tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHis Asian Ch. 01

His Asian Ch. 01


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is work of fantasy and fiction. Any similarity between the persons and actions depicted in this work and reality is purely coincidental. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Jake joins the party

She wasn't really a slave, as she was in fact a moderately successful businesswoman, plying her trade forty hours each week for a respectable wage. She needed that to support her children and her home. She was also very attractive, with classic Vietnamese features and dark - almost black - hair that flowed down to her taut round bottom. Her legs were those of a runner, lithe and muscular with skin like silk. Although small, her breasts had none of the flabbiness usually associated with a woman who had born children, being firm and slightly rounded. Her attitude and demeanor simply oozed sensuality, and for that she had been 'discovered' at one of the many 'meet your China Doll' social gatherings by a man whose desire was only to use her for his pleasure after first convincing her that he was sincere.

Early in their relationship he had taken her to an infamous porn theater - not the kind that showed movies in a sticky, stinky theater; but one where live shows of every kind of perversion were available, and where many famous porn features had been filmed. There she had been introduced to a number of the actors, producers, and directors involved in the making of pornography for the huge DVD/video marketplace. Mike had encouraged her to watch a few of the live shows, and insisted she perform fellatio on him while others watched. She didn't know that she had been filmed on more than one occasion, something that had ultimately resulted in her divorce from her husband. Three years later, she was still unaware of those videos.

Mike had summoned her to his den for a 'session', which she knew was another word for some sort of sexual interlude. The pleasure wasn't his alone. She had to admit that she usually experienced pleasure as well; but the manner in which he derived pleasure had become progressively more lascivious. On a couple of occasions he had invited men to join them, and to use her for their pleasure. Once he had insisted she perform cunnilingus on another Asian girl while he sodomized her to orgasm, then had her suck him clean. Ah well, what were the choices? While Mike claimed he still found her to be very desirable, she was in her mid-40's. She was certain it was too late for her to find another mate.

She knocked on the door, opening it after he requested she come in. As expected, he was seated on the couch in his silk robe. He motioned for her to approach, and she moved slowly toward him. Her fingers deftly unfastening her blouse, then her bra, dropping them on the floor as she knew he liked. She stood before him as he first ran his hands around her hips to fondle the firm cheeks of her backside while he took a nipple in his mouth and suckled it gently. Without letting go of her nipple his fingers made quick work of her snug jeans, tugging them down to her ankles so she could step out of them. Now his hands pulled at her hips, kneading the pliant flesh of her buttocks while his lips brought the other nipple to erection. His fingers worked knowingly at her willing flesh, bringing her juices from within to quickly saturate the thin fabric of her panties. Tiny mewls escaped her throat as he slipped a finger deep into her cunt, her natural lube flowing down his hand. Then the finger was gone...

"You're a naughty girl Yan. You need a spanking now." he told her, pulling her body over his lap to position her upturned bottom directly in front of him. His rapidly growing cock pressed against her belly, twitching as he lewdly fondled her proffered loins. His left hand pulled her panties tight between her buttocks, exposing them for his discipline. SMACK came the first of many. She was taken by surprised, and let out a squeal. SMACK came the second blow, on the other cheek this time. Fifteen minutes of this and her backside was very red, and very warm. Involuntary tears flowed down her face, though she held back any audible indication of her pain. She knew that would just bring more.

Mike looked down at the ass he'd used so often, the normally pale skin now reddened by his hand. With a vicious yank he tore the panties off of her hips and threw them across the room, then pried her buttocks apart to expose her wrinkled little brown anus. He slipped a finger into her wet pussy then pushed it slowly into her butthole, ignoring her squeals. "You know you need this Yan." he told her, wriggling the digit until it was fully inserted in her tight asshole. "Now move your head over here and give me a nice blow job, mmm?" he suggested. She bent her body around until she could take his turgid organ into her mouth without disturbing his lewd manipulation of her bottom, and began slowly moving her lips down the shaft of his cock. She knew what he liked, and focused on giving him exactly that while ignoring the second finger in her ass. Perhaps if she gave him a really good blow job he wouldn't buttfuck her again today. He'd started the day with his cock up her butt, screwing her until he emptied his balls in her ass - before she went to work. Two of his fingers weren't nearly as big as his dick, so her anus wasn't being stretched painfully at the moment. His hands grasped her head, forcing the head of his penis to the back of her throat where he held her until she gagged and pushed away violently, bringing a chuckle from Mike. "You know I love that Yan. Now do it on your own. Work those beautiful lips down to the root and suck." he ordered, wriggling his digits in her rectal port.

Jake had no idea what to expect. Mike had asked that he come by, and handed him a small case to bring with him. Inside the case was what looked to him like a small butt plug and a small bottle of a sweet-smelling and very viscous liquid. His dick twitched at the thought of even seeing Yan's bottom, let alone doing something with it. He'd wanted her since they first met, and been disappointed that she didn't return the desire. He'd even mentioned it to Mike a time or two. Yan had hinted that Mike seemed to enjoy it when others watched them having sex, so perhaps that was the plan - but what about the case and it's contents? Damn she had a sexy, tight little ass.... Mike had told him not to knock or otherwise announce his arrival, just to quietly enter - and watch until he was summoned. So that is what he did. He would recognize that beautiful hair anywhere, flowing down over her shoulders as her head moved up and down in Mike's lap. The sounds of her sucking made his own dick hard. Then he noticed that Mike had two fingers in Yan's asshole, and was moving them in and out in unison with her fellatio.

Mike caught his eye and motioned him over, then slowly withdrew his digits from her anus, using the fingers to keep her little hole slightly open. Jake understood, and opened the case without making a sound. He took out the little plug along with the bottle, understanding that it was lubricant. He coated plug with the fluid and pressed it against her snug ring. She squealed and began to lift her head off of Mike's cock; but he held her down with his hands. "Just relax Yan. It's just a friend and he's brought a fine little toy for you to enjoy." Mike told her, nodding to Jake who gently pushed and twisted the small tool until it disappeared past the shoulder inside her bottomhole.

Jake could scarcely believe his eyes, staring down at the woman of his dreams in such a compromising position. He could smell the fragrant musk of her pussy, see the wetness of her fleshy lips fairly begging for attention. Without asking permission he knelt behind her, lowering his head to begin a teasing lapping of her labia and clit. She was as delicious as he had imagined, and his skills were polished in the ways of oral sex. He could hear the soft mewls from her, feel the trembles and shudders as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and buried a finger inside the moist cauldron of her cunt. He felt something else and opened his eyes to see Mike's fingers fucking Yan's ass with the tool he had inserted there, the snug sphincter gripping the shaft as the plug moved in and out of her bunghole.

"There you go Yan, that's nice isn't it? Your friend eating your sweet cunt, the little tool fucking your ass, and my cock in your mouth?" Mike taunted her. "Maybe your friend would like to fuck you?" he suggested, looking over at Jake and nodding his approval. Jake had his jeans off in seconds, his briefs following moments later as he knelt up behind her proffered form. He pressed the tip of his organ against her wet vaginal opening and looked at Mike. "Fuck her Jake. Fuck Yan's hot little pussy." he said.

J-Jake? It was Jake? Yan tried to pull away from both intruders; but Mike held his cock in her mouth and at this point there was another penis halfway up her cunt. She wasn't going anywhere. Then she felt the fingers finding their way down over her mound of Venus to manipulate her hard little nubbin of pleasure, and her body gave up all resistance and succumbed to the double-penetration. But seriously... Jake? she wondered, suckling hungrily on Mike's meaty organ. She reached beneath his balls and pushed a slender finger up his ass as her lips rippled up and down his shaft. It didn't take her long to reach her first orgasmic peak, her juices flooding her pussy with the best lubricant known to man. She almost didn't notice when the dick left her pussy, then it seemed the one in her mouth was a little smaller, and tasted different...

After holding her down through a very physical orgasmic experience, Mike suggested to Jake that they change places. The two men handled her body like a waif, Jake's cock finding her mouth as he sat down in the same place Mike had been while Mike knelt behind her. "Hold her head down." Mike told him, and Jake understood instantly. Mike was going in the back door. And he was going to cum in Yan's mouth while Mike fucked her in the ass. It was almost too much...

Mike gently pulled the small tool from Yan's asshole, letting her muscles push it free after he pulled it past the shoulder. His cock had ample lubricant from her mouth, and her anus was wet with the 'special' lube Jake had applied. As soon as the plug was out he pressed the bulbous head of his meat against her still relaxed ring, nodding to Jake to be ready, then applied sufficient pressure to pop the head past her sphincter. Yan's muffled squeal was music to his ears. He loved it. His hips pushed gently and a couple inches of his shaft burrowed into her backside. Again there was a squeal, muffled as it was by Jake's cock in her mouth. He held still, letting her bottom get accustomed to his organ for a few moments, then he grasped her lithe hips with his hands and slowly pulled out until just the head was in her butt. "Ready my love?" he asked, knowing she wasn't going to answer. "Suck Jake's cock honey. Give him pleasure with your mouth while I take mine in your tight little asshole." again he taunted her.

The taunting kind of pissed Jake off. He had been in love with Yan, and had never really gotten over it. Now she was sucking his dick, which he had to admit was wonderful; but having this other man debasing her with his words and sodomizing her with his penis was almost too much. Mike seemed to know what he was thinking. "She's a good cocksucker, isn't she Jake?" he chuckled. "Yeah, a great cocksucker to be sure; but her ass is the best I've ever had. She's actually gotten me off just using the muscles in her butt. Didn't have to fuck her. Truly an amazing lover, to be sure. Huh babe?" he taunted her again, slapping her still-warm buttocks as he eased the full length of his dick into her rectum. "You should see this man." he said to Jake. "She really has a beautiful butt, and it looks absolutely incredible with a cock splitting those cheeks."

Jake tried to ignore the taunting words, focusing on the sensations of the blow job. He looked down and realized it was really Yan sucking his cock. That beautiful face - with his cock in it! The low mewls began to escalate again as she approached another orgasm. Jake felt her finger push deep into his ass as her lips worked feverishly up and down his shaft. Her body shuddered as Mike pounded into her backside, his hands leaving red welts in the soft flesh of her hips as he fucked her asshole hard. The three of them came at the same time, Jake emptying his testicles into her throat while Mike flooded her bowels with his seed. Yan fairly screamed her pleasure, gulping Jake's semen as waves of passion rolled over her. The clenching in her bottomhole milked the last of Mike's load as they all slipped down the backside of Passion Peak together.

"You should see this Jake. Her asshole looks so tender and nasty now. Just so fucking hot." Mike continued his taunts. "How do you like her mouth?"

Yan had disengaged, and looked up at Jake. She'd known him five years before she met Mike, and knew he wanted their relationship to go beyond the friendship. Now he had screwed her pussy and fucked her mouth - acts she would never have considered. He looked at her, his eyes begging for her forgiveness. Oh what the hell, she thought. Mike wanted a sex slave? Fine. She turned around and bent over, reaching back to pull apart her cheeks, knowing she was exposing her puffy reddened anus to Jake's eyes. "What do you think Jake?" she teased. "You want to fuck my ass too?" she asked, lowering her hips toward his lap. She'd noticed his erection hadn't shrunk after he ejaculated in her mouth, so maybe...

"Yeah Jake, fuck Yan's ass. Cum in that tight hole." Mike kept taunting.

Jake reached out to grasp the lithe hips he'd wanted for nearly ten years, lowering her body toward his lap as her fingers reached back to guide his member. In a single, fluid motion his cock penetrated her buttery-smooth anal port, his hands pulling her down until it was buried in her rear channel. His hands reached around to fondle her small breasts as her hips wriggled in his lap. The intense heat of her rectum was beyond what he could have imagined - then he felt the muscles begin to ripple and clench along his cock. What the f.....?

"Relax Jake. Let me get you off with my butt - just like Mike told you." Yan said, twitching the snug ring of her sphincter around his cock. "I love doing this, don't worry." she added. Mike walked over in front of his girlfriend, taking her ears between his fingers and pushing his dick into her mouth. He'd just emptied a load up her ass, and he loved the idea of ATM - and knew she hated it. Hell, she was getting fucked up the ass by one of her friends, so he didn't feel bad at all of forcing her to suck his dick clean - and to another nice ejaculation.

Yan tried to ignore Mike's dick in her mouth, although his occasional deep thrusts were impossible to ignore. She focused on Jake's modest-size dick in her butt, rolling her hips around as she clenched her rectal channel around his meat. She had to admit, she enjoyed anal sex when it wasn't just brutal buttfucking - as it often was with Mike lately. She sensed Mike was close again, and sucked hard on his organ as he fucked her mouth. Then, as usual, he forced his cock into her face and coated her throat with his semen. She choked and pushed his hips away, spitting out most of his load as his penis was yanked free. He sprayed the rest of it on her face, brushing her cheeks and nose with his dribbling organ. Mike then wobbled over to a chair opposite the couch and sat down heavily, his breathing heavy and labored. She closed her eyes and focused on giving Jake pleasure with her bottom, doing her best to extend that passion for as long as possible.

"Oh gawd Yan... your ass is so incredible." Jake moaned. "I'm going to cum soon." he whispered hoarsely, his hands on her hips as she gently rocked on his loins. He looked down at the point of penetration, marveling at the little ring of her asshole stretched around his dick. HIS DICK. And Yan was fucking HIM with her ass. Even if it never happened again, he would have these moments in his memories forever. Then, as if she knew exactly what he wanted, Yan began to move her hips up and down, sliding the clenching ring of her sphincter up and down his length. He watched his cock moving in and out of her asshole, his hands helping her hips with the action, then it was time... "Ohhhh....yessss.... babyyyyEEEEEE.... yesyesyesYesYESSSSSSS." Jake groaned, pumping Yan's bottom full of his semen.

"Suck him clean girl." Mike ordered from across the room.

Yan slowly eased her hips up, allowing Jake's organ to slip out of her stretched anal port. She turned around and gave him that beautiful, sexy smile he so loved, then lowered her head to take his penis into her mouth. Her tongue worked over his shift, licking beneath the head before her lips worked their way down to his root. Jake couldn't believe what he was seeing and feeling; but knew he wouldn't last long this way. Yan seemed to know it, and slipped a moist finger up his ass to get him off. Hell, Jake deserved this pleasure as much as anyone. She was Mike's fuck doll; but this was different than the other men she'd been 'encouraged' to please. Jake had always been there for her. Now she could be there for him in a way neither of them could have imagined. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and quickly went down on the meaty shaft, sucking like crazy as his semen spurted into her throat. She added a second finger in his ass, driving the seed from her friend's cock. She sucked until he pushed her head away, his semen dribbling from her lips. She smiled that beautiful smile, licking her lips. Then she mouthed the words "I loved every minute of it" and stood up, naked before his wanting eyes. Then she turned around and grabbed one of the damp towels Mike always had at the ready, wiping between her cheeks and legs before putting her robe on. She turned to Jake and smiled. "May I get you a drink sir?" she asked. He nodded and she walked to the bar, both men following her every move.

Mike tried very hard not to taunt Yan as the three of them had a friendly chat. Jake was back in his jeans and t-shirt, while Yan was still basically naked on Mike's lap.

and Jake was not the last of her male friends to enjoy her...

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