tagBDSMHis Call Girl: The Night Begins

His Call Girl: The Night Begins


I notice the over plush carpet that muffled the sound of my black stilettos as I walked down the richly decorated hallway searching for your room number. I found myself wondering if the rooms were as well done and as...soundproofed. I find your room and brush a hand over my hair to smooth it in place and reach down to check the length of my skirt. Satisfied that the hem sits just below my ass I knock on your door. It opens to a darkened room but I don't see you.

I enter closing the door behind me. I reach for the light switch and strong hands grab my wrists pushing me against the door and pin them above my head. Your lips find mine in a savage kiss as you press your body against mine. Your free hand begins to slide up my bare thigh, pausing at the hem of my skirt slightly before continuing up over the material to cup my breast and give it a not so gentle squeeze and rubbing your thumb over my nipple. Your hand continues upward, lightly encircling my throat before moving it behind me to grip my hair. You use that grip to force me to my knees. The hand holding my wrists now undoing your pants. They fall to the floor, freeing your cock and you set out of them. I move to lick the head but your hand in my hair holds me still. My eyes have adjusted to the dim light coming in from the windows and I can tell there is a bead of precum just waiting for my tongue. I look up at you, making my eyes big and round with a pout on my red lips, upset that you would keep such a prize from me.

"Beg," you whisper, "beg like the cum slut you are. Beg for your master's cock."

I know how much you love the innocent way I say 'please.' "Please, Sir, please. May I taste your cock? I need it, Master. I need to feel it as it fills my mouth."

You use your free hand to gently brush hair away from my face and caress down my cheek. "You need my cock? Hmm.... I'm not so sure yet. You may want it but you don't sound like you need it."

"Please, I beg you, Master. Can I have your fat cock in my mouth? Please, Sir, please shove it down my throat. Please, I need the taste and weight of your cock on my tongue?" There was need want and desperation in my voice as I begged, all reflecting how I felt right then. "Please, put your cock in my mouth. Please," I whispered up at you as you came closer. I knew you could feel my breath as I said the words tease over your hard cock.

"Will that make you happy, my dirty little whore? You want to suck my cock until I cum?"

You move just a little closer to my mouth and that's all the permission I need. My lips unerringly find the tip and I swirl my tongue over it as I suck it in, lapping the moisture from the tip. I take hold of the base of your shaft as I slowly pop the head in and out a few times before licking your cock down to your balls and back to the head. I slowly suck the head in again and then just a little farther down the shaft before I pull it out and lick down and up again. I do this over and over until I have all of your thick cock in my mouth and can feel the tip touching the back of my throat. I swallow around your head and suck on you hard.

"Such a good little slut," you whisper to me, "suck that cock."

I slide it almost completely out of my mouth, leaving just the head in and lightly run my teeth over the flared edge before taking all of you back down my throat and swallowing around you. Practically sitting on the floor below you, I am at the perfect angle to take you all the way deep down my throat.

"You like that cock in your mouth, don't you? Is Master's dirty little whore enjoying his cock?"

Your voice gets rougher while again and again I swallow your cock, bobbing my head up and down on it to say 'yes' until you reach your other hand in my hair and take control. "My cum slut needs Master's cock in her mouth, Master will give it to her," you whisper through clenched teeth as you thrust into me harder and deeper, slamming your cock down my throat. You tell me, "Pull down the top of that whore's dress so I can watch you play with your tits as I fuck your face."

I do so as I feel your cock swell on my tongue. I know you are close to cumming. You slam your cock hard into my mouth, pulling my hair and lodging your cock deep in my throat. I swallow convulsively as you feed me jet after jet of your sweet cum. After the last spasm subsides, I suck on you more while you begin to slowly pull out. I have to make sure I've swallowed every last drop of your precious seed.

Keeping one hand fisted tight in my hair, you pull me to my feet. Your lips crush mine in a passionate kiss as your other hand travels up my thigh again. This time it slips under the skirt of my dress and, satisfied that I followed your instructions to wear nothing but the dress, slide your fingers along my soaking slit to find the nub of my clit covered in my juices and give it a hard rub. You order me out of the dress before pulling me by my hair to the bed and throwing me down on it.

You already had the restraints set up before my arrival. You blindfold me, then gently press each wrist and ankle into its cuff, leaving me spread eagle with no way of knowing what you're about to do to me, completely open to your attentions and awaiting your pleasure.

You tease first one nipple then the other with one hand while the fingertips of your other are tracing a path up the inside of my leg from my ankle. You stop at my pussy and run them along my dripping slit and thrusting one inside me roughly, coating it with my juices. Playing with my clit with your thumb, you slide your finger in and out several times making sure it's good and wet before trailing it down the inside of my other leg and back up again, this time thrusting in two fingers. Your other hand never stops playing with my nipples as you slowly drive more of your fingers inside me and teasing the sensitive inner part of my legs. Again and again. Stroking legs, thrusting fingers, teasing clit and nipples until you have my tight little cunt stretched.

I begin to squirm trying to meet your thrusting fingers. I can feel my orgasm building. I begin to whimper with need. I want you to fill me so badly.

Suddenly, you stop and withdraw your fingers. You slap the flat of your hand down hard against my clit. "Be quiet or I will gag you and since I'm not done with that pretty mouth yet, I would have to punish you for making me gag you before I'm ready," you tell me sternly.

"Yes Sir," is all I can manage to say.

It's quiet for a few moments before I feel your weight climb on the bed. "I will tell you when I want you to talk...and what I want to hear."

I feel you shift seconds before I feel the sting of clamps as you attach a chain to my nipples. "Remember, you can't cum until I give you permission," you say as I feel you move again, this time putting yourself between my spread thighs. "Lift your hops."

I feel you slide a firm pillow under me as I obey your command, angling me so my ass was open to you as well as my pussy. I hear the whir of the vibrator before feeling the well lubed tip begin to probe my entrance. You flick my clit causing me to buck my hips up to you and gently slide the vibe in place. You slowly go through all the intensity settings, taking your time to get to the one you want to leave it on, the highest one, watching me squirm in pleasure at the invasion and flicking my clit as you gradually increase it. I moan at the feeling. You reach under me and give me a rough smack on the ass.

"I told you to be quiet. Will I have to punish you?" I quiet the moans but can't stop the whimpers. You give a little tug on the chain clipped to my nipples sending pleasure through my entire body and I can't stop the gasp that escapes my throat.

You give a low chuckle and I feel your breath against my open cunt. You lick the juices coating my slit, circling my clit with your tongue over and over, blowing on me each time, making me shiver.

"What should I do with this pussy?" You punctuate the question by licking the length of my wet slit again, slowly.

I squirm and whimper under you. My body now nothing more than a bundle of raw, sensitive nerve endings. You slip one finger in and out of me slowly, waiting for me to answer. It takes everything in me not to cum. You haven't told me I was allowed to yet. You move your finger in and out, in and out in slow, lazy, orgasm inducing strokes with your thumb pressing hard against my swollen clit.

"My dirty little whore isn't saying anything," you say and I can imagine the cocky grin or your face. You know exactly why haven't said anything. "Does that mean you want me to leave you all alone like this?" if the slider fingered and again, making sure it runs along the g-spot. I shiver in response. "Well, OK if you want me to leave you alone...," you say as you pull out of me.

"No Master please," I almost shout, "don't leave me like this. Please, Sir, play with you cunt, play the character she screams. Please, Master, fill your pussy, use it."

You shoved your hand back inside me, scissoring your fingers back and forth. "Is this what you want? Is my hand enough inside you or do you want more? Tell your Master what you want," you say to me. Your fingers never stop their movement, your thumb never letting pressure off my clit.

"Lick me again, Master, please," I beg, knowing I'll never be able to stop the orgasm from crashing over me if you do "Please Sir, lick me while you finger fuck me. God, Master, please!" I can't help the yell because at that moment, you leaned over and licked my clit, stabbing at it with your tongue.

"You want me to eat this before I fill it with my cum? Is that what you want, slut?"

"Yes. Please," I whisper, "Please eat my pussy before you fill it with cum! Finger fuck me hard while you lick and bite my clit. Please, oh God Master, Please, please, please eat your cunt and finger it and bite its clit."

You bury your head between my slick thighs, circling my clit with your tongue before sucking the little bud into your mouth. Your fingers brutally fuck me as you nip at me. My hips buck up to meet the thrust of your fingers. Your free hand digging into the flesh at my hips to hold me down.

"Master," I pant, "Master, I can't stop it. I'm gonna cum."

I feel you shake your head against me, a clear order telling me I don't have your permission. You bite my clit a little harder and I know you'll punish me if I cum, but I can't stop it. My hips keep moving on their own as I feel the edge I've been standing on fall away. Your tongue flicks my little bum of flesh locked between your teeth and that's all it takes to push me completely over. My orgasm crashes down over me in waves. You remove your fingers from my clenching pussy and thrust your tongue in, drinking my cream as I cum. You reach up my body and give a gentle, steady pull on the chain connecting my nipples, intensifying the pleasure you've caused me.

As the lat of my orgasm rolls through me, you lick me clean and say, "You have such a sweet little cunt, but you'll have to be punished for that." I feel your weight shift on the bed just before you remove the clamps from my aching nipples. When you bring your hand back to my hot pussy, all I feel is cold, so cold and wet. I realize you are rubbing me with ice as you trace my slick folds and rim my clit, getting a fresh piece as it melts. You hold a piece directly on my clit until it melts. Then I feel you pushing pieces inside me, filling me with cubes until I can hold no more.

Then I feel the soft caress of a feather as you brush it along the insides of my thighs, along my hips, the mounds of my breasts. You play it over my hardened, sensitive nipples slowly, first one then the other. Again and again, you caress me with the feather, tickling me, making me shiver.

You keep one hand near my pussy, checking to make sure I stay packed with the ice. Always inserting more in when it melts. You play the feather up and down my body, knowing I won't be able to obey your order for silence. Feather, add ice. Feather, add ice. For long moments this is all you do. Playing with me, teasing me. I begin to moan and squirm again. You know exactly how ticklish I am. I whimper and move as much as my bonds allow.

I beg, "Please, Master. Please, touch me, Master. I need more than the phantom touch of the feather. Fuck your dirty little cum slut whore. Please, Master, take me, make me yours."

Everything stops. You pack more ice inside me. Desensitizing me so I won't cum again before you're ready for me to. I hear you search for something, and then you're near my head, whispering in my ear, "I told you to be quiet. That I would tell you when you could speak. I'll have to punish you twice now for disobeying me. Open your mouth." I feel the smooth tip of the penis shaped gag as you press it against my lips. "I'll punish you later. I have other plans for you right now," you say as you insert the shaft into my waiting mouth and buckle it behind my head.

All the ice has made my skin pebble with the cold and my nipples are tight beads as you return to teasing me with the feather. Sliding it in long, slow lines up and down my body and over my breasts. You know it won't take long to have me needy for you again. I feel your hand then, sliding in along my slit and thrusting your fingers in me. All the ice has melted and I feel your weight shift again on the bed. You remove your hand and replace it with a rabbit vibrator. You must have kept it with the ice because it is freezing as you insert it in my cunt, fitting the little ears perfectly to my clit. You slowly run through the settings before leaving it on the highest possible one. I love the sensations as it plays with the one you lodged in my ass earlier. I love the feeling of being completely full of cock. But I don't have the cock I really want in me...yours.

I'm squirming and whimpering around the gag in my mouth. I want more. You move your hands slowly up my body and roughly squeeze my breasts. I feel your fingers dig into my soft flesh and revel in the knowledge that. I will have light bruises that perfectly match your hands. You knead them, teasing my nipples with little pinches ad occasional licks. I feel you suck one into your mouth, lightly nipping it with your teeth and teasing it with your tongue, sucking hard and pulling up on it gently. Your other hand still playing with its twin. I can't help but wiggle under you as you torture my breasts. When you are satisfied with your work, you move to the other and give it the same treatment.

I'm panting hard and moaning around the gag. I want your hard cock in me desperately. I feel you clip the chain back in place and unbuckle my gag, taking it out of my mouth. I feel you move to straddle my head and feeding me your cock. I give it the same attention I did earlier when I first arrived, enjoying the feel of you as it slides past my lips and onto my tongue, feeling your size as you thrust to the back of my throat where I can swallow the head. While I suck you I can feel gentle tugs on my nipples and know you are pulling the chain that once again connects my breasts. I moan around your cock with each tug as I lick and suck and swallow you over and over and over.

"God you're gorgeous with my cock in your mouth," I hear you say as you stroke my hair. "Do you like it when I feed you my cock? Is my filthy cum slut gonna suck the cum straight out of my balls?"

I suck you even harder. I love having your cock in my mouth as you thrust it in and out of me. I feel your cock swell on my tongue and your balls feel tight the next time they slap against my chin. You pull out of my mouth and move slightly. Then I feel you cum, coating my chest from the tops of my breasts to the base of my throat. I feel you lean forward and loosen my wrists.

"Rub it in, bitch. Rub my cum into your creamy skin. Show me how much you love my cum on you." I immediately start rubbing it in. I love the silky feel of it against my skin. After it's rubbed in like the finest lotion, I lick my fingers clean, knowing your eyes are on me as I do. You recuff my wrists and tighten the straps before I feel your softening cock against my lips again and I open to suck you again.

"That's a good little slave. Suck that cock clean. Such a good slave. Suck your Master's cock back hard so he can fuck you with it," you tell me as I greedily suck you down, loving the feel of it swelling to fill my small mouth.

You pull steadily on the nipple chain while I work on your cock. When you are satisfied with the hardness of it, you pull out of my mouth and replace the gag. I feel you reposition yourself between my legs and remove the rabbit. I feel your tongue as you lick my pussy and it finds my clit. Then I feel the head of your cock probing my entrance before you thrust mercilessly into me, forcing my tight to take your full length and thickness, pushing me closer to orgasm. You pull all the way out of me and slam back in, forcing me to take all of you again and again, over and over. You pull the chain attached to my nipples adding to the sensations I'm already drowning in. You slam your cock into me again and again. I feel your hands now digging into my hips, holding me down as you fuck me hard, and abuse my tight little pussy. Your hands grip me harder as you thrust deeper.

"Squeeze that pussy around my cock. Show me how bad you want it to stay in you."

I contract so my pussy grips you, trying to hold you in me as you thrust faster and faster. You pound me again and again as I try to hold onto your cock and keep it in me. I'm moaning and whimpering around the gag, screaming, begging you to let me cum.

"My good little slave. You like it rough. You want me to hurt your little pussy, don't you? You want to be fucked hard, don't you slave?"

All I can do is nod my head as I whimper more and try not to cum. You pound into me harder and faster, again and again. Roughly taking my cunt, bruising it while your balls slap against the end of the vibrator in my ass. You force your cock deep and I feel it spasm as you fill me with your cum. When you finish, you pull out and put the rabbit back in, sealing your seed inside me. You take the gag back off for me to clean your cock and suck it back hard again.

"Make me hard again, slut, if you want to cum tonight," you say as I take you in my mouth and lick our combined juices off your cock. You release my wrists completely as I suck, lick and lightly use my teeth over the head, of your hardening member. I feel you gently rubbing where the cuffs cut into my hands as you swell on my tongue. You pull out for just a moment and I feel you shift position before your dick is again resting against my lips and I gladly take you back in. I suck and lick and swallow as I feel you lay down the length of me, your hands moving gently down my legs to my ankles. You release them from their bonds and rub the tender area where I was pulling against them.

You pull away from my greedily sucking mouth, move to replace the gag and order, "On your knees."

I get on all fours in the center of the bed and feel you move behind me. I hear the resounding slap before I feel the sting where your hand landed on my soft ass cheek. By the time I notice the pain, you are already rubbing it gently away.

You do this again and again, alternating cheeks, but whether for punishment or your own enjoyment I do not know. Again and again you spank my ass until I'm sure my milky white skin is the color of a deep red wine. Each blow jarring the vibrators inside me and making my breasts sway. The sensations are so intense. Once satisfied my ass has been well spanked, I feel your calloused hands gently rubbing where the blows landed.

"That's one punishment done, slut. I still owe you one more, but not right now."

I feel you remove the vibrator from my ass and greatly feel the loss of it, but the emptiness only lasts a moment as you press the head of your cock against my rosebud before gripping my hips and thrusting into me balls deep. Using my hips as leverage, you bring me back hard against you as you force my shoulders to the bed. With each stroke, you ravage my ass, sending me closer and closer to my orgasm. With each thrust, I feel your balls hit the rabbit and my swollen pussy lips forcing it against my clit even harder. Again and again, you thrust deep and hard into me. I'm screaming your name around the gag but only a muffled sound escapes. I whimper and wiggle on your cock.

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