar bone.

Once there, I can feel him opening a button - letting the cool night air kiss my warm skin before he covers the exposed skin with his kisses. As he continues to the next button, his fingers caress my breasts as he gently kisses each inch of exposed flesh. Reaching the last button, he opens my blouse and lays it out flat against the ground. Then he moves up to kiss me with all the passion we have shared, our tongues dancing together like the flicker of the fire, as I tightly embrace him, the cool night breeze caressing our skin as the fire struggles to match the heat of our passion

As we continue kissing, I slip one hand between us and begin to open his shirt - I want to be closer to him. To feel his chest against mine ... with nothing between us, so I break the kiss long enough to sit up and turn my back to him so he can pull my shirt off me totally, then unhook my bra and slip it off. While I'm still sitting with my back to him I can feel him reach up and massage my neck and shoulders before reaching around to hold both my breasts, gently caressing the soft flesh.

I moan softly as he begins kissing the back of my neck, while his hands gently squeeze my nipples, twisting and rubbing them between his fingers. After enjoying the sensation for a few minutes, I shift around so I can finish removing his shirt too and lie back down with him. As he holds me tight, we kiss passionately, eagerly anticipating the pleasures yet to come. I moan a little louder as he glides his hand gently over my ribs, then moves down to caress my sensitive buns, knowing that his touch there will cause a very wet reaction.

I try to move even closer to him, pushing my pelvis close to his I can feel his hard length next to me even through my clothes. He continues the gentle stroking until I can't stand the teasing any longer. I have to feel his hands on my bare backside, so I reach to slide down my slacks and panties and roll over in the same motion to give him full access to that most sensitive part of me.

I moan softly as I feel his fingers tantalizingly glide over my soft buns, feeling the warmth of his hand as it glides slowly down the back of my legs and back up to my firm behind. I raise up a little as he reaches between my thighs, giving him easy access to my moist opening; gasping for breath as his probing fingers slip deep inside.

When he finishes probing me with his fingers, he slides his hand up to stroke the back of my neck, then rolls over to replace his fingers with his lips. I gasp for breath as his mustache tickles the back of my neck while he plants gentle kisses and nibbles on my neck, his lips leaving a soft wet trail as he slowly works his way down my back to my soft buns, where his kisses cover every inch.

When the sensation becomes too much to bear, I roll over to hold him close and kiss him deeply. Looking deep into his eyes, "Jamie, the way you make love to me is unlike anything I have ever experienced ... Erotic and exciting, yet gentle and loving; all at once."

"Could it be that no one has ever made love to you the way I do, because no one has ever loved you the way I do?"

Our lips lock again, and while our tongues intertwine, my hands move to his belt. Two can play at this teasing game, and I'm about to get a little payback. When I get his belt free, I fumble loose the fasteners on his pants and slowly slide the zipper down -- being sure to rub against his hard cock as I go. He lifts his hips so I can pull down his pants; and as I do that I lean over and lightly plant kisses on his cock through his shorts. As I pull his shorts down, I lean forward so I can kiss his hard length, letting my hard nipples rub teasingly on his thigh as I do so. I hold his cock in my hand, lightly wrapping my hand around it, then pumping up and down, two, three, four times -- then licking the drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock and licking up and down the shaft of his manhood. Reaching the top, I flick my tongue over the tip a few times before opening my mouth more and sucking his length partway in; swirling my tongue around his swollen head and sucking lightly as I cup his balls in one hand and gently stroke up and down the shaft with the other. I can hear him moaning in pleasure as I lick and suck, until he pulls away and pushes me onto my back.

I lie back holding his hard length in my hand - squeezing a little then sliding my hand up and down, then squeezing again; while I feel his fingers glide gently down and between my thighs massaging every part of me as our tongues intertwine in passion. I open my legs as wide as I can, loving the feel of his fingers sliding up and down the length of my opening, moving up to tease my clit then slipping deep inside, before moving back to my clit.

That direct sensation is more than I can stand. I am already so turned on that I come very quickly, moaning loudly and arching my back high as I feel my inner muscles contract around his probing fingers. I fall back against the blanket - gasping for breath and trembling with desire as I float down.

When I am able to move again, he rolls me over on my back and kisses me passionately as his hands begin roaming all over my body, teasingly stroking and squeezing my quivering flesh. I am now hypersensitive to the lightest of touch, so each touch causes a shudder deep within me as .

Shifting positions, he rolls over on top of me, cupping a breast in each hand, massaging them with his strong hands as he begins to gently suck and lick my rock hard nipples. I start to squirm and writhe in excitement beneath him as he begins gradually, teasing, working lower, kissing and nibbling as he goes -- opening my legs wide in anticipation as he moves his head down between my thighs.

He moves his hands down and holds my lips open, giving him easy access to my most private parts, as he begins to lick along the length of my slit, then suck my clit into his mouth, holding it between his lips, as he gently flicks his tongue over the tip. His tongue ravishes me as he slips a couple fingers deep inside of me, rubbing my G-spot as he swirls his tongue around my swollen clit. Soon, I am humping against his mouth as I begin to come - shuddering over and over as I cry out in pleasure.

After giving me a few minutes to recover, he starts kissing his way back up my body, pausing to tease my sensitive nipples before moving up to share another deep, lingering kiss as I feel him slowly slide his hard cock into me. I want him so badly; and I writhe and moan beneath him thrusting my hips upward in an effort to hurry him inside. As I feel him begin to push deep inside, I wrap my legs around him and begin moving to meet him as he starts, thrusting hard and deep.

He takes it slowly at first, savoring the moment, then faster as the passion builds. As we move together, I begin to moan louder and uncontrollably, the sensations overtaking my body as the sweat begins to run from our flushed flesh.

As he mercilessly pounds me, I can hear from his breathing that he is close to coming and tighten my legs around him to pull him into me as deep as possible while squeezing my muscles down on his cock, letting know that I am ready for him to fill me with his love. With a final deep thrust, his cock explodes deep inside me, pumping stream after stream of his hot seed into me.

As I feel his cock jump and throb inside me, I go over the edge, myself. My back arches as an orgasmic bolt of lightning crashes through my body, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me as his body wilts breathlessly on top of mine. We collapse together, kissing passionately and holding each other tight as we recover, the fire trying in vain to match the warm glow of the passion we have just shared.

When the tremors subside and we can move again, Jamie he moves to lie down close beside me so we can snuggle close while we catch our breath. He pulls the blanket over us and we drift off to sleep, both of us completely exhausted and satisfied.

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