"Don't get any ideas lover boy."

"Damn," Drew said in false disappointment. Then he looked down at his lap and said, "Look what you've done to me now."

Dana looked down and saw a tent in her husband's slacks. She took a quick look out the window at the traffic and then reached over and caressed his penis through his pants. "Want to go back home?"

Drew practically wrecked the car as he made a "U" turn in the middle of the street.

The door of their house was barely closed before the two were in an embrace. Their lips pressed together as they squirmed into one another. Seconds later both of them had their shirts off and were fumbling with their shorts.

Drew couldn't wait and pulled his topless wife into his bare chest and kissed her again.

Dana moaned as her large breasts pressed into her husband's strong chest. She could feel his penis pushing against her groin. She pushed him away and slowly slid down his body until she was on her knees. She looked up at him as she unzipped his shorts. Then she reached inside and grasped his throbbing penis.

"Oh God sweetie," he moaned as he watched her struggle to pull it from the small hole.

When she had it out in the open, a little moan escaped her lips. She loved his large penis. While she didn't have a lot to compare it to, she was sure it was much longer and wider than average. She had heard friends talk about their husband or lovers and she had seen plenty of porno movies. Not to mention her own affair, however she didn't want to think about that right now. Drew's penis was bigger than his was anyway.

The pretty woman stared at the pulsing tool in her hand. The slit in the head began to bubble with his pre-cum juice. She moaned and opened her mouth to take the dripping crown inside.

"Oh Jesus," Drew gasped as he watched his wife suck him. He never grew tired of the sight. His hips began to move back and forth as his excitement grew. He watched her cheeks suck inward when he pulled back and then bulge outward as his penis pressed toward her throat. His balls began to churn and his hips began to move faster with his growing excitement. However, he didn't want to cum in her mouth. He wanted something else, so he pulled her reluctantly to her feet. Then he led her over to the sofa, pushing her over the arm.

Dana moaned as she was bent over with her ass in the air. She knew what was coming and her heart began to pound in her chest.

Quickly Drew pulled Dana's shorts down and off her feet. Then he slowly knelt behind her. A gasp escaped his lips as he stared at her panty-covered ass. The silky material barely covered her cheeks. There was a beautiful contrast of her pink panties, white cheeks and brown tan lines. He pulled the panties until they were tucked between the cheeks. He grasped the material at the top and bottom and sawed it back and forth.

"Mmmmm," Dana groaned as the silky material separated her cheeks and rubbed against her now tender holes.

Drew teased himself and Dana as he took his time, continually moving the material up and down, staring at her now squirming cheeks. Slowly he began to pull the panties down, revealing the divide between her soft white buttocks inch by inch. He left the panties at her thighs and leaned forward and kissed first one soft cheek and then the other.

Dana groaned as his lips left a trail of wetness, moving slowly across her soft cheeks. She knew where this was heading and she trembled in anticipation. She also knew that he would take his time and draw out his and her pleasure.

Drew chuckled as he watched his beautiful wife squirm in front of he. He loved to tease her. He would sometimes take an hour or more to build up to the final act. He had become a master at slow, sensual seduction.

"Oh God, sweetie," Dana moaned. "Please!"

Drew gently bit the soft flesh, leaving teeth marks on the white skin. Then he sat back slightly and paused to take in the view. Her firm buttocks were perfect. His hands trembled as he reached out and caressed the soft skin. He saw goose bumps rise on her cheeks and then run down the back of her thighs. Slowly, he opened her cheeks.

Both of them moaned as Dana's tiny rose was exposed. He stared in amazement. He loved looking at her puckered little hole. It was wrinkled and pink with a tiny mole just to the side. He often joked that the mole was earth and her little rose was "Uranus".

Dana couldn't stop her hips from squirming as she felt her husband's adoring eyes centered on her private place. Suddenly, she could feel his breath on her pulsing hole. It was getting very warm in the room.

Drew's lips were so close that he could almost taste her. His tongue came out and he touched the little mole. He felt his excited wife tremble. Then he circled his tongue around the hole in a teasing fashion. When Dana pushed back, he pulled away and chuckled teasingly again. Then he moved his tongue to the top of her buttocks before sliding it down one cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of his saliva.

Dana was growing impatient. "Oh please!" she moaned as she felt Drew begin to lick her again.

This time, his tongue started at the top of her crack and moved slowly downward, edging closer and closer.

The excitement in the room grew rapidly as Drew's tongue moved between the cheeks. Finally his tongue touched the tiny hole.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Dana moaned and pushed her ass back toward his tongue again.

Drew stiffened his tongue and pressed forward.

"Oh Goddddddd!!!" Dana screamed and her body began to shake. Drew had done this to her countless times but every time seemed like the first. She felt his wide tongue separating her sphincter and slipping into her body. Years ago, she had thought that this act was too dirty for words. Now, it was a necessary part of their lovemaking; it was a prelude to something much bigger and much longer. "Yes, yes, yes!" she moaned as she felt his tongue begin to move in and out of her slowly stretching hole.

Saliva began to drip down Drew's chin as his tongue plunged in and out of the tight hole. Suddenly his face was buried between her cheeks, the soft silky flesh caressing his rougher skin. He could lick his wonderful wife's ass for hours, but not today because he was too excited. When he pulled his tongue from the grasping hole, it made a little pop and snapped shut.

Suddenly, Dana felt empty. Her hole pulsed, as if it had a mind of its own, like it needed something to stretch it to the limit.

Drew stood up and looked down at his wife's gorgeous squirming ass. His hands were still trembling as he separated the cheeks again. He brought his now throbbing erection to the divide between her cheeks and rested at the top of her crack. Slowly, he let it slip downward and through the saliva he had left behind. That provided the necessary lubricant and it would be all that he would use.

When the head touched the puckered rose, they both groaned.

Dana was going mad with desire now. She had to have it inside her. She pushed her hips up and back in desperation.

Drew pulled teasingly away. Then, he let the head touch the hole again as he pulled the cheeks even further apart. He centered the large head on her anus and pushed forward, gradually increasing the pressure. The tight sphincter resisted mightily for a second before it began to relax.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Dana moaned as the impossibly large head opened her hole. She concentrated, trying to relax. However, it seemed more difficult then usual in her current state of excitement. She knew that the head was always the toughest part. She held her breath and bit her lip. With a final push from her hips and Drew's, the crown slipped inside and air rushed from her lungs. The stretched muscles of her sphincter gripped the head below the crown, trapping it in a warm vise.

"Oh God baby!" Drew moaned as he felt her anal canal opening to welcome him. Slowly he slid in, inch by inch, pausing occasionally to let her adjust until finally, his swollen testicles touched her dripping vagina. He stopped moving, waiting for Dana to get used to the length and width of his large tool.

The room was silent but for their heavy breathing. Drew's leg muscles trembled as he waited. It seemed like an eternity for both of them before he started to move.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck myyyyy assss!!!" Dana screamed.

Drew smiled at her outburst and began to move his hips faster. It always worked like this. Once she adjusted, he knew that he didn't have to be gentle any longer. He pulled his hips back and then pushed forward with a grunt, sliding all the way into her with one thrust.

"Ahhhhhheeeee!!!" Dana screamed. It wasn't a scream of pain but rather incredible pleasure. She could feel every inch of his hot shaft as it slid past the sensitive nerve endings deep in her canal.

Then Drew gradually began to move more rapidly until he was pounding into his wife's tight ass without reservation. The sofa beneath the two squeaked under the strain and the room filled with the slapping sound of skin against skin.

"Oh God baby, I'm going to cum," Drew moaned in warning.

"Yes, yes, yes, cum... cum in my asssss!!!" Dana screamed as a strong climax overtook her. She could feel her anal canal pulsing and squeezing Drew's long shaft. Each of her pulses brought a return throb from his hot shaft.

Suddenly, Drew bellowed in pleasure and began to pump his thick sperm deep into Dana's waiting hole. It felt like his balls were going to explode from the release of the building pressure.

Dana could feel it... she could actually feel the hot cum pouring into her canal. She knew that most women would say that that was not possible. However, she knew what she felt and the feeling always intensified her climax. It was almost as if a soothing balm was being pumped into her clenching hole. She gasped for breath until her climax began to wane.

Finally, Drew fell across his still climaxing wife. Each convulsion made her ass muscles squeeze a little more of his dwindling cum into her hole. He sighed as the last drop was pulled into her already overflowing hole. Then he kissed her neck tenderly and whispered, "I love you."

She could only groan in response.

Slowly, Drew's penis lost its stiffness and slipped out of his wife. He stood up and smiled down at her still trembling form. A trickle of his sperm dribbled from her hole and ran down her leg. Then he bent over and pulled her panties back up and smacked her buttocks lovingly. "Get up lazy bones. We have to get to the store."

Dana moaned and stood up on shaking legs. She slowly put her clothes back on. As the two of them walked out of the house, she could feel her little hole still pulsing and Drew's sperm trickling out. She smiled and felt a little shiver run through her. What would all those people at Home Depot think if they knew that I had cum running out of my ass? she thought. Then she giggled at the thought of the times she had been to the mall with Mary Ellen with Drew's sperm slowly filling her panties. She loved that feeling.

Chapter 4

The following morning, Dana was in the car waiting outside when Mary Ellen stepped out of the house. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shinning in a cloudless sky.

"Good morning," Dana said brightly. "Are you ready for your big adventure?"

"Big adventure? I thought we were going shopping?"

"We are. However, I have a couple of surprises planned." Dana had a strange smile on her face.

"What are you up to?" Mary Ellen said in a mock worried tone. "You're not going to get me into any trouble are you?"

"You'll have to just wait and see."

Dana took them to an upscale shopping mall a few miles away. It was an outside shopping center that was reminiscent of malls before the multi-floor giants became popular. She led Mary Ellen to a fancy dress store where she talked her into buying several "Victoria Secrets" style dresses. They were tight and short, hugging her hips and buttocks like a second skin. Mary Ellen was very reluctant to buy the clothes. However, no matter how much she protested, Dana insisted that she purchase them. Then they went to another store to get some tight slacks, shorts and jeans. All of the clothes seemed to have a common thread; they emphasized Mary Ellen's sexy rear. Finally Dana took her to a lingerie shop.

The number and variety of underwear and sexy nightclothes astounded Mary Ellen. After buying her underwear in Wal-Mart for years, this was like a new world to her. Dana helped her pick out an arm full of various types of underwear and led her to the changing rooms in the back. She waited outside as Mary Ellen went inside to try some on.

The changing rooms had half doors where the person was covered from neck to knees.

Dana waited as Mary Ellen took off her clothes and put on a pair of sexy underwear. Then, she walked over and looked over the door just as Mary Ellen bent over to try another pair on. She almost gasped as she stared at the younger woman's buttocks. She had on a pair of almost see through panties that were cut high on her hips and hugged her cheeks like a glove.

"Those look great, turn around," Dana said to the suddenly startled woman.

Mary Ellen stood up quickly and gasped. She spun around, holding a flimsy pair of underwear to her naked chest. "Dana!" she cried as her face turned red with embarrassment at the older woman seeing her almost naked.

"My, my, you'd think you were a high school girl," Dana laughed at her friend's embarrassment. Then her eyes glanced down at the panties. "That will never do," she said.


"Your pubic hair! God woman, don't you ever trim it." Mary Ellen's pubic hair pushed the panties out with curly hair escaping from the elastic leg band.

Mary Ellen's face turned redder. "No," she whispered, suddenly even more self-conscious.

"Well, I'm glad I got you the appointment this afternoon."

"What appointment?"

"You'll see. Now pick out a bunch of underwear just like those you have on. I'll get a couple of pair of thongs for you."

Mary Ellen was still embarrassed as Dana turned away and went to find the sales woman. She slipped the panties off and looked down at her hair growth. It had never occurred to her to cut her pubic hair. Surely in the summer she trimmed it back but only very sparingly.

Some time later the two women packed the trunk of Dana's car with all the new clothes-including several pair of very high-heeled shoes.

"Where are we going now?"

"To your appointment," Dana said and smiled mysteriously as she drove them to her regular beauty salon. She had called yesterday and was fortunate to get an appointment due to a cancellation. She scheduled the "full" treatment, including a hair styling, makeup and bikini waxing. It was going to be tricky to get Mary Ellen to go along with the waxing though.

The owner of the shop greeted Dana with a warm hug. She was a slightly heavy but pretty older woman with large breasts and a beautiful smile. The two women had known each other for years. In fact, Drew had helped her raise financing to open the shop.

"Is this the victim?" the woman asked, turning to Mary Ellen.

"Yes," said Dana. "Nancy, this is Mary Ellen. Be gentle with her, she is new at this."

As Nancy began to lead Mary Ellen away, Dana said, "I have an errand to run sweetie, I'll be back in a little while."

The older woman led a suddenly nervous Mary Ellen over to a chair where several other women were waiting. "She gets the full treatment ladies; hair, nails, makeup, etc."

An hour and a half later, Mary Ellen looked in the mirror and barely recognized the woman looking back at her. The hair stylist had cut and layered her hair and added a little frosting. It fit her pretty face perfectly. They had applied makeup, and done her fingernails and toenails as well with bright and sparkling polish.

The girls were still fussing over Mary Ellen when Dana came back. "Wow," Dana said sincerely when she saw the results. "You look gorgeous."

Mary Ellen blushed and said, "Thank you." She had to agree. For the first time in years, she felt pretty and special.

"Are you ready Mrs. Jakowski?" a lovely young girl in a white robe asked.

"For what?"

"Your waxing."

"What?" Mary Ellen asked and looked at Dana in surprise.

"Mary Ellen, this is Jennifer. Now go with her sweetie. You definitely need it."

"But... but..." she stuttered and her face turned red. She knew about waxing but had never even considered it.

The young girl took Mary Ellen's hand and Dana pushed her to follow.

"The changing room is over there. Take off your shorts and underwear and put on this robe," the pretty girl said, handing Mary Ellen a white robe.

Mary Ellen had never been so embarrassed in her life. It was even worse than going to the gynecologist, she thought as she reluctantly took off her clothes and put on the robe. She came out of the room with a red face. Jennifer led her over to a chair that looked a lot like a dentist chair. However, it had stirrups like a gynecologist's examining chair.

Jennifer sat on a stool between her legs, placing her feet in the stirrups. "Don't be nervous. I've done this a million times." The young girl adjusted the stirrups to spread Mary Ellen's closed thighs. "Oh my, you do need a trim," she said when she saw the bush of hair between her legs.

Mary Ellen's face flushed redder.

"I'm sorry," Jennifer apologized, "I didn't mean to embarrass you."

Mary Ellen wasn't listening. She was afraid to look down. However, all she would have seen would have been the top of Jennifer's head. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to relax as the young girl started to work. Still, her body was as stiff as a board. There was no way she could relax with this girl looking at her between her legs.

The young girl worked with a pair of scissors until she had Mary Ellen's pubic hair trimmed as short as possible. Then she got the wax ready. "Relax for a minute. I'll be right back."

A few minutes later Mary Ellen saw Jennifer come back with something in her hand. Then she felt something warm being placed on her pubic mound. It actually felt quite good. Within a few minutes, she could feel turning cool.

"Now this will hurt a bit," the woman said when the wax had dried.

"Yeowwww!!!" Mary Ellen screamed at the pain in her groin. She almost jumped off the table.

Jennifer quickly placed a warm towel on Mary Ellen's now smooth pubic mound and applied pressure for several minutes. "The worst is over," Jennifer said as she removed the towel. She had left a small V shaped patch of hair above her vagina as Dana had instructed.

Mary Ellen could feel her entire pubic area throbbing. However, the warm towel had soothed the burning somewhat.

"Very nice," Jennifer said as she held a large mirror between Mary Ellen's legs in order for her to see.

"Oh my God," Mary Ellen gasped when she saw that her pubic hair was gone. Suddenly, it didn't look like her body. She had never seen her vagina so exposed. Her fat outer lips were baby smooth and the pink inner lips were squeezed between them and protruding. There was just a tuft of brown hair several inches above the beginning of her slit. Suddenly, she flushed again when she realized the obscene view the young girl between her legs now had of her most private parts.

"Here, Dana wanted you to wear these," the young girl said to the startled woman.

Mary Ellen was in a trance as she allowed the girl to begin to slide a pair of thong underwear up her thighs. She closed her eyes in mortification. However, when the girl's hands stopped before the panties were past her thighs, she looked down. Her eyes opened wide as she saw the young girl staring at her vagina again. Mary Ellen trembled as the girl's tongue came out and she licked her dry lips. It almost looked as if she wanted to kiss her between... no she couldn't even think that. However, there was definitely lust in the girl's eyes.

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