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Lorraine created a front window display comprised of model spaceships hanging from strings, action figures, and various comic books. Afterwards, she wrote out the new work schedule for the employees she supervised, vacuumed the carpet, and then stocked some models and toys in the center aisles of the store.

She glanced at her watch. It was almost closing time. The sun was slowly setting in the springtime skies. Physically, she was 5'11" tall and was of Italian American descent, was in her early thirties, and had a curvy, muscular frame. Her dark blonde hair flowed down to the middle of her back, and her skin was a natural light brown. Because of the muggy weather she wore a tight Lynyrd Skynyrd tank top, a black skirt, and ethnic looking sandals with straps that laced up her big, muscular calves.

As she was pricing some more comics and placing them in the appropriate bins, the young Asian guy who worked in the copy shop a few stores down came in. He grabbed a few comic books and approached the counter. She went behind it, towering over his skinny physique.

"Hey, Mel," she said, smiling pleasantly.

"Hi Lorraine. How's business?"

"Oh, so-so. Keepin' busy?"

"Oh, yeah."

She rung up the comics on the register. "$11.15. . .wait, I forget, are you in high school or college?" She chuckled, blushing awkwardly.

He joined in on the laughter. "I'm a freshman at Cal."

"So you're not old enough to drink yet?"

"Not yet," he replied, handing her some money.

They continued laughing as she handed him his change and his bag. "Boy, you sure know a lot about comics and movies for someone so young. . .are you still looking for issue one of Spiderman?"

"Uhh, no. I'm broke now. Gotta save some money for WonderCon. By the way, can you cut me a discount on the tickets?" he asked shyly.

"Sure, no problem. Hey, we talked about going together. Wanna still do that?"

He smiled. "Yeah, that sounds fun."

She returned a grin. "Cool." Lorraine turned around for a moment, and Mel checked out her backside, his eyes bulging out at her wide, long brown back with freckles sprinkled across here and there. And then his eager eyes moved down to her skirt that was pressed tightly against her big, curvaceous ass. He didn't see any panties or a thong between the crack of those cheeks. His erection grew harder and harder until he felt his underwear get wet. It felt like his cock was going to explode out of his pants.

When she turned around again, she handed him a ticket. "There you go. . .it's on the house."

"Oh, no, Lorraine, I can't."

"It's no big deal. We've been neighbors on this street for a few years. I've gotten to know you and enjoyed our many interesting conversations about comics and films. Consider it a small gift. If I ever need a copy job done, you could ring it on your house. How's that sound?"

"Okay, that sounds fairer. Thanks again," he said, taking the ticket.

After closing her shop, she and Mel rode their bicycles towards Lake Merritt. He, to a coffee shop to study with some classmates, and she to a gym near the Grand Lake Theater. She worked out for a couple of hours, concentrating on her legs and glutes.

A UPS driver who delivered to her store often looked at her, raising his eyebrows. "Wow, are you bigger or am I hallucinating?"

She grinned. "Glad you noticed."

* * *

After her run around Lake Merritt on Saturday, she and Mel took BART into San Francisco and attended the comic book convention. Following that, they had dinner at the food court in the Bloomingdale's shopping mall.

"So, tell me something about yourself that most people don't know," he said.

"I wrestle guys," she said bluntly.

"What?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"I offer private wrestling matches and most of my clientele are men."

"I see. . .you definitely have the build for it. Is it fun?"

"For the most part, yes. But then there are the weirdos that I have to screen out."

"How do you do that?"

She drank some water before saying, "I've got a website with all the information. It lists my fees, my physical stats, etc. If someone's interested, they shoot me an email. If I find the correspondence between us strange, I'll filter them out. But if it looks okay, I'll meet them in a café and talk with them further."

He raised his eyebrows. "I admire your bravery and boldness in doing this. I love strong, independent women myself and you seem to take it to whole new level. If you don't mind me asking, tell me about some of the more bizarre experiences you've had doing this."

She forked another piece of broccoli and ate it, thinking. "I've been fooled before. This one guy seemed totally normal and legit. He was a wealthy, married doctor with three kids living in Pacific Heights. Didn't seem like much of a threat so I met him. When we get to my apartment he strips naked and tries to jump my bones."

"So what happened?"

"Fortunately, I know some martial arts and decked the jerk. Then I called the cops." She reflected some more. "Then another time this dude said he and his buddy wanted to wrestle me together but I only do matches with one person. They were very persistent, offering me more money but I still refused. Last month, I had someone email me with a request to do a porn film." She laughed. "I quickly deleted that. . .so tell me something about you that most people don't know."

"I've been to a few orgies," he replied without hesitation.

She looked him straight in the eye, unblinking. "How were they?"

"Uhh, some of them were fun and some of them were really unusual."

"Unusual in what way?"

"Like some of the participants were angry, druggie types, some had drinking problems, and a few had weird fetishes. Suffice it to say I quickly left those situations," he said, laughing.

She nodded. "I don't blame you. Hey, Mel, you wanna arm wrestle?"


"Sure. Why not?"

Mel shrugged. "Okay."

He stared at her big biceps and muscular arm. They rested their elbows on the table, locked hands, and after she counted to three, they began. He started out strong, his skinny, little arm pushing hers toward the surface of the table. She saw the triumphant grin on his face as her arm was inches away from the table.

Lorraine shot him back a mischievous smile. "Not so fast, buddy." She quickly pushed his arm back in the opposite direction, slamming it hard on the table. Her smile turned to one of victory.

A small crowd had gathered around them in the food court and they clapped and cheered. Some hooted and howled, some made cat-calls.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen," she said sarcastically. "Anyone else?"

It was a slow day at the store. After ringing up a customer on the register, she and one of her employees priced some more comics and put them in the respectable bins. Then she stocked some action figures in the middle aisle before doing some paperwork in the back office. Dull, boring, bland. The only excitement so far had been when she threw out some underage kids who ignored her when she told them to leave the adult books section.

During her break, she walked to the copy shop a few stores down and chatted briefly with Mel. He was putting together college readers.

"Having fun?" she asked.

He sighed. "Two more hours and I'm outta here."

"Wanna grab dinner later?"


Two weeks later: Lorraine biked to a yoga studio on Piedmont Avenue, a few blocks from her store, and attended her class. Afterwards, feeling much more relaxed and calm, she rode her bike to her gym and worked out. Again, she focused on pumping iron that would strengthen her whole body, but especially her butt, thighs, and calves. When she jogged around Lake Merritt later, wearing a faded Grateful Dead T-shirt and very short blue shorts, heads turned. The shorts were also tight, and her big ass cheeks bulged out of them.

When she was finished, she returned to her nearby apartment on Alice Street, where she showered. Next, she checked her email. A message she had been expecting came through and she wrote back enthusiastically.

She was sitting at a corner table in the Starbucks in Downtown Oakland when a stocky Latino man approached her. "Lorraine?" he said quietly.

She looked up from her book, smiling pleasantly. "That's me. You must be Marty."

He nodded, returning a friendly smile himself. They shook hands firmly, and he sat down, sipping his coffee. "I like your website, and was very impressed by your stats and achievements in bodybuilding. All those trophies. Boy, you do a mean workout, and you look fabulous."

"Thanks. So, in your email you said you wrestled other women before."

He nodded again. "Several times. Twice with well-known bodybuilders. . .I've always loved muscular women and think they're beautiful and underrated. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Some people think female bodybuilders such as yourself are ugly and masculine, but they don't know anything. I think slender, petite women are overrated."

"Is that your two cents on buff women?"

"Yep," he said, chuckling.

* * *

Upon arriving at her place, he paid her. She wore a sleeveless shirt and her very short blue shorts. He was down to a T-shirt and his underwear. Both were barefoot, standing on a large mat in the middle of her living room. They were about the same height. He looked at the posters on her walls: the Grateful Dead, the Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

"Okay, let me tell you the ground rules: no nudity, no sex, no hitting or violence, and no touching of one's private body parts. All right?" she asked.

"Understood. Can I tape the session?"


"Do I have your permission to put it on You Tube?"


"Great. Thanks." After he set up his recorder, they started. She locked him in a tight bear hug, lifting him off the ground. "Whoa!" he said, chuckling. She held him in the air for a minute, then lowered him, arms still wrapped around his body. He had his arms around her, too, but his hands stayed clear of her butt cheeks that bulged out of the shorts. Instead, they rested on her back.

He sniffed the air. "You smell like Coppertone."

"Uh-hmm. You give up?"


She released her grip. Next, they got down on the mat and she locked his head between her huge, muscular brown thighs in a scissor position. As she applied more pressure his face turned as red as a tomato. His nose and mouth was pressed tightly against the crack of her ass but he remained a good boy and didn't do anything inappropriate.

"Do you surrender?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied submissively.

She let him go. After resting for a moment, she grabbed him and lifted him horizontally in the air above her head. She did this twice like he was a set of dumbbell weights at the gym, grinning victoriously. Lorraine felt like a champion gladiator, like she could kick any guy's ass. It was a wonderfully thrilling feeling, giving her an immense natural high.

After she put him back on the mat, he high-fived her. "That was awesome, girl! Thanks! You're an unstoppable Amazonian."

"Glad you liked it." She smiled at the camera.

Marty then tried to wrestle her to the ground but couldn't take her down. Her towering frame remained upright, like it was cemented to the floor. She eventually broke out of his vise-like bear hug and grappled him tightly, flipping him down on the mat. As he lied there, catching his breath, she sat on top of his chest, leaning over to pin his wrists onto the mat.

"Do you surrender?"

He nodded, and she released him. Grinning at her mischievously, he asked, "Can I lick and suck your feet?"

"No," she replied firmly.

"I'll pay you more money."

"Sorry, Marty, but the answer is no."

* * *

On Saturday, she and Mel loaded up her old, beat up Subaru station wagon and headed to Telegraph Avenue, near the UC Berkeley campus. It was another humid day as people strolled up and down the well-known thoroughfare, browsing at the merchandise that street vendors were selling. At her table, she had her jewelry, craftwork, paintings, bowls, indigenous drums, and wooden flutes displayed.

"You made all these?" he asked.


"Wow, they're beautiful," he said, impressed.

"Thanks. Just a hobby of mine. I do have a life outside of that store, you know."

"Oh, yes, dear, I know."

She laughed. "You know about the other side of me, the one that moonlights as a wrestler. Don't forget, it's our little secret, okay?"

"My lips are sealed."

She wore a Cheap Trick tank top, tan shorts (that weren't too short), and Birkenstocks. He had on a lighted colored shirt and cargo pants.

Her table was just outside of Amoeba Records so she had a lot of people check out her stand when they left the store. A teenage girl purchased some earrings, while the vendor next to her, bought a flute. He was a black man with long braids.

"Good seeing you again," he said, giving her a warm hug. He kissed her on the lips. "Long time, no see. The avenue missed you, sista."

"Nice seeing you, too, Jamal. I was so busy for a while at the store that I didn't get a chance to come up here. This is my friend, Mel."

The two men shook hands.

When Jamal went back to his stand, she whispered to Mel, "He's quite flirtatious with the ladies."

"I'd like to get some tips from him."

She elbowed him gently, laughing.

That night, she drove them to her parent's house in Castro Valley for dinner. After the meal, she showed them pictures of her recent vacation to Jamaica. When they finally returned to Oakland, it was close to midnight.

"Wanna come in and have a joint?" she asked.


"I've also got some movies from Netflix if you're interested."

"How about comic books?"

"Pu-leeeze! I don't want to think about them till Monday."

She parked her Subaru two blocks away and they walked back to her apartment building. Once inside her warm unit, she opened the windows. He looked at her posters, and then at the wrestling mat that leaned against the wall.

She popped in a DVD and they sat on the couch. As the opening credits rolled, she took out a bag of marijuana and rolled up a joint. She let him have the first puff. After she took a few drags, she felt more relaxed, leaning her head back against the sofa. As the movie droned on, she felt his hand on her bare thigh moments later. She didn't do or say anything, staring ahead at the TV screen. He passed the joint back to her and she inhaled again.

He started caressing her thigh but she still remained silent.

"Hey, isn't that guy from Seinfeld?" she asked.

When his hand moved under her shorts, she giggled and said, "That tickles."

His cock was swollen and hard as he started unzipping her shorts. She took one last puff from the joint before mashing it out in an ashtray. Then she finally turned to him and had the most naughty and lecherous look on her face.

"God, I am horny," she whispered sexily into his ear. He took off her shorts and thong, and she threw off her Cheap Trick tank top. His eyes bulged out of their sockets at the sight of her medium-sized breasts with their large, erect nipples. They looked like giant knobs. Then his eyes moved down to her big, shaved pussy and her shapely ass.

"Oh, my Lord!" he said. "Your workouts have done you wonders."

Lorraine helped him undress, looking at his short, thin frame. Her jaw dropped open when she saw his long, monstrous manhood. How could a little guy have such a big one?!

"I guess we're not watching the movie." She switched off the TV and embraced him quickly. They French kissed feverishly, and she kept sticking her long tongue into his mouth eagerly. He had to stoop up to reach her lips. Her breasts were at the level of his face and he sucked and licked her tits and big nipples sensually. They sank to their knees, and she looked down at him, moaning. She noticed the curtains were open and that the windows faced another apartment complex, as well as an alleyway between both buildings. Oh, well, she thought.

After sucking her nipples for a while longer, she grabbed his humungous dick and stroked it in a frenzy. He closed his eyes. Soon, his penis was in her mouth and she sucked it slowly and passionately.

"Ooooooh!" he said.

She licked his large, droopy balls.

Moments later, they walked over to a wooden stool that was before the windows. He sat on it, and then she sat in his lap, his hands fondling her big ass cheeks. Occasionally, he'd split them open playfully and she laughed. When Mel slapped her butt she howled and growled like a wild animal. He periodically buried his face in her sweaty dark blonde hair. Her warm, sticky body smelled of sun block.

"Fuck me!" she commanded.

The room still had the sweet odor of pot.

He sniffed the air before sliding his dick inside her big, moist vagina. She started going up and down on him like she was riding a merry-go-round. His cock slipped out, and she eagerly helped him put it back in. Then she began going up and down again, going faster and harder. Her moans were loud and deep. He held her sweaty, brown body tight, one hand clutching her ass. That hand slid into the crack of her butt, fingering her anus.

Lorraine brought her face close to his, looking straight into his eyes, smiling widely. "I like that. I like getting fucked in my asshole and in my pussy. . .Oooooooh, God, fuck me!"

She continued going fast and hard, hooking her big toe around one of the legs of the stool so she wouldn't fall off. Soon, they climaxed and her moans shot up several octaves. He thought the windows would shatter but they didn't.

* * *

A week later, she was sitting in her office at the store surfing the internet. Just out of curiosity, she did a search on You Tube and found the video clip of her wrestling match with Marty. She watched it twice. She also came across videos of her wrestling other men (as well as arm wrestling them), some of her pumping iron at the gym, a couple of her playing beach volleyball, and some of her doing bodybuilding poses.

Several minutes passed before there was a knock on her door. She looked up and saw Jamal standing there, grinning at her.

She smiled happily. "Hey, stranger. Come on in."

He sat in a chair in front of her desk. "I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd pop in and say hello."

"Thanks, that's nice of you. Are you still teaching at that school in East Oakland?"

He nodded.

"I really admire you helping those underprivileged kids. There's been so much violence in the city lately, so many youths getting killed. It's great they have a mentor and role model such as yourself. You're an extremely valuable asset to this community."

"Thank you. I try to do the best I can, every day, every minute, and every second. I never hesitate for a moment to help those kids. I've also got a side gig now. I'm a freelance IT tech, assisting people with computer problems here and there."


He handed her a business card. "So if you need any help with troubleshooting or upgrading or adding software, give me a holla. I'll throw in a discount, too."

"Thanks. I'll definitely keep you in mind. . .so, would you like to buy any comics?"

His grin was more flirtatious this time. "Actually, I'd like to take you out to lunch."

She started blushing. "I'm flattered, but I've got a boyfriend."

"Is it that Asian guy that was with you that day?"

She nodded.

"Let's be friends then. How's that?"

"Sure. I'll spread the word about your side job."

"Appreciate it. Hey, before I go, can I arm wrestle you?"

"Certainly." She cleared the papers and folders off her desk. Then they placed their elbows on the surface, locked hands, and after she counted to three, they started. Jamal was an athletic guy, and for a while he gave it his all and prevented her from claiming a quick, easy win. But in the end, Lorraine's massive arm finally slammed his down on the desk. She beamed triumphantly.

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