tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 07

His Black Master Ch. 07


Kevin was naked on his knees, his cock encased in a steel chastity device. Ty's hard black cock was sticking straight out, inches from Kevin's mouth as if it were a microphone. Kevin cleared his throat. "Permission to speak, Sir?" he asked

"You may speak," Ty replied in an authoritative voice.

Kevin began to speak. His voice was quiet and steady. "Kathleen and I have been speaking and after graduation we want to get married." Kevin stopped and cleared his throat. "I am asking for your permission, Sir and also offering Kathleen to you in hope that you will become her lover and in turn she will make me her cuckold."

Ty was silent; the thought of fucking Kathleen excited him very much. And the thought of Kathleen being Kevin's wife and being her black bull excited him even more.


The past four years had gone by quickly. Ty had finally had enough and left Monique. Kevin went off to college, about an hour north of his home town, and Ty would visit him often. It was during one of those visits that Kevin met Kathleen.

Kevin remained a quiet guy through his college years, majoring in accounting and business administration. Kevin wore his chastity device daily and only got off when Ty gave him permission. Every Saturday Kevin would go to the park across from his dorm and watch the young black college guys play basketball. He loved watching their muscular black bodies and their cocks flop around in their basketball shorts.

There was a young girl that would also watch the guys play basketball. She was a beautiful girl with milky white skin, large green eyes and flame red hair. She would sit quietly on the other side of the court with a book and every so often her eyes would shift to the shirtless black guys on the court.

Ty had finished up work early on a Friday and decided to drive up and pay Kevin a visit. It had been a few weeks since he had a good servicing and he knew Kevin was hungry for his black cum.

Ty arrived at Kevin's small off-campus apartment and Kevin immediately began worshipping Ty's muscular body, licking the sweat from his pits, balls and ass. Ty in turn flipped Kevin over and bred his white bubble ass, depositing a huge load of black seed deep inside of Kevin.

Ty had worked up a hunger and suggested they go grab a burger at the local college diner. He slipped a wife beater over his head and a pair of basketball shorts. Kevin dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and they left for the diner.

Kevin glanced around the diner and he noticed the red haired girl from the basketball court sitting in the booth across from them. She was intently reading her book.

"Sir," Kevin said under his breath. He nodded his head toward the red haired girl. "That's the girl I was telling you about." Ty glanced over at her and a big smile came across his face. "Fuuuck, she's the one who watches the nigga's play basketball? Damn."

Kevin smiled and nodded his head yes.

Ty got up from the table and walked over to where she was sitting, his large muscular frame causing a shadow on the table. The girl looked up from her book, noticing his chocolate skin, his huge biceps and broad shoulders. Her eyes froze on his crotch gazing at the outline of his massive cock through his shorts.

Extending his large black hand Ty spoke. "Hello, my name is Ty."

She nervously shook his hand. "I'm Kathleen," she said meekly.

"May I sit down for a minute?" Ty asked as he pointed to the empty seat across from Kathleen.

"Okay," Kathleen said nervously. She could not take her eyes off of his muscular chest and pearly white smile. She could feel her pussy start to tingle.

"My boy Kevin tells me he sees you watchin' basketball all the time. You must like basketball," Ty snickered.

"I like watching the guys play," she said nervously.

"I play," Ty boasted as he ran his hand across his muscular chest. "Maybe you can come and watch me sometime."

Kathleen nervously sipped her drink.

"Yo Kev, this here is Kathleen," Ty shouted

Kevin looks over and gives a slight wave to Kathleen. Ty glances over and sees that the food is on the table.

"My food is here, nice meetin' you Kathleen." Ty got up from the table and once again extended his hand.

"Nice meeting you too, Ty," Kathleen said as she shook his hand.

Ty picked up the check off Kathleen's table. "Let me get that for you pretty lady," he smirked as he walked back to his table.

Kathleen gathered her belongings and quickly waved to Ty and Kevin. She rushed off to her dorm room knowing her roommate was out for the evening. Rummaging through her drawers she pulls out an 8" black dildo. Kathleen stripped, noticing her panties were wet from the excitement. She lay on the bed and slowly inserted the black dildo into her tiny pink pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined Ty's black cock fucking her.

The following Saturday Kathleen went over and said hello to Kevin. From that day on their relationship grew. Kevin confided in Kathleen and told her about his relationship with Ty, which totally excited Kathleen.

In turn, Kathleen told Kevin about her attraction to black men. She went on to say that her parents would never approve. Her attraction began when she was a young girl and a black family had moved in next door. Kathleen's mother would not let her speak to the black boy. Her mother made her feel that it was so naughty and socially unacceptable for white girls to be "friends" with black boys. This sparked a desire in Kathleen, a desire that grew stronger with each passing day.

Kevin fell in love with Kathleen but his ties to Ty were too strong. Kevin and Kathleen came up with what they thought was the perfect solution for everyone. Kevin would marry Kathleen and she would take Ty as her black bull lover. Kevin would become Kathleen's cuckold husband and continue to service his Master, Ty.

Now all Kevin had left to do was ask Ty for his permission.


It seemed like Kevin was kneeling in front of Ty forever, waiting for Ty to respond. Ty's massive cock had jumped a few times while Kevin was speaking so Kevin knew that Ty was excited by his proposal.

Ty grasped Kevin's head with both hands and directed him to his hard black cock. No other words were spoken that night.

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