His Annual Visit


"Please don't cry. Sash...please. Sash, I....I....oh goddamn it I can't stand it."

"You hate me, don't you?"

"Hate you? I couldn't hate you. I love you more than anything. Damn it you don't... won't understand...I...you...I can't deal with.... just how fucking hot it was to see you with another man," he finally finished. "I have never been so turned on in my life."

Tasha looked up at him skeptically, not sure she had heard what she thought she had just heard. Did he really say......?

"Yes Sash, I mean it," he answered her silent question as he undid his pants and pulled out his beautiful dick, fully erect. "I've thought about it before...I wasn't expecting this but..."Her eyes widened in shock as he leaned over and gave her a kiss of his own, that lovely feeling of softness, which quickly turned over into passion that easily matched her own. He kept mumbling "God you've got me so hot" as his own lips traveled the circuit his friend's had a short time earlier down her neck and to her small bosom.

Tasha's mind was still reeling from Evan's revelation; he WANTED her to be with another man? How could that be... or more to the point how could she be so... lucky? He was obviously nearly as worked up as her. Her already aroused and tensed up body responded just as eagerly to her partner as it had to her friend and it was only moments before she was beginning to contract in small spasms of orgasmic bliss as he played with her breasts expertly. His hands followed the same path as Rick's down the small of her back and to the waistband of her jeans. With a single movement he removed them and the underwear beneath leaving her throbbing mound and lips exposed to the cool air. After a minute of letting it tingle he reached a tentative hand down and touched. Immediately her mind exploded again as his fingers tickled her labia lips up and down before finding the button of her clitoris. With a soft circular rub he began building those explosions further.

Her own hand reached out and grabbed his erection, her thumb gently teasing the head as the other four fingers stroked up and down the shaft. Evan let a moan of his own escape as her own experienced hand moved down and her lips parted revealing her tongue. She traced the same spots her fingers had just before. Up and down, licking and flicking the spots she knew would drive him mad before she opened wide and took the whole thing into her mouth. She had never seen him this hard or this responsive to her tender ministrations before, his throbbing cock felt bigger than ever as she relaxed her jaw and swallowed him down her throat. Evan grabbed the back of her head and assisted her bobbing up and down on him. She could taste him beginning to come and the feeling of it combined with what he was doing to her was pushing her ever closer to the edge of what she could stand.

Evan let go of her hair and his shaft popped out of her mouth glistening and wet. She put a hand between her legs and could still feel her own heat and moisture eagerly waiting. He leaned her back with another one of his feather-light kisses and then pushed her down as he thrust up and into her. She almost screamed when he entered her-she had never been this worked up in her life. The walls of her pussy contracted and gripped him tightly as he slowly began to move in and out. This wasn't animal rutting or the sweet lovemaking of a long-term couple, it was something else. Every bit as loving as her first time so many years before with him and every bit as wild and passionate as when there had been another woman and more. His thrusts went deeper still, stimulating her G-Spot until Tasha thought that she might break in half as she tensed tighter still around him. Now that she had started she couldn't stop coming and it kept building higher and higher, hotter and hotter in waves before ebbing just slightly and flowing back stronger than ever.

He increased his speed and now she was having trouble catching her breath as they built towards mutual climax. She had never felt like this. They had been together hundreds of times and Evan was always a proficient and tender lover capable of taking her to amazing heights, but she had never known him to be so emotional and virile and passionate as he was right then. Every tiny movement made her over-sensitive body writhe more and Evan was playing her body like a symphony, his hand still working her clitoris and surrounding mound, his tongue still teasing her nipples all while he fucked her with increasing rapidity and power.

There had always been a part of her she had held back in fear of letting go too much. Evan had pushed her past it once or twice before but it was rare when her mind would allow her body that kind of freedom. She could feel those boundaries falling away as she let herself truly and completely feel and experience the pleasure she was receiving. Tasha bit her lip and was all but crying with the pressure of orgasm tied in so closely with the immense relief it was providing. She was riding another crest to its apex when she felt Evan begin to stiffen. She increased the muscle tension around his member and felt his own explosion deep within her as a last wave of pure lust washed over her. Everything went dark again as she collapsed beside him onto the bed, drenched with sweat and their mutual juices.

After a few minutes she could hear Evan trying to talk to her but it all sounded like babble and her mind couldn't make sense of anything. He laughed and shook her on the shoulder.

"Earth to Natasha. Come in Natasha."

She giggled as she looked up into her favorite pair of blue eyes and sighed and leaned back into the mattress. A smile of pure contentment played across her face.

"Can I ask what you're thinking about that has you looking like that?"

Tasha rolled over on top of Evan and kissed him again.

"I'm just thinking about next year."

Evan's grin was a mirror of her own as they embraced again.

Neither one of them could wait for next year.

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