tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHis Asian Ch. 02

His Asian Ch. 02


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is work of fantasy and fiction. Any similarity between the persons and actions depicted in this work and reality is purely coincidental. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 - Mack Gets His Chance

Mack had 'been there' for Yan when she needed a man to protect her from her ex-husband when they split, and she had happily let him fuck her, even tried to take his sizable organ in her mouth although only about half would fit. The one time he pressed a finger into her butt she stopped him, just so he knew she was not taking that pole of his in there. He was okay with it and fucked her a half-dozen times, getting head from her a few times as well. Then his wife got pissed and harassed Yan, ending any opportunities he might have had for more sex.

He met Mike on a brief visit to Yan's house to return something of hers. He seemed like a nice guy, and they exchanged business cards as a courtesy. Mack never expected to hear from him, what with he being a past 'lover' of his girl and all. Yan was polite; but no more than that, and she still looked amazing.

Then Mack got a call from Mike, inviting him over for a drink and a 'get-to-know-you' conversation. He had no idea what to expect; but decided to accept the invitation. What could it hurt? He drove up to the address Mike had provided and went to the door, ringing the bell once. The door opened and Mike waved him inside, shaking his hand heartily as Mack entered. His host prepared them each a drink and Mike offered him a seat in what appeared to be a den. A large flat-screen TV hung on the wall opposite where they sat, with a small cabinet of A/V equipment below it.

After the second round Mike suggested they watch some video, which Mack had no problem with. He knew Mike was talking about porno, and he enjoyed that as much as anyone. What came up on the screen was obviously amateur in nature; but wait.... It was Yan. She was sucking on one cock and getting fucked by another - black - cock. The one in her mouth was probably Mike's, and the two men buffeted her lithe form between them. "Recognize her?" Mike asked, a grin on his face. Mack nodded in response, watching intently as the video zoomed in on Yan's shapely backside just as the black guy ran a finger between her cheeks. She squealed around Mike's dick as the thick finger was forced past her sphincter and into her bottom. Mack could tell from her struggles she was not enjoying this manipulation of her anus; but Mike had a good grip on her head and the black guy was stroking her pussy hard now. The finger had disappeared to the hilt inside her butthole, holding her in place as the dick inside her cunt blasted her full of semen. At the other end, Mike was similarly filling her mouth with seed, the excess dribbling out the edges of her mouth as he screwed into her pretty face. The two men simultaneously Yanked their organs out of her holes and she collapsed on the floor, heaving and moaning softly. The black guy was already pulling on his clothes. "Thanks for the fuck, baby." he said, turning and walking out of the picture.

"Okay... so.... you shoot porn videos of your girlfriend, and let other men have sex with her?" Mack prodded, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Sure, and she likes it too." Mike chuckled. "Look man, I know Yan thinks a lot of you. She's grateful for what you did back when Lam was being such a dick." he continued.

"Uh... okay." Mack replied, still unsure about the situation.

"I also know you wanted her - uh - back door, and she wouldn't let you do that." Mike said.

"Hmmm... well..." Mack stammered.

"So I'm thinking we can convince her to let you take her that way now." Mike told him.

Mack shook his head.

"Listen man, she loves anal sex. We do that more than almost anything except oral, and she loves it all." Mike said. "We can set it up so she's surprised by your visit, and work her up to it gradually. I have some stuff that will relax her back there so it won't hurt. A side benefit of that stuff is that it will - uh - keep you going longer too." he added.

Mack was shocked; but what the hell. He did want to fuck her in the ass. This might be a chance for him to do just that. He looked Mike in the eye and nodded. "Okay. I'm in."

"Great." Mike replied, holding up his glass in a toast. "Here's to fucking Yan's ass."

The two men discussed timing and schedule and Mack departed for home, his penis twitching all the way there with thoughts of that perfect backside and the tiny wrinkled port between her cheeks. He made a quick call to one of his 'booty girls', telling her to meet him at his place. He used the girl's body for his pleasure, ending up in her bottom where he made his deposit, then he slept with dreams of the sexy Asian woman he would soon be with again.

Two weeks passed before the designated date, and Mack left the office early to prepare himself for the evening ahead. He drove to Mike's place, recognizing Yan's Infinity in the driveway when he arrived. She answered the door when he knocked, looking as lovely as ever. She smiled and gave him a hug, then invited him in. Mack had no idea how much of the plan she knew, so he kept it to himself.

"Mike should be home in thirty minutes." she told him. "Come on in stranger!" she added, turning around to lead him inside. She didn't know he'd been there before. He couldn't take his eyes off of her taut rear as he followed her into the same den he'd been in earlier. Mike had made it clear that she was not to be told about the videos. She had no idea he had them, and would probably be furious if she knew. He'd also mentioned that this session - like the others - would be recorded by four hidden cameras, and promised Mack he would get a copy of those captures. "Mack?" his thoughts were interrupted.

"Oh... yeah?" he replied, returning her smile.

"Your usual?" she suggested. "Jack and coke?"

He nodded and watched her prepare the beverage, her sweet backside jiggling the whole time. Oh GAWWWD I want that sweet ass! he thought. "Thanks babe." he said, taking the drink from her.

They shared small talk while waiting for Mike, then she headed to another room to change into 'something more comfortable'. She returned wearing a clingy silk kimono, and unless his eyes deceived him she was naked underneath it. Her sensual curves were on display with each move she made.

"You look great babe." Mike said, reaching over with both hands to grasp her hips. He pulled her closer to him, one hand pulling her head to his, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss as his free hand groped her bottom in plain view of Mack's gaze.

She let this go on for a few moments, then pushed Mike away. "Hey you, not in front of company." she reprimanded him, then laughed.

"Oh, don't mind me sweetie." Mack said politely, taking a long pull on his drink.

"Oh, so now you like to watch?" Yan responded with a grin.

Mack glanced over at Mike, who gave him a signal to 'keep it rolling'. "Sure, I can do that." he told her with a chuckle. "I mean, it wouldn't be the first time I've seen you naked." he added, wondering where that hint would lead. He didn't have long to wait.

Yan grinned and looked to Mike. "What do you say, big man. Want some head from your Asian bitch while this guy watches.?" she teased him.

"You know it babe." Mike replied, unzipping his fly. Yan approached him and got down on her knees before he stopped her. "Mack did say something about you being naked, so..." he said suggestively.

With a single sweeping move her kimono was on the floor and she turned to give Mack a wink. Then she turned her body around so her rear was facing Mack's direction. "You always did like my butt, eh?" she teased him.

Mack watched as the Asian beauty kissed her way up Mike's thighs, then latched onto his meat with her lips. He couldn't really see the action; but he could see her ass. He leaned forward - just to get a few inches closer - and stared at the soft crevice between her cheeks. He could hear the lewd slurping sounds as she sucked Mike's dick, and see the glistening wetness forming between her legs. He caught Mike's eye and got his nod, silently making his way toward her body. She was startled at first; but Mack's hands knew her well, soothing her with delicate strokes and gentle kneads. He planted a wet kiss on her right cheek, then her left. Then he let his tongue trace the crack of her ass down to her anus, lingering there only a moment before moving lower to lap noisily at her wet pussy.

"You like that, don't you Yan?" Mike asked, holding onto her head and fucking her mouth.

Mack knew this sweetness. He had been here before. Yan's pussy was delicious, a delicacy for sensual consumption. His hands kneaded the firm globes of her derriere, his thumbs parting the cheeks so he could see her little rosebud up close. His tongue found her anus and teased, bringing a whimper and a shudder from the woman he wanted.

"Yeah Mack, that's it. Lick her pretty asshole." Mike said. "She likes that."

Yan knew it wasn't right; but she was so accustomed to multi-partner sex now, and Mack's oral expertise was second to none. Mike could bring her to a climax with his mouth; but Mack could drive her to ecstasy. Even his tongue on her bottom felt wonderful. Her lips and tongue were in autopilot now, working at Mike's penis as she had so many times. It wasn't so much fellatio as it was oral intercourse with him. He used her mouth much as he used her other openings, as a hole for him to fuck. Her body gave an inadvertent shudder as Mack wormed his tongue past her sphincter for the first time. She knew he wouldn't force her to take his dick back there as Mike had so many times. Suddenly the cock in her mouth was gone...

"Come on up Mack, let her suck your cock for a while. I'll get some pussy and see about that tight back door." Mike said, grabbing Mack's hand to pull him up.

Yan turned her head to see Mack - her long-time friend and ex-lover - moving toward the couch. He sat where Mike had been, looking down into her eyes as she instinctively lowered her lips to the thick cudgel of his cock. Her eyes closed as her lips moved about four inches down to the shaft - almost as far as she could go with the girth of his pole. She squealed as Mike's penis pushed roughly into her pussy, then wriggled her hips as he began to fuck her from behind. Her mouth was devoted to the familiar taste and feel of Mack's penis, and she was determined to go farther down his organ than ever before. Then she felt the probing at her rear entrance and tensed up...

Mike grabbed the small bottle of specially-formulated anal lube and flipped the nozzle open, pressing it into the small opening of Yan's anus. He sensed the tension in her body, the clenching of her sphincter; but it didn't matter. The nozzle was very small, and slipped easily past her tight ring before he squeezed the tube. Satisfied that he'd gotten enough of the slippery stuff inside her, he reached over and picked up two of the capsules containing Amyl Nitrate and pushed both of them into her rectum. It would be a while for the narcotic to take affect; but that was fine by him. It was for Mack in any case.

Mack could see what Mike was doing, and it was very stimulating. He knew what those capsules were, and the 'formula' of the lube Mike had applied. He looked down at Yan's pretty face, her mouth stretched wide around his cock as she slurped at the organ. She squirmed a little at the attention to her behind; but seemed not to be concerned. He glanced at the clock. He had only been here for about 90 minutes. It had been suggested that the anal intercourse could last that long.

"Suck him off Yan. Make him cum once in your naughty mouth while I fuck your sweet cunt." Mike ordered, resuming his strokes into her vaginal opening as he slipped a small vibrating plug into her asshole. The plug had two purposes. First and foremost was to retain the capsules, with a secondary purpose being the stimulation of her rectal chute in preparation for sodomy by Mack's huge dick. Mike knew she would feel it, perhaps even experience some pain; but he wanted Mack to enjoy it - a LOT.

She focused on Mack's smooth penis, sucking hard as she slipped a finger into his ass. Within a few moments his body twitched and he began spurting his seed into her willing mouth. He grunted and groaned, his fingers stroking her hair as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. Mack could feel Mike's thrusts buffeting her body from the other end, his own orgasm spilling into her belly. She experienced a tiny peak from the slap of Mike's balls on her clit, and was happy with that little pleasure. Her mouth remained on Mack's dick, her lips suckling at the head as her tongue lapped his seed clean. A tiny squeak escaped her as Mike pulled his penis from her cunt and slapped her on the ass.

Mike began sliding the slender plug in and out of Yan's bottom, carefully watching her response. When her body shuddered in overt pleasure he knew she was ready. "Mack my man, I think you should come back here and experience this lovely woman's bottom for the first time." he said, pulling the plug free of the sensitive hole. "Maybe... you know... eat her butthole first." he added with a chuckle.

Yan heard Mike's comment and froze in place. Mack's cock was too big for her back there! She looked up at him, a look of stark fear in her eyes.

Mack smiled softly. "Don't worry baby. I won't hurt you." he told her. "Just turn around, lay back, and relax." he added, getting up from the couch and offering his hand. He helped her into position, lifting her knees up and apart to fully expose the plane of her nether regions and her two openings. Mike handed him a damp towel which he used to wipe the juices from her pussy, then he knelt between her splayed thighs. "Gawd your ass is beautiful baby." he told her, working his lips and tongue around her tender anal ring. The little hole was puffy and relaxed, making it easy for Mack's tongue to push inside.

Mike knew what was needed next, and handed Mack the bottle of lube. "Make it nice for her my man. She'll love it." he said.

She closed her eyes and tried to forget her fear of being ripped apart by Mack's huge dick in her rear entry. She'd had a very painful experience when Lam had brought a black guy home, and the man had brutally raped her bottom while her husband held her down, ignoring her screams and the blood oozing from her backside. She never wanted to experience that again. But whatever Mike had put inside her back there was certainly feeling good. She moaned softly when Mack slipped his thick middle finger deep into her ass, his tenderness a marked departure from what she had experienced with most men. His lips and tongue worked her clit as he fingered her hole, then added a second finger to stretch the taut ring of muscle.

Mike handed Mack a long slender vibrator to be used to stimulate Yan's rectum deep inside, getting her ready for his length. Mack gently withdrew his fingers, backing off enough to watch the puffy little ring contract and clench in small spasms. He pushed the lubricant nozzle into her ass once again, squeezing a healthy dollop of the drug-infused lube into her before pressing the tip of the vibrator into the receptive orifice. His finger flipped the vibe on and he slowly eased it into Yan's asshole, watching her face for her response. Her eyes fluttered open and she gave him a weak smile, nodding her head as he pushed the vibe deep into her butt. Her hips wriggled and writhed as the toy did it's job, stimulating the sensitized nerve endings deep in her rectum. Mack went back to sucking her pussy as his fingers worked the vibrator, driving Yan over the top in a big way. Her hips bounced up and down on the sodomizing vibe as she road through the throes of her climax. Mack slowly eased the vibe out, his eyes focused on the tiny opening he was about to enjoy. He knew she was ready - or at least as ready as she was going to be.

"Fuck her in the ass now man. You deserve it." Mike told him.

Yan looked into Mack's eyes and smiled. "Fuck my ass Mack. Just go easy and we'll both enjoy it." she said softly, pulling her knees as far back as she could to offer her bottom to her friend. "Doooooo ittttttt" she hissed.

Mack didn't need more of an invitation than that, and knelt closer to position the bulbous head of his pole at her ring. A bit of pressure forced her sphincter open part way and she let out a gasp. "Mmmm... just relax babe... I'll go easy, just relax..." Mack whispered to her, leaning forward to suckle a nipple without losing his purchase in her tight backside. He sensed her sphincter relaxing, just enough to let the head of his cock inside. Another gasp.

Her entire body tingled, wanting to feel that huge cock inside her most private hole, yet still fearful of the pain. "Ohhhhhhhgoddddd... easy baby... it hurts.... so big...." Yan mewled.

Mike knelt close to the action, observing that Mack had managed to stretch her hole enough to get the head in there. "Yeah man, just hold it there for a bit, let it soak in." he advised. Then he reached over to flick at her clit with his fingers, smiling when she moaned in response.

Mack looked down and took in the incredible image of Yan's empty pussy, the lips still soaking in juices, and the tiny hole beneath her sex, stretched beyond reason by just the head of his penis. Then he looked up and into her eyes again, seeing her desire and fear at once. She wanted this, but the pain was another thing entirely. She smiled at him and gently moved her hips, pushing toward him just enough to capture another half-inch of his manhood in her ass, wincing at the intensity of the sensations. Mike poured another stream of the lube right at the point of penetration, and Mack pushed inside an inch before withdrawing again with no more than the head inside her. Again she smiled and wriggled her hips. Again he had more than inch of his meat in her tight butt. This cycle of lube - withdraw - wriggle inside - repeat went on for a good fifteen minutes before six inches of Mack's cock were experiencing the intense heat of Yan's rectum. Now her writhing was becoming a passionate response to the intrusion. Mack could feel the numbing effect of the cocaine-laced lubricant, thankful for that effect as otherwise he would have emptied his load by now.

"Work his cock with your sweet asshole Yan. Give your friend Mack what he deserves." Mike said.

Yan looked up into Mack's eyes, her hands reaching up to pull his face to hers. "Now it's your turn to relax." she whispered, kissing him passionately as her hips and her rectal muscles began their erotic dance. In that dance she managed to take more than eight inches of his organ inside her bottom, her muscles rippling along the shaft.

"Oh my gawd Yan. Oh my gawd..." Mack said hoarsely. Mike had told him about this skill she had developed; but never really imparted the intensity of the act. He had fucked his share of ass. He thought he knew what it felt like to have his dick in a hot, smooth booty hole. But it had never been like this.

"Another inch baby?" Yan whispered in his ear, writhing beneath him to capture that inch. "YESSSSSSSSSSS." she hissed.

Without any intention on his part, Mack's hips began to move. Yan squealed and moaned, burying her face in his neck as the act pushed her toward another climax. Mack was always a good fuck, and really knew how to get his woman off with his cock; but this was a new level of heat. His cock was engulfed by the smoothest, hottest chute he'd ever experienced. And his beautiful Asian friend was cumming again - with his massive dick buried in her asshole. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer. "Gonna cum baby... gonna cum..." he whispered hoarsely into her ear. Then his hips made the final push, burying his full length in Yan's tight behind.

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