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His Brother's Wife


Author's Note: Some people will probably not be happy that I chose this category for this story... I also considered Fetish, BDSM, and Loving Wives, but decided to place it here because of the reluctance factor, even though she enjoys herself. I hope you enjoy as well =)


Walter walked around his new bondage table, looking at the bound woman there. Beautiful... her huge breasts were hanging down in the cuts that he had made for them. He'd estimated her measurements almost perfectly. With her legs spread and tied her pink pussy was looking absolutely delicious... he'd shaved it as soon as she was unconscious, wanting to see the sweet juices on her lips. Between her perfect asscheeks her brown hole was winking at him, wanting to be violated and plundered... his breath caught as her body stirred, his dick already hard and wanting.

But he also wanted to play with her, he'd been waiting so long to play with her. To torture those beautiful, massive tits... to spank her creamy ass... fill her holes with his cum. They had all weekend.

She stirred again, moaning, "Wa... Walter? Where am I? What's happening?!" she started to struggle, realizing that she was naked and the cool air was brushing her skin.

"Shhh..." he said, running his hand down her back. She froze, "It's ok Debbie, I'm here."

"Walter?" her voice was uncertain and then got a tinge of anger as his hand moved down her back to caress her ass, "What the fuck Walter? Untie me! What the fuck are you doing? STOP IT! STOP TOUCHING ME!"

Walter sighed, she was going to be too loud. He didn't like too much sound from his women, especially when he was trying to concentrate. Taking an o-ring gag he placed it in her mouth, forcing her teeth open... he certainly wasn't going to give up being able to pleasure himself between her lips, but this would stop all the chatter.

"It's alright darling," he stroked her hair and then reached under the table to play with her breasts. Squeezing them hard in his hands he massaged and pulled on them, using his thumbs to rub her nipples until they were firm and rubbery, "You see, my brother is very disappointed in you right now. He found out that you were cheating on him... and not just with one man, but with eight! Eight men Debbie darling... that's really slutty."

Debbie winced as his fingers closed over her sensitive nipples, pinching them hard and twisting, pulling them away from her body as he continued to talk, "So he decided to give you to me for the weekend. See if I can't do something about the sluttiness. At the end of the weekend you'll have the opportunity to prove that you really want to stay with him... and I definitely wouldn't suggest trying to get anything out of him in divorce court. The private detective he hired got so many pictures of you with other men that we could start a porno website. And don't think that you'll be able to get away of accusing me of rape either... the way you sleep around, no one would believe you anyway."

Now her nipples were rock hard and dark red from the abuse of his fingers, she was whimpering little moans. Ted, Walter's brother, had told him that Debbie liked it rough. It was one of the things that Ted had trouble doing, but Walter had no problem at all. So while Ted was out this weekend, composing himself and maybe learning a few things about how to keep his wife's libido under HIS control, Walter was going to be punishing her and teaching her a few things about pleasuring a man. He got his own bonus' as well, as many men as Debbie had slept with, she'd never given up her virgin asshole as far as anyone knew... and she had those gorgeous tits that he was going to get to torture.

In fact, he decided to share a little tidbit with her as he pulled the panels of wood out of the table to squeeze her hanging tits tightly between them, making her moan with discomfort, "Ted told me that he'd like me to pay special attention to these beauties this weekend," he pinched her nipple, "As you use them so often to get what you want from men. I think they need to be punished."

Debbie moaned as he attached a special machine he had to her nipples, pressing a button it started an immediate suction. It would slowly get harder and harder, pulling her nipples deeper and deeper into the little tubes that he'd attached to her breasts... and it would hurt and pull and squeeze all at the same time. In the meantime... he scooted out from underneath the table and walked around behind her, admiring her newly shaved pussy which was already dripping with juices.

"You're so wet Deb," he chuckled as she squirmed in protest, sliding his fingers up and down her wet slit, tickling her protruding clit, "Someone might think you were enjoying this."

Then his hand slapped down hard on her ass and she jerked, squealing at the blow and then squealing again as she tried to move upwards and her breasts were caught between the wood panels. The spanking continued, all over her ass and pussy, turning them red and sore as the machine continued to tug on her nipples, sucking them into the vacuum. Every time her nipples started to get used to the amount of suction, it seemed like there would be an increase and they would pinch tightly again, making her moan in erotic pain.

Seeing her squirming in front of him, getting wetter and wetter with every slap, Walter couldn't hold himself back any longer. Pulling himself free of his pants he lined up with her pussy and shoved inwards, managing to slide all the way into her sloppy tightness. And she was very tight, her muscles moving around him as he held himself inside of her, the heat of her spanked ass warming his groin.

"Fuck Deb..." he moaned, "Who'd have thought a whore like you could be this tight?"

And with that he started pumping back and forth, feeling the heat of her underneath him, the way she squirmed in her arousal, unable to help herself from responding even though she might hate the situation. It was like her whole body was on fire, tingling with pain and pleasure responses that intermingled wonderfully. Walter was in complete heaven, his dick encased in her fiery hot sheathe, knowing that the pumps were working torturously on her nipples... he could see them in his mind's eyes, red and stretching longer and longer down the tubes.

Hunching over her upturned ass, he plugged away at her tightness, fucking her harder and harder, his balls slapping incessantly against her splayed pussy. Grabbing the back of her hair he started pulling on it, bringing her head up and making her arch her back, her tits pulling at where they were trapped by the wood. Deb squealed and started to cum, her entire body shaking as the pleasure and pain washed over her, from her burning ass to her squeezed nipples, the tugging on her hair...

Feeling her cumming Walter just fucked harder, panting as he jack-rabbited into her from behind, grunting as he felt his own orgasm come closer and closer as she convulsed around him. With a sharp cry he plunged in as deeply as he could, feeling her wetness press against his crotch as he swelled up inside her, his hand pulling her hair back, the cum rushing from his dick into her body. Wildly he thought about the possibility that he might get his brother's wife pregnant, and another wave of cum gushed into her.

Apparently Debbie had realized the same thing. After he took the nipple suckers off of her, admiring how long and abused her nipples looked, he took the gag out of her mouth and she started yelling at him about how he might have gotten her pregnant and how Ted would kill him. Ignoring her, Walter just untied her legs from the table and brought her over to another table that wasn't as long; two chains hung down above it, and he attached her ankles to those chains so that her legs were straight up in the air. The edge of her ass just reached the end of the table and her head hung off the other side.

Taking one of her tortured nipples between his fingers he began squeezing it and she immediately shut up.

"And what if you'd gotten pregnant from one of those guys that you'd been cheating on Ted with?" Walter asked, grinning down at her, "At least I'm family.... now open up Deb, you're going to clean me off."

It looked for a moment as though she would resist, but he just leaned forward and slapped her sloppy pussy where cum was already leaking from him. Twisting her nipple a little with his other hand, he encouraged her to open up and he began pumping his dick in and out of her lips, enjoying the feel of her tongue gliding over him. Slowly his dick hardened inside her mouth and he began pressing further and further down her throat, she started to struggle a little underneath him but he just pinched her nipples and felt her trying to relax.

Continuing to play with her abused tits, he just kept pumping his dick in and out of her lips, feeling himself getting harder and harder, pressing deeper and deeper into her throat.

He was going to enjoy this weekend immensely.

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