Hip Hop Ho


Stephanie knelt, knees tightly held together in the cramped DJ booth, wearing only a pair of fluorescent pink panties. Patiently awaiting the Professor to spin another record, and maybe request her attention. It had been half an hour since the deejay had ordered her to give him a blow job, yet Stephanie obediently waited. Her mouth savored his semen, which she was not allowed to swallow until she was told. She knew how the night often ended, with all the Professor's stoned buddies having their way with her. Stephanie craved being a Hip Hop Ho.....

Life for Stephanie had once been completely different. She grew up a child of privilege, she attended private schools and lounged at country clubs. Now here she was in a cramped inner city hip hop club waiting for permission to swallow a DJ's come.

It had all started 2 years ago, when her ex-fiance with a taste for Hip Hop music brought her to see the Professor. He was well known for his innovative mixes throughout the city, and had a big following. It was that very first night that she received an introduction to the Professor's Hip Hop world.

Stephanie walked into the ladies' room that night and saw the most beautiful white woman in the club, on her knees, openly sucking the Professor's huge black cock. She was so in awe of the sight that she quietly locked the restroom door, and watched just out of view of the Professor. The girl gave one of the most sensual slow blow jobs; licking and sucking every inch of his ten inch black cock. When he came, she arched her tongue out and allowed him to paint it creamy white before she swallowed every last drop. Stephanie's panties became completely soaked from watching.

Leaving the bathroom, the Professor spied Stephanie and gave her a big smile. The Professor quickly went back to his booth to excite the crowd some more.

Stephanie soon returned to the club without her fiance, searching for this well hung man they called the Professor. She longed to meet the man who helped to create such a great vibe, and had such a big and beautiful cock.

When Stephanie returned to the club, she shyly ambled up to the DJ booth. The Professor opened the half door, and exposed yet another beautiful white brunette girl under his table sucking on his cock. Stephanie lost her breath briefly at the sight, and then cleared her throat, "Excuse me, Professor?"

"Yo, what up?"

"D-D-Do you think you could play a song for me?"

"Hey Bitch, don't forget my balls," he

commanded to the servicing brunette.


"Oh, yeah you wanted a song right...damn bitches don't even know how to give good blow jobs anymore"

I couldn't believe how crudely he was treating the woman who was pleasuring him. I couldn't believe that he got away with so openly getting sucked off. It was like he owned the club and everything and everyone in it. It made me uncomfortable and strangely excited at the same time.

"Let me guess, you want MC Hammer or LL Cool J?" he derisively announced.

"Actually, I'd like a try at that big beautiful cock of yours Professor" Stephanie blurted out.

What had she just said?

"Say what?" the Professor smiled. "Hey Jessica move over, you've got some company," he grunted to the hard at work girl.

Stephanie hypnotically drawn to his huge cock, proceeded to kneel next to Jessica, and licked the head as Jessica finally went for his balls. The Professor looked down at them as they soon had him cumming in huge gooey spurts. Jessica pointed the cock Stephanie's way as the cum showered down all over Stephanie's hair and face. Jessica proceeded to suck and lick the cum off of Stephanie as they shared a kiss. Stephanie felt strangely comfortable kneeling in front of the Professor, it was as if he deserved this attention. Stephanie was happy to be a part of it.

Stephanie thought only of serving this wonderfully endowed man in his realm. She had always enjoyed Hip Hop music, but from the comfort of her bedroom. Now here she was seeing it up close with a Master of the craft. She was excited by the nasty way he spoke to women, too. She had never been spoken to in this way and it intrigued and excited her.

The entire train ride home to the suburbs, she thought only of how she could serve the Professor. She had given Jessica her phone number and spoke to her about the path of being one of the Professor's Hos. Jessica told Stephanie that the Professor needed at least three Hos on call on any given night. If the Professor needed you at the club, you needed to do what he asked or you would never be his Ho again. The perks were pretty good, you got into the club for free and you got to suck and fuck his huge cock. The Professor had 20 women he called his Hos. Should he ever get tired of you, you simply had to leave the club.

Jessica told me of a girl who got too fat and the Professor wouldn't fuck her anymore. He kept her as a Ho, but she could only toss his salad. I couldn't understand why she stuck around. She probably just enjoyed the humiliation he gave her.

The Professor finally allowed me to swallow his salty cum. He dropped his pants, bent over and positioned his ass and balls near my full lips. I soon had my nose in the crack of his ass, licking and fucking him with my tongue. He quickly got hard and there I was again, sucking his hard cock. I reached down to pleasure myself but he caught me, "Bitch I need both your hands working," he barked.

"Do the job right or I'll get someone else up here."

"Yes, sir"

"My boys will take care of you later, you know that."

"Yes, sir"

Soon the Professor's boys would take care of all of his Hos. The Professor liked to watch his boys fuck his Hos every which way at the end of the night. The sexual tension rose until the doors were closed for the night and the girls finally got theirs. The men, usually about five to ten of them, would take the girls and fuck them repeatedly in each and every orifice. The Professor usually waited until the girls had each come, some quite a few times before taking his favorite for the night to the back room. The Professor then licked the lucky girl's pussy clean before fucking her hard for at least half an hour.

I was pretty lucky to be the Professor's favorite. He called me his Natural, because I was so patient. The other girls often fought with each other, I just waited for my opportunity to please him. I'm not sure how my life with the Professor will end up, the life of a Hip Hop Ho is a top notch job though.

Should you ever feel like being a submissive for a while, I'd suggest you give it a go. The Professor is always looking for some fresh talent.

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