tagAnalHis, Completely

His, Completely


The night is cool, crisp, one of those nights you can feel the energy in the air. Walking along I got this excitement building inside me, not just from the night air but also from the excitement to come. Catching site of you, as I get closer my whole body tingles. You look so good standing under the shadows of the streetlights. I can feel your smile as I walk up, reaching out taking your hand in my as I lean close and kiss your neck, your arm wrapping around me pulling me against your warmth.

Snuggling against you, I slide my hands under your jacket caressing your tummy and hips, still nibbling on your neck softly. You always smell so delicious. My hands wander down and around over your tight denim clad ass, the shape and contour so well know by my hands. My tongue dancing down to your collarbone before I can stop and pull away from you. Too much is planned tonight for me to loose sight of the time. Dropping my hands down I take your hand in mine, once again and pull you along beside me anxious for the night to unfold.

Walking towards home together our hands clasped swinging together we're both teasing and laughing over little things and nothings. It just feels so good and so right when we're together. There's so much I want for you. So many things I want to see you experience, that's why tonight is so important. An excitement runs thru me more urgently as were near the house, our home.

Waiting as you open the door I watch your movements, you move go assuredly, like you know exactly what you want and how to get it. Your hands attract my attention even when they're not on my skin driving me wild. Those thick fingers that so know how to make me wiggle and bed you to …oh I am getting away from the story now, putting that thought aside as I lean against your back my hands pressing against your sweet ass pushing you inside. Laughing as you grab me and tug me onto the sofa with you , letting you think your leading me into your trap, I try to wrestle away making a good show as your hands slide over my chest causing my nipples to tingle.

Quickly I sit up, looking at you , my eyes on yours before I lean down and slide my tongue over your lips, your hands moving up and down my back then over my ass lifting me slightly as I deepen the kiss. You know I would do anything you ask when your hands touch me, my hips slowly taking a slight roll before I can control them as you take the kiss away from me making it your aggression.

Your tongue dipping in and out of my mouth, each time it leaves I feel a loss as one hand slide up and your fingers grasp my neck, my body knows who the real master is. I may get to take some control over your sweet ass at times butt deep down I know its only because you enjoy it and know how much it pleases me that you let me. You know that part of me that takes over, the part that would do anything to lick you all over, to have you under my tongue as you let me take that control.

Sensing my thoughts, you draw back as your hands gently direct my body to sit upwards, pushing my shirt up and you lean up and bite my left nipple, tugging it into your mouth as your tongue dances over it, making me moan softly as I arch my back to you. Your hands, your mouth both taking possession of my body. I have never denied you that right, I have always know you are my Master and I am under your control, I only ask that I be allowed to continue to please you in all ways.

Smiling down at you watching as your mouth leaves my left nipple, licking a path to the other, the wet warmth of your mouth leaving as the cool air hitting it causing it to pucker right up, I catch the sly grin as you notice before you direct the same attention to my other nipple. I feel myself melting into you as your hands quickly move down and push my skirt up on my thighs exposing my most prized possession to you, yours, you know that its yours and you know what power you have over that and all parts of me. Suddenly I feel your fingers on my clit, my hips jerking as I take in a deep breath fighting for control. My hands gripping your forearms, your finger thrusting deeply into my wet pussy making me moan softly as I push my self closer to you, my body taking over my mind.

Please with yourself your hands move away from me, I look quickly at you trying to see what could of happened noticing the look in your eyes. "Stand up!"

Obeying quickly I move to stand as your hand smacks down on my ass cheek soundly causing me to jump at the contact feeling my ass turn hot.

"Bend over and show me that pussy" You instruct, before I get bent completely over I feel your hand on my hips pulling me towards you. "I can't wait longer" showing me you mean it as you thrust your hard thick cock completely into my tight pussy, as you pull me further back filling me. I can feel your cock throbbing as it's buried inside me. Your hands grasping my hips and you pull me back and forth matching the stroke of your hips working your cock deeper and deeper as your balls start slapping against my clit as your speed picks up.

"Oh yes baby, fuck your pussy, please don't stop." I beg you as your hands loosen, one falling to the small of my back wordlessly instructing me to bend more. My ass lifting more as I lean completely down.

Your hand slapping my ass again, causing me to jump, your cock taking advantage of my body pushing deeper into my tight pussy as your quickly slide a finger into my tighter hole. Moaning loudly, your finger exciting me more, spreading my tight puckered hole slightly. "YesYesYESSSSS, fuck my ass too baby." I plead, wiggling now, pushing back onto your cock more. "You know I love your cock pounding into my ass" Still pleading as I feel your cock pull out of my pussy and force it's way into my ass. OH that's it, my mind thinks, only moans making it out of my mouth now as your cock slips deeper and deeper into my ass.suddenly your hips thrust forcing the whole of your cock deep inside me, my ass completely filled as your hips jerk working your cock in small hard thrust into my tight ass.

My hand sliding down covering my clit, as I pushing back to meet your thrust, my ass eager for more. My clit throbbing as you pull out and thrust back in my ass swelling inside with the force of your cock slamming in and out of me.

Suddenly my ass is empty, causing me to moan, my hips moving still, my body so alive, so horny. Turning quickly to plead for more I feel your hard cock hit my face.

"Suck me!" as your hands grab my hair pushing your cock into my mouth. Your eyes shinning as I suck eagerly on your cock, tasting you, mixed with me as I pull your cock deeply into my mouth. "That's right, deeper." Pushing your cock deeper forcing me to take more as your hips start grinding as you fuck my mouth. "Oh yes, that's it, oh Damn that feels so good!" Your cock thrusting into my throat as I suck harder my hands cupping your balls as you move back, still holding my hand as you flip me around and shove your cock back into my ass up to your balls. Again your cock starts pounding into my ass, my clit throbbing harder, feeling myself starting to cum.

Yanking your cock out again as I tell you to fuck me, letting you know I am so near cumming as you force your cock into my throat again, grinding your hips your balls pushing against my chin, your hard cock hitting my throat as it pushing against my lips. Again you pull me around and force your cock back into my waiting ass. Your hands reaching under my grabbing a hold of my breast as you slam your cock into my ass, your moans louder than mine as your cock pounds deeper and deeper into my tight ass. One hand pinching my nipples as you reach under me pushing three fingers into my wet pussy as your cock buried itself in my ass, my hips taking over as I grind and wiggle under you. "Oh fuck me" I beg as I feel myself starting to cum, my hips bucking wildly as I pull your cock completely into my ass wiggling back and forth in small short thrust. My pussy closing around your fingers as I feel your cock swelling inside my ass as your hand lets go of my breast holding me hips tight as your cum explodes inside of my ass. Collapsing under you, my clit still throbbing as I finish cumming, my body still jumping as each one races thru me.

Oh yes, I am yours, completely yours. Just as you have told me. You Sir are my boss, my owner, my Love.

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