Hired Help


The kids were at my parents for the weekend and my wax appointment was running late, as usual. I sat on the lounge and was flicking through one of the magazines on the coffee table. A couple of younger women, probably early thirties, I'd say, some ten years younger than myself, walked into the reception area and were advised that they'd have to wait as all of the beauticians were running a little late today.

I really hadn't taken that much notice of them except it was clear that the dark haired girl was more blatantly sexual in the way that she dressed and held herself, the other, probably a bottle blonde was more reserved and seemed to be nervous. They sat on a two-seater lounge and the blonde said in a whispering voice to the other that "she couldn't believe that she was going through with this". Her friend said that "she'd love the feeling of a hair free pussy". Now that statement got my attention, and I could relate to what she was saying. My mind drifted to the first time I had a brazillian.

Chris had been away on his motorbike for the weekend with a few of his biker friends and I thought I'd surprise him when he got home. I'd dressed in my quarter cup bra and a nice top, a skirt and had put on a really skimpy see through G-string. I was feeling horny and couldn't wait for him to come home. I remembered how wet I was and couldn't help putting my hand up my skirt as I sat and watched television waiting for him. Feeling how smooth I was, the touch of my fingers was almost electrifying. Then I heard his bike pull into the garage. When he came inside I poured him a red wine and he sat beside me and told me about his weekend with 'the boys'.

He went to shower and I went to the bedroom took off the skirt and top, grabbed his dressing gown and took it in for him. He didn't see me and I left the gown hanging on the back of the door. I turned and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Something was missing. I ran toward the bedroom and sat on the bed rummaging through a draw and found a new pair of thigh high stockings and put them on.

I was bending over adjusting them when I saw him, through the full walled mirror, standing at the door with a look of surprise on his face. He walked forward as I was standing upright his gown fell open as he walked and as he held me around my waist I could feel his dick pressing against my arse. He kissed my neck and said "Jen .... Jen, are you ready. Jennn"

I jumped as I realised that my mind was off in a world of my own, and the voice I was hearing was my beautician calling for me to go into the privacy of her room.

I was embarrassed because I knew my pussy was really wet, what would she think!

I removed my knickers and resumed the 'brazillian position' I'd been in numerous times before. She was a true professional, and said quietly " l see you've been looking forward to this" and we both laughed a little. She shot the breeze with the usual conversation and I felling relaxed in her manner. My mind wandered to the upcoming weekend, Chris said that he had it all planned out and he'd fill me in when he got home from work.

I was at home and in the shower when he came home. He poked his head in the bathroom and said that he had a surprise for me and that he'd be in the lounge when I'd finished.

I dried off and slipped on my dressing gown and went into the lounge. He was getting us a drink and pointed to a couple of shopping bags on the lounge. "Don't sneak any peaks" he said with a grin.

I sat down and he pulled out a lace 'something' that had a string of pearls on it. "What is this" I said as he passed it to me. He said that it was my underwear for the weekend and as I held it up I could see what it was but couldn't quite work out why anyone would design underwear that was so strange. He told me to put it on for him. I sat back and pulled them over my legs and stood to pull them up, the pearls hung between my legs. Chris walked over to me and handed me a wine as I took the glass he gently pulled the waistband higher until the pearls were pulled within the outer lips of my pussy. Oh, this was nice. He suggested I get my quarter-cup bra, stockings, black shoes.

I walked to the bedroom and as I walked I could feel the pearls gently rubbing against my clit. God, this was good. Standing at my drawers, searching for his favorite bra, I couldn't help but move my legs to get more stimulation. This little G-string was making me feel really horny. With everything located, I put them on and walked back to the lounge where he was sitting on the arm of the lounge drinking his wine. "You look great he told me, "I could eat you here and now!" "Oh, yes please" I said. He told me that that would have to wait. He asked how the G-string was and smiled when I said that it was making me feel horny.

Reaching into the next bag he pulled out a black skirt and a black silk top and asked me to put them on. His eyes were fixed on me and I could see a swelling in his trousers, he was loving this, and so was I. The skirt was a wrap around number and as I put it around my waist the silk lining felt wonderful as it rubbed against my bottom. I buttoned the waist and was surprised at the lack of wrap around it had. I pushed a leg forward, as if walking and it opened quite a way, showing to top of my stocking. He smiled, with a sort of satisfied look as he passed the silk top to me. The top was loose fitting and as I buttoned it up from the bottom noticed how my nipples were pushing against the thin shiny silk. I knew this was one of his favourite looks.

I walked around the room turning for him to see, and those lovely pearls were doing their work, he was very approving and took my hand and I sat on the lounge beside him. As I did, the skirt fell to the sides of my legs showing a huge amount of leg. I tried to bring the material back over my legs but no matter how I tried it kept dropping.

Chris laughed and told me that he had had the skirt made and had the dressmaker sew small lead weights into the hem, so that it would drape open whenever I sat down.

I'm not an exhibitionist at all, but as this was a special weekend thought I'd go along with him..

His hand reached between my legs and he trailed his fingers over my pussy mound and told me how wet I was. He slipper a finger inside me with ease and in doing so the movement pulled tension on the pearls and rubbed at my clit. I was so aroused I wanted him to keep probing inside me. My nipples were super sensitive and I could see them through the silk top creating a visual experience like a couple of circus tents. I was pushing his head down toward my waiting wetness. But he stopped me and reached into his pocket and placed something in his mouth, opened my top and sucked on my left nipple, this felt so good I put my head back to enjoy the experience, he moved to my right nipple and sucked like mad, the vacuum was really strong and I was loving it.

Chris pulled back and was looking at my tits and when I looked down I could see that he was looking at a pair of gold bands about a quarter inch long that he'd sucked over my nipples, they made my nipples stand so proud but didn't feel at all uncomfortable. He buttoned up my top and those circus tents were displayed like I've never experienced before. He asked me to stand so that he could look at me. I was so fucking randy; my pussy juices were trailing down my legs. I strutted around our lounge teasing him and he licked his lips and had that glazed over eye look. I walked over to were he was sitting and spread my legs,

Jostled forward and sat straight down on his lap, I could feel his hardness through his trousers; we kissed with tongues wrestling and his hands roaming over my body.

Pushing me back a bit he looked down at the string of pearls that was rubbing against my clit, he frowned and said that the dry cleaner was going to have fun getting the pussy juice stain off his trousers. I dropped to my knees and started to lick at the moist patch on his pants and made sure there was enough pressure for him to feel my lips & tongue running over his dick. Undoing his zipper I reached inside to free the dick that strained within. Chris' dick was standing to attention, and I gave it the lip service it deserved. I've always enjoyed having his dick in my mouth, I love to see and feel his reaction when I take it deep into my mouth, slowly slide it out again until the head is touching my lips and then taking it in again.

I was licking the head just about to take it inside my mouth when the doorbell rang. Shit!

"You'll have to get that". Oh, He said, that will be the next part of your surprise. A blank look on my face must have said it all. Chris bent down and kissed me at told me to relax and just go with the flow. Chris went to the door was talking but I couldn't figure out who he was talking to. Then I heard the door close and into the lounge walked a woman.

She was wearing a long overcoat, which seemed strange, as it wasn't cold. She was mid 40's I concluded, auburn hair, another of Chris' favourites and took my hand & introduced herself as Cheryl. She held my hand for a long time, stood back and looked me up & down, raised her eyebrows & licked her lips. I was feeling unsure about this situation and a little insecure. She looked at Chris and said, "Your wife looks good enough to eat".

With that Chris handed her a glass of wine & topped up mine. I gave him 'the look' like what the fucks going on, he winked and Cheryl gently pushed me back into the lounge, removed her coat to reveal that she was wearing the exact same underwear as me.

My jaw dropped and Cheryl then told me that Chris had hired her for the night, and that she specialised in a service reserved for couples only. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, her nipples stood proud, the pearl G-string was pulled tight into her hairless pussy, she had a bit of a tummy, her legs a little slenderer than mine and wore a perfume that was somehow familiar. She walked over to me took my glass from me and placed her and my drinks on the coffee table held out her hand to me and gently helped me up.

She slowly moved toward me and stood inches away from me, our nipples brushed each other's and she moved ever so slowly closer & closer until our lips met. Oh' fuck I thought. Can this really be happening? I should point out at this stage that I have never done anything like this with another woman before. It's always been a fantasy that I've shared with Chris, often.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth as she ran her hands down my arms until she was holding the tips of my fingers, ever so gently she pulled my hands up the sides of her body. She stopped just below her underarms and then slowly moved our hands to her breasts. I started to stroke them and they felt somehow softer than mine, my fingers brushed her nipples and she shuddered. Her body was slowly moving in a sort of circular motion. She broke the kiss and started to kiss & lick my neck.

Her perfume was more evident in this position and I realised it was Chris' favourite.

Her rotational hip movements were becoming more pronounced and I could feel her pelvic area rubbing against mine. My head fell back as her neck kissing increased, her hands roaming my body and she ever so gently but purposely massaged my arse.

She knew exactly what I liked. In many ways it was like I was caressing myself.

I looked round to see Chris, he was sitting on the other lounge with a huge smile on his face and a huge erection in his pants, which he rubbed through his trousers.

Cheryl moved her hand to my top and undid the buttons, I was almost dizzy, she was so gentle in every thing she did. The silk top slid from my body, falling to the floor. Cheryl looked at my nipples and said that she loved the nipple bands, which I'd forgotten about until now. She asked where I got them from and Chris piped up and said that he'd had them specially made.

She unbuttoned my skirt and it fell down too. Taking a sep back she looked me up & down and focused on the pearl G-string, the same as she was wearing, looked over at Chris and told him that he'd thought of everything.

He stood up and walked out of the room and I could tell that he was on some sort of mission. Meanwhile Cheryl passed me my wine and sipped from hers, her eyes focused on mine the whole while. Chris walked in and asked if we would like to join him in the bedroom. He was wearing his dressing gown, he walked over to us took our hands and walked backwards leading us to the bedroom. As we entered the room it was clear that he had lit some scented candles and turned on the TV to a porn movie that he always enjoyed watching.

We all sat up on the bed with me in the middle, and sipped wine and talked about the movie, we commented on the size of tits and 'Barbie like' bodies, we girls laughed but Chris was focused on the movie.

The move from the lounge to the bedroom had somehow broken a trancelike effect that Cheryl had had on me. But the wine was taking effect and I was feeling much more comfortable with her, as we watched I could feel Cheryl's hand touching my thigh. Her hands were so soft and gentle. It made me melt the way she touched me. Then Chris started doing the same; his movements were like a mirror image of what Cheryl was doing. I could see that Chris was watching her movements in the full wall mirror at the other end of the room and coping them.

Then something caught his attention, he was mesmerised by the scene in the movie, it was two women dressed as Cheryl & I were, exactly! She looked up and looked at Chris and said, "I gather that this is where you got your inspiration" he could hardly speak, cleared his throat and mumbled something about the next scene.

The women moved into a 69 position and Chris' hand went straight to his hardened dick. Cheryl turned to me and her hand reached my between my legs, she kissed my nipple and sucked it in but her eyes were fixed on the screen above us, the same time her hand was seeking out my pussy which was sopping wet. Sitting up I leaned over and took Chris' dick into my mouth in one swift action. He moaned really load and I got on all fours that allowed Cheryl complete access to my body. She soon had her fingers probing me and the pearls were rubbing on my clit again. This was soon pushed out of the way by her fingers and she circled my clit time after time, the feeling of having my husband's dick in my mouth and having my clit teased at the same time was such a turn-on.

Cheryl pulled at my G-String and removed it from my body; she then positioned herself under me and probed my pussy meat with her tongue. This sent me into a new world of feelings. Chris positioned himself so he could better watch. He jumped off the bed altogether and then sat at the other end just watching while Cheryl pulled at my nipples, which were swinging in the air. I just had to taste my first ever pussy and spun around on the bed to complete a 69 position, pulled her legs apart and lowered my head and hips at the same time. My tongue found its destination at the same time that Cheryl pushed her tongue into my soaking hole. She was fucking her tongue in & out of me and I was savouring her taste, aroma and feel of a woman's soft flesh on and in my mouth.

The bed moved a little and I felt Chris' dick resting on my arse, he moved and entered my wet pussy with ease, Cheryl was busy licking my clit from underneath, and I was in heaven. This is the position that Chris & I had talked about many a time. God, if I'd known that it was like this I'd have done it years ago. I couldn't concentrate on Cheryl's clit while being had like this. I raised my head and Cheryl, ever the thoughtful one pinched and pulled at my nipples from below me. I could feel my orgasm building, it was welling up inside me, my breathing heavy and laden my back involuntary arched, Chris pushed deep into me and Cheryl's tongue was going at a rate of knots. Ohh....Oh...arrrrr..mmphhhh.......Ahhhh! It lasted the longest I can remember, my clit too sensitive to be touched. I had to rest, my body was totally spent.

I lay down next Cheryl and she was so nice, she rubbed my skin and I looked at Chris standing there, his dick moist with my juices and a huge smile beaming across his face.

He lay down beside me kissed me and asked if I'd enjoyed myself. I answered him with a smile; it hit me that during this whole event he hadn't even laid a hand on Cheryl.

He moved himself over me and I opened my legs and he pushed slowly into me, all the while looking into my eyes, with that glazed look. I asked him if he wanted Cheryl, he said of course he did but this was arranged for my experience, but asked her to sit over my face. She positioned herself so that her back was toward Chris and slowly pushed herself onto my waiting mouth, she was so wet, and her aroma was heavenly, she leaned forward and I concentrated on her clit with my mouth.

Chris was pushing his dick at full-length strokes in and out of me. He stopped and said the view he had was fantastic, I pushed two fingers into Cheryl, she pushed back on my hand making it really wet. I fucked her with my fingers, and she asked me to fill her more, I put four fingers inside her, she kept pushing back and I fucked her more, Chris was moaning and I knew that this was bringing him close to the edge. He was pumping me harder and the pressure on my clit was bringing me toward climax again. My hand was just covered in Cheryl's juices, literally dripping down my arm. I removed my hand a little, which brought a whimper from her, pushed my thumb to the centre of my hand and proceeded to push the whole thing into her moistness.

Cheryl let out a squeal of approval and my hand felt like it was being sucked into her, her vagina muscles were tight and as I pushed further I clenched my fist and entered her as deep as I could. She kept repeating as in she were possessed "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" and I told her to lay on her back, she managed to do this without my hand being removed, rolling over Chris entered me again from behind and I fucked Cheryl with my fist like there was no turning back. She bucked and heaved and the sounds coming from her throat were amazing. They built to a crescendo until she orgasmed and her juices squirted out of her, like I've never seen before. Chris came too, he near pushed me off the bed and I could feel his dick pumping me full of his cum.

I removed my hand from Cheryl, she whimpered in protest, Chris fell on top of us breathing really heavily. We lay there quietly, I was thinking about how Cheryl had squirted when she orgasmed. I asked her how she did that; she smiled and said that she couldn't tell me though she could teach me. But that's another story, as is the rest of the weekend!

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