tagNonHumanHis Cajun Moon Ch. 01-02

His Cajun Moon Ch. 01-02


So Hi guys! This is my first story and I hope you like it! I'm apologizing in advance for any typos or grammatical errors. Please vote and I would really LOVE feed back, so yeah hope you like it! This is chapter one and two so no actual sex scenes yet, sorry next chapter I promise. Oh I'm looking for an editor because the two I have asked, haven't responded to me.J

Bonjoun* (bonejone) = Hi

Cajun French

Ma Belle* (may bell) = my beauty

Creole/Cajun French

Monseuir* (moan sewr) = Mister

Creole/Cajun French

Merci* (mare see) = thank you

Creole/Cajun French/French

Cher = Dear

Creole/Cajun French

Mon ami = my friend


Catin* (kat tin) = dear/ baby

Cajun French

*= The way it's pronounced

The pronunciations may be wrong and if they are please tell me and I will correct them.

Don't forget to vote and comment Thanks!


Here goes everything!

Chapter One

Evangeline looked around nervously as she walked through the airport sliding doors. The sun rays immediately heating up her skin while the brightness blinded her for a few seconds. She couldn't believe it she was finally here, finally in New Orleans. All her life she had been fascinated by Louisiana and its culture and it's Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll) attitude. She also clung to the fact that this was both of her parents child hood home. She took a deep breath and let the hot air into her lungs. Smiling she made her way to the cab line. It was just her luck that it was empty and a nice older gentleman was sitting on the hood of his car. He smiled at her and slowly launched his self off the hood and went to get her bags.

"Bonjoun, Ma Belle. Welcome to the fine city of New Orleans, now where can I take you?"

"Bonjoun Monseuir" She blushed remembering what her daddy taught her to say all those years ago when speaking to older gentle from Louisiana.

"Can you take me to the Hotel Monteleone?" she asked trying to get her creole accent to sound like her mothers. The old mans smile brightened.

"Awe, cher ain't you just after my heart. It's been awhile seen I heard you young folks speaking the language. And of course I know where the Hotel is, don't you worry none. Let me get these bags in the truck for you. My name is Charles Devereaux but er'body call me Charley." He said as he was putting the bags in the trunk.

"Nice to meet you Charley, I'm Evangeline Gorder."

"Aw naw cher, I got the door for ya. You just slide right on in."

"Merci Monseuir Charley."

"Now look at ya just tryin to steal my heart again, you betta stop cher cause my wife would be pretty upset if I brought you home. And just call me Charley, I ain't that old Ma Belle."

He laughed as he closed her door and walked around to get in the driver side. She laughed too and sat back on the warm worn dark leather. When he cut the car on she rolled down her window and watched as he navigated out of the airport. When they got to the French Quarter she perked up in her seat trying to soak in everything that she was seeing. Charley had started rattling off facts about things that he knew when we passed by it something. It was so beautiful, in a time long passed type of way. She could practically here the history coming off the buildings. They pulled up to the hotel and a bellhop was their opening the door for her. He said he little speech no doubt for the seventieth time that day. She let him finish and thanked him politely. Charley was bringing the bags around and setting them by the boy so he could put them on the trolley.

"Now if you need anything or need to get around the city and what not, just call Charley on this number right here Madam Evangeline." He pulled out a business card and handed it to her.

"Okay Charley" she said taking the card with a big smile on her face. They said there good byes and then she followed the boy into the hotel. Taking her to the check in desk she was introduced to the day manager and again listened to a well-rehearsed speech about the hotel. After that she was lead to her room that which was quaint and well put together just like it was described on the website. She thanked the man boy and tipped him. After closing the door she leaned against and closed her eyes. After several seconds, she bolted off the door running to the bed and threw her self on it while squealing like a schoolgirl.

"Oh wow! I can't believe I did it I'm really here. Yes this is exactly what I needed." She said out loud to herself. She could already feel her body start to relax and unwind. It was like she could finally breath and it felt damn good. Sighing lifted up and caught her reflection in the mirror. She kind of looked like the cashmere cat her smile was so big. Chuckling she took off her sandals and got up and got her purse off the desk. Going back to sit on the bed and lean against the headboard, she fished her phone out. She got the number she was looking for and picked up the hotel phone and quickly punched the numbers in. It rang three times before it was before it was answered.

"Michelle James, speak."

"God how many times do I have to tell you Mickey that is not the way to answer the phone!" she giggled.

"Well Hello to you too, Miss-I-left-my-two-best-friends-high-and-dry. Oh, so let me guess you made it there and it's absolutely everything of your dreams." Evangeline didn't miss the sarcasm but she could also here the smile in her voice.

"Yes, Mickey from what I have seen so far, which is not a lot, it has been absolutely beautiful. And don't be such a spoilsport; you know I had to do this. It's like its something that's been pulling me down here for years, and know that I have my sabbatical I plan on enjoying myself and figuring out what drawing me here also."

"I know Evie, I was just messing with you. I hope you find whatever you looking for and then some. While you're at it, find some for me too whatever it is." They both laughed.

"Have called Chelsea yet to let her know you made it?"

"No I was going to call her after I got off the phone with you rat."

"No you didn't heffa! I got your rat!" she threatened threw her giggles. "Hold the line and let me click her in." Evangeline heard the line click and about thirty seconds later she heard her second best friend's very chipper voice.

"Oh My Gosh! You made it there already? How is everything so far? Is it hot? Have you gotten dark yet?"

"Slow down Chels, dang the girl just got there. I'm sure she has to be there for more than a day to answer your questions." Mickey said. "Anyway that's not why I called you so you could play Spanish inquisition. I haven't told her our good news."

"Oh wait you haven't! Oh Goodie!"

"Still here on the phone you guys!" Evangeline laughed. "And Hello Chels, yes I'm here, everything is fine so far, yes it's hot, and no I haven't gotten darker yet." She laughed. "Now what's the good news?"

Chelsea rushed before Michelle could start speaking. "We coming down there next week to hang out with you to chill and soak up some of that good ol' southern sun!"

"Chelsea stop drinking that damn coffee you know it be having you jacked up like you're on coke or something!" feigned her anger but a smile could be heard in her voice.

"I can't help it, since my all natural smoothie maker decided to take a vaca in the Crescent City, I have had to drink my personal brand of crack."

"Oh stop it Chels, I left the recipes on your freezer before I left!" Evangeline laughed.

"But you make them so much better!"

"Evie you know Chels can't boil water to save her life let alone make smoothies. Anyways we thought that since your going to be down there a month, we might as well join you. And seeing as you probably want to have some alone time, so we are only spending two weeks. So you can have your first week and last week to your self to enjoy."

"You guys that's so cool, you know ya'll don't have to do that if you don't want to."

"No, its fine Evie, Chels and I decided we needed to Lezza bone bone rollers too!"

"That was so horrible! Its Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

"Yeah what ever, we want to roll too."

"Oh my gosh you are crazy Mickey." She laughed hard. When she calmed down she continued. "Thanks it would really be nice to have you guys down here with me. Your my only family, so thanks for understanding about this."

"Yeah we love you too girly. Now enough with the heavy, seen any cute guys?" Chelsea asked excitedly.

"No silly rat, I haven't been anywhere yet! So let me get settled and I call you guys later. And oh make sure you book this hotel, its really nice and this is the number of the hotel I'm calling from Mick so give it to Chels for me cause I don't know it yet."

They agreed and said their goodbyes and promised to talk later. After hanging up she heaved a sigh lying back on the pillows. They were the only family after her parents died so she was done with her calls. Looking at the clock she saw it was only half past four. As good a time as any to start exploring but first a shower she thought. Taking off her white sundress she went to one of her suitcases wrapped her hair in a silk scarf and got her toiletry bag and headed for the shower. She took her time letting the warm water caress her smooth caramel skin. It was so relaxing and her hand started drift over her body. Feeling the little tingle between her legs she started to reach for her bullet that she kept in her little bathroom at home but she realized she wasn't there and she didn't bring her bullet.

Damn. I knew I should have brought it she thought. Maybe she could buy one down here. But just as she thought that she dismissed it she could hold out pleasuring herself for a month right? And if she couldn't she could always use her hands. Getting out the shower she dried off and went back into the room. Not bother to towel up because she was by her self she searched the bag for underwear and another sundress. She laid them out on the bed and began to put all of her things away that were in the suitcases. The clothes either went into the dresser or the closet then she storied her valuables and money in the hotel safe. Last, she lined her shoes against the wall. After putting the empty suitcases in the back of the closet, she went back into the bathroom and finished her grooming. She brushed her teeth and began to put on the only make up she wore, which was massacre and a light lip-gloss balm.

She always thanked the man above and her mamma's genes and her daddy's flawless skin. Which meant she didn't have to do too much to look beautiful. Her complexion was caramel with a hint of cinnamon. Her soulful brown eyes were highlighted with long curly black eyelashes. She had a slender heart shaped face that was emphasized with high cheekbones. Her nose was small and perfectly proportioned. And a perfect bow mouth that rounded off with a small pointy feminine chin. She unwrapped her hair and let it fall down to the middle of her back. Leaving the scarf and make up on the counter, she went back into the room and got dress. Before she could get to her phone and purse, her hotel phone rang.

"Hey Eve, I forgot to tell you that Darrel went by your job today asking people where you went and things of that nature. They called me because they don't have your new cell number." Michelle said reluctantly. "So, you might want to call your boss or something to make sure he's not causing problems."

"Kay thanks, I'll tell them to stop calling you when I give them my new number. Thanks again, bye."

"Bye hon."

Well she couldn't say she wasn't surprised. Darrel Braxston was like an ex from hell and the bad part about it was they only really went out like three times. On top of that there wasn't any sex involved, in fact she had been with anybody intimately in like three and a half years. But he seemed to think that meant she was his and he could run her life. After the third date she realized he would never stop talking about him self and all the money he was making so gently as she could, she told him she only wanted to be friends. And you would think that he would get a hint but no. He started showing up everywhere she went and calling her all times of the day and night. And was sending her things at her job and apartment. Getting uncomfortable about it she asked him to stop. That only made it worse. He showed up one night to a club that her, Mickey, and Chels were at. Well they lit into him like nobodies business and promptly got him thrown out the club.

It was embarrassing to say the least. The next day he showed up at her job demanding to know why she let her friends interfere with their relationship. Her answer did not please him at all he went ballistic and had to be dragged out the building. That was three months ago and she had a restraining order against him ever since. But he was still being persistent and sneaky about the stalking now. Since he couldn't come to her home or job and had to stay at least a hundred yards away from her if they were ever in the same vicinity, he tried befriend her coworker and bribing my door man for my where about and other personal things. Thankfully that wasn't working to well. He was such a pain and partially the reason she had to come down here. She figured if she was out of his sight then she would be out of his mind. Sighing she told her self not to worry about it or him because it wasn't like he could find her.

Knowing that she had wanted to take this trip for a long time she paid extra booked with an ultra exclusive traveling agency and was currently staying at the hotel under an assumed name. Plus the two coworkers she did tell which were her secretary Linda and her boss's assist Joyce. They would never in a million years say anything to Darrel. In fact the two elderly ladies said he was a creep. That thought made her laugh. Calling her boss on the hotel phone she told him were she was and how to reach her and asked him not to let Darrel get any info about where she was. With all of that out the way she got her things together and headed out the door. She knew she would only be exploring the hotel and maybe a block or two around the building.

She explored the hotel thoroughly for about two hours and decided to stay there and eat. The food was amazing and left her feeling sated and sleepy. Heading back up to her room she swiped her key card walked in and put the safety lock on. She undressed, rewrapped her hair, put on pajamas, and laid down. Lying there she went over everything her head again, from getting on the plane that morning to exploring the beautiful hotel. Aside from the Darrel issues she enjoyed herself. Smiling she drifted off to sleep hoping that tomorrow would be better.

Chapter Two

The next day

Hey hoss you need to be listening to this. My best friend John Paul and my first beta told me telepathically. He was right, I hadn't listen to a word that James Dupree a fellow alpha had been saying since we gotten here. Good thing it wasn't anything too important that needed my full attention and it was only a monthly meeting. My thought had been everywhere since we gotten to N'awlins this morning. It was something was pulling me and trying to get all of my attention. I got to focus, that's it. Whatever it is won't be bothering me once I get out of the city and back to my lands.

Naw, I don't think so bra. I can feel your beast getting agitated and it's affecting us all. Just look around. John Paul said again telepathically. I focused in on my wolf who was indeed pacing and getting agitated and so I calmed him. That really shocked me but I didn't show it. It had been a long time since me and my wolf weren't on the one accord. Looking around the room I noticed that some of my men were shifting nervously while James men were looking at me on the sly. James on the other hand was looking at me out right. With a lopsided grin he asked.

"Ray mon ami, am I boring you because you seem so distracted?" The cocky jackass I thought to myself.

"Not at all mon ami you can continue."

I leaned back in the chair, stretched my legs in front of me, and laid my hands across my stomach to give off false sense of relaxation. I made my face got blank as I stared at him. Wanting for him to continue. He quirked his eyebrow at me for a second and picked up where he left off.

After about another hour of keeping my beast calm and total concentration on the meeting James decided that we would break. I didn't want too but couldn't really do anything about it because we were in his territory and this was his meeting. He stood and excused his self and most of his men followed. I stood and stretched. My wolf was really starting to hound at me so I demanded him to keep calm but it was getting harder by the minute. He was ready to shift and I didn't know why. Calm Down! I told him. No! He growled back. Let me shift he said, I need to protect. While I was trying to figure out what he was sensing, all of a sudden the loveliest scent floated across my nostrils. It was so sweet and alluring and sensual. It was driving me crazy with desire and was making my knees weak and my cock hard. Then I felt my wolf ramming against me trying to get out while snarling MATE! MATE! MUST PROTECT OUR MATE! I must have been projecting my thought because all of my men gasped and shot up from where they were sitting. They all looked at me in shock and then looked out the door where the scent was coming from. It took me about a second to realize why my wolf was going ape shit. Not only was there mate out there alone she also was unprotected. The bar they were in was a werewolf hangout and mostly males hung out here during the day. More than likely they weren't mated and not only that James was out there. He was an unmated alpha and in his prime. SHIT! She was out there by herself in the proverbial wolves den. Before I knew it I was running out of the meeting room from the back of the club and my men right behind me. If any of them were touching what is mine then they were dead plain and simple.


It felt so good to be out in the sun during this time of day. Around this time I normally would be in my office with my head buried in a client's file. Yes, it definitely felt good to be on vacation. I had been walking in the French quarter for about an hour taking pictures of the neighborhood near the hotel and so far I had gotten great shots at the cathedral and Jackson square. I was planning on stopping going into a cute little antique shop but my grumbling stomach stopped me. I looked around for somewhere to seat down and eat and was about to cross the street when I spotted something out the corner of my eye. I turned and saw it was an old chalkboard sign hanging from the ceiling outside one of the open French doors. It was swaying in the wind and I walked a little closer and saw that is wasn't a chalkboard but a painted faded black sign. It said Dupree's Wolf den in gold faded letters with an equally faded silver wolf howling up under the letters. Something was urging me to go in so I did.

I walked in a few feet and let my eyes adjust to slightly darker place. It seemed to be a bar. Looking around it was mostly men sitting and standing around conversing, laughing, and arguing while soft music played in the background. It seemed normal. But before I could start toward the bar a sharp wind blew in through the doors causing the back of my sundress to mold against my legs and my ponytail to slap against my cheek, neck, and shoulder. While trying to pull my pony out of my face my thin sweater fell from my shoulders. So I bent to pick it up and dusted it off throwing it back in place. Then I noticed how I could here the music a whole lot clearer. It would seem that everybody had stopped talking and was looking at me. Damn that's kind of creepy I thought. Walking over to the end of the bar I sat down on the last stool that was closest to the door. I took a seat and tried not to look over my shoulder to see if they were still staring at me. Well it really didn't matter. Shaking my head a little I looked up to see the bartender in front me. He was kind of handsome and had a big smile on his face.

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