tagSci-Fi & FantasyHinterlands Encounter

Hinterlands Encounter


I sighed as I sank into the water of Valorwind Lake. I looked at the shore where I had left my mail armor. It felt good to finally peel it off my lithe body. Some days I wished for the old days when I could wear leather. The mail I wore these days just was not pliant enough for my liking.

The cool water flowing over my naked body made my battle hot skin tingle. It had been a hard fight to rescue Sharpbeak from Jinth'Alor. The vile trolls had put up quite a battle but my companions and I were able to save the fledgling gryphon and return him to his parents. The others had gone ahead to Aerie Peak to celebrate the victory.

I began to wash away the troll blood that caked my body. I was so glad for the soap that I had brought from my native home on Teldrasil. The orange and lavender scented soap made my thoughts turn toward home and my darling Tristan. He was going to meet me in Ironforge. I had not seen him for months. The combination of the cold water and the thoughts of my lover made my body quicken.

I ducked my head under the water to wash the soap out of my long white hair. As I surfaced, sensed that I was being watched and instinctively I whistled for my faithful pet Scruffy. The large silver wolf who was my constant companion came bounding out from behind the bush where he had been taking a nap. He growled at the troll who was looking at me with a combination of hatred and lust in his eyes. He had released his hard turquoise colored cock from the confines of his breeches and was stroking it. When he saw Scruffy, he released the strangle hold he had on his cock and fumbled to find his weapon.

It was obvious that this troll was young and inexperienced. He lunged at Scruffy with a roughly hewn stone dagger. Scruffy dodged the attack. The two circled around. Scruffy moved in for his attack, the troll managed to leave a long gash along Scruffy's shoulder. While Scruffy's injuries were minor, the troll's were not. Blood was spurting out of a vicious tear in the femoral artery. The troll's eyes were glazed in death before he even hit the ground.

I rushed out of the water to Scruffy. The long cut along his shoulder was shallow, and otherwise he was unharmed. The spirit bond between us was great and as I held my hands over him and repeated the ancient incantation of healing, the cut began to close and scab and finally was completely gone. I laughed as Scruffy ran over to my bags and began snuffling through the packs for a treat.

"Oh you think you deserve a treat do you? Well you did earn it I suppose."

His tail wagged and his tongue lolled out of his mouth as I pulled a bit of roasted quail from the pack. The meat was gone in a moment.

"Did you even taste it you mutt?" I ruffled his fur and patted him on the back. My eyes turned back to the troll dead beside the river. My lip turned up in disgust as I considered the need to check his body for anything of value. I loathed getting any closer, but unfortunately it was inevitable and a necessary evil of the war we fought with the Horde. I took a deep breath and held it as I knelt down to rummage through his pockets. Other than a few pieces of silver, there was nothing of value on him. The vendors would give me a pittance for them, but it was better than nothing.

"Okay boy I suppose we should catch up to the others."

I mounted up on my white frostsabre and began riding toward Aerie Peak. "Just a short gryphon ride and I will be back in the arms of my love, for a few hours at least," I thought to myself. "Elune be praised! I need a break from all this fighting and death." In just a few short moments, I was climbing the rise to the gryphons. I put my mount in the stable and as I was speaking with the gryphon master when two hands came out of nowhere from behind me and cupped my full breasts. I gasped in surprise, my hand instinctively going for my dagger. As a female in a male's world, one can never be too cautious. But my caution this time was unnecessary.

"Did you miss me? I couldn't wait any longer in Ironforge, so I came to surprise you," Tristan whispered into my ear. I melted back against him with a happy sigh. I could feel his cock hardening against my ass. "You are very happy to see me, aren't you, my love?" I teased.

Tristan laughed and said, "You have no idea!"

"No but I'm starting to get an inkling, a very small inkling." I laughed and turned around in his arms and kissed him deeply. "I have missed you so much. When will this blasted war be over so we can return to our home and families? Curses upon those who put us in separate regiments."

"Curses indeed! But enough of that now. I have a need that will not be solved with words." While I waited I prepared a spot for us and have made arrangements so we will not to be disturbed. We have the whole day to do as we please." Tristan took my hand and led me down the ramp from the gryphon roost at Aerie Peak. We mounted up and I whistled for Scruffy. He came bounding out of the stables and ran along side us. Our mounts kept the same pace allowing us to hold hands. I could not bear the few moments in which we could not hold hands, nor could I take my eyes off my lover.

"How could I have forgotten how beautiful he is?" I thought to myself. Beautiful is not normally a word a girl would use to describe her man, but he was beautiful. Not in a soft feminine sort of way, because he exuded masculinity. Seeing him was like seeing a sunsrise in Teldrasil after a dark starless night. The colors take your breath away.

Tristan slowed his mount down and my frostsabre Sheeba instinctively slowed down as well. Scruffy went running past us at full speed then when he realized that we had stopped, he slid to a halt, barely missing a tree. We laughed. Oh I had missed that laugh. It sent a delicious shiver down my spine. I looked around me. We were near the lake at Agol'watha on a rise beside the waterfall. The sound of the water splashing over the rocks lulled me into a light dreamy state.

"Come baby doll, I don't think I can wait another moment," he said pulling me out of my reverie. The fresh smell of pine assaulted my nose "Stay," he said with a laugh as he summoned giant roots out of the ground and rooted me to the spot. I gasped in protest and then laughed with him.

"Well, only if you insist, darling."

I watched as he began removing his armor. To an untrained eye, he resembled a tree. His armor was made of leaves and branches. It allowed him to hide easily. My knees began to shake as he pealed the armor from his chest. His wide shoulders tapered down to a trim waist. There was no fat to be seen on his body. He turned around. The muscles in his back bulged and rippled as he bent over to remove his leggings. He knew my weakness. His firm fleshy ass came into view and my knees started to give way. He straightened up and looked over his shoulder at me with a wicked smile.

"Please stop teasing me Tristan. I can't take much more of this," I said, my need reaching a fevered pitch.

"But I haven't even begun teasing you!"

I moaned. He turned around and stood before me completely naked, the image of male perfection. His cock was hard and standing out from his body proudly. I purred as he began walking toward me. My eyes were riveted on his nakedness.

"It is my opinion, that you are wearing entirely too many clothes my dear."

"I am forced to agree with you. Whatever shall we do about that?"

He once again cupped my breasts in his hand. "These were not meant to be so confined." He unfastened the buckles on the sides of the armor and I lifted my arms so he could pull the heavy piece of armor over my head. My breasts sprang free from the confines of the mail armor. They tingled as the blood rushed back into them. My nipples hardened to the point of being painful. Tristan bent down and took one nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. I moaned. The wetness between my legs began to build. Tristan continued to suck on my nipple as he unbuckled the fastenings on my leggings. The wetness was coating my thighs as the armor fell away. Tristan's cock was pressing against my thigh. He picked me up and pushed my back against one of the tall pine tree trunks. His cock quickly entered my wet dripping pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me hard and fast. Every thrust of his cock sent fissions of pleasure coursing through my body.

"Come on baby doll, I can't hold out much longer," he said. His urging sent me over the edge. My orgasm causing my muscles to throb around him pushed him over the edge. His seed splashed deep against my womb. We were panting, tired and spent from the hot frantic fucking. We collapsed naked on the soft grass.

I awoke several hours later, to Scruffy sniffing my bare foot with his cold wet nose. I jumped slightly. Tristan tightened his grip on me and motioned for me to remain still. I sensed then that we were not alone. From the smell I deduced that orcs were nearby. They carried a scent of death and unwashed bodies with them. There were three of them. Soon there would be none.

In a single movement, Tristan leapt to his feet. He rooted one to the spot and shapeshifted into his bear form and began attacking another. At the same time, I gave Scruffy the command to attack another. I grabbed my axes and began attacking the third. Our swift attack took them by surprise and gave us an advantage. The sight of two very naked night elves killing his comrades sent the first one fleeing at the first chance he got. Scruffy ran after him and took him down swiftly. Blood sprayed out of a wound that nearly took one orc's head off and covered us. I could hear Tristan roar and making a final swipe with his now large paw quickly killing the final orc. At the end of the fight, we surveyed our recent love nest, now defiled with the blood of orcs.

Tristan shifted back into his elf form and grabbed my hand. Together we dove down the waterfall into the lake below. The moonlight glimmered off the water. After washing the foul blood from our bodies, Tristan pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. "We make a good team."

"Yes we do my love." I was panting from the kiss. We kissed again. He pulled me harder against him. I could feel the stirrings of arousal beginning again and his manhood hardening between us. We swam to the shore.

I knelt on a rock and spread my legs, inviting him to invade me again. He entered me from behind. He savagely pounded into me and bit at my back leaving vicious marks on my back. I arched my back and began rubbing my throbbing clit. Besides the sound of the water crashing over the rocks, the only thing to be heard was the loud moans of a woman and the deep guttural grunts of a man. His large ball sac was slapping against my hand. His cock began to swell as his orgasm approached. With one last bite on my shoulder blade he growled deep in his throat. And once again he emptied his balls into me. The throbbing sent me over the edge. My orgasm was so strong that it pushed his now softening cock partially out. Our combined juices leaked out of my abused pussy. His hands glowed as his healing touch removed the bite marks from my pale flesh. We fell asleep beside the lake.

I awoke shortly before dawn as Tristan lifted my leg and entered me from behind. He pushed my leg back down and began slowly thrusting into me. His arm wrapped around me and he squeezed my breasts gently. His hand moved from my breast to my hip to give him a little more leverage. He kissed my neck and then sucked my earlobe into his mouth. His labored breathing filled my ear. I moaned softly as his thrusts, though still long and slow, became harder. We leisurely fucked until our mutual orgasms overtook us. We lay there panting for several minutes. Tristan nuzzled my neck. I turned my head to kiss him long and passionately.

The sun was beginning to rise in the distance. With a sigh we rose and began to climb the hill again. We put on our armor and with a regretful look back at our haven, we mounted up and rode back toward Aerie Peak. When we arrived, there were new orders waiting for each of us, sending us to opposite sides of the continent. Tristan gave me a kiss and whispered, "I love you Hum, and next time, we will have to stay longer." And then he was gone.

I watched until he was gone and turned around with a sigh, opened my orders and whistled for Scruffy.

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