Her hand tightened on the glass it held, the knuckles whitening as the warm hand settled just above the curve of her bottom. Her pulse accelerating as she tried to focus on the question the man in front of her had just asked.

"I'm sorry," she said. "What was that?"

She could sense him behind her. His smell filling her nostrils, his presence distracting her.

"Are you having a good time?" the man repeated, his expression quizzical. "It's a good party isn't it?"

The warmth of his hand seemed to be filling her head as it moved slightly, stroking lightly. She could feel her nipples harden against her dress and she shifted slightly back against his hand. She heard his soft chuckle.

"Answer the question sweetheart, don't be rude." He murmured.

"Oh yes," she managed to stammer. "It's lovely and nice to be able to be out in the sunshine"

"Can I get you another drink?" The man asked, raising his empty glass to emphasise his question.

"Please." she replied.

"Won't be a tick." the man said, bustling busily away, obviously eager to make a good impression.

The hand that had been lazily circling the small of her back now moved up to her waist, as he pulled her back against him. She felt his breath on her hair as he dropped a kiss on the top of her head, and her breath caught in her chest, warmth spreading up from her toes.

"Ok?" He questioned softly.

"Yes Sir." she responded, relishing the bulk of his body against her back, the feel of his fingers spread on her ribs further hardening her nipples. He idly stroked his thumb up to the lower curve of her breast.

"It would appear you are a bit of a hit." He said. The rumble of his voice making goose bumps rise on her bare arms and she turned her head to look up at him in surprise.

"Oh," she said "thank you, they seem nice people."

"They are, but can be quite snobbish," he laughed, "but you have made an impression".

His praise made her heart swell, he knew that she struggled sometimes with new people and places she didn't know, despite her outward apparent confidence, it was a challenge.

His arms tightened around her waist, as he pulled her more firmly back against him, dropping his head to nuzzle her neck, his lips warm. She moaned softly.

She felt the curl of desire in her belly, and pushed back against him, feeling him, loving the responding hardness against her , she wiggled her bottom a little giggling softly.

"Minx." he growled, biting gently at the soft tender spot under her ear, and a flood of heat spread from his bite to her pussy, and she sagged a little as her knees turned to rubber.

"Oh wow." she whispered.

He stepped back slightly, depriving her of his warmth and she started, momentarily anchor less. Gathering herself she turned to face him, her cheeks flushed and her breathing slightly fast.

"Here you are." the man said, returning to thrust the brimming glass in her direction, the wine sloshing over the rim.

Tearing her eyes from him she reached to take the glass, smiling politely. As her fingers closed around the wet glass, the man pushed it towards her eagerly and the wine spilled. The coldness hitting her chest making her gasp as it trickled down her breasts, her already aching nipples further hardening as the sodden material of her top clung to them.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry." the flustered man said. "Let me, umm..let me get something to dry you..I'm so sorry."

"Its ok." she soothed. "Just a little cold. Don't worry I'll go and dry off under the hand drier in the toilet. It's fine, don't worry."

She glanced at him as she turned to head to the ladies, his amused smile raking her chest and she stuck her tongue out at him as she moved away, raising her hands to cover her obviously engorged nipples from the other party goers.

She reached the sanctuary of the bathroom and hurried inside, closing and leaning against the door breathing quickly. The cold wetness uncomfortable. Reaching down she grabbed the hem of her top, pulling it quickly over her head, and reached behind to unclasp her wet bra...her breasts springing free, the rake of the material against her aroused nipples making her gasp.

Catching sight of herself in the mirror she grinned at the tousled, flushed image. Her gaze moving to the faint bruise over her left nipple, the memory of his mouth biting, his fingers rolling her other nipple as he bit made her shut her eyes as her clit pulsed and she felt her pussy moisten.

Reaching for the wet bra she pressed the button on the drier, the noise filling the small room as she held it under the heat.

Lost in reverie as she rotated the pretty pink bra in the heat she was unaware of his presence, until she felt his hand in her hair. She froze, the bra dangling from her stilled hands.

"What a pretty view." He said, his hand pulling her head back. "But such a cheeky one"

The pressure of his hand in her hair made her step back, but prevented her from seeing his face. She shut her eyes, anxiety gripping her tummy..hoping he wasn't angry, unable to tell from his expression or the tone of his voice.

The hand in her hair pulled her head back gently, as his free hand stroked her neck, moved softly down to cup her breast. His thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple slightly as she gasped. The slight pain shooting straight to her clit, he laughed enjoying the knowledge of the effect he was having.

He closed his fingers slightly harder and she groaned. Her aching nipple hardening further, the skin puckering, and she pressed her thighs together. He sensed her movement, her growing arousal and pinched slightly harder, enjoying the rosy tint his fingers were causing on her nipple.

He released her hair, and she straightened, her back turned slightly away from him as he kept the pressure on her nipple.

"How do you think I should chastise you for your cheeky gesture, my horny slut?" He asked softly.

Moving to stand behind her, he ran his free hand over her bottom through her skirt. She was so distracted by the fire that was now running from her nipple to her wet pussy, she struggled to gain a coherent thought, and she hesitated.

He released his touch on her nipple, and turned her to face him, taking in the slightly glazed eyes, the parted lips, and the short panting breath. He smiled, loving how she looked when she was aroused, her green eyes glittering and filled with lust.

"Mmmm such a strumpet." he murmured as he covered her mouth with his, his tongue sliding into her warm mouth, as his arm slide around her waist, her naked breasts crushed against his chest.

Kissing her deeply, he moved his hand up her thigh, feeling the lace of her stocking graze against his fingers as he moved to the soft skin at the apex of her legs.

"Open." he said against her mouth, and she shifted to move her legs apart. Her pulse racing, and the need to be touched making her whimper against his lips.

"What do you want?" He asked softly. His fingers softly brushed the soft skin of her pussy, through her sodden knickers. He could feel her heat through the silky material. He knew she struggled to ask, to express her need in words.

"Tell me." he demanded gently. His fingers continued to stroke her softly through her knickers, his thumb pressing against the hardened bud of her clit. She moaned, dropping her head against his chest and he cupped her chin, forcing her to look at him, lust blazing from her eyes.

"Tell me baby." He murmured. Kissing the corner of her mouth his thumb continued to circle her clit through the soft material. Her breath was panting now, he could feel her legs shaking slightly.

"Please." she said in a tiny voice. Her fingers gripping his shoulders as she tried to maintain some composure as the insistent thumb on her clit continued to rob her of coherence. She needed his touch, needed his fingers inside her filling her.

"Please??" He queried.

"Please touch me, make me cum." she begged quietly. "Please Sir."

Pushing his free hand into her hair, he pulled her head further back so he could look into her eyes, the expression he saw nearly undoing his resolve. His thumb pressed against her clit more firmly, her body shaking. He knew she was very close to orgasm.

"My sweet, sexy girl." he said. "Cheek doesn't get rewarded. Get dressed - we have a party to attend."

Patting her bottom, he stepped away from her. The sudden loss of his touch against her aching clit making her sway, she pouted.

Laughing, he moved to the door and opened it, exposing her to anybody passing. She hastily dressed...giggling as she struggled with her top which still felt damp against her aching nipples. He stepped to one side, so she could walk past him.

"Thank you, kind Sir." she said as she sashayed past him, hips swinging.

Laughter and soft voices could be heard as they approached the gathering on the lawn, the light beginning to fade, solar lights starting to sparkle among the plants and trees. He pulled her into his side as they descended into the gathered people, the feel of his warm arm around her making her heart melt with pleasure and setting her already tingling nerve endings dancing at his touch.

She stood within the circle of his arm quietly, as he laughed and chatted with his friends, happy to be at his side, aware of his quiet strength, his natural dominance, filled with pride that she was his. Idly wondering if any of his friends knew. She felt his attention switch to her, he didn't move, carried on chatting with the couple they stood with. But she felt it, the hair on the back of her neck rose slightly as she became aware that he was now focussed on her. Her nipples rose against the tightness of her top and she turned slightly into him to prevent the couple from seeing her obvious arousal.

"Stand." he said quietly.

She froze, glancing up at him in confusion. She felt his hand move from her waist, to the back of her neck under her hair and shivered. Loving the control and possession in the gesture. Her shiver made his glance travel to her breasts. He smiled, sliding his free hand up her rib cage to cup her breast, thumbing the erect nipple and she gasped. Her cheeks flamed, she was in full view of the couple in front of them and she shut her eyes, mortification flooding up from her toes.

"See how my girl responds to my touch," he said. "such a hungry sexy slut"

His thumb continued to circle the hard nub and she moaned, desperate to hide her arousal from the couple, but loving the feel of his hand. Little frissons of desire coursing through her body causing her clit to throb.

"I think my slut needs cock to play with." he murmured. Turning her against him he bent to ravage her mouth, forcing his tongue inside, biting her lip. She melted against him, her hand going round his neck, opening her mouth to accept his passion. Soft murmurs of pleasure coming from her throat.

"Trust me." he said against her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, he grabbed her wrist, holding it firmly. Turning to the couple who were wrapped in a passionate embrace of their own.

"The summer house I think." He said.

She glanced around at the slowly emptying lawn, realising that most people were leaving. Some, however, were lingering. Couples kissing, embracing and she blushed at the sight of a man caressing the exposed bottom of his partner, bent over a chair, her skirt around her waist.

"And so the fun begins." He said laughing.

Pulling her into his side he walked purposefully towards the dimly lit summer house at the edge of the lawn. She stumbled and he slowed his pace, aware that her heels made it difficult to walk quickly on grass.

All she could hear was the sound of her heart pounding in her ears, anxiety gnawing at her belly. They had talked about her fantasies, her desires, and she understood that he would share her as it pleased him to see her used however the reality made her mouth dry, and she balked pulling against his grip on her wrist.

He stopped, turning to her. He raised his hand to cup her cheek, his thumb stroking her cheekbone, looking deep into her panicked eyes.

"Trust me, little one." he said. The endearment releasing the breath she hadn't realised she had been holding and she nodded.

"Good girl." he smiled.

Releasing the grip from her wrist, he took her hand, his fingers twining with hers. His thumb making reassuring circles on the back of her hand and he led her slowly towards the summer house. Her mind whirled, images of the things they had discussed swirling in a chaotic maelstrom in her head making her pulse race and her breath catch. She focussed her attention on his circling thumb, the repetitious movement soothing her, calming her flitting thoughts.

The summer house smelled of wood and earth, with a top note of jasmine as they entered. It's interior dimly lit by several shaded lamps, the large squishy sofas that sat against two of the walls flanking a large wooden coffee table that crouched in the middle of the room. She barely noticed the décor, aware instead of him and the couple who had followed them into the room. She glanced at the other woman who caught her eye and smiled gently, reassuringly.

Still holding her hand he moved in front of her, pulling her arm behind her back so she was pushed against his chest, forcing her to look up at him.

"Whatever happens now, keep your eyes on me and only me," he said softly." I will let nothing happen that you will not enjoy. Do you understand?"

She nodded slowly.

"I said..do you understand?" he demanded harshly. "Answer me properly."

"Ye yes Sir." She stuttered.

"Eyes on me." he said more gently, and softly stroked her cheek.

He released her hand and stepped away from where she stood uncertainly in the centre of the room. Seating himself on the sofa nearest to her, he settled back comfortably. The other couple moved to the other sofa, the man seated himself and the woman settled on the floor ,leaning against his legs, his fingers playing with her hair.

"Strip," He ordered firmly. "Apart from your stockings and heels"

She thought her heart would burst as she took in his order. For an instance the world spun.

"Eyes on me." she dimly heard his voice say and she looked at him. Focussed on his eyes and the world righted as she sank into his eyes.

He pinned her with his gaze as she reached behind to unbutton her skirt, felt it loosen and catch on her bottom as she pulled it down, wiggling to free it. It pooled at her feet, and she kicked it to one side. Aware of the coolness that played against her skin, making little goose bumps rise on the skin above her lacy stockings.

Aware also that her nipples had hardened against the still slightly damp bra, she pulled her top over her head, the movement sending her hair dancing down her back. Its softness reassuringly normal against her skin as she reached to unclip her bra but her hands stilled as she hesitated.

"Good girl." he said softly. She undid and removed the bra, dropping it to the floor. Her eyes glued on him. She watched his gaze travel the length of her. His look made her back straighten and she stood proudly, her hands by her sides, wanting him to want her, to touch her.

He rose from the sofa and stood in front of her holding her gaze.

"Hands." he said. She automatically put her hands behind her back, clasping her elbows as she had been taught, knowing this position made her breasts jut proudly from her rib cage as he liked them.

"Open." he ordered, his eyes still pinning hers.

She adjusted her stance, so her legs where at the same width as her shoulders.

"Wider." he said.

She moved her feet wider apart, and the cool air caressed her hot pussy lips and she shivered.

"Cold?" He enquired. "Don't worry you'll soon be very warm"

Reaching out with one hand he touched her pussy, parting her pussy lips with his fingers sliding his middle and index finger inside her in one movement. She gasped as he filled her and he grinned into her eyes as he felt her wetness and the muscles clench round his fingers.

"My slut is already wet and needy," he commented to the other couple. "Let's fulfil that need."

He moved his fingers in and out of her roughly, fucking her. Making her groan before abruptly withdrawing his hand, licking the wetness from his fingers with a satisfied growl.

"On the table." he said. "On your hands and knees."

She glanced uncertainly at him.

"NOW." he ordered.

She hastily clambered onto the coffee table, and took up position on all fours, her head dropping so her hair covered her face.

"Eyes on me." he said, standing in front of her. She raised her head, and he gently brushed the hair from her eyes, smiling down at her.

"Beautiful." he said.

He moved to her side, running his hand down her spine, and she turned her head to follow him with her eyes. She luxuriated in his caress, the feel of his hand sending tingles through her nipples to her clit.

She felt his hand glide over her bottom, to the inside of her thigh where he pressed gently and she widened her knees further. Feeling exposed and vulnerable, so open. She felt a blush sweep over her in a wave of heat.

"So wet." she heard him say, she felt fingers on her clit; gently circling. She groaned feeling the bud of her clit harden and swell as the fingers insistently circled. Her toes curled with pleasure, her breathing fast and then the soft wet tongue, licking around her swollen pussy, darting into the tight hole of her cunt. She arched her back pushing back against the insistent tongue. Wanting more.

"Please." she murmured.

"Mouth." she was aware of him saying. She opened her mouth mindlessly, her focus on the tongue darting into her pussy, feeling her pleasure build.

Suddenly hands where in her hair, pulling her head back and her mouth was filled with a hot engorged cock, it's length pushing into her throat as she was face fucked. Each thrust making her gag, saliva dripping but still the insistent tongue pleasured her, flicking round her clit, into her cunt. She needed to cum but the cock in her mouth kept distracting her.

Suddenly the tongue was gone, and she was filled by a thick cock. It's girth stretching her, pushing her closer as she was fucked slowly and steadily. Each thrust deep and hard, hands gripping her hips, holding her still against the onslaught from her mouth and her cunt. Her orgasm was close, the muscles in her pussy clenching around the cock that filled her, the burning need in her belly. All she could think was how desperately she need to come.

"Suck." she heard dimly as the cock was withdrawn from her mouth

"Please," she murmured. "oh please."

"No." He said clearly. "Suck." She ran her tongue up the length of the glistening cock in front of her mouth, licking the end, tasting the precum. Taking it into her mouth, she sucked softly, swirling her tongue around the ridge, hearing a groan from above her. The fingers in her hair clenching as she sucked, the cock fucking her pussy pounding harder, each stroke deeper..

"Oh please," she begged, "please please ple please."

Then, just when she felt she couldn't take any more, she felt the tongue on her clit again, warm and wet, teeth nipping softly, circling gently.

"Oh..FUUUUCCCKK." she screamed as the orgasm hit her like a train, travelling up from her toes like a tsunami, sweeping her away mindlessly, fists clenched as wave after wave crashed over her, body shaking, she went over the edge..floating.

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by Anonymous09/12/17

Amazing detail

Swinging so isn't my kink, but your vivid descriptions almost made me wish it was! A very good start, though would have liked it a bit longer. Hope you share more!

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by NeoBrat09/10/17


Yes Yes Yes....please write part two...that was amazing to read. I was with the sub every step of the way. I felt butterflies in my stomach for her. So hot.

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