tagErotic CouplingsHiring an Escort for Valentine’s Day

Hiring an Escort for Valentine’s Day


Dr. Dena Majors, a recently divorced veterinarian in town to speak at a national conference was alone and free for the first time since she married stock broker Tom Majors 10 years earlier. Dena decided to spread her wings since it was Valentine's day and hire an escort service while she was in town. After all, when Dena discovered that Tom had been regularly hiring escorts when he was on business trips, that was the straw that broke the hooker's back as it were, and led to their divorce. Now Dena really wanted to find out what all the fuss was about.

"Hey girl, how is your trip going? It sucks that you have to travel on Valentine's day." Sharon said.

"I'm in the hotel and the conference doesn't start until tomorrow morning so I'm deciding whether or not I should go through with this?"

"Are you getting cold feet?"

"Sorry, I didn't hear you; the reception in this room is terrible for my cell phone. What did you ask?"

"Are you getting cold feet?" Sharon shouted.

"Absolutely! What if the escort they send over is a maniac or dangerous or a felon? It's Valentine's Day and I'm guessing all the good escorts were probably booked by local women weeks ago. I'm likely to get some old, shriveled up sex maniac."

"Dena, chill out. What if he's gorgeous and fun to spend the night with? You know, if you hire an escort for the night, this will be the first time in your life that you can tell a guy exactly what you want, without being embarrassed and he'll actually do it! If you think of it that way, this could be the most fun you've had in 10 years. You might even figure out why Tom was so eager to use escorts after you've had one. Besides, this is the holiday of love and you could use some loving, especially from a pro."

"Wow, I never thought about having all the power and telling a man exactly what I want him to do for me in bed without worrying about how it's going to look to be the boss in the bedroom. That could be fun!"

"So, are you going to make the call?"

"What, you're breaking up?"

"Are you going to make the call?" Sharon shouted a second time.

"Oh, what the hell, I'm going to make the call!"

"Be sure to use the hotel phone so you get a clear line."

"What?" Dena shouted.

"Never mind, I want to hear all about it tomorrow. Don't forget to call me!"

"Ok, I've got my first speaking engagement at 10 am and after that, I'm doing the keynote at lunch. One more talk in the afternoon but I should be back in the hotel by 5. I'll call you then."

"You better! After all, you're living out the fantasy of all your girlfriends tonight and we all want to live vicariously through you -- no pressure, but don't let us down!"


After Dena made the call to the escort service at 4:00 pm on her cell phone, they told her that her escort would be named Jim and he would meet her in the lobby of her hotel at 5:30 pm. He would be middle-aged, appropriately dressed for a night on the town and would take her to dinner to celebrate the holiday and then they could decide from there what the rest of their evening plans would be. They had her credit card on file and would bill her by the hour, starting at 5:30 pm. She couldn't believe it but she agreed to the terms which meant, she was about to go out with a male hooker for the first time in her life.

After ending the call, she showered, dressed and tidied up so she could bring him back to her room for an hour or two of fun before sending him on his way.

Dena was running a bit late because she couldn't figure out how to use the hotel hair dryer. After finally getting ready, she scrambled down to the lobby at 5:40 pm. Shit, I've already been billed for 10 minutes of hooker time and I haven't even met the guy yet, she thought as she crossed the hotel lobby, keeping her eyes peeled for the well-dressed, middle-aged man who answered to the name Jim. This should be easy enough, she thought. There, sitting in an over-sided chair, alone, patiently reading the paper was a gorgeous middle-aged man, dressed in an Armani suit. She recognized the suit because her ex was a fan of Armani when he worked on Wall Street. She approached him and said, "Jim?"

He stood up, folding the newspaper and said, "I'm sorry, my name is Tim,"

"I apologize. Tim. I must have misunderstood your name. My cell phone has terrible reception in this hotel."

"I have the same problem. And you are Dena," he smiled, extending his hand to shake hers.

"Yes, I am. Have you had dinner yet Tim?" She asked, her hand still in his.

"Why no, I haven't. Would you like to have dinner here in the hotel? They have a lovely restaurant."

"Thank you, that would be nice."

The couple headed across the lobby toward the restaurant . Tim walked beside Dena with his hand in the small of her back as they entered the restaurant. She was impressed by his "game" so far.

There was a long line of people waiting to be served. Tim excused himself for a moment and spoke with the maître d. Soon afterwards, the couple was seated near the window, overlooking the ocean. She was struck by how good looking and easy going he was and decided that he had probably tipped the maître d in order to get this prime table, especially on Valentine's Day. She liked his "game" even more now. Shit, these professional escorts are pretty impressive, she thought as they were seated.

"So, Dr. Dena, tell me about yourself."

"I'm a veterinarian and I'm here speaking at the veterinary conference tomorrow."

"I knew that."

"Of course you did. Please, call me Dena."

"Ok, I hope you will call me Tim."

"So, Tim, have you been in this line of work for a long time?"

"About 15 years now. I love it. How about you?"

"I graduated from vet school about 14 years ago and have been running my own practice for about 8 years. Before that, I worked for another vet in his practice."

"Do you enjoy speaking at conferences like this one?"

"Yes I do. Do you enjoy your work as well?"

"Yes, very much. I take great pride in what I do because I know it makes a difference in every client's life that I have the privilege to service."

"...I guess, as long as you find your work rewarding, isn't that all that matters." She looked at him with a puzzled brow and wondered, How odd that an escort would be so dedicated and devoted to the integrity of his job.

"You must be really busy around this time of the year," she said.

"You're right about that."

The couple enjoyed their meal together along with a bottle of wine. They spoke of sports and how they both lived in New York State and how they both loved animals. Dena wondered if he was being honest or just telling her what she wanted to hear as part of his job. Because she knew this was a one-night stand, she reconciled that she didn't care if he was blowing smoke up her skirt, so long as she was having a good time... and she was, so far.

"Tim, I've had a wonderful evening with you so far."

"So have I Dena. Would you like to go to the bar for a nightcap before going to bed?" he asked.

She glanced at her watch and remembered that she had a 10 am speaking engagement and would have to be up early in order to prepare. It was 7:30 pm already. She realized that if she were going to bed this man tonight, she should do it now before it got too late and too expensive as the escort service was charging her by the hour and they had already burned two hours in the restaurant. In an odd way, she felt like Cinderella at the ball and knew, in her case, that at the stroke of midnight, her hooker time would be over.

"Tim, I have a better idea. Let's go up to my room and order cocktails from room service. That way, we can relax and enjoy our drinks in private."

"If you're sure you can afford the time, I would love to."

"Sure, I can afford the time. After all, you only live once, let's go." The pair left the restaurant after Dena insisted on charging the dinner to her room, since she was on an expense account from the event planners. Tim seemed uncomfortable with the arrangement but agreed. Dena thought to herself that she would ask the escort service tomorrow whether or not dinner was supposed to be included in her hourly fee and if so, she would ask for a refund for the bill.

Dena was a nervous wreck for the entire elevator ride up to her hotel room. Should she make the first move or tell him to make the first move? Should she wait to see what he would do on his own since he was the professional or should she just take command and get her money's worth by being candid about her wants and preferences? Her upbringing taught her to wait for the man to make the first move but those old beliefs were crashing headlong into this new world of escorts she found herself in. A world in which she had all the power and didn't need to worry about what the man thought. She wondered if this is how men thought when they were trying to pick up women. As they arrived at her hotel suite on the 12th floor, Dena made her decision. She opened her hotel room door and as soon as the door shut behind them, she leaned in and kissed Tim gently, not wanting to scare him or to insult him for not taking the lead first.

He seemed surprised by her forwardness for a moment but soon got into the swing of things. Before long, the two were enjoying some heavy petting on the bed.

"I could use a drink Tim, how about you?"

"Great idea, let me order for you?"

"While you order, I'm going to go to the bathroom,"

"Ok," Tim picked up the phone, dialed room service and ordered a caviar tray, some strawberries, a bottle of chilled champagne and some flowers to celebrate Valentine's Day, before returning to the bed to wait for Dena who emerged a few moments later.

While they waited for room service, they didn't waste time but instead continued kissing until she came up for air several minutes later and asked, "I'm curious, have you had many women take control sexually with you or do most wait for you to take the lead?"

Tim was lying on top of her by this time, both were still fully dressed, and smiled at her question, reassuring her, "When I am with a woman, my only goal is to pleasure her. If she wants to take the lead, I'm happy to follow, otherwise, I'm happy to make the first move. I'd like to think that we are both here for the same reason so it doesn't matter to me who initiates things."

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Room service arrived with a cart. Tim got up from the bed and headed to the door. Dena found herself studying him as he moved across the room. What an interesting man, she thought to herself and what a shame that he was wasting his life hooking for a living when he could do so much more. She wondered if she should bring that up to him or was it really none of her business to judge his chosen line of work. Lost in her thoughts, she decided it was none of her business and instead, decided to enjoy herself without judging.

Dena was surprised by what Tim had ordered.

"Wow, did you order flowers and champagne?"

"Yes, nothing but the best for you and besides, it's Valentine's Day and we are both here, away from home. We deserve a little celebration." The room service agent offered to open the champagne but Tim said he would do it. He pulled out cash and paid the man before he left the room.

"You didn't have to do that Tim." She said, realizing that he just paid a bill that was probably more than the hourly rate for his services. She was touched by his actions and impressed.

"Dena, you are a beautiful, intelligent woman and I feel fortunate that we met today. I want to treat you like a queen tonight because you deserve it." With that, he opened the champagne bottle without losing control of the cork, poured them each a glass and returned to the bed, bringing the tray from the cart with him so they could enjoy their caviar in bed.

"I can see why your clients love you so much." She said, suddenly understanding why her ex-husband cheated on her with escorts. If they were all like Tim, she could understand the attraction.

"Thank you, I do my best to make sure that all my clients know how important they are to me," he dished up some caviar on a cracker and fed it to her in bed, after which, she sipped her champagne and kicked off her shoes.

They fed each other the delectable treats and enjoyed their drinks with casual conversation as things started to heat up between them.

"Tim, I would like you to spend the night with me, are you available?"

He kissed her tenderly before saying, "Yes, I would love to."

Dena was feeling empowered now. After all, he was her employee and she was paying him by the hour and part of his job was to sexually do whatever she asked of him so, with a little liquid courage and caviar in her, she said, "Let's shower together before we head to bed."

"Capital idea, but I have a better idea" he replied. "I noticed that your suite is equipped with a garden tub. Let's take the champagne and goodies with us, shower together and then draw a hot bath that we can both relax in before we head to bed."

Holy crap, she thought to herself, this guy is really good at his job. "OK," she smiled.

Nearly 40 minutes later, the couple had polished off the bottle of champagne, eaten the rest of the caviar and strawberries, showered together and enjoyed a deliciously relaxing hot bath together in the garden tub which served as the perfect place for some amazingly sexy foreplay.

They exited the bathroom, wrapped in luxurious bath robes provided by the hotel and resumed their sexual adventure in bed.

"I'm all about safe sex. Do you have condoms?"

"Yes, I am also a safety first person. In our line of work, safety always has to come first." He reassured her.

"Tim, how do you feel about oral sex?" she asked timidly as they were busy kissing and exploring each other's naked bodies.

"Your wish is my pleasure," and without hesitation, he went down on her in the most amazing way, bringing her to a mind bending orgasm that took her breath away several minutes later.

Afterwards, he asked, "would you like to have intercourse?"

"Yes I would," she replied with more confidence than she had ever had before with another man, including her ex-husband.

As they enjoyed their sexual encounter, Dena pointed out to him what she liked and what she didn't like and Tim was more than accommodating and very interested in fulfilling her desires. She enjoyed the best sex of her entire life that night and when she woke up the next morning, Tim was gone, apparently leaving before the sun came up. For a moment, she worried about the size of her bill from the escort service and wondered if they provided a discount for overnight stays. However, she had to admit, the sex with Tim was so good that she really didn't care what the bill came to, it was worth it.

Before heading into the shower to get ready for her speaking engagement at 10 am, she found a note he'd left on the bedroom dresser with a single rose next to it. The note read, "Dena, I had the most amazing evening with you tonight. While I know you are only in town for a short while, it is an evening I will cherish forever." And he signed it Tim...

Wow, he is good at his job. She decided to shower, grab some breakfast in her room and call her girlfriend to let her know how amazing the evening had been.


"Sharon, it's me. I'm calling you from the hotel phone because my cell phone reception sucks and I don't want you to miss a word of this conversation."

"Tell me everything! How did it go?"

"It was the most amazing sexual encounter of my life. Tim was gorgeous and smart and more amazing than I had ever dreamed a male hooker could ever be. Now I know why my ex saw escorts when he was out of town."

Dena shared the details of her encounter and Sharon hung on every word.

"Will you see him again?"

"Hell no. I'm only here for the rest of the day and then I fly out in the morning."

"Don't you want to see him again?"

"Sharon, last night was so perfect, there is no way he could possibly top it. Besides, the whole point of hiring an escort was to have a good time, great sex, no strings attached and we did all of that last night. There is no future or long term relationship that I could possibly have with a guy who sleeps with women for a living. He was the perfect man but I don't know how much of what he said was sincere and how much was escort bull shit."

"Seems a shame that you finally met the perfect man and he turns out to be a man whore."

"I came to the conclusion last night that the only perfect men out there are either man whores or gay men and neither one are suited for long term relationships with a woman who likes a penis!" Both women enjoyed a great laugh before Dena said, "However, Tim was so good at his job that after I finish working today, I'm going to call the escort service and give him a great review."

"Do escort services provide comment cards or ask for reviews?"

"Hell, I don't know but I'm going to call them anyway. Tim deserves a raise! Shit, I better go. My first talk is at 10 and I don't want to be late. I'll call you before I leave town."

"Thanks for calling me this morning. If you call my house later today and the line is busy it's because I'm calling every woman we know and telling them all the juicy details of your sexual encounter last night. You did us proud last night Dena!"


While she divorced her ex because he cheated on her with escorts, she now realized what all the fuss was about and found herself thankful to be single and to be in a position to be traveling. Normally, she didn't care for living out of a suitcase and sleeping in hotels, but now that she discovered the joys of male escorts, she found herself looking forward to being on the road so she could enjoy a variety of escorts around the country. Now that she was divorced, she could indulge and wouldn't be cheating on her spouse as her ex had done.

At 9:45 am, Dena arrived at the lecture hall where she was scheduled to give her first speech of the day. As she entered the hall, the room was packed. She was told that the room would hold 300 people and it looked nearly full already as people continued to file in.

She couldn't wipe the smile off her face from her adventure with Tim from the night before. The lecture was a big hit and well received by her audience. As she finished and was gathering up her papers in preparation to head over to the luncheon area where she was giving the keynote address in a half hour, she looked up and realized Tim was standing in front of her podium.

"Tim... what are you doing here?" she whispered, looking nervously around the room, hoping no one was noticing that her paid hooker was in the room.

"I came to hear your lecture which was very good, by the way," he leaned over to kiss her but she pulled away.

"We can't kiss here. I'm working." she said, mortified that an escort had somehow gotten credentials to get into her lecture and that he tried to kiss her in front of her colleagues.

"How did you get in here?" she whispered to him as people were filing by toward the exits.

"I flew in yesterday morning from Chicago for the conference."

"You mean your employer sends you around the country to work these types of events?"

"Yea, isn't that why you're here?"

"Yes, but I'm here as a speaker about veterinary topics."

"So am I."


"I have a lecture right after your keynote address on the value of vaccination protocols for young animals."

She was dumbfounded. "You're a veterinarian?"

"Well yea. I thought we discussed this last night. Who did you think I was, some random guy you picked up in a hotel lobby?"

"Wait a minute, you never said you were a vet. You said you loved your work and that your clients loved you and that you felt privileged to service them."

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