tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 03

His Black Master Ch. 03


The Escalade pulled into the driveway and Red came out to greet Ty and Kevin.

As Red walked towards the car he shouted, "Did everything go okay with the Wilson move? I was getting worried about you guys, it is almost 7:45."

Ty put his hand out the window to shake Red's hand. "All went well Red, she wanted us to go back and move a few more things so I took our boy Kev here to help out."

Kevin sat in the car looking down at Ty's crotch, his mind was elsewhere.

"Great, glad to hear it went well." Red motioned towards the house with his head. "Kevin get inside your mother is worried about you." Kevin jumped out of the car and ran into the house.

Red leaned into Ty. "His mother worries too much about him. How is he working out Ty? Is he a pain in your ass?"

"Pain in my ass, no way Red, Kev is a hard worker and he really proved himself tonight." Ty adjusted his cock. "He is a talented kid too. I get a kick out of hangin' with him."

"Well a few more weeks and he will be off to college, first one in the family." Red patted Ty on the shoulder. "Thanks for showing him the ropes."

"The pleasure was all mine, Sir." Ty said with a big grin on his face.

Kevin ran in the house and gave his mom a quick kiss on the cheek. "Kevin do you want something to eat, you must be hungry."

"No," Kevin shouted as he ran up to his room. He flopped down on the bed recounting the experience of sucking on Ty's huge black cock. He reached into his pants and started rubbing his cock.

There was a tap on the door. "Kevin may I come in? Are you okay baby?" The door opened slowly.

"I'm fine mom, just tired."

Nora entered the room. "Kevin what did I tell you about lying on top of your bed with those dirty clothes on?" Nora shook her head disapprovingly. "Are you sure you don't want something to eat?" she asked again in a motherly tone.

"No Mom, I am not hungry." He could still taste Ty's cum and he didn't want to eat anything and risk losing the taste.

"Make sure you clean up before you go to bed, and take that dirty shirt off." She stared at Kevin's shirt. "And throw that shirt in the hamper there is something all over the sleeve."

As soon as Nora left the room Kevin peeled off his shirt and sniffed the dried cum. His cock grew hard. He took off his clothes and started to beat his cock as he sucked the dried cum out of his work shirt. He fell asleep with the taste of Ty's cum in his mouth.

The next morning Kevin awoke and he was still in disbelief of what had happened the night before. He looked at his shirt and realized it was true.

The ride to work was quiet as usual. Red explained to Kevin that their client, the Andersons, had built a house and it was ready for them to move into and that they had been sorting their furniture in a few storage units at the warehouse.

When Red dropped Kevin off at the warehouse he could see the semi was already backed up to the dock and Ty's crew was loading the truck. Kevin sheepishly walked into the warehouse and stood there watching the crew.

Ty glanced over at Kevin. "Get to work boy, we are emptying storage units 72, 73 and 74."

Ty ignored Kevin the entire time they were loading the truck. Normally when Ty would catch Kevin staring he would grab his crotch or flex his muscles but not today. Every time Kevin would look in his direction Ty would look down and continue to work.

When the truck was loaded and they were ready to leave, Kevin ran to the truck ready to jump in so he could sit next to Ty.

Ty grabbed Kevin by the shoulder. "You won't be needed to unload today Kevin. I want you to stay behind and clean out the storage units we just emptied. "

Kevin's heart sank as he watched the truck drive away. He spent the rest of the day cleaning out the storage units hoping Ty would return. At 4:45, Red came down to the warehouse to get him and they left for the day.

Ty drove the semi back to the warehouse. The parking lot was almost empty except for Red's secretary Sara's car. Ty parked the semi and went in the warehouse to lock it up for the night.

He walked into the main office and locked the door behind him. Sara was at the copy machine and didn't hear Ty enter.

Ty walked up behind her, grabbed her hips and thrust his crotch into her ass.

"I was hoping you would come in." Sara gasped.

With one hand Ty pulled Sara's head back by the hair so his mouth was right against her ear. His other hand slowly moving up her leg until he has a firm grasp on her pussy.

Ty said in a low whisper, "Don't think I haven't noticed you wearin' slutty clothes and struttin' yo fat ass through the warehouse lookin' for black cock."

Sara knees weakened as Ty slid her panties to the side and shoved his fat black finger into her pussy.

"Has yo hubbie been fuckin' you with that little white dick of his?" Ty hissed in her ear as he inserted another finger into her dripping wet pussy.

Sara's voice quivered as she answered. "No."

"No what bitch?" Ty hissed

"No Sir," Sara replied

Ty pulled her panties down and they fell around her ankles. He kept grinding his crotch into her ass.

"I'm gonna tear up yo pussy and ass with my big black cock."

Sara could hardly breath she was so excited. "Please Sir." She exclaimed.

Ty tugged at her hair, his lips touching her ear. "Why should I give you the pleasure of my black cock?"

Sara could hardly stand her knees were so weak. Ty's fat fingers were still probing her pussy. "Because I need it Sir, my pussy craves your big black cock. I am a slut for black cock, Sir. Please use me," Sara begged.

Ty loved the control he had over Sara. Here was a white woman over twice his age, married and with two grown children begging to be fucked by a black cock.

Ty let go of Sara and he bent down to pick up her damp panties. He lifted them to his nose and sniffed them and then put them in his shirt pocket.

He took Sara by the shoulder and pushed her down on her knees. "Take off your top," he barked.

Sara removed her blouse and was now on her knees in front of Ty in a bra and skirt.

Ty was standing only inches from Sara. She went to reach up and touch the enormous bulge in his pants. Sara stopped and looked up at Ty. He nodded his head yes. "Take it out slut, I don't have all day."

Sara unzipped Ty's pants and they fell to the floor, his boxers tented by his huge cock. She pulled then down and his cock sprang up and hit him in the stomach.

Sara grabbed his hard black member and pulled it towards her hungry mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, tasting his pre cum. Then she started to take more and more of it into her mouth.

Ty loved the way her painted red lips looked around his black cock. He took her by the hair and started to fuck her throat. Sara's eyes widened as she started to gag on his cock.

"Play with yo pussy," Ty barked

Sara lifted her skirt and started to finger her pussy as Ty fucked her face.

Ty looked up at the clock, it was almost 6:00 and he knew Monique would be wondering where he was.

Ty pulled Sara up by the hair and dragged her over to the desk. He lifted her skirt and bent her over the desk. He could see her pussy juice running down her leg as he shoved two fingers inside her cunt.

Sara was panting now. "Please, fuck my pussy, Sir. I need to feel your big black cock inside of me."

Ty took the head of his cock and started rubbing it against her pussy lips. Sara tried pushing back so he would enter her. This pissed off Ty and he slapped her ass several times turning it beet red.

He grabbed Sara by the hair. "Nobody tells me where to put my cock, understand cunt?"

Sara whimpered. "Sorry Sir, it won't happen again."

"Damn right, I will fuck your pussy when I am good and ready," Ty screamed as he shoved his cock deep into Sara's ass.

Sara let out a scream

Ty lifted her head by the hair, took her damp panties out of his shirt pocket and shoved them into her mouth.

After he fucked her ass for a bit Ty pulled out and entered her steaming hot pussy. He unhooked her bra and pinched her nipples as he fucked her hard and deep. The sensation was too much for Sara and she had an orgasm, soaking Ty's cock.

Ty knew he was close to shooting his load. He picked Sara up by the arm and threw her on the floor. Ty grabbed hold of his cock and began to jerk it and his balls began to tighten. The first rope of cum hit Sara in the face, the second on her tits and the third her neck.

Ty took the panties from Sara's mouth and wiped off his cock and then shoved them back in her mouth.

He pulled up his boxers and pants, zipped up and walked out.

Ty hopped in the Escalade and headed for home. His cock started to stiffen again as he thought of Kevin. "I'll deal with him tomorrow," he thought to himself.

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