tagErotic CouplingsHis Babe in My Toyland

His Babe in My Toyland


((("I am so full. That really hit the spot, Noel." I closed my eyes, listened to the broadcast of A Christmas Story from the television.)))

"Hey," a voice whispered. "Psss!"

I awoke in my pod in nothing but a pair of red briefs, a green 'X' over my bulge. I was on my bed. My sheets were folded perfectly underneath me. My clothes hung on the wall at my side. I glanced to the right.

"Sorry. Did I wake you from a nightmare before Christmas?" Noel entered my pod, closed the transparent lid behind her. She wore a skimpy red satin nightgown, festive white fur trim around the hem and sleeves. Green Santa socks stretched to her knees. Her nails painted bright red. Her chocolate hair, streaks of blonde, was tied in a messy bun. She tugged at the covers underneath me, pulled them over us, and spooned next to me. She kissed my neck and pressed her cheek against mine, almost crawling on top of me. "Baby, it's cold outside."

"What are you doing? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. They'll be here any minute." I furrowed a brow, leaned up further. The room was dark. The only light came from downstairs. There was a Christmas tree in the far corner with blinking white lights. The television—playing A Christmas Story—set in front of a big red chair. I turned back to Noel. "You're Bishop's wife!"

"I'm trading places." Noel shot a glance to the double pod at my right. Her husband, Bishop, slept soundly on his back under the clear lid. She looked back to me. "Not in the mood for a holiday affair?"

"I'm just solely concentrating on surviving Christmas."

"Shhh! Put a little love in your heart, will ya?" Noel pointed up. Mistletoe hung from the ceiling above my pod. "You don't want our last night to be a silent night, do ya?"

"Noel, listen, it's not the season for teasin—"

"Bah-humbug. Don't be a Scrooge." Noel slid her fingers underneath the band of my briefs, palmed my long, thick ham. It hardened in her hand, pulsed with my heartbeat. She breathed on my neck and nibbled on my earlobe. "Oooo my! What do you feed this thing? I always wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas."

"It makes for a great stocking stuffer," I joked nervously.

"All I want for Christmas is you, and your Yule log." Noel bit her lip. She stroked me until I was as stiff as the North Pole. She planted little kisses down my chest, my stomach, before disappearing under the covers.

"Hallelujah!" I felt my cock slip between her tensed lips. Her mouth engulfed me. It was warm, wet, and the tickle caused me to pant. I shot a glance to Bishop—out cold—before peeking underneath the sheets. "Santa Claus is coming to town."

"Yeah. Not Krampus. Not gremlins." Noel squeezed the base of my shaft. Her head bobbed. She quietly slurped on my candy cane. She sucked as she went over the tip and pulled away. Her eyes leered at my large cock. "Even if Krapmus did show up, wouldn't you want your lethal weapon to die hard?"

I shook my head, shushed her. I looked across the room to Bishop. Asleep. I turned to the pod at my left.

Merry lay on her side; eyes wide open and set on me. She didn't blink.

I tapped Noel's arm, being discreet as possible. Noel didn't bother replying. She went to town on my cock. I pinched her. "Pss! Somebody saw momma kissing Santa."

"What?" Noel stuck her head out from the covers, her cheek against my lower abdomen. She maintained a firm grip around my cock.

I motioned with my head.

By the time Noel looked, Merry closed her eyes, playing asleep.

"Are you scared?" Noel glared at me with a heightened brow. "This should be serendipity for you. What's wrong with a little kiss kiss and bang bang, huh?"

"Because she's watching," I said.

"You're trapped in paradise and all you want to do is piss and moan." Noel's grip strengthened around my cock. She pinned it to my stomach, licked down the underbelly before roasting my chestnuts in her warm mouth. "Just pretend we're home alone, will ya?"

"I uh..." I released the covers back over her head. I laid back, sighed in pleasure. "This is not how I saw my Christmas in Connecticut."

"Hush!" Noel said. "It's your miracle on 34th street."

"It happened on 5th avenue four Christmases ago," Merry said. The lid to her pod popped wide open. She sat up on her bed, the covers pulled to her shoulders. "At the shop around the corner of the Holiday inn."

I froze like Frosty, along with Noel. We both turned to Merry. My eyes trailed the contour of her arm to her midsection. The bed sheet trembled. I could tell there was activity beneath the surface. I looked back to her. Merry licked her lips.

"I was referring to a movie, ya mind?" Noel asked.

"Okay, okay. Happy Xmas, the war is over. Jeez!" Merry shrugged. "I just wanted you to know that this is not out of the ordinary. Just relax."

Noel dipped beneath my bed sheets. Her arm reached out from the side, unlatched my pod. The lid slowly opened. She withdrew her arm, moved around. She stuck her hand back out with a satin nightgown wadded in her palm. She dropped her garment outside.

My heartbeat quickened. I felt my briefs ripped to my ankles. Her hand snuck out again, released my boxers. "How did I get caught up with these mixed nuts?" I asked myself.

Noel climbed out from underneath the covers. She smiled while mounting me. Her pussy tickled the tip of my cock. She kissed me with pent-up passion, anticipating the bumpy sleigh ride.

I kissed back because Lord knows I did. I thrust my hips up. My cock filled her with holiday cheer.

"Uh!" Noel softly said in my ear. Her eyes fluttered, just large enough to stimulate without pain.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christm..." Bishop stirred in his sleep. "mpjhk..."

Noel ducked flat against my chest, hidden under the sheets. She didn't move. As Bishop settled, she inched the covers down, leaned back up. Her hips started sliding up and down my length, going for a ride on my Polar Express.

I handled her teardrop breasts. Her pink nipples, like two icicles. I took them in my mouth, one at a time. I sat up. The sheet fell down her back, hiding her thrusts. She cradled my head in her bosom, breathed heatedly in my ear.

"O come, O come—Oooo!" Noel's hips started to pick up speed. In almost a whine, she said, "I can't help it. I just want you to deck my halls so hard."

Merry tossed her covers aside. She didn't have a lick of clothing on her pear-shaped body. Her voluptuous east/west breasts jiggled as she rubbed her bright pink clit. Her face became red.

My eyes widened at the sight of Merry, but Noel gripped my chin and turned my attention back to her. I smiled, asked, "You really want to be naughty or nice?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Bring you good tidings," I said. "But, I need more room to work."

"Give me that gift, you bad Santa you." Noel eased off. She pushed open the pod and lay to her back on the wood surface.

I threw the sheets aside, stalked after her. The light from the TV caused my large cock to glisten. I watched for a moment. It was my favorite part of A Christmas Story when the kid gets his tongue stuck to the pole. I giggled.

"Hey!" Noel snapped her fingers. "Santa, baby, focus."

I turned my attention to the delicious body before me. Her breasts rose and fell in rapid succession. She closed her thighs, rubbed her foot up her leg in anticipation. I stroked myself while taking a knee. I ripped off her knee-high socks, used one to tie her wrists together above her head. She splayed one foot over my shoulder. I kissed down her ankle, the back of her knee, and tickled down her quivering thighs.

"Ooo-oo-oo!" Noel's breath carried a shaky moan.

My tongue parted her. My thumb massaged her clit. I ate her pussy as though sucking juices from a candied apple.

Noel hunched off the ground, looked down at me with surprise. My tongue caused a tremor to jingle all the way up her legs. She wiggled her toes. I wagged my head, devouring her womanhood. She bucked, whimpered. When I sat up, she deflated to her back like an airblown reindeer. She blinked at the ceiling, trying to focus on the mistletoe.

I palmed the soles of her feet, spread her legs wide. Noel choked on a breath as I entered her. I squared my shoulders, thrusting only with my midsection. The television shone upon my muscular back. A hand reached out from the side, gripping my chest. I flexed and followed the arm to Merry. She stood over me, one hand on her clit and the other on me. I turned back to Noel, pounded with vigor.

Noel glared vacantly beyond my face to the ceiling. She strained, expelled a winded sigh. Her eyes rolled. She was lit like a Christmas tree on the verge of blowing a fuse. She bit on her knuckle, looked away, and moaned like a stuttering caroler. "Gawwd! Res-est Ye-ee-eee merry gentlemen-en."

I pulled away, tapped my cock on her vulva with the quick repetition of a drummer boy.

Noel twitched. She snatched my wrist, slowing me.

I grinned like the Grinch, converged on top of her. Our bodies pressed together. She placed her bound hands over my neck as we shared a kiss. Her soft, sensual lips excited my hips. My rhythm was slow at first, working her back into the mood.

Noel broke the affection with another groan. She wrapped her long legs around my waist, locked her ankles.

Merry spanked my firm backside, leaving a red handprint brighter than Rudolph's nose.

The smack was so loud that I looked to Bishop first, checking his reaction. Then, I glared over my shoulder at Merry, raised a brow.

"Faster." Merry knelt at my side, her hand continued to work herself. "At this rate—Uh!—you wouldn't even finish—Uh!—the Friday after next."

I shrugged my brows, looked back to Noel. My hips rocked. My jingle bells lightly smacked against the bottom of her pussy.

Noel absorbed my power. She clawed at my back, groped my strong ass. Her sight drifted back to the ceiling, eyes misty like a snow globe. She whined in my ear, made an ugly cry expression. Her legs quaked. Goosebumps swarmed her skin. I took her erect nipples in my mouth, one after another. I tensed my lips around them, sucked. She grunted but I quickly muffled her with my hand.

(((A light came on. Two men walked into the foyer.)))

Merry dodged behind my pod.

Noel and I halted, sharing nervous breaths. All the men had to do was turn, look slightly up. But, they didn't. Instead, they searched the room below.

((("Arthur," one said, "what did he say he needed? He's gonna be late.")))

((("He's missing a, uh—Ahhh! I forget, Uncle Fred," Arthur replied. "I told him that he could trust me with finding it. And now...")))

My cock still inside Noel, I couldn't help but to thrust. She whimpered.

((("I'll go ask then," Fred said.)))

((("I'm coming with." Arthur trailed his uncle out of the room.)))

I exhaled a nervous breath. I rolled Noel over to her belly, flat across the wood surface. I gathered behind her and entered her with a jolt.

Noel tensed, shuddered. My thighs clapped softly against her backside, sending ripples up her spine.

Merry reemerged. She kicked one foot on my pod, spread her knees, and picked up where she left off.

"Aargh-argh-argh!" Noel growled with each strong impact. She raised her feet in the air, curled her toes. "Fuck-me! Yeah! That's it."

I knotted her hair in my fist, jerked her head back, and kissed over her shoulder. Her body tensed, legs stiffened in the air behind me. Her lip curled, brows creased. Her face twisted in euphoria.

"Okay, okay, okay." Noel kicked her legs, squirmed underneath me. She sprawled across the floor, enervated and disheveled. She resembled the grandma that got ran over by a reindeer. The sight excited me. While catching her breath, she knelt, sat back on the dirty soles of her feet, and placed her chin in the air. "Give me that white Christmas, baby. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

I shrugged, grabbed my cock. I stood over, jerked off. Noel stuck out her tongue, rubbed her hands up and down my thighs. I lay my head back, but as I continued, I felt a third hand on my cock and a breath upon my neck. I looked down.

Merry had a hold of me. She worked my shaft vigorously, all whilst playing with herself.

"Here comes Santa," I said. My body flexed as I spilt my eggnog across Noel's face.

((("You'll shoot your eye out! You'll shoot your eye out!" the kids from A Christmas Story said through the TV.)))

I shivered. "Oh, oh, oh."

((("Ho! Ho! Ho!" a voice boomed from outside the door.)))

Merry dashed back to her pod, fastened herself inside.

I offered a hand to Noel. "Please come home for Christmas. Stay with me tonight."

"I'm afraid I can't." Noel wiped the semen from her eyes.

"Why? They'll never find ou—"

"This is our last Christmas."

"So, this was just a one night fling?"

"No..." Noel caressed my cheek. "It was love actually."

I hung my head, rubbed my temples. "I'm confused."

Noel lifted my chin. She looked at me with a soft expression. "I overheard them yesterday..."

The footsteps approached the door.

"Say what?" I asked.

Noel started to reply, but her lip quivered. With teary eyes, she gave me a long kiss goodnight. She snatched up her clothes, hurried back to her pod. She fastened it quietly and began getting dressed.

I sighed, climbed back in mine as well.

(((The door opened to the foyer below. Santa marched in, followed by Fred and Arthur.)))

((("I told you double set of dolls from the collector's series." Santa pointed up to the shelf. He checked his watch. "We shoulda been gone by now.")))

((("Ahhhh, the collector's series. Sorry, sorry." Arthur bustled over, jumped on the rolling ladder. He stopped in front of me but reached for the neighboring double pod.)))

I swallowed the sorrow as he pulled Noel and her husband from the shelf. My eyes became glassy.

Noel winked, waved, and wiped away a tear.

I placed my palm against the transparent lid as if I could reach out and touch her. "I'll have a blue Christmas without you..." I mumbled to myself.

"Gem!" a voice said.




I awoke on the couch in a warm, cozy living room. Drool dribbled down the side of my mouth. I looked to the flames in the fireplace, the Christmas tree, and the television playing A Christmas Story. I turned to my left.

Noel sat nearest me on a connecting couch. Bishop slouched asleep at her side. She had a wide, all knowing smile. "What were you dreaming about, huh?"

I rubbed my eyes, glanced to my right. "I uh..."

Merry sat on a loveseat next to me. She smirked in a seductive manner.

"I ummm..." I looked back to Noel. "Funny enough, we we're all, ummm, toys in Santa's workshop. I..."

"You sure you're not leaving anything out?" Noel motioned downward with her eyes.

I looked down. A bulge stretched all the slack from my jeans. The impression of my hard cock reached down my inner thigh. I sat up, squirmed in my seat to hide it.

Noel winked at me, licked her lips. "Did you have yourself a merry little Christmas?"

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