tagBDSMHis Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 03

His Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 03


Andrea Cinder awoke rather early Sunday morning -- far earlier than she usually did, and certainly earlier than she would have wanted. She had slept uneasy, both because of a nervous tingle she felt throughout her body -- a real date with James! Finally! -- and because it is hard to find a good position when your ass is red and sore from a whipping.

Last night had been a little frantic for Andrea. After James had hung up, she had been a bit dumb-struck, he seemed to be swinging from complete control to uncertainty rather quickly and it made her a little nervous. In her mind, he was no longer the weird, shut-in teenager she had seen him as a week ago. No, he was someone powerful, controlled and in command.

She shrug the uneasy feelings off her; after all she'd gotten what she wanted, a date out on the town with her lover. Besides, she had plenty other things to worry about, first and foremost: What should she wear? This is really becoming a recurring problem, she mused. She had begun searching her wardrobe last night but she'd not found the right dress yet. She had gotten them a table at Paulo's, a rather romantic, Italian restaurant, so she needed something that was both classic and suited James' wishes for her dress-code. I need to dress... nice... after all, she thought with a giggle, knowing that 'nice' meant 'accessible'.

Half an hour later she'd finally found a dress that fit her needs. It was a long, black dress that fit her like a second layer of skin. It was very tight, especially at the chest -- she would never get a bra on under it but it wasn't needed anyway. The dress itself pushed her tits together and up, creating that mesmerising cleavage that James loved so much. A naughty smile found its way to her lips as she considered the large, black letters J B on her chest. The top half of them would be easily noticeable on her tanned skin above the dress' generous neckline. That was sure to get her some attention from the other patrons of the restaurant!

The dress was strapless and left her shoulders completely bare, something she herself found sexy in a dress (and she imagined James wouldn't mind either -- the more skin she showed the better, she figured). The dress had slits up in both sides and would show off much of her thighs whenever she took a step or even sat down.

She held it up in front of her naked body and imagined James face when he saw her in it. She looked very much forward to showing off for her lover in it, just thinking about his reaction to her in it made her pussy moist.

Suddenly aroused, she threw the dress on the bed and stood in front of the mirror. Her right hand quickly found her clit and started rubbing it, while her left fondled her tits with the large letters J B and pinched her nipples.

"James' bitch!" she moaned to her reflection, loving her status as James' lowly bitch. In her mind she saw a long series of images of the evening's date. First he'd come and pick her up, looking all handsome and sexy. She'd wear her beautiful, black dress but he'd still treat her like a whore.

"Ungh!" she moaned in pleasure as she imagined him making her kneel in her expensive dress, and how he'd heartlessly stick his cock into her mouth, not caring that she'd spent almost an hour painting her face to perfection.

Her fingers rubbed frantically on her clit as she imagined how he would hold her head and fuck her face, smearing her makeup and ruining her look. Finally he'd pull out and cum all over her face, making her look like a used whore.

She'd ask if she could go clean up but he'd laugh and say: "You can go like you are, you little whore!"

Imagining his cruel face and the terrible humiliation she came with a small scream, though only in yet another unfulfilling James-less orgasm.

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself after having orgasmed. Her need for sex was quenched for now but she knew it wouldn't be long before it awoke again, and she had a lot to do...


"Ding-dong!" the doorbell sounded at Andrea's and she opened it almost immediately. She had been ready for the last 45 minutes and just waited for the clock to strike seven. Now he was finally here!

Outside stood James, all dressed up. He was wearing a nice, dark shirt and black jeans, and he'd even spent time fixing his hair. In his hand he was holding a small bouquet of red roses. He smiled at her, handed her the bouquet and delivered the line he'd been practising since he left his house;

"Flowers for the most beautiful flower in my life."

"Aww..." Andrea couldn't stop herself from smiling a huge silly grin as she accepted them and held them up to her nose and sniffed them, "they're beautiful!" He brought me flowers! She thought in wonder and pure joy.

"Come in, please, while I find a vase..." she said, his gesture had completely fuddled her. Her careful plans of acting like a pure temptation were quite ruined. Instead, she felt like a teenager on her first date, clumsy and nervous.

James was genuinely pleased that she liked the flowers, he hadn't been sure. He found it a little difficult to change from her Master to her suitor, but somehow the nervousness felt good -- felt right.

He followed her in and couldn't help but to notice how sexy Andrea's dress was, and how the slits on both sides of it showed him tantalising glimpse of her tanned legs and thighs. Her ass swayed captivatingly in her high-heeled pumps and he admired her ass in the delightful dress as she bent over to take a vase from a low cupboard. As she turned back to him after putting the roses and water in the vase, he had to fight not to stare at her generous neckline where her large, firm tits threatened to spill out every time she took a breath. Her seducing, deep cleavage made it hard to look her in the eyes.

Her make-up was as subtle as her cleavage -- with her dark, dark eye-shadow and mascara and red lips, she look attractive and mysterious. The result was an alluring woman that unavoidable led the thoughts of any man to sex. God, she's beautiful, he thought and as his eyes met hers, he saw a longing deep in them that banished all his nervousness -- for now.

He eagerly moved to her, slid his arms around her waist and kissed her, soft and lovingly. For now, he didn't want to tie her up and fuck her, whip her or punish her -- for now he just wanted to be with her and make her happy.

As they both just sunk into the kiss, Andrea let her arms go around his neck, holding on to him and never wanting to let him go.


Half an hour later they were in a taxi on the way to Paulo's, both quite aroused but neither of them willing to give up the date in exchange for having sex on the kitchen floor -- yet.

Andrea had handed James $500 before they left, so he could pay for the date. It was an awkward moment for both of them but he had accepted them and given her a kiss in return.

James paid the cab-driver as they got out and hand-in-hand they went into the restaurant.

The maître d' greeted them and did a double take as he noticed Andrea. Her elegant beauty combined with her almost obscenely sexy dress made it hard not to notice her. They could see how he tried to make out the lettering on her skin that stuck up over her dress.

"Ehh... hello?" James asked trying to get his attention, and succeeding as the flushed man turned his attention to James, "we have a reservation for two under James Hanson?"

The maître d' blushed, checked his list and with a curt "yes, of course, sir" he escorted them to a small, secluded table in the back of the restaurant.

James went to Andrea's chair and held it out for her, acting like the perfect gentleman. As she sat down, they both noticed how the maître d' did his best to get a better look down her neckline... while trying to look like he didn't.

"A waiter will be with you shortly, sir, ma'am," the maître d' said when James had sat down and went away.

"I think," James smiled conspiratorially, "he liked the view..." His eyes stared right down her cleavage, making it completely clear what he meant. Andrea blushed; she had noticed it too and found it to be both fun and quite arousing to tease other men. However, she knew from experience how jealous James could get.

"Well, it doesn't matter what he thinks..." she told him with a seductive smile, while she leaned in across the table, exposing more and more of her delicious breasts, "do you like it?"

Fighting hard to look her into the eyes, James could only nod in silent agreement.

"I especially like how my mark still hasn't vanished..." he smirked and she blushed in combined embarrassment and arousal. She liked that too, very much.

"It's starting to fade a bit though, Sir... maybe you better leave your mark on me again -- in whatever way you want," she said, easily gliding back into that submissive role that had become so natural to her over the past days with James.

He was reminded of the other way in which he had marked her some days ago -- shooting his warm, sticky cum all over her face, hair and chest and dragging her outside while it dried on her skin.

"Maybe I will, maybe I will," he said with a grin.

Their waitress finally arrived with the menus, handing them one each. She was petite, around 25 years old with brown hair and a slim body. Her eyes were drawn to the beautiful woman, and she looked back and forth between the two of them a bit, as if trying to figure out why the gorgeous but clearly more mature woman was with the teenager. Sure, James wasn't ugly but next to the strikingly sexy Andrea, he was very plain.

James had no idea what most of the dishes on the menu were, but his pride and the slight disbelief he had seen on the waitress' face made him unable to ask for help trying to understand it. He found something that sounded vaguely familiar and ordered a Pasta Alfredo (he couldn't find the Bolognese anywhere...) and Andrea ordered something that sounded very sophisticated to James' ears. He scanned the wine-list without any hope of finding anything he'd recognise and ended up choosing one at random -- from the 'red' list. Even he knew (or thought he knew, at least) that one drinks red wine to the main-course.

When the waitress left, James took Andrea's hand in his, trying to get the romantic atmosphere from earlier back.

"I really enjoy spending time with you, you know," he said, looking into her eyes. His eyes widened as he remembered just what they usually did when they were spending time together, "eh... and not just because of the sex. I mean, of course I like that," he said, blushing and trying to get out of the web his words were weaving around him, " I mean, who wouldn't? What I'm trying to say though is that no matter what we do, I enjoy you. Ehh... I enjoy my time WITH you," he tried to finish.

Andrea looked at him and beamed a huge smile his way.

"I'm glad you like me," she said to him, trying to relax him again, "and I really enjoy my time with you -- especially the sex," she said with a naughty wink. "In fact, I'm looking very much forward to when we... get home," unbeknown to James, she had slipped off one of her shoes, and now she slowly began to rub his legs with her naked foot, up and down.

"Uhm..." James murmured, taken back with her brazen need for sex.

The truth was; Andrea did want romance, she did want nights out with James but she had been totally hooked on the wild sex they'd been having -- she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. To poor James the line between romance and the dom/sub-sex they'd been having was crystal-clear. Either they did one or the other... or so it had been so far.

"Well then," he said, gliding into his preferred role as the dominant Master, "what do you imagine will happen when we get home?" He looked at her nonchalantly and tried to stay in control, despite the effect her cleavage and her foot had on him.

"Oh, I don' know," she said, her breathing starting to increase (James noticed immediately because he was constantly keeping an eye on her chest), "I... uhm, I have a pair of handcuffs... a gag-gift at a birthday long time ago," she blushed, "maybe... maybe you could use those. On me?"

"You have handcuffs?" James asked, surprised and she blushed even more when she nodded her affirmative.

James -- and everyone else who looked closely enough -- now got proof of how thin her dress really was. Her nipples hardened with her growing arousal and they were clearly visual through the delicate, black fabric.

With a pleased smile, James leaned in over the table and whispered to her, "That turns you on, does it - me cuffing you to the bed and having my way with your helpless body?"

Andrea's eyes were a little wild as she nodded.

"Your cunt is wet already, isn't it?" he demanded in a soft voice.

"Oh yes, Sir. But then," she whispered conspiratorially to him, "my cunt's always wet when you're too close..." Just using such dirty words turned her on somehow -- perhaps because her language had always been so clean and proper before she met James?

At her reply he sat back with lifted eyebrows. He liked her naughty admission but somehow he felt he was losing the control. His wanton slut was out of control!

"Well..." he said, trying to get back in charge, "I'm really gonna need proof, I think." He gave a quick look around, trying to determine if anyone was watching them before ordering: "Take off your panties. And give them to me..." he demanded, smirking.

She blushed again completely red, not thinking that he would go so far, not here where everyone could see them, at least! Like he had, she looked around her with a guilty expression. One older guy at the bar seemed to be paying them (her!) a little too much attention but she figured he wouldn't notice what she was up to if she just moved discreetly...

Trying to hide under the tablecloth, her hands snuck up under her dress and found her little black thong. Very self-conscious, she started to inch them down her hips, though it was a harder task than she had anticipated. She had to wriggle her ass and scoot around on her chair before she was able to get the thong loose off her thighs. Finally she could slide them down her slender, tanned legs and hand them over to James, curled up in a ball, hidden in her fist.

"Here!" she whispered, shooting a quick glance at the old guy who had paid her attention before -- who was now blatantly staring at her!

James wasn't in any rush though. He accepted the little black ball, carefully unfolded it and held it up in front of him, showing it off for everyone who was looking his way. While Andrea looked with shock painted on her face, he put his nose to the crotch-part of the panties and inhaled deeply.

"Oh yes, slut!" he decided, quite pleased, "you are definitely wet!" He gave her a large wolfish smile as he put the panties in his chest-pocket. To Andrea's chagrin he looked at the old man in the bar and gave him a thumb up. The man returned his gesture by saluting with his beer.

"Oh my God," Andrea muttered to herself.

"What's the matter? Afraid that you'll soak though your dress now that you don't have your panties to gather your juices?" James asked with a crooked smile.

"Well, now I am!" she quickly replied with a little laugh. The whole incident had embarrassed her beyond belief but at the same time it made her so horny!

I'm on display here
, she thought, James is showing me off to whoever's around: 'see how wet and willing MY woman is!'

That thought sent a new bolt down her already aroused pussy. I really am going to soak though my dress, she thought wryly.

A minute or two later, the waitress arrived with their food, and James was rather disappointed to discover that Pasta Alfredo was a meat-less spaghetti dish. Not wanting to let Andrea know that he didn't have a clue about food though, he praised the food as he ate it, while shooting jealous glances at her dish that looked like some sort of advanced lasagne. She wasn't fooled though -- she knew about her lover's pride and his lack of knowledge of the 'real world' and its occupants.

"That looks really good..." she smiled at him, "wanna trade for some of mine?"

"Ehh..." James said, torn between wanting her lasagne and unwillingness to let her taste his own food and thus calling his bluff.

"Pleeeease?" she asked with huge, pleasing eyes. For added effect she leaned forward, showing off her impressive cleavage, making it deeper and more appealing, "you know I'll be good to you when we get home..." What choice did James really have? They traded -- and it did make the dinner better for stubborn James.

Throughout the rest of the meal, Andrea kept touching James' leg with her shoeless foot, showing off her delightful breasts with his mark and throwing offhand remarks like "this chair is sooo hard on my sore little ass" and "mhm... I wonder what's for desert."

Her impish teasing kept James at a bursting-point and staring down her alluring cleavage, James decided then and there to skip the desert all together -- at least the desert the restaurant was offering!

He signalled the waitress and asked for the check.

"No desert... sir?" she made the 'sir' sound a bit too ironic for James' taste, but as his sexy date in that moment sucked one of her fingers in between her red lips with a look of outmost pleasure on her face, James ignored the snotty waitress and just asked for the check again. He got it and they left the restaurant, hand in hand.

On the way out, the gentleman that had witnessed how Andrea gave up her panties, came up to James and shook his hand with a wide smile.

"That was quite a show, son," he said in a thick southern accent, "if ya ever need help with this here lovely... lady, you just call." He handed James a business-card before the astonished James could respond. Then he winked and walked away, leaving the confused couple staring at his back.

"Forget him," Andrea said quickly to James, "let's get out of here. I NEED you." She whispered the last sentence into his ear in her seductive voice, bringing him out of his surprised stupor. James shook his head, pocketed the business-card without looking at it and continued outside with his date in hand.

When they came outside, instead of calling a cab, James led her around the restaurant-building, down a small alley. It was a couple of meters wide, with brick-walls on both sides, trash littered the sides and there was even a container with kitchen refuse. All in all it had a dark, down-run feel to it. It was perfect.

"My, my, my," Andrea whispered to him with a smile in her voice, getting an idea, "why are you leading your innocent and defenceless date down a dark alleyway? Perhaps you-"

James quickly understood her idea (he hoped) and it turned him on to no end. With a sudden move he spun her around and pressed her up against the brick wall. His mouth quickly found hers in a hard, demanding kiss.

His right arm quickly circled around her waist, giving him complete control of her delicate body while his other hand roamed free across her chest, groping her.

"Oh no!" she playfully breathed through his kiss, "please don't!" Weakly, she tried to 'defend' against his attack, tried to protect her tempting breasts from his eager hand.

"Such a slut!" James hissed at her, "you've been playing up to me all night and now you won't deliver?! Well, I'll take what I want then!" With that James grabbed both her wrists and pinned them against the wall above her head, seizing the control once and for all.

"Noooo!" she moaned into his greedy mouth, feeling how him 'forcing' her made the juices run freely from her cunt. His free hand continued groping her chest and he grinned gleefully when he found her hard nipple.

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